Chapter 62 Alleged People Around Me That Work in Insurance & Purposeful Destruction of My Main Business Model

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D.B. alleged that they ruined my business opportunity and main format for business by selling policies at $2500.00 using M.L.M. Here is an example, if A.E.V. brought in 3 gang members and they purchased policies on my life which were allegedly sold as “Sure fire investments” and each person brought in people the people that brought them in would get $500.oo D.B. said he even had mail order going to remind people to make their payments and to get the business op back in front of persons that did not have the cash on them at the time they were approached. 

SO, the way it was explained to me if A.E.V. brings in three people and each by in then when they each bring in people they each get $500.00 for the referral. It keeps growing from there, I do not know if there are different levels involved but just with “referral fee’s at that amount I can see how it would or could grow”. Especially since people are poor, and need cash and a easy way to obtain it. Since no one will know it might seem appealing to those without any morals or values and it seemed like it was low risk or they were told it was not illegal because purchasing a life insurance policy is not an illegal act in and of itself but becomes one when their husband and father are trying to take them out as then it becomes Organized Crime Activity and Racketeering and Murder for Hire. 

D.B. alleged that he had a spiel that he used to sell top Mob Members and Gang Members this opportunity and had started on it when I was very young. D.B. alleged he started to do this when I was little and was going out to bars and worked as a bouncer, and chauffeur as he was often out of work and did odd jobs of that nature. 

D.B. alleged that the policies were backed by Met Life or the purchaser was told that they were and that an umbrella company had been set up for this. 

“The Kid is sick, she’s dying, she has aids or cancer, or even lupus,”  He said he switched it up. 

D.B. alleged that he did not tell them I was being poisoned just that I was dyeing, but D.B. also alleged some people knew of the family history and knew, did nothing about it because they were going to get paid.

The polices were allegedly worth 1 million dollars, they are sold for $2500.00 that did not have to be paid all at once just so long as it was paid off before I died, D.B. alleged he would let them when it was getting close so they could get it paid off in time.

Once I was dead he promised that he would  forward a copy of my death certificate to them and told them where and how to get one themselves, so it could be mailed into the insurance company for a payout.

D.B. alleged he did this purposefully to expose greed, and to scam bad people of their money for their greed and said it worked like a charm.

D.B. alleged this was part of why people kept stealing from me, because they felt robbed by D.B. because they were never going to see a payout. 

My take on this if it is true, You get what you deserve, and D.B. is the King of Disappointment and Disappointment sucks. 

As for my ex-Family, old ex-friends, and ex-acquaintances, I was supposed to die twice during childbirth once in 2004 and again in 2007 and allegedly many people were told that I was given a 50% chance and then a 75% chance and liked the odds and saw it as a opportunity to get rich quick so they purchased polices at those times and then turned their backs on me because I did not. Others allegedly bought polices when they either found out my kids were going to be taken or after counting on me getting killed at some point in this fiasco.

Some people went around him and purchased policies online, over the phone, and on the internet on their own by stealing or sharing my personal information because they knew my father was a serial killer and what he and Ed were doing to me. D.B. alleged that the information was then shared and sold with others such as the people from Stagg HS. D.B. alleged that nearly the entire school had been nailed.  

D.B. alleged that many people had already thought I was dead and told me to change my name, E.M.M. was poisoning me and I saw a Mob member at the restaurant, I divorced him and changed my name legally in court which everyone has the right to do.

Some people were allegedly given a death certificate with my original name on it and my married names, and cashed in on those policies and most still do not know that I am alive.

If that is true SURPRISE! That’s Insurance Fraud. 

D.B. alleged that the main places that the policies were allegedly bought and sold in these states and that the largest concentrations of them were these states: Texas, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, California, New York, Las Vegas. 

D.B. alleged that policies had been taken out against C.H’s life in Hollywood, due to his lifestyle and he was also being targeted by them using the same kinds of methods that were being used to target me. D.B. alleged many of they had taken out policies on my life by actors and musicians in CA. who had plenty of money but D.B. alleged there was no end to GREED and that it effects all social classes even the elite. 

D.B. alleged that A.E.V. had hit CA the hardest, and that both T.S.M. and A.E.V. were residing in Texas and he was hitting that state hard, as far insurance sales were going, and was sharing and selling to the gangs and drug dealers there, went as he lived there for many many years. T.S.M. had hit Nathan Hale and neighborhood acquaintances and kids from Kennedy, and Jones Commercial, and the other people in that neighborhood hard. D.B. alleged that this made T.S.M. my friend but with friends like her who needs enemies. D.B. alleged that T.S.M. was in a gang and had gotten into a gang when she went to Kennedy. I do not know what gang. 

