Chapter 41 Double Crossed & Prolonging the Inevitable

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As far as I am concerned all these things are nothing more than diversionary tactics that have been said to scare me, scare others including officials, and to prevent me from keeping or selling property that is mine and my piece of America that I own and is restitution for the abuse inflicted on me by my ex-husbands.

This is a form of conspiracy, organized crime activity, criminal malice, criminal defamation of character, criminal libel, false light, severe abuse, hate crime, witness tampering, and witness intimidation, racketeering, physical and psychological abuse, and coercion, organized crime stalking, inhumane treatment of a prisoner, denial of all rights under the U.S. Constitution, taxation without representation, treason, tyranny, improper treatment of a unlawfully held person who was only charged and not convicted of a crime by way of not providing the same accommodations that would readily be available to them at home.

Failure to abide by the law as it is written, practicing medicine without a license which is also tyranny, Prescribing medicine or medical treatment from the bench without a license aka practicing medicine without a license which is a crime, tyranny, denial of due process, denial of first amendment in the freedom to speak, denial of the first amendment in discrimination against an inmate based on religion, disability, social status, familial background.

During the conversations that I had in 2015-2017 with D.B. he alleged that E.M.M. had known the people that lived in the house prior to my purchasing it. He alleged that he and E.M.M. had fixed up the house together and that crimes had been partaken in there. He said that E.M.M. had wanted that house so badly that he had killed the old people that owned it before I did. He alleged that Ed had used Cyanide gas to kill the people inside. The gas coming from home-made cyanide made from grain alcohol and apricot pits that his mother had told me how to make and said she made and learned how to make in the “old country” meaning Italy.

D.B. alleged that there were criminals buried inside the house as well, and that the basement floor had been poured after the fact, which could have meant after the house was built or after a crime had been partaken in.

D.B. asked me if I ever wondered why there was a large freezer in the basement when we moved into the house and alleged that he had told people that he, E.M.M., A.E.V., and R.A.B., as well as his wife C.P.S.B.S.B.  had killed people and buried them both in the garage and the basement. He alleged that the people that were buried there were entombed in cement. He alleged that E.M.M. had been torturing the victims by sitting on a chair and throwing Japanese throwing stars at the green door to the canning room which does have holes all over it and a sting tied to the door to mark it for me to find.

D.B. alleged that the stairs had been torn down and replaced and told me to take a look at them and photograph them as they were proof that the foundation was poured later.



There is a water filtration canister located in the basement of my house, located above the toilet that is seated near the wall next to the laundry tub. The filtration canister is connected to the entire house including the kitchen and bathroom sinks, and tub. D.B. alleged that the canister had been being used to put poison into the water supply. During the warning call of 2009, D.B. told me not to drink from water bottles and to take water from the tap only if I thought I was being poisoned in 2012.

I listened to his instructions and ate soup that was made for me by M.M.V.M. who did not know about the canister. I became sick and M.R.M. ate my soup because I could not and was not looking as she was sick as well. At which time I removed the children from the residence and fled to Chicago Ridge Il. to stay with L.V.W. temporarily.

D.B. alleged that the canister had been being used to disperse poison into the water supply and because of that reason my entire residence is destroyed as everything that has been touched by the water is now contaminated including the walls, floors, trim, pipes, etc. Anything that has been touched by the water in the house is now garbage as there may be trace amounts of poison on it.


The water filtration canister is stuck closed and I am unable to open it. I drilled holes in the sides after becoming suspicious because I drank water from the sink, and someone defecated diarrhea in the unconnected toilet below it in the basement. The pink toilet seat that is attached to the toilet came from C.B.B.G.G. in one of the care packages that she sent and E.M.M. attached it to the toilet.

 I also noted that the bypass valve had been melted off somehow therefore you were no longer able to easily bypass the canister system. I took samples of a white substance that leaked out of the canister and there appears to be more inside. The substance is white may be sediment but sediment does not cause sleeplessness, nausea, frequent urination, pain and inflammation throughout your body, and kidney and flank pain on the right side. The holes were drilled in the canister and the valve shut off with a wrench so that it could not be used again without me knowing it or hearing the sound of crashing water.


