Chapter 58 Family Heritage Serial Killings for Greed, Hate, Envy & Resentment

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In my family heritage book From Sweden to Chicago, an accused serial killer Esther Carlson is listed and a photograph of her is shown as she was my great grandmother’s sister. I have been a participant in conversations regarding the murder of persons in my family’s history of serial killing involving poisoning of other family members for life insurance proceeds, hate, spite, resentment and because of abuses that were caused and familial disagreements. Ultimately it was for hate and greed, I learned this through conversations with both my grandmother C.B.B.G.G. and D.B. These conversations were held through-out my upbringing by both my grandmother and D.B.

Persons in my family have killed and used their military backgrounds, astute familial backgrounds and jobs as authorities or friendships with authorities to deceive others into believing that the persons who were killed died of sickness, old age or natural causes. In some cases poisoning was not given to the victims until the person neared death which was explained to me as the family’s way of lessening the amount of time it took for the sick or dyeing person to die, and in other cases the persons were directly targeted for money and out of hate spite resentment and greed.

D.B. alleged that he participated in these killings with C.B.B.G.G. as a pre-teen and young man and that he had sat down and thought about what he had done and how wrong it was and decided to put a stop to the killing in my family for future generations. I was raised with a different set of morals and core belief system which includes that killing for money is wrong in fact I do not believe in life insurance and wills and view it as a bad omen in that the creation of a last will and testament,  or purchase of a policy on my own life, even if done by me could bring upon death prematurely. The same would be true for the purchase of policies on children or on other persons around me I was taught to view it and do view it as bad omens as it would be the same as wishing someone dead or hoping for their death which is wrong and brings about bad karma.

During tutoring for U.S. History lessons my grandmother told me of the persons in my Family History book that were killed for insurance that started out in Sweden and carried over after the Swede’s left Sweden and migrated to the United States as Immigrants. At that time, she did not confess to killing anyone herself that I can remember but explained the reasons for the deaths of the persons around her including her husband’s E.G. and R.B., as well as O. G., and her father T. B.

At the time I did not know anything about poison nor what kind of deaths that could be caused by poison and was told multiple times by D.B. that my grandmother and he had killed those people for money and access to money. Basically, D.B. blamed C.B.B.G.G. and taught me how wrong it was, C.B.B.G.G. alleged D.B. was a gang member who hung around gangs and was a criminal. As far as I was concerned these were my parents and I did not know why they were telling me things that they told me, nor did it really register in my head other than killing for money was wrong which is how I felt about it when I was told anyway. No one ever said “don’t tell anyone”, basically they would tell me things and I would listen but walk away and not think about what they said. I forgot most of it, and my memory was jogged by different triggers including sitting down and going over the Family Heritage Book, scanning it in, and staring at it while trying to remember the conversations that were had.

D.B. alleged this is a type of amnesia that he perfected in giving to me is called psychogenic amnesia, where the brian shelfs the memory as it can not be computed. The problem with it is that any sort of trigger can cause the memory’s to return at any given moment so they kept shocking me by abusing me and by doing bad things plus poisoning me to keep the memories at bay.

D.B. also alleged that during one of my surgery’s I had died and that he had caused it to happen and that he believed that when a person dies it tends to wipe the memory clean like resetting a hard drive on a computer. When you come back to life, if you come back, a lot of your memories from the past can be lost that way. He also alleged that he had E.M.M. used cans of aerosol spray sprayed onto rags and placed on my face to damage my brain, cause breathing difficulties and damage to my lungs body and brain so I would never remember. D.B. also alleged that the criminals including himself had self inflicted this to themselves to forget what they had done so they could pass lie detector tests more easily and so they could seem more believable when questioned. I have caught E.M.M. holding a rag over my face while asleep, and found empty spray cans in my house with fluid and no air in them and called E.M.M. out on it in my audio evidence. He attempted to blame it on the girls who were not huffing and to young to of been huffing and could not of put thumb print dents in the top of curved spray cans. 

D.B. did not want me to remember the body I found in Palos Hills, nor any of the conversations that took place between him and I or between C.B.B.G.G. and I, nor the abuse from the past. It has taken me quite awhile but I believe I have made a full recovery and regained enough of my memories including the law, to move forward confidently. D.B. had made allegations during our last call that he was going to keep saying that I did not have enough or was still missing memories to try and prolong the inevitable the more he says I am missing memories the longer it takes me to move forward. 




I am dyslexic and started tutoring with C.B.B.G.G. when I started second grade. This was when D.B. took custody of me from L.B. I was unable to read and write or do any schoolwork and was often in trouble for crying in school and for not getting any work done. I was not told that I was dyslexic I was told that my school problems stemmed from my L.B.’s abuse of me and the turmoil that came from being abused. This information should not have been kept from me as it caused me to have low self esteem and not to be accepting of my differences in learning. It also caused a delay in my obtaining assistance for my children’s inherited learning differences.

