Chapter 66 Palos Hills A.E.V. & Stagg H.S.

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D.J. lives in Palos Hills Il. and is C.B.B.G.G.’s sister and the daughter of O.S.B. D.B was going to use her address so I could stay in Stagg after we left C.P.S.B.S.B. but Stagg had been made aware of that by C.P.S.B.S.B. so D.B. told me to get out the newspaper and start looking for an apartment for us to live in. D.B. and I got an apartment across the street from Stagg. D.B. did not tell me this at the time, but the V. family had a dog that they had put down at D.J.s work Hilltop Animal Hospital.

The V. family seemed to know who I was and I believe that they did, and this is in part how my life was stolen as I met A.E.V. about a month after we left C.P.S.B.S.B. in Palos Park. Since I thought it was safe to date again because she could not put her rules on me anymore and let me fall in love and then destroy my relationship the way she had with C.J.M.

Later during one of his calls to me after had my children taken, D.B. had alleged that he had set me up with A.E.V. prior to me meeting him and the entire relationship had been a set up and as a result a lie. D.B. Alleged that he had caught A.E.V. though surveillance killing someone and knew he had already killed therefore he was a perfect candidate for D.B.’s plan to collect on life insurance for my death. D.B. risked my life and put me in danger and alleged it was part of his “sting” I think it was more like he wanted a payout. 

This is also part of why A.E.V. is a rapist and not just because he had me set up, as he used false pretenses, and deceptive practices the same way the other men did irregardless of if we were married and went on to have children. The entire relationship was set up with malice in mind and with the intention of ending my life which also makes me his hostage held to him by love abuse and fear the same way my family did and E.M.M. did.  



We left C.P.S.B.S.B.  in Mid-March of 1992, A.E.V. was in my Intro-To-Art class at Stagg Highschool his ex-girlfriend K. L. was also in that class and used to stare at me for no reason. I started to date A.E.V. on April 16,1992. I was only going to date him for a week or so he was not my type but I wanted to give him a chance, I did not really think it would work out because of his height but then decided that was not very nice of me.

A.E.V. was adopted by his parents W.E.V. and B.V. they are Polish, Armenian, and Irish. A.E.V. is Mexican and was born in Guadalajara Mexico,  and adopted out of Mexico City Mexico his birth mothers name was Roselina Garcia, and his former name was D.F.G.  A.E.V. is a sworn U.S. citizen who was sworn in when he was very young. D.B. alleged that the families were all political activists and had adopted A.E.V. and used him destroying his life for their causes. W.E.V. and B.V. had alleged that A.E.V. was bought and paid for. I do not know if its true about the political activism but much of my teaching came from W.E.V. and all the other people in my family not just D.B. W.E.V. had spoken of M.M. before he was a star, and the Masons, and D.B. and C.B.B.G.G. and the Supreme Court when I was young. 

D.B. alleged that my family had set up my life and that it was so I could be used for his political purposes if I survived, perhaps it was W.E.V.’s intention to use me for activism and D.B.’s intention to kill me, I do not know all I know is that it defiantly appears that what has happened to me is politically motivated and was purposefully done with the intention of catching a whole lot of bad guys, and trapping officials, and exposing poisoning for life insurance to the american public with a lot of other political issues raised wrapped up inside of it and without any real regard for my life and safety, my children’s lives and safety and now allegedly the abduction of my grandchildren which when I was dyeing I was staying alive for my daughters because every girl needs her mother and my girls need me and I wanted to be there to help raise and be with my grandchildren someday. To tell someone these things this late in life, coupled with everything else that has happened to me may also be an attempt to push me over the edge and is a form of attempted murder by way of forced or pushed suicide. I still have many years of life left, and four daughters and alleged grandchild and if not then I will someday therefore, it was a waste of their time to even try it.  D.B. alleged that there were other kids involved whose parents were using them for political purposes and not just me, I was the one that was chosen to handle the court case because of my IQ and my refusal to follow, and stubbornness, and because I was always a fighter and will not bow my head cow-tow to anyone, not even to D.B. and everyone else does. 


One day on my way home from school I was nearly kidnapped, I was walking down Narragansett ave. by C.B.B.G.G.’s and a man kept circling around the block, in a small blue pickup truck. The man waited until I came close to the crosswalk between two blocks and asked me if I knew where Oak Park ave. was. I walked closer to the truck and replied yeah its back that way and pointed him to the direction that it was, when I looked inside he was masturbating in the truck. L.B.’S FAMILY  lives on Oak Park Ave. which I did not know at the time but D.B. did. 

I became scared and ran home C.B.B.G.G. was in the backyard and I went straight to her and told her, when I did she refused to call the police and report it. I also called D.B. who also refused to call the police. After that day I used the collect call trick from the payphone every day after school and would call S.K. and say I am here instead of my name so she could meet me up at Archer and Narragansett so I would not have to walk home alone anymore.

