Chapter 49 D.B.’s Allegations about E.M.M. Arson and Murder of L.S. Resident J.T.

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Allegedly the Ashes of J.T. found on the top shelf of my refrigerator like D.B. said they would be. L.C.J. was notified that it was alleged that E.M.M. had killed J.T. and buried her fetus in my basement. I do not know if there is a fetus in my basement or not but found a hole where I had seen one many years prior. The hole had been beneath the stairs and E.M.M. had piled buckets of soiled cat litter on the stairs. The people at L.S. were fire and police personnel, and wives of firemen and friends of E.M.M. I already have a court case against the city and many police personnel for their assistance in the unlawful entry, unlawful arrest which all charges were dropped, and the abduction of my children.

J.T. died in a fire that occurred the night of a L.S. Christmas Party. The people that held me unlawfully and criminally defamed my character have brought shame upon the city and department and aided and abetted after the fact in a very serious crime. 




From the time that E.M.M.  and I moved to Lake Station he would video tape and photograph fires that he heard over his police scanner. He had both a desktop scanner and then purchased a handheld scanner that he carried along with him and that he had allegedly gotten approval to obtain from a store in Hammond where police and firemen obtain their scanners. E.M.M. would go to fires that he heard called out over the scanners most times he would be gone for many hours, up to four hours a lot of the time. He would allege that he was talking to the guys or just say that it took that long to put the fire out. A lot of the times he was first on scene.

E.M.M. has experience as a fireman, EMT/MEDIC training, fire investigator training, and pyrotechnics experience. His prior email and online username were CEC76PYRO@HOTMAIL and CEC76PYRO. There were many accusations about E.M.M online and I witnessed some accusatory questioning myself in person such as “So, where were you when the fire started?” D.B. accused E.M.M. of starting the fires in Gary and Lake Station as well the surrounding areas. E.M.M. would edit the video that he took at fires and put them up on YouTube and he would tell everyone he knew that had anything to do with Police or Fire that he was doing so.




Due of the accusations that were made about him he started to also go to other types of incidents, drunk driving stops, and car accidents. D.B. would only video tape or photograph after the victim was removed from the accident as I had once gotten angry about him taking photos of incidents with victims inside as I thought it was sadistic. E.M.M. earned an income from the fires and videos he took by way of AdSense from Google, the year that he was off of work as a finisher because of being hurt he earned around eight hundred dollars for his ad-sense check from google for Christmas. Some of his checks could be as high as $600.00 he was not driving traffic to the videos nor was I, he was only uploading new videos and people were watching them.

E.M.M. built up a large following of police, fire and EMT workers all over the country as a result. When I was married to him and he was taking the videos I did not really thing that he was starting the fires, but I began to think it was suspicious when I saw that he had tried to burn my house down with the girls inside and when I found items such as 10 gas cans in the back of his pickup truck, I also thought it was suspicious when I found a towel with two eyes cut out of it in my locked trunk which was put in there by him and I think that it was in an effort to tell me that he had started fires.

E.M.M. has lost items at fires including his prescription glasses, and items have been removed from my house including spools of cotton string, spools of trim for sewing, and yards of fabric, every towel we had and all linens. E.M.M. used to sit on the stairs when the laundry was running in the basement blocking my ability to get to the basement and when he did, I would ask him why he was sitting there and he would say he was waiting for the washing machine to stop running. 

Inside E.M.M. truck I found rope, and a rag with chemicals soaked on it in his glove box that was placed on a cellphone that was supposed to belong to M.M.V.M. that had been sent to her from L.B.

Around the time that I was supposed to of been killed and he was supposed to be working for Midwest Construction for R.Y. and E.Y. he went and broke into a large barn in Chesterton and took photos of the barn. Later, I saw that a large barn had burned down E.M.M. had brought home antique doorknobs from the barn, some were black and some were ornate, he handed me one to show it to me due to its ornate design.

D.B. had alleged that E.M.M. had started a nightclub on fire in Gary with people trapped inside and had killed them. He also made allegations that Ed had participated in a robbery and used his guns to pull off the robbery of a gas-station in Gary.

Once while R.A.B., and E.M.M.  were residing at the house they came home and reported that someone was shooting at cars from the overpass. D.B. alleged that it was them.

D.B. alleged that he had given A.E.V. and E.M.M. a license to kill and be criminals and they just would not stop killing, and robbing, raping, and tearing shit up. D.B. alleged that E.M.M. had used chemicals such as ether to rape women and had been pushing himself on them D.B. alleged some of the women that he had pushed themselves on had not even realized themselves that they were raped.

E.M.M. makes bombs made from acetylene line gas, gunpowder, and powdered creamer. He purchased creamer from Walmart often. Once, while at Walmart I wondered why we needed such a large container of creamer especially since he and I nor the kids really drink coffee and I do not think I even had a working coffee pot at the time. The creamer is highly flammable and he puts inside balloons or even surgical gloves and makes a bomb from them with some kind of wick.

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