C.B.B.G.G. worked with me after school every day from 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday without any breaks until 10:00pm or 10:30pm every day. I even had to work on workbooks during spring break and over the summer to prevent “regression” and keep my skills “sharp”.

 I also had A.D.D. and was made to sit and stare at a candle and a metronome was used to try and get me to focus better. I did not like these activity’s and they did no good at all. C.B.B.G.G. had gone to class to learn how to teach me as I was not grasping the material and she did not know what else to do. She told me she went to class and then started to teach me using the Orton-Gillingham method of teaching which I later learned myself by taking classes at the Bear Learning Center though the 32-degree Masonic Temple in South Bend.

During my tutoring sessions we went over every subject, all books had to be brought home from school every day even if I did not have homework to do in them. Everything was read aloud with C.B.B.G.G. and all questions had to be written out in complete sentences. Spelling words had to be studied and written ten times each every day. Sometimes I even had to write the definitions multiple times as well. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition. The multiplication tables were taught to me using sing songs, and audio tapes and by Repetition. If my handwriting was sloppy or letters not formed correctly, I was made to erase them and do them all over again until I had them perfect.

It was sometime in fifth grade that we started to study American History in school, at that time I no longer had to go to any form of extra assistance from the school for reading and math and it was C.B.B.G.G. that assisted me at home only. I started school at Nathan Hale Elementary in Chicago. We went over American History and family heritage was tied into it. Including that America was the melting pot and about my Swedish ancestors coming over on the boat to migrate here from Sweden.

Sometime during this period of time some things were said to me that I did not comprehend, one had to do with the Masons not being very good people and something about something bad happening to O.S.B. my great grandmother in-reguard to the Rites of Passage Ritual which she was allegedly forced to participate in. O.S.B. had died when I was in third grade. As an adult I was later told this was “part” of why my daughters and I were sex-trafficked and raped as this type of ritual can be performed in a round about way, or what D.B. called “one at a time”. 

C.B.B.G.G. also told me about how the people in the Family Heritage book had been killed, mostly by poison and “Tag teaming” of family members, most of which knew but turned a blind eye to it as they were going to gain in different ways. It might be that they did not like the person, or because of disagreements or because they were jealous everyone had their own reasons for not helping the “target”. Ultimately is was for personal financial gain. This had been done since the Swedes had come over from Sweden on the boat in the late 1800’s, and perhaps before that. 

She also made comments to me when I was young about someday, I would be told or found out what C.B.B.G.G. had herself had done not jut to me but to others. Many of these conversations occurred in the middle bedroom of C.B.B.G.G.’s house and I was tired from all the work I had done. C.B.B.G.G. alleged she had done some bad things in her time, and D.B. had found out about them, someday I would learn what those bad things were. 

Once while standing in the kitchen D.B. said something to me about how C.B.B.G.G. had done something to me and that I was due restitution for what she had done. I was told something about how because of what she had done her WILL was supposed to be changed and everything she had was supposed to go to me as restitution. I was young and confused and did not understand what was really being said and still don’t. It was alleged to me by D.B. that he C.P.S.B.S.B., C.B.B.G.G. had poisoned me and C.B.B.G.G. had fed me glass. I remember projectile vomiting Oatmeal all over the basement and do remember wondering who vomits from Oatmeal. Someone used to spit in my gallons of Kool-aid and I was not taken care of the way I should of been.

When I was about 12 D.B. was sitting in the living room at C.B.B.G.G.’s house and he said he thought C.B.B.G.G. had been poisoning him. He told me how before he went to Florida to take the Pinafore there with D.L, and R.B. he had bad bouts of diarrhea and he thought she was Poisoning the sugar or coffee because when he went to Florida his stomach attacks stopped happening. It made no sense because we had City of Chicago water so it could not be that, it had to be something else. D.B. told me he wanted me to remember in case anything happened to him and told me to be careful around grandma and not to trust her to much. He was angry when he got home from Florida and when he found out I had been sick the entire time he was gone, and that I was grounded for no reason and was angry about it as well.


During the teaching about my family heritage of serial killings my grandmother complained to me about D.B.’s criminal activity and once when he was in Florida she woke up and looked at me and said “Anna I don’t know how else to tell you this but your father is a criminal”.

C.B.B.G.G. also told me she did not understand what had happened and thought that his criminal behavior stemmed from the stories of Esther Carlson and Al Capone. She alleged that her oldest son J.E.B. was not the same way as D.B. and that she did not understand what had happened. She raised them both the same but once D.B. got to a certain age she was no longer able to control his behavior as he had started to ignore her and run with neighborhood street thugs.

