Chapter 43 Lack of Respect for the Law, Lack of Basic Human Respect

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When growing up I was taught that I am Irish, Scottish and English on my mother’s side, I am Swedish, and either German or Jewish on my father’s side. My father stated that his grandmother had fled Germany during WW2 and that she was actually of Jewish decent but attempted to hide that by saying she was German. My grandfather’s last name was allegedly originally L. and he did not have a father here in the U.S. that I know of. There were no relatives that I ever met other than J. who was supposed to of been the mother of my grandfather R.B. who’s last name was changed after he was adopted by a man that J.L. allegedly met here in the states either while she was pregnant or after her pregnancy and who she married and he took care of R.B .

My father alleged that he had kept up with the lie that we were German throughout my childhood to protect me from decimation and because I was already discriminated against because of how different I was in that I was dyslexic and an artist and strong-willed and strongminded. During my child hood my father told me that Jen had been either raped or artificially inseminated while in a concentration camp in Germany and that all the woman that were captured were. He alleged that the women were sent here over on ships once they were pregnant. The babies that they were carrying were allegedly the children of Adolph Hitler himself and his top men that worked under him. When he told me this, I became very upset and started to cry because as far as I was concerned, he was basically telling me that I was a descendant of Satan himself.

In 2001, when I met E.M.M., he had a very short haircut as if he had shaved his head which was the trend at the time. I do not have an interest in persons who are skinheads or who do not have hair. I view it as simply unattractive. E.M.M.  found out about my feelings when I asked that he grow his hair in. Although he had Natzi Memorabilia including a Natzi armband, photographs, and a medal. There were two Klan statues that I threw in the garbage after he left the residence. I thought that those items were simply part of his collection as he had many items related to history.

While in Lake Station In. I noticed while walking that there were the words White Power spray painted on the ground on the walking path/ bike path that goes through the town and leads to the library. It may have since been cleaned up and removed.  

In 2015, E.M.M.  was working at Universal Security, he shaved his head completely bald again and bicked it with a razor. I have photo’s as evidence of this. He was angry because an African American woman at his work who was allegedly named Rosa was giving him a hard time and required that he shave off his go-tee that he had since he graduated Brother Rice in 1994.

I never saw E.M.M.  without his go-tee the entire time I knew him. I videotaped him after he shaved his head and kept it as evidence of how big of a fake and liar he is as he has pretended to be friends with many African American’s and tried to tell them that I was racist because I was German except that I am not he is. 

When walking to the library one day before I left the City of Lake Station a woman was walking outside the fire department where E.M.M.  has many friends. The woman hatefully mouthed the word JEW to me. She had just gotten out of a green Chevy Tahoe that was parked outside the fire department.  It was alleged that many of the people that were assisting Ed were discriminating against me for many reasons one of them being race and the other being my choice in religion in addition to my being E.M.M.’s ex-wife which is what I am referred to by many people.

As long as I am referred to as E.M.M.’s ex-wife I become gender-less and identity less, I have a name that I chose to be called by and by not calling me by my name and calling me E.M.M’s ex-wife I am no longer a person but a possession which makes it seem harmless to abuse me further. D.B. explained this to me and has studied war and the techniques that are used to get people to succumb to death or to coerce them into a concurring countries way of thinking. Some of these techniques have been attempted to be used on me in the following ways.

D.B. alleged that during WW2 that poison was put into the water supply and spread all around the concentration camps where the Jewish people were kept and tortured just like he had done at my house by E.M.M. and others.

D.B. also alleged that mustard seed was mixed into the paint of houses which over time causes damage to a person’s vital organs and can lead to organ shutdown and failure. I found smashed mustard seeds in my house in the grout of my floor and I was not home when my kitchen was painted as I had taken the kids to stay in Chicago for Comic-on the week it was finalized and E.M.M.  stayed at the residence and painted the entire kitchen alone. The spoon that he used to spread the mustard seed was found under the dishwasher in the kitchen full of ground up mustard seed.

Personally, I think D.B. hates himself and hates me and my daughters because we came from him. Like the mamma bird and baby bird, if a baby bird is sick the mamma bird pushes it out of the nest and kills it rather than trying to nurse it back to health. D.B. views dyslexia and the horrible things he has done in his life as not only shortcomings but defects and since he views himself as defective the girls and I must be defective too. From what i have experienced and been through he is not the only one as when going through all this I wonder how much of what has happened to me has stemmed from the knowledge that people have that my family is criminals, and my father a serial killer. Which really makes those inflicting the harm to me and the girls no different than the hateful people in my family including D.B. as those who have done so have participated in HATE CRIME themselves and turned themselves into criminals in doing so.