Chapter 7 No Excuse for Criminal Behavior

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D.B. alleged that he manipulated, lied, blackmailed, and blackballed people as well as used other scare tactics to get them to do what he wanted them to do. He tells them what to say and what to do to me knowing how I will react and then stands back and watches the fur fly. He alleged he got off on it, he said it was more entertaining than watching T.V. D.B. referrers to people as his puppets and he is the puppet master, they are lemmings, sheeple, and since they are sheeple and lemmings they are disposable. The way he see’s it if you do not have a basic understanding of right and wrong you deserve to go to jail plain and simple.

D.B. and I used to argue because he insists that there is no shortage of stupid people in the world, he will argue it with me forever and will not budge telling me repeatedly that I am wrong that there is. He even said he was going to prove to me that there was no shortage of stupid people. As I have been being racketeered and people do and say the things, he told me in advance about I have to wonder to myself why anyone would listen to a serial killer when it comes to things such as breaking the law.

Why would you break the law because a serial killer told you to? To me that is stupid. I personally hate the word stupid; it is a banned word in my house, I don’t let my kids say the word, I don’t let anyone who comes over to my house say the word.  A person is only stupid when they lack the ability to learn and all people have the ability to learn we all learn front eh moment we are born. However, I have to admit that in going thorough this I have honestly wondered if he was not wrong and if I was the one that was wrong because I can not wrap my brain around people’s actions and then I have to use deductive reasoning. It is as if he set out to show me that there was no shortage of stupid people. It’s one thing if what your doing is righteous but another when your following directions that you know are wrong which then leads back to people not knowing the difference between right and wrong which is a pretty simplistic concept.

For instance, if someone cheats on their wife, he finds out about it thorough surveillance and then corner them and tell them if they do not do this or that he will tell their wife. If they are involved in any form of illegal activity, he will say that to them as well. He did this to them the whole time while telling me that he did and then when everything comes down, they will have to explain their actions and fess up to what they did anyway.

D.B. had planned things out in my life because I am predictable, I drive the same way to and from where I am going, I never take a different route unless the road is closed. I shop at the same stores, and eat at the same restaurants and even order the same food at those restaurants. I even enjoy to frequent restaurants on the same days. For instance, I like having pizza at Old Chicago on Thursdays. D.B. uses this type of information and my predictable behavior to his advantage and has taught others how to do the same.

D.B. has alleged to be a dyslexic but also a writer, he alleged that he has scripted situations, gotten others to participate then contacted me and told me what was going to happen and when, who was going to say what and what they were going to do. He alleged some of his information came from surveillance, while others were scripted

That there are certain things that he knows will push my buttons and would honestly infuriate anyone, especially when they were given the information prior that these things were going to happen and be said and your watching the people act them out the way he depicted. When you see something like this occurring it is hard not to shake your head and think to yourself, D.B. is right there is no shortage of stupid people that will go to no end to get what they want. If you try you can find humor and entertainment it can be better than watching Television if you can keep yourself from being angry about their immature behavior. D.B. would tell me to shake it off or let it flow right off my back like a duck, which is also true about the teasing and intimidation.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to keep your composure when you are witnessing these things occur as it infuriates you that people are playing games with you and wasting your life and time with their “shenanigans”, when you are witnessing it you are literally like “oh my god you gotta be kidding me”,  especially when you have work to do and miss your children and have as much on your plate as I do.  If you are not a person that plays games or manipulates other people it can become nerve wracking and annoying. I view these behaviors as infantile, the behavior that is unbelievable in nature and all designed to throw me off track, slow me down, waste my time with nonsense, frustrate me, depress me, and to get me to stop fighting for my future, my daughters and having my own life and my own family without having to deal with this type of thing or situation. It bores me, makes me see how fake the people who are “acting is, and compounds that they are not my friends, not my family, and not people I want in my life.

D.B. Does not seem to understand the concept of freedom nor liberty nor any of the other American Values that I possess, he does not seem to understand that I am an adult and not a child and that I am not of limited or diminished capacity. Treating me like his prisoner and holding me hostage and extorting me with the love of my children and love of my children until I do what he wants me to do and not what I want to do with my own life, even making attempts on that life to force my hand and try and push me into submission.

This book is a prime example of D.B.’s tyrannical and sadistic ways, I do not want to sit here and write this all out, I do not want to tell what has happened to me, I do not want to talk about any of it with anyone. I definitely don’t want to stand in front of the country and air my dirty laundry to them or to the world. How you make your money is just as important as making it.

 I am being forced and, in that force, I am being denied freedom, liberty and happiness. I do not want to be related to the people in this book, I share only their blood and that is not by my choice, I am not a criminal, not a gang or mob member or associate, I was born into a family of gang members and did not associate with them because they were hateful and abusive and lied about each other and I could not deal with any of it. I can’t even follow along when they speak because all I hear is hate, hate, hate, vengeance and hate.

I refused to deal with their hatefulness, vengeance, obvious lies, and various abuses. I am superior to them all and they hate me for that.  These people have done everything in their power to destroy me and who I am and what I stand for, taking their vengeance out against both me and my daughters because of greed, jealousy and vengeance against each other. A family that is not proud of each other is not a family at all. Families are not supposed to tear each other down and feed off each other’s hate and resentment but build each other up and love each other, but in these families all they do is feed off each other they suck the blood out of each other, they fill each other up with resentment, they breed hate, and breed criminals, in this family and the connected families that is all they all do.

They are fueled by hate, greed, vengeance, lust, resentment all of which lead to hate and murder. They do not understand love, know love, and I don’t think they feel love, they do not know what love is.  They do not understand what acceptance is, or what respect is. They only understand jealousy, and greed, and how to destroy; not how to create. I am hated for my beauty, my talents, my skills, my family meaning my daughters that is my family, that is my only family.

I am hated for my viewpoints but my viewpoints are not wrong. These people that I share blood with they are dysfunctional, abusive, criminals and somehow by keeping to myself and being a hermit and shut in, I managed to stay myself. If you are a member of my family, I am sorry to disappoint you all, but I am still alive, I am not the one incapable of love, my girls and I are the ones that love.

I am not hateful of my family members, I disowned them because of what they have themselves done to me, to my girls, and their life choices as I want nothing to do with criminal activity, political activism the murdering of people for money, raping and pillaging and I cannot nor will I ever be able to stand, nor stand for them nor or  how they have treated me and my children.

D.B. exploited their hate and used it for his own selfish reasons one of which was to show me what that much hate can do so that I can attempt to prevent it from happening in the future or for future generations. He prayed on their hate and resentment, their jealousy and used it as a tool to trap them and entrap them so they would not be able to use me, abuse me, and so I would not lose me.

My feelings about them is the result of each of their own actions, these people do not have an understanding of love, they have no concept of loyalty, nor do they know the definition of respect. They do not deserve my trust because they have not earned my trust, they lost my respect because of their own actions.

For my own safety, my own sanity, and my own future and safety and sanity and the future of my children I have to leave them in the past and move forward, I can not be concerned with what they do, what they say, and least of all how they feel.

That includes D.B. as this is my life and my life only, it was stolen from me by a bunch of criminals that have done nothing but hold me back, hold me down, and try to defile and destroy me, what I love, who I love, and my entire life and I am JUST and I am completely done.

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