Chapter 75 A.E.V. The Root Of the Problem, A.J.V.M. & Poison


Often times I would wake up from sleeping because I could not feel my foot, he would have taken an ace bandage and wrapped my foot up as if it was hurt. This upset me a lot and we used to get into arguments about it. I view this as a form of sexual abuse as he alleged that he was masturbating while I was asleep and while my foot was wrapped up because that is what he said he was doing.

I would get very upset and angry about A.E.V. porn addiction, I had two children to care for and no telephone to call for assistance if I needed any or if there was an emergency because he had spent the money on porn magazines called LEGSHOW magazine. His addiction was so bad that he claimed he did not want to go alone to get the muffler fixed on the car because the place he needed to go was located next to the adult bookstore.  I found these magazines stashed all over the bedroom, car, house, closets, and even drawings at his work. There were enough magazines from my bedroom alone to fill a large black garbage bag. When I had the magazines in the garbage bag I woke up as A.E.V. had come home from work between complaints to go to the restroom. I heard him rifling through the bag. He used to go to the bathroom with the door open, I got up quietly and looked and there he was with a magazine and a look on his face like he had his hand caught in a cookie jar. He had no respect for me, my wishes, how it made me feel, my body, or the marriage and family.

I was always finding magazines and if it was not magazines it was sales ad’s that he drew on to represent women in casts, on crutches or with their legs wrapped up.  I viewed it as a mental illness and tried to go to see a psychiatrist to learn how to deal with it myself. I went to the library to try and learn about it in psychology books, I realized that the problem was bigger than I was and that I could not solve it.

Before A.E.V. and I got divorced, we went to Marriage Counseling for a while.  At the marriage counselor I told the doctor about  A.E.V. ‘s fetishes and how it made me feel and what it was doing to my self-esteem and self-worth. I was not an ugly woman and I was married to a man who had a sex addiction but did not want to have sex with me because I had two legs. His addiction to the porn magazines and his fetish was the root of the problem and later it seemed to me he would trade one addiction for the other, he would either feed his sex and porn addiction or he would feed his drug addiction. Ultimately he would rather trade all his addictions for the wife that loved him and kids that she gave her body and life up for. 

The doctor that we went to counseling to see gave me the name of a book about porn addiction and I sat down and read the book all the way through from cover to cover. When I was done reading the book I cried because I realized that he was never going to change, it was not a phase, and there was no hope for my family. I also decided that I was tired of kicking a dead horse and having the same arguments over and over again. It was nothing more than a vicious cycle of lies, cheating, fetishes and later drugs.

I discussed A.E.V. fetishes with his parents W.E.V. and with B.J.V. and with his sister L.V.W who was a psychologist. No one had any answers about the fetish other than “We told you not to marry him”. W.V.  called his son “a sick puppy, and stated he did not know what was wrong with him, maybe he’ll grow out of it, I’m hoping he’ll grow out of it.” I also talked to D.B. about it and he told me that just about all men have fetishes of some kind and that was not out of the norm, then he told me his which was T.M.I but that was how D.B. and I were. D.B. said that what A.E.V.  was doing was out of the norm and he did not know what to tell me, it was up to me to decide if I wanted to continue to put up with it or not.

It was said that A.E.V.  used to go in L.V. W’s room and do the same thing with her nylons and she would become angry and upset about it.  I attempted to look on the internet using web TV and find information and the library to search as well but all I found was that there were other people out there like him and that they were called devotees. A.E.V. saw a photo of a man wearing nylons in the back of LEGSHOW and decided he was normal since there were other people out there like him. 

I recorded what I found on WEBTV onto a video tape and gave the tape to W.E.V.  After a while I decided the marriage was a lost cause, between his lying over the littlest things, his cheating and the fetishes, it was enough. Then add in the physical abuse worsened when we went to marriage counseling and what it was doing to me emotionally it all just needed to end. While at counseling A.E.V. alleged that he had killed a cat by putting it in a bag and beating it to death. I did not believe him because he was smiling and smirking at the doctor at the time, and I don’t think the doctor did either his leg was moving which he usually does when he is getting really angry and ready to explode.


The doctor had me stand up and put his hands on my shoulders, he told me to jump, I could not jump because his hands were holding me down. Then he took his hand off my shoulders and told me to jump, obviously then I could. I thought about this alot when I went home over the next few days. He was telling me to just jump and get it over with so that is what I did. After the divorce I called him and thanked him because the things he said including this helped me make a hard decision that I did not take lightly. One of my dreams was to have a normal family with a mom and dad and kids but this was far from normal and never going to work. 