It stayed that way until D.B. and I moved to Palos Hills and had our own apartment. I thought about this incident and the smoking, and how D.B. used to let me travel all over the city with or without my friends and really did not keep very good track of me and realized he probably wanted me to die or get stolen as who feeds their kids poison, and lets them smoke, and run around the city I live in a small town and my girls were not allowed off the property until they were in their middle teens. If M.M.V.M. had to go somewhere even across the park to see C.Y at 16 I drove her and picked her up to try and keep her from getting kidnapped by sexual predators and I live in a safe neighborhood. 

 1992 or 1993


In 1992 or 1993 I was at A.E.V. parent’s residence in Palos Hills, Il. W.E.V.   was standing at the top of the stairs and he said that “somebody’s grandmother had called him at work and offered him a portion of insurance money if they would help them to get rid of the body of their deceased grandchild”. He said he would not under any circumstance, he stated that he was a god-fearing man and would not help them, and that if one hair was harmed on said grandchild’s head he would make it his undying wish to ensure that they were brought to justice and convicted to the fullest extent of the law”.

W.E.V.   said that he contacted the child’s father and when he talked to the father the father stated that he already knew, but that he had thought he took care of the problem himself. He also stated that he could not remove the child from the situation because he wanted to keep his friends close and enemies closer. We were getting ready to go out for pizza and W.E.V.   said “it takes all kinds”. He walked up the stairs and said he told the father to get the kid some braces. The entire conversation went completely over my head.



I found out later that A.E.V. ’s dad W.E.V.   had used the veterinarian Hilltop Animal Hospital they have two locations for my Aunt D.S.J. worked at both locations one was in Palos Park Il. and the other in Mt. Greenwood. I was told by D.B. that I was set up from the start with A.E.V. and that D.B. had known that A.E.V.  had killed and said that his friend Keith had been shot by A.E.V. while they were partying at a lake. I was told differently by A.E.V but I can’t remember what was said as I was not told until after my divorce from E.M.M. that A.E.V. was an alleged serial killer. When we were teenagers it was said that Keith had died playing Russian Roulette while he was drunk at a lake in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago.

A.E.V. and his dad went fishing a lot and spoke of many lakes and ponds in the area so I cannot be sure which lake it was. I was also told that A.E.V. had something to do with the Hillary Norsong murder which also happened by a lake or pond in that area. That murder had been investigated and it was found that it was Stephen Phile a Stagg high school student that was friends with A.E.V. and the burnouts of Stagg. I knew some of the friends as they were in my classes but they were not my friends.  While A.E.V. and I dated I refused to stay with him if he did drugs, so he quit hanging around his friends. I did not drug test him but I tried to keep him out of trouble and my friends and I tried to show him that you could be high on life and that drugs were not needed. 

I did not know Stephen Phile or Hillary Norsong, I know of the murder that occurred during a party in which A.E.V. friends and A.E.V. said he was at. He alleged that acid, pot, and alcohol were involved at the party. Stephen Phile supposedly went on to rape his sister and kill his brother after his parents put up their house to get him out of jail. They moved to NW Indiana and I was told he was caught and put back in jail never to be released. From what I was told A.E.V. was an accomplice in the Hillary Norsong murder but I was also told that what happened to Hillary happened after A.E.V.  left the party and Steven Phile apparently did not tell that A.E.V. was there which you would think he would of.  

The kids at school were sticking up for and supporting Stephen Phile they were even leaving school early to go to the first trial at Bridgeview Courthouse. I used to see them standing in the hallway talking about it and it confused me as I did not understand why so many people were trying to back up a kid who was caught red handed by the police. Why were they so concerned over what was happening to a kid that had killed? It made no sense to me but it was also none of my business. The only other thing I was told about Stephen Phile was that he allegedly stabbed A.G. in the forehead with a spork during lunchtime because of fight that they had. I did not see it but A.E.V.  told me about it.

I did not believe him as I did not believe that a spork would break skin. I did not know him, nor most of the people that were standing in the hallway they were A.E.V.  ’s old friends and older than I was. I was not really accepted in their group I was part of a different group that hung out after school at Burger King which T. C., K.E. and a girl named Mia and Dee were apart of most of us smoked cigarettes and hung out after school.

D.B. said he learned this through surveillance and I think it happened just before I was moved and placed in Stagg Highschool. I had no control over where I went to school. My only request was that I not be made to go to school in Chicago because it was not as good an education and I refused to put up with the gangs.  Which means he knew A.E.V.  was dangerous and purposefully paired me up with him. It also means the family knew who I was before I met them and acted as if they did not.  Which is really only a small part of why I lived a lie. 

In 2009, D.B. alleged and C.P.S.B.S.B.  confessed that she was so angry with me for what happened at our house and D.B. and I leaving that she went up to Burger King across from Stagg Highschool, and told my friends that I was autistic and that I just did not know that I was. This caused me to be teased and picked on and I had no idea why. Because it came from my stepmother she was believed. I was constantly harassed and many people picked fights with me and I stood up for myself and protected myself back then it was with my fists, now I do it the legal way. I was taught how to fight as D.B. started to teach me when I was four or five years old, he raised me to stand up for myself and not allow others to get away with beating on me, this included C.P.S.B.S.B.  and anyone other than D.B. himself.