Chapter 72 T.S.M. Ex-Friend Sporadically Since 1986

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While I was at T.S.M. E.MM came to visit me and the day, I was told by my cousin C.B.G. that J.S. Jr.  died E.M.M. was standing outside the door a few moments after I hung up the telephone. C.B.C. called and told me J.B. had been killed in a drunk driving accident. I did not believe her entirely until I went to the crash site the next day. D.B. alleged that the accident site was staged. There is an obituary online for J.S.Jr. and newspapers do not write obituaries without a death certificate.

D.B. insists that John is alive and tried to tell me multiple times to have him exhumed to prove it. He kept saying that I was supposed to marry J.S.jr. and not E.M.M. It is not possible to marry someone who is dead. He told me that John was living using his father’s house and name in Connecticut, I found the house and drove to Connecticut but no one was home. D.B. also alleged that there were policies taken out on John and that he was thin because his family had tried to collect. He also alleged that my cousin C.B.G. was one of the people who had a policy and had poisoned him out of jealousy.

My Aunt D.L.B had come to my grandma’s house and was screaming at me because I was dating “C.B.G’s Friend” I asked her if they were just friends what was the big deal. We were adults and it was no one’s business who I was dating or what I was doing with John. I told her that C.B.G has another boyfriend who was M.G. and J.S.jr. knew that and did not want to share the woman he was with.