D.B. alleged that the police had gotten names of people who had gotten out of jail Lake County Jail and were murderers and rapists and child molesters and that they did not want these people back out on the streets so they put mob hit’s out on them and those named had killed them. D.B. alleged that life insurance policies had been taken out on some of them and that the insurance money had been put in bank accounts and seized by the state.

I do not believe him, even though I found some things in the house that were strange I believe that it may have been staged. This may be a rouge to throw investigators off the real killing and prolong the inevitable of him going to jail for the serial killings that he alleged to doing and an effort to destroy my home, and to further scare me because of the whole I saw in the furnace room of the apartment when I was a child and the body I found when I was a teenager was found in Palos Hills.

Additionally, this may have been done to strip me of my property and prevent me from recouping anything from my house. Forcing me to abandon the house and lose the entire $100,000 investment.

By forcing officials to destroy my property, in search of alleged bodies, that will never be found because there are none. The reason that I do not believe him is because once when living at my grandmother’s house he said something to me about getting me out of the house after I found security in owning one. D.B. planned out most if not all of my life, has been lying and gaslighting me my entire life, has gotten others to participate and is a criminal.

D.B. planned out the taking of my children when I was in my twenties, knew that I would not stop fighting for them because my mother left me as a child. I believe he targeted Lake County and NWI for a sting because they stopped making the constitution test a requirement for passing high school over thirty years ago and wanted to make an example out of them and said as much to me more than twenty years ago. Then used me to do so without my permission, in doing this he has caused myself and my daughters irreputable harm and a great deal of physical harm, emotional harm, and psychological harm. He has also caused other’s irreputable harm.   

D.B. alleged that he had participated in the killing and that satanic rituals were held in the basement and that some of the bodies were dismembered, carved, and mulled by dogs for Snit-Zen Police Dog and Protection Dog Training that he and C.P.S.B.S.B., R.A.B., A.J.D., and J.A.B. do as a business named Boeter-house or something of that nature. He informed me that cadaver dogs were needed to check the garage for odors of death as under the junk that is in there are sheets of plywood that are laying on dirt.


Why does everyone want my house so bad?

Other than it is EVIDENCE of CRIME

Its an Unique but Ordinary House.

The summer that the house was purchased I was outside doing something with dirt and I called out to E.M.M. and said to him “Hey, E.M.M. this is Our Dirt! This is our piece of America.” he responded “yeah ours and the banks, honey.” 

D.B. had alleged that he E.M.M., L.Chorn., A.E.V. C.P.S.B.S.B., R.A.P. and W.E.V. had known the prior owners of my residence and that they had been paid to kill persons that were allegedly entombed in the basement of my residence. D.B. also had alleged that since the house was poisoned due to the water supply the entire house was ruined now and uninhabitable. He alleged the chimney was going to be damaged and that the furnace was going to be tampered with and told me about a valve in the basement that had been purposefully broken off so if I got the water turned back on it would spray all over and cause a huge mess.

D.B. also told me that the walls were going to be cracked the way they were and that the person that broke them was going to do so by taking a sledge hammer and hitting the baseboard to cause the crack in nearly a century old artisan hand made plaster walls. This was conspired as he informed me these things were going to take place long before they took place and who was going to be the one doing it to me and since he has told me many things during that telephone call that were true I am left with little than no choice but to believe him on the rest. This was the same call he alleged that I had a grandchild that was taken from A.J.V.M. in an effort to push her into suicide. D.B. made allegations that there was the skeletal remains of a baby buried in the floor near the back entrance under the stairs.

I informed LCJ and was put in LS for doing so, I went home and found the hole that I had saw and that was put there by E.M.M. and found what might or might be bone. L.Chorn. had put a lock on my garage and had stated that he looked into putting a lien on my residence. R.A.B. offered to buy my residence from me before I lose it for taxes, and the neighbor next door has been saving up belongings for when “me and b. get a place” she also asked me when my house was going up for tax sale. Additionally, I registered my residence as a church to prevent it from being taken from me and because I am an ordained minister.

