Chapter 5 Creation of Organized Crime Enterprise “MS-13” & “HANDS”

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The RICO statute, or Title 18 of the United States Code, Section 1961(4), defines an enterprise as “any individual, partnership, corporation, association, or other legal entity, and any union or group of individuals associated in fact although not a legal entity.”

The Continuing Criminal Enterprise statute, or Title 21 of the United States Code, Section 848(c)(2), defines a criminal enterprise as any group of six or more people, where one of the six occupies a position of organizer, a supervisory position, or any other position of management with respect to the other five, and which generates substantial income or resources, and is engaged in a continuing series of violations of sub-chapters I and II of Chapter 13 of Title 21 of the United States Code.

“MS 13 & HANDS”

D.B. alleged that the gang that he had helped create and was boss of was not just hands but was also called MS 13, MS stood for Multiple Sclerosis which is caused by low vitamin D in a lot of cases. They poison their victims for life insurance money, larges amounts of life insurance proceeds, and they are good at what they do. They are sneaky, underhanded, and very discreet, they use the same methods used by drug smugglers. These people are notorious and most are consciousness and arrogant they think they are untouchable, They have an in your face what are you going to do about it attitude. 

There is a much higher rate of MS in the states of Washington and where it is rainy and there is low sunlight. Low Vitamin D can be caused by being poisoned and is often seen in Lupus Patients and in MS. The thirteen has to do with the thirteenth floor meaning Addiction, when your an addict and you stop doing your “drug” even if it is cigarettes, and you start up again you don’t start out at the beginning you start back up on the thirteenth floor. Poisoning causes severe pain in the body and can lead to addiction of street drugs primarily because the person does not know they are sick and may think they are hung over from their partying. Their body aches and they figure its withdraw and many times do more drugs. They do not know they are a target but they are being targeted and the hope is that their life will spiral out of control and they are helped along by severe racketeering involving hacking, bugging, bills and receipts that dont match up which is robbery, and other forms of abuse and control. They are targeted constantly and it does not stop until the person is dead. Things are done to the person like their kilowatts used on there power bills will not match up with the actual amount used or it is alleged they used more than they actually did if you look at the bills they follow a “code”.

In my account I have seen my net spend say 747 such as jet, or when out in Nevada I was standing at the register with my aunt who is 26 and I have 4 kids, my aunt assisted in taking my kids and the total was 26.04. You know that the prices are not being brought down to do this, they are being raised and I am being ripped off at the same time making it more hard and nearly impossible to survive. There was a movie where the plan was to skim a penny or few penny’s from millions of peoples bank accounts and if that was done then it would be huge payout, I am not sure if it was fight-club or office space or some other movie but that is partly what this MS 13 has been doing. Then that money is made available to be put into other things. The other thing is MS13 is not comprised of Mexicans there are some yes, but the names that I was given are part of Castro’s, and El Capo and there are Skinheads and Masons, there are also many members of the Italian Mob as well and some of the names of Italians are similar to Cubans, there are also alot of strange identity issues that are happening, such as I was the only Anna Marie Boettcher, and even the only Anna Marie Malik, when I chose my name Sarah Covington there were not many and I picked it because it was original, now there are thousands on the internet. D.B. alleged they kill the person off, then switch out the picture and put a “stand in person” so the outside world will not question that the person was dead. This sounds odd to me and needs further investigation as many people may be getting blamed for purchasing policies that did not purchase any while others who are notorious are allowed to remain free due to the confusion and frustration of trying to figure it out. 

This is probable in the US Supreme Court Justices case, as there is an Edwards tat went to Stagg, Edwards here in Lake Station and I believe an Edwards at the Supreme Court level. If the supreme court was thought to be eroded with corruption over the killing of victims and witnesses of crime or any other person for that matter for life insurance that could lead to a revolutionary war. This is a very serious manner and why I become so upset when persons hack my site and interrupt me when I am talking and destroy my site and take it down. This is very serious work and I am the only one other than D.B. with the skills, knowledge and inner-strength to handle the situation in its entirety to ensure that no further lives are lost, a stop is put to the robbery of not just me but of others, and stop there from being some kind of war due to these criminals who only destroy, I am a creator these peoples are destroyers. 

Now, since the name is what it is, I think it should be safe to say that D.B. my father is the LEADER of this gang and he wants it disbanded which means he wants all these asshole criminals arrested and incarcerated. As the situation is actually much worse than this, for instance In a post I questioned what a sleeper cell was, then when in my house sweating to death I was thinking and remembered that a sleeper cell is someplace where they put someone to sleep. Sleep means being put to death, this is allegedly “REAL” Mason business, as it has to do with a few things, apparently many years ago a man was found murdered and stuffed inside of a chimney his privates were cut off and the man who did it was D.B. as he alleged it was him. The other issue had to do with the breaking of peoples chimney by hitting them with hammers etc and cracking the bricks and mason work that keeps the C02 out of the house, and keeps from leaking. My house was broken into when I was gone and it has been systematically vandalized and destroyed, causing mold. D.B. wants to blame everything on the officers some of whom did break the law and there is no doubt about that and many of them have life insurance polices that need much further investigation and I am not happy about what I am seeing. 

