Chapter 64 1991- 1992 & A Broken Nose & Going to Grandma’s

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We left Lagrange after D.B. cashed in some insurance policy that he had on his own life. He took the money and got us a duplex in Palos Park, I had to go to Stagg Highschool. D.B. said he wanted me to go to a rich man’s school.

We stayed in Palos Park in a Duplex for a little while and because of the constant fighting between D.B. and C.P.S.B.S.B.  and her ruining his business nearly immediately A.J.D. and I were betting on how long they would last. The two of us decided that it would probably be a total of 18 months. We did not conspire to break them up, it was only a guesstimate as the fighting was making us both upset.


One day D.B. and I were sitting in his truck outside the duplex and he was talking to me but what he said did not make much sense to me at the time. He told me that he thought C.P.S.B.S.B.  had been poisoning him and had poisoned him and that was why he was sick the whole week and while he was sick, she had tried to kick me out of the house. C.P.S.B.S.B.  took all my clothing and belongings out of my closet and put it in garbage bags and put the stuff outside in the rain. I was not allowed to bring it in for an entire week.

We were sitting in the truck and he said he had been poisoned by C.P.S.B.S.B. and he said “I don’t take kindly to it, because of what had happened to Doris”, and the rest of his family. He told me that someday I would be the one to put C. and her boys all away for the abuse she inflicted on me, and he then reinforced again. By saying “I am the only one on the face of this planet that should be disciplining you at all. Not anyone else other than me and me alone.”  “If anyone else ever puts their hands on you or tries to discipline you that makes them a criminal. I am your father and its my name on the custody papers, mine and mine alone, grandma is your guardian but I am your father not anyone else but me.”  Then we talked about not being able to be bought and how you can’t buy love.

While in the truck D.B. told me that I needed to buckle down and do good in school and start studying harder.

He was angry and his lips were pierced together when we were talking in the truck and his face was red it was like he was in physical pain. I don’t think I said much of anything as I was shocked and confused by what was said, but kept looking at the heat vent and the dirty ashtray in the truck. I did not really understand or know what to say but I do now.



I also got blamed for burning a shelf in the bathroom with a cigarette and I told D.B. it was not me because it was not. I got grounded because of it, and refused to listen to the grounding and accept the punishment because I did not do the crime. I explained that if I had done it, I would accept the punishment as he already knew I smoked, but it had to be A.J.D. who also smoked, or C.P.S.B.S.B.  who was the one blaming me.  Not long after that we left C.P.S.B.S.B.’s.



Once C.P.S.B.S.B.  had hit me while I was sitting on the floor and D.B. came in the room and picked me up by my shirt my feet were not touching the floor he had me up against the wall and asked me what the hell my problem was, I replied she hit me and I hit her back. He put me down and walked out of the room and did not say anything at all.

MARCH 1992


The day we left I woke up early in the morning and was doing my hair in the bathroom where D.B. was going to the bathroom before work. It was the only time I could talk to him alone. I told D.B. that I had the feeling C.P.S.B.S.B.  was going to start a fight over cleaning up the bedroom. There were four of us in one small room and we did not have beds. The boys were small and had clothing and toys everywhere. I had all my stuff in my closet and absolutely nothing on that floor belonged to me other than my foam mattress. I explained this to D.B. and he told me to stay at burger king after school with my friends and take the late bus home. The late bus was the detention bus. He said he should be home by the time I got there but he was not.

Just like I thought when I got home C.P.S.B.S.B.  was sitting on the couch smoking a cigarette with her legs up on the coffee table like a queen. I did not say a word; I went to the bedroom and turned the TV on and started to read Mommy Dearest. C.P.S.B.S.B.  came in the room and told me to start cleaning up the bedroom just like I knew she would. I told C.P.S.B.S.B.  D.B. said I did not have to. C.P.S.B.S.B.  turned off the TV and said I was using her electricity I told C.P.S.B.S.B.  she had no right to turn off the tv as it was D.B. that paid for and she did not work. C.P.S.B.S.B.  became infuriated and took the TV away which I reminded her that was a gift from D.B. and not her and therefore she could not take it away.

C.P.S.B.S.B.  told the boys to go sit in the living room while I cleaned up their mess. I refused to clean the room and was going to leave she took a chair from the table and put it in front of the front door and sat on it blocking me from leaving to avoid the fight. I looked at her and chucked and said “that’s real mature.”

C.P.S.B.S.B.  grabbed me by what would be lapels but I was wearing my jean jacket we got into a fight and Adam tripped me and was kicking me while I was fighting her, we were rolling around on the kitchen floor she was pulling my hair out of my head and scratching me. I broke her nose. 

