Chapter 39 D.B. Allegations of Ether & Sexual Assult

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D.B. had also alleged that E.M.M. had gotten a hold of either and held a rag over my face after I talked to D.B. on the telephone causing me to forget that the call ever happened. I remember that I spoke to D.B. and hung up the phone, and that E.M.M. walked in the room and approached me but nothing after that nor the contents of the call. 

D.B. alleged that the ether was obtained illegally through C.P.S.B.S.B. who allegedly obtained it from C.B.B.G.G.’s sister and his aunt D.B.J. that works at Hilltop Animal Hospital. D.B.J. had assisted C.B.B.G.G. in taking care of A.B.L. who died around age 35. D.B. alleged that her son G.J. had been targeted because of his sexual preference. These are his allegations, however, as G.J. had suffered episodes of bleeding from his orifices such as his nose and ears, which I did hear about in the past.  W.E.V. had gotten his dog put to sleep at Hilltop Animal Hospital in the 1990’s around the time D.B. left C.P.S.B.S.B. and I met and was allegedly set up with A.E.V. and it was made sure that I was aware of that. D.B.J. resides in Palos Hills Il.

D.B. alleged that it had been given to C.B.B.G.G. through the “back door” and it was used for horses. D.B. alleged that E.M.M. had been a serial rapist and that he had been using ether on his victims. D.B. also alleged that some of the women had no idea that they had been sexually assaulted because of the way that he had pushed himself on them. When E.M.M. had returned to the residence he had visited Back-pages through is cellphone. I am not familiar with Back-pages but from my understanding it is not for “clean” content.

D.B. had called and said that now I had to be raped because I did not want to believe or accept that M.M.V.M. had been raped when that was not the issue the issue was that M.M.V.M. did not herself tell me directly that she had been raped nor did she ever say that she was taken for an abortion there were things said and money missing but she herself did not say that she had been raped D.B. kept insisting on it during each phone call to me.