Chapter 40 No Capsules

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I also had to stop taking Lyrica and beware of any form of medication or even vitamins that came in capsule form after E.M.M. had come back to the residence and within a few hours I was already experiencing signs of being poisoned. I had been prescribed Lyrica for fibromyalgia pain and taken it and then had to run to the bathroom I never had that side effect before in addition to other feelings of inflammation and malaise.

I checked my Lyrica and found that the pills did not line up the way they should from the manufacturer in that the text on some was turned. I confronted E.M.M. with what I found and of course he denied it. I had gotten a warning not to take my Lyrica from D.B. the Lyrica was one of the only medications that had worked, was not addictive and made it so that I was able to get out of bed and take care of my duties of caring for the house and kids. I have had problems with Gabapentin as well as that is a medication for nerve pain which was prescribed in place of the Lyrica in case, he had obtained Lyrica from elsewhere and simply switched them out. When I took the Gabapentin, I experienced inability to go to sleep at all which is a sign of poison as well as back and flank pain I was miserable.

D.J.S. had resided in the house with me when I was prescribed Gabapentin and it was left on the coffee table overnight. After taking it one or two times and my noticing the way I felt I stopped taking the Gabapentin all together. Hair strand analysis and hard evidence found inside my residence as well as a paper trail should prove my case.

I also noted that E.M.M. had documented my menstruation cycle in his cellphone, I am unable to conceive so this raised a question in my mind of why. I noticed that when I had menstruation that stomach attacks would accompany it. I had not realized that it was poison and had assumed that it was from the cyst on my ovary as that is one of the symptoms. The reality is once E.M.M. was out of the house and my body was allowed to calm down I no longer suffered any of the same symptoms that I had been suffering though while he resided there. I still have the cyst and it still does bother me but nowhere near like what it was when he was around. He was using my ailments as a cover for what he was doing to me and it did not take me long to figure it out.

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