I got a bill for my taxes that exceeds the tax cap. D.B. alleged that the state was trying to take my house from me as a form of retaliation and proved that corruption was a very serious problem in the LC. area. They also did not intend on searching the garage, doing any form of testing on the water, or on the pipes in the house and wanted to leave things the way they with E.M.M. raising my kids even though they were told repeatedly that he was abusive and that he had poisoned me. The state nor government can take my house from me as it was registered as a church, and if they want my house they will have to pay me fair market value for it, that is IF I decide to sell it to them, or if I decide to keep it, it may make good spell-work for the girls and I when this is through. D.B. also informed me that the house would be protected as L.S. did not want any more constitutional problems by not protecting it and keeping it safe from harm. 

I do not know if there are bodies inside the foundation of the house or not, there could be as there were things there that coincide with what D.B. was saying. However, I had a conversation with him when I was young about how I would be all settled into my house and he was going to have to find a way to get me out of my house. Additionally, he alleged that he had killed many people after I moved out of the house and went to Florida. I do not know but I would check the garage and he hole that was found before bringing in hammer-jacks and busting the concrete of the foundation as it is the states job to fix whatever they break which is why they did not intend on doing anything about it. 


When D.B. moved out to Indiana in 2009, he urged me to tear down the garage and start fresh which would have required the floor to be cemented. I refused to tear down the garage as the money was not there to do so, D.B. suggested I let him do the work but due to his health issues I declined. D.B. also alleged that the dirt in the garage was contaminated and that if any investigators were to go inside and do any digging, they should test the dirt first and wear hazmat suits to be sure to protect their health.

D.B. also alleged that my house had been bugged by him by having bugs installed in the channels of the windows that were put in at that time. The windows were purchased from a company that used Armstrong windows and each window was specifically measured and made to order. The man that sold me the windows was named Dave and had been a long-time customer of M.A. M., E.M.M. ’s mother. As far as I know he has since gone out of business. He also alleged that the old wooden stereo that I love was also bugged by E.M.M. ’s father.

I was not allowed in the garage nor were the kids, E.M.M.  insisted that the garage was off limits due to the junk inside and the smell which I assumed was the smell of dirt and mold and mildew. Which was why everything kept inside the garage is garbage including the solid wood dressers that were antique and belonged to my grandfather.

It seems to me that D.B. has sought out to destroy or to attempt to cause me to destroy or investigators to destroy absolutely everything that I love and care about. I purchased a house and he tell me that it has dead bodies in it and that the foundation has to be destroyed. I have an antique stereo and he tells me it is bugged; I purchase new windows for the house and he tells me that the windows are bugged and the only way to find out if he is being honest is to destroy my home.

D.B. alleged that an old boyfriend of mine was killed by him and E.M.M. named Christopher Mitchell. I looked for him online but was unable to find him. I do not know if he is alive or dead. D.B. alleged he was buried in my garage and that he “carved” his name into him and sealed him in plastic. I do not know if this is true or not, I have many questions as a result of D.B.’s statements, confessions, and accusations, and the problem is I saw at least one of his kills so its hard for me to dismiss much else after that as I would not put anything past any of the people involved including him. 


2013 – 2017 “STOCKBOYS”

D.B. has targeted me and helped those around me including my two ex-husbands A.E.V., and E.M.M. and D.J.S.  to try and take my life for insurance, when I went to the police, they then had my children taken from me and lied to, manipulated, the authorities and some of those authorities were allegedly bribed to not do their jobs. D.B. has had them poison me for life insurance money and called me up to warn me that it was being done to me. He told them what to do and how to do it and they followed his instructions in their entirety. He then called them “StockBoys” and himself the boss. Stockboy’s do whatever the boss says and does not want to do himself or cannot get done by himself. D.B. told me that I am an Alpha Female and a Leader and should be paired with an Alpha Male. I was raised to be the boss, and run a business and not take orders from anyone. I am to be paired with a Leader and not a follower or a Stock boy.  D.B. and his co-horts use people for their own selfish reasons, they either do not think the people are smart or they think their lives are disposable this seems to include their own lives. 

D.B. also tried to lure my children and I out of the country during one call and then called me another time and stated that it was a good thing I refused to go with him as he had intended on killing me since the two asshole ex-husbands he hired could not seem to get the job done. D.B. stated that we were defective because of our differences and that I should never have been allowed to breed in the first place because all I care about is love and not money and I raised my kids the same way.