Eventually, C.P.S.B.S.B.  stopped and I stopped and went back into my room I was infuriated; I heard her page D.B. which was the only way to get a hold of him. He had no cellphone so you had to wait for him to call back I heard her talking on the phone to someone complaining about me and looked at the bedroom window and decided to go. I bailed out the window and ran to a girl I knew from the bus that lived in a house that looked like the My Little Pony Castle. I was scared of C.P.S.B.S.B.  and what D.B. was going to say when he got home as many times, he stuck up for C.P.S.B.S.B.  even when she was in the wrong and had hit me first.

When I got to the house, I called the Palos Park Police they said there was nothing they could do. I asked them if they were sure because she had no right to hit me her name was not on the custody papers and I had clumps of hair and scratches all over me.

I also called my grandmother and told her what happened she was not happy with me and I think it was a three way call I can’t remember the exact words that were said during the call but D.B. and grandmother were both on it they may have been in the same house at the time. I just remember D.B. came and picked me up from the girl’s house after my grandmother told him that he had to bring me to her or she was going to take him to court and take me away from him.

D.B. agreed to take me to my grandmother and said he was going with me. I gave him the address of where I was and he came and picked me up, I was still scared and asked him if we were going to stay at the house or go to grandmas.  He said we were going to grandma’s and we had to get my stuff.

When we walked in the front door D.B. said “line ‘em all up and let me beat the fuck out of them like you did to her. I did not take her away from her mother to let you beat the shit out of her.” C.P.S.B.S.B. was yelling at him “My nose looks what she did to my nose”. They were fighting but D.B. was standing in her way and keeping me safe from her. He stood in the door way of the bedroom and handed me a garbage bag to put my stuff in. He stood in the door jamb so she could not get to me.

When I walked in to the room it was all cleaned up nothing was on the floor other than an empty cigarette pack I picked it up and put it in my pocket out of respect they knew I smoked by I did not smoke in front of them.

When I was alone for a second, I looked inside the pack and was confused by what I saw and put it back in my pocket. C.P.S.B.S.B.  and D.B. were fighting and C.P.S.B.S.B.  stood in front of the truck screaming at him she was infuriated she had no job and no car and no other way to take care of the boys.

She stood in front of the truck and he got infuriated he did a lawn job with the truck and when we got out on 131st street he said “what a fucking bitch”. I tried not to smile or laugh but it was hard. I felt relieved we were finally out of there for good.

We went to my Uncle J.E.B. in Crestwood and they took pictures of my face and my body I gave D.B. the empty cigarette pack after showing it to my cousin C.B. I did not really understand what it was. I found a silicone empty cigarette wrapper from C.P.S.B.S.B. ’s cigarettes inside was white powder. I thought she was trying to plant Cocaine on me. I gave it to D.B. and Uncle J.E.B. and D.B. tasted it and put it by the microwave. I think it was poison. Either way it was. D.B. was pissed  he said “I can’t believe she tried to pin drugs on you, she’s so f**ing stupid she even used her own cellophane from one of her cigarette pack’s and not one of yours, it says Benson and Hedges on it”.

D.B. and uncle J.E.B. spoke in private while C.B.G. and I hung out in her bedroom talking and listening to C.B.G. music. Then we left and went to grandmas. The pictures that were taken from that day were hung by a clip from the mirror in the back bedroom by one of my pictures that I painted for grandma when I was young.  We stayed in our old room in the basement I slept on the bed and dad slept on his couch.

D.B. drove me to school in the morning and I took two buses home after school it was during that time that I was nearly abducted by a man that was masturbating in his truck and asked me where Oak Park Ave. is Oak Park Ave. is the street L.B. and her family grew up on. I ran home and told grandma what happened and she refused to call the police even after I asked her to. I also told D.B. and he told me to use the collect call trick and call S.K. from the bus stop and ask her to meet me up there so I did not have to walk home alone anymore.

D.B. alleged that I was made to believe that he and C.P.S.B.S.B.  were not together but they were really still together in secret and he was resentful of me because he was staying in my grandmother’s basement alone which is where he stayed for eight years. I was told that C.P.S.B.S.B.  had gone on to marry D. S. a man that had health insurance that she needed for a gallbladder surgery. I do not know which it was but D.B. alleged that the argument and fist fight that was had the day we left in march was set up to make me believe they were separated and eventually divorced or at least he said they were and I saw the receipt from the lawyers office.