D.B. had left me with my grandmother and grandmother and went to Florida with my uncle R.B. and D.L. and sold the PIRATE SHIP NAMED THE PINAFORE a large pirate ship that had once belonged to the Navy, D.B. alleged that it was being used to smuggle drugs or sold to someone who was smuggling drugs off the coast of Florida. I knew nothing of D.B. participating in criminal activity when I was a child as he made it seem like he hated crime and taught me to be the same way.


When he said he was drug smuggling later on when I was an adult, I did not believe him on that or anything else he said but have realized that D.B. seems to of been living two lives, one I knew about and one I did not as is the case with the other MonstersinClosets on this website.  I also did not believe him on that either because D.B. always said he hated drugs and said repeatedly that “they put bleach and kitchen cleanser in  just about all hard core drugs and you would be dead before you hit the ground if you ever tried them.” I think they are stupid, and do not understand why people would want to put kitchen cleanser in their body to get high. I do not know much about them or even what most look like but he said something about “Meth lolly-pop’s, and hard candy made using Meth”. 

D.B. alleged that A.E.V. had been driving to LS from Texas and breaking into the house on Service Street that I had owned when it was vacant and empty to cook his meth for sale on the streets”. I do not know if that is true but the house smelled like Ammonia. E.M.M. had tore out the carpet in the house because of the odor and threw it out the back window. I thought the house was vandalized or someone urinated all over the rug. Officers came and spoke to E.M.M. at the property on Service Street but did not say anything about the smell. D.B.W. later purchased the house so perhaps he knows more. 

E.M.M. had told me Ammonia was used to make Meth when I smelled the strong odor of Ammonia in the air that I thought was Cat Urine near my house and he said it was probably someone cooking Meth. 

D.B. alleged to smuggling meth in the hull of the Pinafore, and he also alleged to having his finger on the pulse of weed and drug cartel’s, for his gang members in  HANDS. I honestly do not see how he does all this sitting in his scooter watching Scifi and the History Channel and napping and I think I asked him,  about how he did all these things and he replied what do you think a telephone is for, all I do is give orders and make telephone calls. 

D.B. alleged that people who had wronged him were getting cut off from their drug supplies and could not figure out what the problem was or why they could not get their drugs and said it was all part of what goes around comes around. D.B. said people were trying to control my vaping and drinking soda and everything else about me so he cut them off their weed and other drugs to control them so they could see what it was like to be controlled. 

D.B. also alleged that the persons involved in feeding me Prednisone which is a controlled substance only to prescribed by a medical doctor who holds a medical degree and license, without me knowing it were caught in doing so and that they were being given Prednisone to ruin their bodies, faces, and weight. He also stated he viewed that as an attempt on my life because I am allergic, and because it causes heart problems and my heart is already weakened, and because it causes kidney and tissue damage partially as a result of my increased immune system which all my children also have a predisposition for.

As a result,  Prednisone is deadly to me and anyone giving it to me or any other drug that is not a doctor is in violation of the law and is making a malicious attack on my life which is attempted murder not just an attack on my appearance which they should not be doing anyway.

D.B. informed me of some of the people who had given me Prednisone, and said there were others , and that  they were doing so not just to ruin my looks and appearance and make me fat but, because it puts me in an insurmountable level of pain and agony and they were hoping to try and get me on medication to help handle the pain so I could not function and get the job done. Or en-duse a heart-attack by giving it to me and then pushing my buttons to the point where I explode and have one. Prednisone also gives me roid-rage which is one of the side effects and a sign of an allergic reaction, D.B. stated that this was being done to me to try and defame my character by giving me the drug, pushing my buttons in public causing me to explode. Prednisone is also used in addition to the poisons that are used to kill as it heightens the effects of them and lessens the time it takes to cause damage to the body which shortens the time it takes to kill the victim.


I did not believe him about this nor most of what he said until I put my life together and thought there might or might not be something to this. I was also given directives to tell what was said to correct the situation he alleged that he was a CIA agent and that he could not make a report because of his situation and needed me to do it for him in order to obtain justice and get my daughters and alleged abducted grandchild or children returned. D.B. said to prove that I had been given any kind of drug or poison hair strand analysis is all that is needed and that it can be backtracked almost to the day it happened. 

The way I see it is, I have seen some things for myself and experienced some as well so there is definitely some clout to what he has alleged. I need the situation rectified as soon as humanly possible, if he is lieing that is still malicious intent and shows malicious intent. Therefore, it is in my best interest, the children’s best interest and the people and country’s best interest to utter these words no matter how asinine they sound or seem or sound to me. He turned me into his “right arm” and called me his “wing man”, or “parrot”, and I am infuriated, and forced. 

I prefer you follow each chapter in order but if you would like to read about more about the abuse and how I was mistreated view Dyslexic Not Disabled.