Chapter 73 September 24, 2001 Meeting E.M.M.

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SEPTEMBER 24, 2001 – E.M.M.  

I met E. M. M. one night at work when he came into Les Brother’s with his friend R.C., I had decided that I really did not want to be with anyone really and was not looking to be with anyone due to my financial situation. However, E. M. M.  came into the restaurant and when he did, he walked over to my boss S.V. He spoke to S.V. for a few moments, then S.V. looked at me and put him in my station. I was bored as I did not have many customers so I kept giving he and R.C. coffee. R.C. ordered a rice pudding and I put lots of whip cream on it like I always did and he was happy.

When they were ready to go E. M. M. gave me the check and the money to pay the check and said before you look at that what is your name, I responded A. V., he said and said A.E.V.? I said yeah, and he asked me why? Like why did you marry him in the first place. E.M.M. said he used to know him and they went to Brother Rice together but they were not friends. He asked me if I would go out with him and I replied I have two kids. He handed me a card that said he was a fire investigator with his number on it and asked me to call him. I was not impressed by the card as T.C. is a fireman and I did not like that about him as it is a dangerous job. I would worry too much about him while he was at work plus, they get called out whenever there is an incident or fire.

I had seen A.E.V.  earlier that day and he had tried to kiss me and get up on me in the car. I was missing my nylons for work and felt incomplete and it threw my whole day off at work. Another man who was heavyset and was there with his mom had also given me his number. I called E.M.M. because I liked him. When I did page him, I heard “Ding Fries are Done” and I laughed on his pager recording but did not realize it was an insult to me. E.M.M. used to say the only thing worse than a retard was a retard that did not know they were a retard to me. I am not mentally handicapped therefore did not realize he was insulting me to my face.