What D.B. is alleging is that there are pockets of MS13 posing as MASONS and he calls them “wanta be Masons”, these persons are killing persons that get out of jail and prisons after they have done their time for life insurance. They are killed in the manners which are described on this site. It is allegedly vigilantly justice but that is not really what it is, it is picking out a person and preying on their vulnerabilities and killing off what is thought of as the “weaker” persons of society, the poor, the homeless, the desolate, the deprived, and the lonely. It must be stopped and it is my job to put a stop to it. It is all being done by this gang and it is all for life insurance money. They are feeding off the people literally. The other allegation was that this was happening in primarily Mason Communities, infiltrating those communities and seeding themselves into them for two reasons, one they allegedly harm the community while they are there, they move in set up shop do their killing and leave nothing but garbage and desolation when they leave.

I have seen that here in Lake Station where as, we just got a new building and new parking lot, some of these “gang members or mob members” have become persons of authority and now our new building has rubble as a parking lot, it was a new parking lot in the first place. There was a beautification project here to make the city nicer for the citizens and people came and damaged and destroyed the project by stealing the statutes or damaging them. Its not the people who care about the city and community it is the criminals that infiltrated it with the intent on destroying what little the city manages to do to make it better for us all by purposefully  doing these things. This is the type of thing you see in the the inner city not in this community. It was not like this before, additionally there is a lot of high priced vehicles driving around which are worth more than the houses themselves, it does not add up to see that many 60,000 vehicles driving around and it really does not make scene to see a refined man who is driving a BMW sitting at the library working on a laptop who wreaks of refinement, money, and possibly army or authority, and appears to be of CUBAN decent when I am working on a huge case that seems to be quietly but well known,  when I am sure he has a nice home to go home to and internet and internet on his cellphone, it just does not make scene.

Now, this may sound “paranoid” however the fact remains the word “paranoid” is not even a thing anymore since I found the policies therefore If i make someone and I report it I expect it to be considered because this is one of my skill-sets and I was taught this skill-set for this reason, if i do not tell nothing can be done about it. Its not illegal for anyone to be at the library that is what it is for but the question of suspicion does come to mind as far as what are these persons up to especially when I can not get online, can not log in, my computer freezes or is hauled,  my site destroyed, is this where the problem is or is it the state? The issue is, many of us all think of criminals as persons who do not work for the government, it is as if we have set in our minds that government is government and criminals are criminals like we are playing cops and robbers and there are two teams. The problem is that is not the case, first off this is not a game its not cops and robbers, this is real life, and the reality is there are criminals that have managed to pass mustard enough to get jobs for the government and are not playing both sides like i would like to think they are but instead have infiltrated the government with the interest of undermining it and that is a very real problem and part of what MS13 is about. 

This all every bit of it is about as Americana as you can get, which is probably why I feel like i moved to a concentration camp as there are alleged more of these “Sleeper Cell” MS-13 type camps located in primarily rule Mason communities and where people are harvested and killed and the communities are left damaged and destroyed and the real masons the ones that do care about the country and do know right and wrong are then left holding the bag, the same way that Ed pushed me into purchasing my house with triangles put into the plumbing poisoned me half to death and then left me there to die with my name on the deed and dead bodies in the basement and me having an entire ex-family of serial killers which does not look all that good now does it. These persons have a jipsey type style to them and they are hateful and ruthless and will steal, kill, maim you without second thought. 

These alleged MS13 camps are located all over the country I do not know where they all are, but a few were named off to me, they are unincorporated areas primarily which again makes it look bad for the “REAL Masons” if it is not them which the real masons I met were not hateful, I have met many who were well refined, upstanding, and taught me to be a good citizen.  One of the towns was Cedar Lake In, Rensalleer In, and then Lake Station In.  There may also be one in Florida where D.B. lived, and Salk Village but I do not know for sure, only that it is unincorporated, and Morris Il. where two of my kids are located. What is happening to me now and was already described in the page about pushing a person to suicide is one of the ways that the persons are killed as for insurance it has to appear to be natural causes in order to collect. Starvation or dying of the element is a “natural cause”, being shot in the head is not payout-able, and poisoning is often overlooked so many times poisoning and the element are combined to produce a payout able death. Instead of allowing these persons to harvest me and my daughters he divulged the information I needed and said he killed one of the worst of them who may be walking around for all I know but it should be looked into, the mans name was Jose Castillo or Castillos D.B. called me afterward and was in a chipper and happy mood like he had just had intercourse.