D.B. stated that the term Stock Boys was a MOB term for hired or un-hired hitmen and alleged that my two ex-husbands A.E.V. and E.M.M., as well as D.J.S. I was his “Stockboys” as were the men that participated in the gang rape of me.


D.B. told me that I was a “MARK” called me “Mark”, told me I was a walking talking dollar sign and did not even know what that meant. He told me I needed to wake the F@@K up and start paying attention to what was going on around me and the things people were openly saying in my presence that they did not know he knew. He asked me where my head was at, and asked me why the things that were happening and being said to me were not sinking in.

A.J.V.M. and all my kids were called MARKS and it does not mean “Marked for Greatness” as W.E.V. wanted me and everyone else to believe at least that was exactly the way it was put to me on the phone with D.B. Apparently A.J.V.M. was told she was a MARK and wanted me to know as she left me a photo on my IPAD to let me know and came home with two blue slushies certain shades of “BLUE” Is for insurance. 

D.B. told me he was completely fed up and frustrated with me and asked me why I was not fighting to stay alive, or fighting to live. He also asked me if I liked being sick and killed slowly over time by E.M.M. He demanded that E.M.M. be kicked out of the house immediately and not let back in. He alleged that he also told E.M.M. that if he did not leave and stay gone, he would be killed.

D.B. said “Hey Ann, I keep trying to warn you don’t you get it? E.M.M. is not a good guy; he is trying to take your life from you and you just keep on letting him?”

D.B. alleged that he kept trying to wake me up by calling me and telling me what was going on but I would not budge. He alleged that I did not seem to remember the calls and stated that he thought it was either him and the tone of voice he was using or the poison. He yelled at me for not coming to him and asked me if I was more scared of the tongue lashing, I would get from him then I was of dying. I did not feel comfortable going to D.B. and was afraid of him and always have been.

I had gone to the police and was hoping that they were going to do their jobs and put E.M.M. away. Instead they let him go and took my children from me and gave them to him. 

W.E.V.   has stated that I was “Marked for Greatness” which really was his way of calling me a mark, when I was in jail people were yelling the term Mark, and my daughter A.J.V.M. wrote the word “MARKED” on her face across her forehead in white eyeliner pencil and took a photo of it and left it on my iPad which I no longer have.

D.B. has referred to himself as the “Boss” by saying who’s the boss? I’m the “BOSS

“I hired hitmen to get the job done for me but they can’t seem to get the job done for me so I guess I am going to have to do the job myself.” Is what D.B. said to me over the telephone.  




 I told D.B. I wanted nothing to do with him or his problems or causes nor do I wish to be the cure all for society’s problems. I had and still have my own problems to contend with. D.B. is always saying “They want” they want you to file a lawsuit because “energy assistance” is not giving the people the money the way they should. “They want” you to get rid of water bills because it goes against the U.N. humanitarian right to free and clean water for all people. Then he puts me in a poison where I have no water to drink or take a shower to force me to see his side.

They want this guy out of office, they want “This judge or that cop” he never says who “They are”. I have no idea who “THEY” are but I sure would like to know as “THEY” belong in PRISON and that includes all involved including him and E.M.M. and A.E.V. From what D.B. taught me what has been done to me is called “INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE”. He refers to me as “SLAVE”. My life was stolen, my dreams destroyed, my children taken, all for his stupid causes. This has made me hateful, and resentful and enraged I am not a hateful and resentful person and as contradictory as it may sound, I am resentful of the hate that I now carry inside of me due to the actions of persons who are hateful. I am not supposed to hate anything or anyone other than CRIME. My forgiving nature has nearly gotten me killed and has made me to trusting of others and done nothing but cause me to lose everything that I ever cared about including my health, my home, my children, and my dreams and nearly cost me my life.

D.M. often said that I repeated myself to much when talking as I never felt like I was getting through. He often would say History repeats itself and your history. Sometimes he would just say it out of the blue, “Hey Ann, did I ever tell you that History Repeats itself, and your history?

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