Chapter 68 1992 -1994 Stagg H.S.



A.E.V. and I and D.G. and his date all decided to go to homecoming Junior Year, my grandmother C.B.B.G.G. had actually decided to drive outside her normal driving area and to Palos Hills Il. to see me and A.E.V. before the dance. This was unlike my grandmother all together. It was not like her to go outside of a one-mile radius of her residence in Chicago, she never drove to see my Aunt D.B.J. who lived in Palos Hills Il. as well. The night we went to the dance we had a hard time finding a place to eat and ended up at Hooters. I got sick when we left hooters and threw up all over D.G.’s shoes.

I had a late curfew that night and was allowed to stay out until midnight. I ended up sleeping until three p.m. the next day which did not strike me as odd then but after learning what I have learned about poison strikes me as odd now. I had a hard time breathing after I ate and projectile vomited right after eating and had a stomach ache as well. D.G. seemed very concerned but A.E.V. did not which was usually the case as D.G. was very protective of me. I am pretty sure I was poisoned that night and it was A.E.V. that did the poisoning of me and that was why C.B.B.G.G. had driven all the way out there, I am also pretty sure D.B. knew what was going on. 





J.H. was a Stagg Highschool student that I had problems with while I was attending Stagg as she had dated A.E.V.   in eighth grade and was part of the “Popular” group. I was constantly being harassed by J. H., M. R., and other people of their click or group. J.H. had a real problem with me and was much smaller but she never became physical with me therefore all I could do was get up and walk out of the room when she started antagonizing me which is what the deans told me to do and I had permission to do any time someone was trying to provoke a fight with me.

One-night J.H. and her boyfriend who’s name I do not know tried to run A.E.V. and I off the road on Southwest Highway and we informed W.E.V. who had made recordings of J.H. making threats on the V. answering machine. W.E.V. alleged that he had taken the recordings and reported the incident to the Palos Hills Police Dept. and said we should not be having any more problems with her or coming from that direction as it had been taken care of by him.

1992 or 1993


After we left C.P.S.B.S.B. in Palos Park, D.B. and I went to live at C.B.B.G.G.’s house and I was dating A.E.V.

D.B. had alleged that C.P.S.B.S.B. had sent a message that nobody runs from C. in that a girl in my art class that was friends with A.E.V. whose name was K.D. had been pushed in front of a Train by Santa Fe speedway and had suffered a leg amputation as a result. A.E.V. and I went and saw her in the hospital, she missed a great deal of school and had to re-learn how to walk with a prosthetic as a result. A.E.V. had said many times that he had thought that she was pushed by her boyfriend whose name was Jr. Both K.D. and Junior attended my wedding to A.E.V. and Junior was an usher. D.B. brought this up to me and told me as he too is in an amputee in a wheelchair.

I have seen other people send messages to me in this manner in that my neighbor R.Y. had burned her daughter T.’s hand with hot water to “burn” her and remind me of the alleged “The Cure” for my systemic Lupus which were supposed to be stem-cells that I had donated to children with bone marrow cancer during the pregnancy of A.E.V.M. I reported the abuse of “T” to CPS due to the severity of abuse I have witnessed being done to her.

D.B. had alleged he had confiscated my stem cells and that they never made it to the kids with Cancer, and told me would cure me of the disease and long term effects of the poisons and toxins that I had been exposed to and that my kids had been exposed to as all of us are Lupus candidates as a result of D.B.’s and all other’s involved reigns of terror.


K. F. M.

K.M. became my best friend and we had English class together senior year of high school. We became best friends and she was my maid of honor at my wedding to A.E.V. K.M. was a Stagg high school student and she played soccer for the girls’ soccer team. Her parents were professors and her father were a coach. They lived in Palos Park at 10 Fox Lane. Once my purse went missing and because I had to get an Id my birth certificate, social security card and ID’s were in the purse. I knew it went missing at her house but she insisted it was not there, then it turned up about two weeks later. I do not know for sure but I think that the symbolism was that my life was being stolen from me as I was saying repeatedly “My whole life is in that purse; I don’t exist without it”.

K.M. worked at Allstate Insurance and went on to work a second job for Warrior Insurance Group off of 68th AVE, in Chicago. I remained friends with her until, moved into an apartment building that A.E.V. and I were residing in located across from Resurrection Cemetery in Justice IL and she started to date and hang around some shady people that lived in the downstairs apartment.

On my 21st birthday we had a party and K.M. was not invited the people from the downstairs apartment started a fight with the people at the party including me. D. G. was there and picked me up from behind and removed me from the balcony. I remained in the bathroom for a little while and soon after everyone left.

When we left the apartment an envelope that had been on the fridge was missing that contained M.M.V.M.’s and A.J.V.M.’s savings bonds. The bonds went missing never to be seen again.

