Chapter 67 Visiting L.B. in Las Vegas & A.E.V. Cheating

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4/16/1992- 5/2001

VISITING L.B. & A.E.V. Cheating with B.D.

A.E.V. and I were together for 9.5 years straight. We broke up for about a month in 1995.  We fought a lot due to his cheating he cheated on me a lot and cheated with my best friend in 1992 B. D. her father was a Chicago police officer R. D. and he used to take me with them places which I would not have been able to do otherwise. He often paid for both B.D. and I to go to the mall or to the movies and rent movies or buy food and just hang out. I had gone to Vegas to visit L.B. L.B. in June of 1992.

L.B. bought me a ticket to come stay with her for 18 days. I had not seen her in over two years and missed her a lot. I wanted to go and D.B. did not think I was old enough but after thinking about it and contacting the airlines to see if my ticket could be changed in case of an emergency, he let me go. He did not have to let me leave the state and had reserves because of the abuse that she caused, drinking and fighting that would occur between she and I because of it all and her denial of what she did to my face. She would not accept responsibility for hitting me every day or taking me to bars or drinking and I get so upset it takes me weeks to recover emotionally.

At least back then it did now it takes a few days. D.B. had reserves because during one of our visits L.B. when I was 12 had gotten drunk and started swinging a shotgun around the kitchen. I was scared and called D.B. in the middle of the night and he had to come pick me up. I told him that I was twelve then and I was going to be 16. He gave me fifty dollars and told me not to spend it on anything until the last day in case I needed to change my plane ticket and come home early. I was molested and L.B. knows who the man was as do my aunts and no one will tell me what the man’s last name is so I can turn him into authorities for what he did. Leaving him out there to molest other children. There is no loyalty to me only to those who have harmed me. D.B. has said that the only one that loyalty really means anything to is me and to this point it appears that he was right.

When I got off the plane, she mentioned to me that we could not stay at her house because her boyfriend Billy had hit her and had threatened my life. She said it was unsafe; instead she took me to another man named Bill’s house.

After two day’s she was ready to put me back on the plane. I felt unwanted and did not want to leave at that time so I went sightseeing alone. I went to the movies alone and saw Cesar’s palace and went to wet and wild alone. I checked in the way I was supposed to but D.B. said not enough.

A.E.V. called me at L.B.  and told me he cheated on me at a party with a girl named Jill and Jamie. He cheated on me so much I can’t remember all the names anymore but there were more than twelve I was upset and he asked me to come home early.

L.B. and I got into a big fight and I were infuriated because she kept denying that she hit me when I was little and she was screaming at me. It got to the point where I was standing in the parking lot calling her down to fight. I wanted to beat her ass the way she beat mine and I told her that. She said she was scared of me and wanted me to call D.B. to ask him if we should change my ticket.


L.B. took me to the airport and I could not believe how strong I was, she was crying and I did not let the crying affect me at all. I was angry but it was time for me to go home. I kept my eyes straight ahead and refused to look at her or allow her to manipulate me and make me feel bad about what had happened. I did not cry and got on the plane. When I sat down on the plain, I was still angry but started to finally relax. I did not sleep on the plane and got home early in the morning. I asked myself if I could sleep for a while when I got home it was super early. He did not pressure me to talk about it too much he just wanted me to stay calm and said he was glad I was home.



I spoke to Beth on the telephone and she asked me not to kiss or hang on A.E.V. in front of her. She was jealous I got suspicious. When I saw A.E.V., he was being A.E.V. and acting apologetic but not that apologetic.

A.E.V. and B.D. continued to cheat on me and I continued to catch them with the help of T.C. and K. E.  I refused to break up with him and even if I tried, he would give me sad puppy dog eyes and manipulate me. For my sixteenth birthday D.B. paid for me and my friends to go to the cheap show which was Harlem corners. B.D. and A.E.V. and I can’t remember who the third person was went together. I was given a bunch of gag gifts and it hurt. A.E.V. had Hickes on his neck that were not my Hickes. B.D. was putting her Hickes over mine. It was around this time D.B. told me that “Men are like busses, you got to make sure you get on the right one” I was 16 at the time and the sexual reference went right over my head.

Between Junior and Senior year A.E.V.  and I got engaged. But I still caught him cheating. Things did not get much better until A.E.V. left high school but that is when I found out about his nylon fetish. I kept finding sperm on my clothing in the closet and thought it was spider webs. I found a pair of nylons that were not mine on the floor in the hallway of the apartment where D.B. and A.E.V. and I were living. A.E.V. lived with us as his as his father had kicked him out for dropping out of school and for defending me.

It is as though my two ex-husbands and other ex-boyfriends that I later found out that were all setups and thus sex-trafficking have no understanding or concept of the sanctity of marriage or understanding of what a monogamous relationship is or supposed to be.