This entire situation has to be corrected and needs governmental intervention I can not remember the other persons D.B. has killed but the calls were allegedly recorded and they can be obtained from the recordings as all of this could of ended and should of ended with the recordings themselves and I should have been pulled out of this situation many years ago as the criminals have managed a way to get to WItSEC but I can not seem to figure out how to get myself into WITSEC which is really infuriating me to no end. 

These Members of MS-13 at least some of the worst of  them, are alleged families that were apart of Castro’s army and these persons are primarily Cuban which have Hispanic names, at first when organizing the names I thought they were all Hispanic meaning Mexican but had to take a second look at them and remember what I was taught to categorize them, it happens. this is important to authorities and to the persons themselves as there is hate between Hispanic groups and no one wants to get blamed for anything that the did not do, it also needs to be remembered that all nationalities are involved in this and the issue may really be with hate held against the US that was brought over from the countries that felt that they were wronged by the US in previous wars, such as Germany, and Cuba and even Poland and Italy, and resentment that was caused because of the US’s failure to deliver on its promise of land after the Revolutionary war to persons primarily of IRISH and English decent. All these persons harbor hard feelings not just against me but against the country for their own various reasons and it is not a good or safe thing for anyone. By killing people off and taking the life insurance money they then have the money they need to start a war first by causing hundreds of lawsuits to be filed and then by taking up arms if needed. I refuse to allow that. 

The people in these gangs and participating in illegal activity were allegedly doing so as part of D.B.’s alleged sting operation or were targeted by him.

D.B. has these gang members which are MS 13 stuck in Killing camps, and they are sold on war, what they did not know was, I am not dieing and nither is he or my kids and they are the ones that were trapped, not by me but by him and the Real Masons who love this country and would not lie down and let this happen. 

I am not sure but Hands is all apart of MS13 but that has to be determined, it seems that Hands and MS 13 is just two names for the same thing which I was taught is very common in the Underworld. 

HANDS was a vigilante freedom fighting gang that according to D.B. and some of his “buddies” created. Part of what HANDS was supposed to do was keep me safe and out of harms way. It was made of political activists, officers of the law that are willing to break or bend the law, and gang banger’s and mob members who wanted out but could not get out as there is no way out once you join in. Essentially, they allowed anyone who wanted in in. These people can be anyone from your doctor to your dentist, the handyman that comes to fix your roof, or even the cable guy. D.B. alleged that HANDS was created with the intention of being dismantled someday. The five Kings are allegedly the leaders of hands each heading up their own division, some taking down gang banger’s for their illegal activity, some taking down rapists for theirs, some taking down drug dealers and drug smugglers, other’s taking down unlawful and corrupt officials.

All of the people who have shown me in their own way that they were a part of hand have harmed me in some way shape or form and I feel that every one that I have met this far should be classified as a criminal.

D.B. had offered me to head up HANDS and called me his predecessor, I informed him I am not interested in leading any gangs while I am a leader, I am not a gang leader, nor am I a spy, agent, or anything else.

I am an infuriated mother with one primary goal in mind going on with my life and putting a stop to the non-sense and killing that has gone on. I stand alone, I will not stop until my daughters are returned these criminals are prosecuted and I am compensated for my time and what was done to me.

D.B.’s crimes, criminal involvement, criminal dictatorship, alleged jobs, and affiliations have all destroyed my life, stolen my childhood, my youth, and my adulthood, taken my children, damaged their childhood, part of their adulthood, and divided us using us as if we were spy’s or agents without us knowing and without my permission.

All that I care about is reunification, I seek justice, and closure for me, my daughters, and the other victims of his crimes. I demand that order be restored, so that no else is maimed or dies, and that no one else is hurt in any way by his asinine criminal rule.

Certain individuals have participated in crimes and illegal activities while knowing and confession their crimes to me with the intention of having me turn them in so that they could then turn in those who had participated in similar crimes and participated in other criminal activities.

I crave normalcy, even though I am not exactly sure what normalcy even is or if it exists. I crave the love of my children and am concerned for their safety as these individuals are ruthless, heartless, soulless, and have done and will continue to do anything in their power to try and undermine me and my work on a constant and continual basis.

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D.B. once said that sometimes bad guys do bad things for good reasons, and sometimes good guys have no choice but to do bad things in order to be believed and accepted by the bad guys to find out what they are up to and whats been going on. This has caused a lot of confusion and fear in me as it has made everyone un-trust-able.  Just like every story needs a hero or heroine every story needs a villain and if being the villan saves a whole lot of lives and puts an end to all of the chaos and death and destruction and saves the country from disaster and saves a whole lot of lives in the mean time then he was willing to make that sacrifice he only hoped that someday I could forgive him for using me and my kids and my life  as his minnows and I can not. 

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