Since my information was shared and sold to many people some of the polices may be listed as the “Secondarily Insured Persons” or attached as Riders, which I have no clue what that means. I do know that on the insurance purchasing form that was sent to my residence all that was needed  in order to purchase insurance on a secondary person is a name and birthday. The applications I have seen do not even request a S.S. number.

D.B. alleged they were taken out in my name and derivatives of my name as well as using initials of my name and the same was done to my kids names. And that was part of why they were allegedly “marked” however, they are also witnesses to very serious crimes. 

D.B. said this is what happens when you hang around with criminals, drug addicts, gang members, and  serial killers. 

I concur; “I was born into this, I did not ask to have a crazed lunatic serial killer alleged CIA agent for a father, nor did I sign up to marry two crazed lunatic ex-husbands or be inducted to the alcoholic and drug addict gang infested hall of shame”. 

Other people may have also obtained Insurance Licence’s so they could sell polices such as T.S.M. as it is relatively inexpensive to do by simply taking some classes on-line and paying a low fee usually around $300.

D.B. said because of his alleged surveillance, he knew who purchased polices as all bank and credit card transactions flow through the ACH and he also knew who purchased poisons that were being used to poison me and other people. D.B. alleged there was other families that had been told about this and had taken it upon themselves to poison people in their own families for the same reasons. Most of those people were in Lake Station, and he gave me a list of names but I can only remember a few. D.B. alleged these people needed my help to keep them from dying and that I needed to warn them and get the authorities to take action before anyone died because if I did not then that makes me a co-conspirator and their deaths are on my conscious. I felt that he might be setting me up for defamation lawsuits and the papers that had the names on them was taken from my residence.

I just do not know, because it is difficult for me to believe that this many people would kill or allow someone to be killed for money. At least people outside of my family. Since D.B. and all others were in agreement E.M.M. allegedly figured he had the go ahead, and went for the cash and was very upset when I told him that I knew what he was up to and told the girls, he looked at the floor and screamed out “F**K”. then went on to plan B the way D.B. alleged to me he was going to.

After the Poisoning incident of 2009 I told E.M.M. he was completely stupid for listening to D.B. and believing D.B. would let him kill me and get away with it. I asked him why on earth he would trust or listen to D.B. or A.E.V. as they are both evil. At that point E.M.M. was caught by D.B. and had no choice but to do his bidding in taking down officials so he could keep himself out of jail longer.

D.B. has confessed to being a serial killer, a criminal and an real asshole, and acts like he is double crossing me but he is double crossing them, I am his kid and was the one with the ring, Love, Loyalty, and Trust. That was specially made for me and given to me for graduating 8th grade, E.M.M. made me lose my ring by getting the electric and gas shut off at my house early which was hateful and part of racketeering.  I had to pawn it to restore service, D.B. alleged he had someone purchase my ring to be given back to me when this is over but he can keep the ring I don’t want anything from him after what he has done to the girls and I. I do not even want an public apology like he promised or to lay eyes on him or speak to him ever again. 

D.B. alleged he was going to die somehow and had to figure out a way to keep the girls and I alive and this was the best he could come up with, I don’t buy what he is selling but when it comes to E.M.M., A.E.V., himself and other family members and old friends  I have no choice but to believe because of their own actions not just what was said and officials won’t need much convincing after hair strand analysis by way of micro-analysis to convince themselves. Micro Analysis  can almost pinpoint exactly to the day when I was given any kind of drugs or poisons or any other form of toxins were introduced into my body. Same goes for the kids. Which means no one is getting away with any of  what they did. That includes anywhere I stayed, plan on staying, anywhere that I am taken to to eat, or anywhere else for that matter. 

I am trying to think the best of people and always do which usually gets me sick. 

The money from the sales of those policies is my money it is my blood on that money and the blood of MY children and is restitution for what I have been put through as a result of THESE PEOPLES GREED. 



K.M worked for Allstate insurance company and warrior insurance.

MA.M. worked for American General Finance one of the largest Insurance Providers.

E.M.M alleged to obtaining a job in Insurance selling life insurance. E.M.M.’s Godfather, and Aunt owned an Insurance Brokerage using their last name D.I.

C.V. Allstate Insurance in L.S. and who was friends with E.M.M, and whose family is affiliated with the FD and PD in LS, and whose father who’s father work’s at L.S.H. 

R.Y. & E.Y. worked for Shelter Insurance, D.B. alleged to being a shareholder.

D.B. alleged that C.P.S.B.S.B. obtained an Insurance License and sold insurance and that an “umbrella company” had been created under Met Life.