Chapter 48 C. 1980 Sexual Molestation

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  1. 1980’s





D.B. confessed that he had paid the man named R. $300.00 to molest me. The man was a man that L.B. met at a bar in Summit Il. She used to take me to bars and I slept on more bars-tools than most adults to. She frequented S.S. bar which used to be next to Fleetwood Roller Rink in Summit. Il., she also went to the Little Brown Jug where my Aunt M.C. worked. My aunt M.C. knows who R. is but will not tell me as he is a friend of hers.

D.B. alleged that he had paid the man and had done so in an effort to get me away from L.B., he also alleged that it was so that I would not have inhibitions in the bedroom when I was with my husband later on in life which is completely backwards.

The man used a book named Pandora’s Box to make it so I would not tell. The moral of the book is if you tell bad things are going to happen to you and to the world or people around you. In the book Pandora is given a box and told not to open the box or worms, bugs and evil will come out and be released into the world. Pandora opens the box and unleashes the evil locked inside. The book teaches kids to keep important secrets, being molested is not a secret anyone should keep.

I was being severely abused and L.B. had men who I did not know picking me up from school sometimes. She left me in the apartment alone and told me not to open the door for anyone especially if they said they were CPS.

L.B. had concerns about me getting my period when I was four or five years old, she had thought that I had gotten my period and explained to me what a period was. She taught me about my period then, I was little and scared all the time, I cried every day because of the abuse and hateful-ness that she inflicted on me. I could not understand why she hated me so much and I still cannot. Recently I asked her and she said it was because D.B. left. I still do not understand her response but the fact is I have almost a photographic memory and most of those memories are like videos, the ones with Richie started out as photos and then some turned into short clips. Much of my childhood has been blocked out especially from the time that she had custody of me and personally I like it that way.

I attempted to find out the name of the man who had molested me as my family members know who he was, and I was told “he would never do anything like that” and no last name was given. There are family members who know who this man is and what he did and refuse to do the right thing about it which lends credence to D.B.’s accusations that this is sick and twisted method that is used in my family to detour sexual promiscuity, sexiness, and to steal self esteem, abuse, and control girls and get them to submit to silence. D.B. alleged that this is done to all the women not just the pretty ones, but if you are born pretty you best bet your ass its going to happen. It is usually the men in the family that do it too, and most often  the girls own fathers. 

 I want the man that sexually molested me, and all the men involved in this type of behavior chemically castrated and permanently jailed for this. That goes for all the men who have facilitated, sexually assaulted, and molested the children and the women in this family.