Chapter 74 The Death of J.S.jr.

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10 / 2001


J.S.jr. apparently chose to be with a woman named S.that he had dated in-between C.B.G. and I. I did not want to deal with it so I stopped talking to him. Then I was told he was killed anyway. D.B. alleged that he had talked to J. about poisoning me and that J. had refused, so D.B. had to find someone else and that was E.M.M.

J.S.jr. had knowledge of what was being done to me and had refused to participate, he was either killed or forced to go into hiding. “No Witnesses” are what D.B. had said. D.B. alleged that many people had to go into hiding and that many of those people were the people that love me. The meaning behind it is that I used to say “nobody loves me” he gave me a list of names and said it was a play on words and that it was the “no bodies that loved me” there are no bodies in the ground.

I was taught that people do not come back from the dead, once they are gone, they are gone forever. He has told me multiple times throughout the years that these people are still alive and well and told me how they made themselves disappear. The only problem is, it is nearly impossible for me to find out anything and he insisted and made it part of my “Alleged Directives” that I have them exhumed. Perhaps they were poisoning victims, or were killed some other way, or perhaps they are simply dead and he wants me to accept it. I do not know as I have not been able to get authorities to do their job. In any event he not only seems to know a lot about them but insists they are alive. If they are not alive it is another form of abuse inflicted on me by him.