M. knew about A.E.V. fetish as we discussed it and both agreed that he would probably grow out of it. We used to go for coffee or breakfast on Sunday until A.E.V. threw a fit because we wanted to spend female time together K.M. named him “Your Asshole Husband” but she was not wrong.

I spoke to K.M. several times on the telephone after that but we were not close eventually we stopped talking all together. I was married to E.M.M. when we stopped talking, I do not know what year it was I only remember that I was pregnant at the time. I used to call her at work to talk to her and she would talk to me while working.

M. family was very good to me when I married A.V. and had purchased the camera’s that we used in place of paying a photographer. They also covered the development of the film and took me to get my hair done and K.M. hair done. They were extremely supportive and very kind to me. K.M. took the hamster that drove me crazy in my room and she was the recipient of my favorite cat Chewy and Boots and Patches that I could not keep because I was going to live at my grandmothers, she found Boots and Patches homes and kept Chewy which was short for Chewbacca.


As long as I did not start or provoke the fight, I was given permission to finish them and the fight. I was not to kill anyone but disable them and not to stop until they stopped what they were doing. I was taught not to kill as once you take a man’s life from him you cannot give it back and it is usually not necessary. I was taught to only disarm them. D.B. told me to deal with bullies you pick the biggest one and take them down and all the other kids will see that and stop messing with me. I was not to hit first but once they put their hands on me it was open season. I have a right to defend myself and I did not get punished if I got suspended nor was, I commended. Nothing was ever said other than the question if I beat the persons “ass” for what they did to me.

This is why A.E.V. used to call me “Rocky” and “Killer” and called me a “brawler”. He also had a punching bag in the garage I used to use to practice punching.  D.B. did not hit me to teach me how to fight, he used to put his hand up and have me punch it as hard as I could. He also taught me how to stand so I would not get knocked over, and to block punches but he never hurt me while we were roughhousing or practicing. He started to teach me these things when I was four or five and continued to practice with me until I was a teenager and dislocated his thumb while rough housing. When he said that’s enough, we were done. It was not a big deal and he was not abusive or hateful it was more like a game. He thought I should know how to protect myself if I was attacked or abused.


D.B. also taught me how to get away when someone tries to grab me from behind or if they try to abduct me, we did stranger danger drills together as well. Some of these things included grab twist and pull, dropping to my knees and hitting someone in the balls to get away from them. And not allowing them to take me to the second location even if that meant I had to risk my life bailing out of a moving car. He said you have to have both street smarts and book smarts to be considered smart at all not just one or the other. Once I was about 14, I was too big to roughhouse I was becoming a woman and sparring or roughhousing with D.B. was inappropriate.


While living at the apartment A.E.V. had come to the apartment early in the morning with a black garbage bag filled of hand tools that he had taken from someone’s garage by his parent’s house. He took the tools from the garage and said that the persons garage door was left open all night. I asked him why he did not just hit the button and close the door. He sold the tools to D.B.


A.E.V. had taken D.B.’s gun from the apartment and I was grabbed by my shirt collar while sleeping as a result. I had no idea that A.E.V. had taken Dave’s gun. I found out who the gun had been sold to which was R. D. who I called Stan, if memory serves me Ryan’s father was a police officer and he went to Brother Rice with A.E.V. and D. G. and E.M.M. The gun was sold to R.D. for $250.00 and later returned to D.M.B.  as the gun was lawfully registered to him according to him.  


A girl that I worked with at Fasano’s pizza named Gina slept the night at the apartment and D.B. had gone into his closet and went into his wallet. Gina had slept over the money went missing and Gina quit her job at Fasano’s a few years later when I was attending Moraine Valley Community College, she eluded to being the one that took D.B.’s money but there was nothing that could be done at that time by me or by the police. I got into trouble and accused for taking the money but I had nothing to show for it and D.B. alleged that he knew that it was either Gina or A.E.V.  that had taken it.


D.B.’s pornography magazine went missing and I was blamed for taking it from him, I explained to him that I had no interest in looking at women as I do not even like my own women parts, and that I was not the one who took his magazine. I later found the magazine under my bed and it must have been A.E.V. who took his magazine. I gave the magazine back to D.B.




When D.B. would become angry with me, he would yell out “EAT ME A.” First of all I was his daughter and secondly I was a teenager. One day I told him that I was his daughter and he should not be saying “eat me” to me. After that he stopped saying that to me and instead said “Bite Me”. I found both highly inappropriate.



I went to school all day and A.E.V. stayed in my bedroom. I graduated and he did not, instead he went to the bowling alley where he played Mortal Combat and sat home watching TWO STUPID DOGS until I got so frustrated calling up there all the time that I just bought him the game from Best Buy so I would not have to keep looking for him at the bowling alley.