Chapter 52 Doing the Right Thing

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When I was a young child about four or five years old, L.B. would become severely abusive especially when she was drunk, she would do things such as vandalize property. One night while I was in the car she was screaming about D.B and we pulled up in the back of the apartments in Summit Il. L.B. was going to puncture D.B.’s car tire with some kind of knife or tool. I told her she was not and went to the door and knocked on it to get D.B. so she could be stopped.

L.B. had thrown a rock through the glass window of the apartment, kicked the door and left a big dent in it and would become violent extremely easily.

D.B. and L.B. got into an argument and I was standing between them screaming at them to stop screaming at each other. It was scary to go and tell D.B. because L.B. was so abusive of me and often accused me of taking sides but what she was going to do was wrong so I had no choice but to tell.

D.B. has done his share of vandalism in throwing eggs on people’s cars because they parked in his spot, and using old time Coca-Cola to eat the paint off of cars. I have heard stories of him vandalizing apartments and even tearing out the flooring of a place that he lived and refused to pay the rent for just to cause the landlord more problems.

D.B. alleged my house was going to be vandalized in that the baseboards of my walls were going to be hit with a sledgehammer to crack the plaster walls, my shoes were going to be damaged forcing me to wear gym shoes instead of my usual jean shoes that I wear with jeans, damage my dress shoes for court, damage the ports on my laptop so I would be limited in charging my devices,  and my suit for court was going to be worn and dirtied just after I had it dry cleaned. He alleged that all these things were going to happen in advance and all of these things have been damaged and have happened just the way he described. He is telling people what to do and then they are following his direction he contacts me and tells me what they are going to do so that I can catch them and add them to the lawsuit for racketeering and witness intimidation and witness tampering. I am to keep adding people to the list until it stops, no reprisals, no excuses on my part nor theirs.

D.B. alleged that he knew when I was young and told him what L.B. was up to in the attempt to flatten his tire that I was the “right person for this job” and said I must have been “born good”. I understand what he means in a way because my daughters are the same way in that they seemed to of been born with a thorough understanding of right and wrong.