With A.E.V.’s behavior and me always having these stupid repetitive kicking a dead horse arguments which were not just about this but everything I was A.E.V.’s mother and not his wife, no one wants to make love to their mother that’s just gross. I need to find a real man that did not treat me the way he did, respected me and my body and the family as a unit. 

 During the divorce I told A.E.V. that if he took my kids from me I would tell the world about his sick twisted fetishes, and I told him I would make a sign on my body and walk up and down Harlem Ave. wearing it that said “A.E.V. wears nylons and masturbates in them” for the world to see. This is the next best thing.  D.B. alleged that he was the reason A.E.V. was unable to get or keep a job and why he had to sell drugs, and go to church’s and live off other people, instead of being able to earn to take care of his family. 

The Biggest “C@@t” You Ever Seen

When I had the delivery of A.J.V.M., I was awake for the surgery, because I was awake A.E.V. was allowed to be present in the operating room for the delivery. I had gotten post-operative phenomena and was in a lot of pain. A.E.V. brought M.M.V.M. to the hospital to see her new sister, she was very young and she did not understand that I was hurting I asked A.E.V. if he could take M.M.V.M. home as it was late and I was hurting. He snapped on me and called me a “C@NT”. We were arguing and it was so bad that the nurse came in and told him she was going to call security. I called his dad and asked him to talk to his son to make him stop acting the way he was. It was like he just snapped out of no where for no  real reason,  I just had his baby and he was being unbelievably mean and hateful.

D.B. told me over the phone during one of our phone conversations that Dr. M. had a needle and that A.E.V.  saw her take eggs out of my ovary and he knew what he saw was not right, but did not know what to do, and that why he was upset. If this is true that could explain his behavior as that would cause him to act that way. The statement he made that day lead to our divorce.

In addition to the fetishes, porn, physical and emotional abuse and his constant lying which I can detect just from hearing his voice over the telephone and is also another reason we fought all the time because he would try to lie to me over nothing, stupid things that did not really matter, he could not tell the truth to save his own life. He once mailed an envelope out without the check inside, took me to his parents and went inside to tell me he was asking her to write the check for the car payment. He comes out of the house and puts the envelope into the mailbox like its being mailed. I check the mail everyday I get the paper from the car payment place that the payment never got to them.

WHY LIE? Did not think you were going to get caught? When someone lies to you every day and then tells you that your grandmother put a hit out on  your life, or that they killed someone or even that they are making drugs using poison you tend not to believe them especially when all you do is fight and argue on a continual basis and you know that the person loves to see you angry and upset and it turns him on and you know it turns him on because he told you that it did and you can see it on his face that it does. This never made any sense to me either because if I am not happy no one in the entire house is happy so why anyone would want to antagonize and provoke me every day is beyond me and again goes back to kicking a dead horse. 

I can not stand it when people lie, if you lie in a relationship it puts a brick between you and the other person, eventually the bricks build up and there is then a wall between you and them and you can’t even see each other anymore. I used to call this “To much Shit” there was just to much shit, but the brick analogy is better because that is the way it really is. I don’t lie to you do not lie to me because all it does is destroy the relationship and then there isn’t one anymore. This is true in all relationships especially close relationships like with your parents, children, and it should definitely be that way with your husband or wife. 

A.E.V. knew that these were the primary problems in the marriage and he did not care, he enjoyed freaking me out, making me angry and fighting with me to much. He would do these things repeatedly. After he saw that I was not kidding around he quit his job and started doing and selling drugs, then got into hard core drugs, allegedly became homeless joined a gang or multiple gangs and went to jail for psychically abusing V.DeL his next victim. He abandoned the daughter he had with her, then moved on to his current girlfriend C.G. who is an amputee. D.B. alleged that she was not an amputee when A.E.V. met her, and there were photos posted on Facebook that could of been anything but I thought I saw one where she had two legs and not one. When I saw C.G. she had lifted up her shirt to show me she was missing a breast. In the audio where I catch E.M.M. he say’s “I know magic, I know how to poison one chicken breast”. D.B. said E.M.M. knew that C.G. had lost her breast as a result of being poisoned by A.E.V. A.E.V. is C.G.’s primary caretaker and when I was poisoned I spoke to her via telephone and video calls, she told me she was poisoned but afraid to come forward because she was afraid she was going to lose her kids for doing so.

C.G. gave me access to her medical records so that I could check them over and compare them to mine, her blood work was very similar and it looked almost as if she was suffering from Lupus or form of autoimmune response to what ever was going on. She also alleged to having stomach attacks as well. What are the odds of this many people around me being amputee’s and having stomach problems and more importantly what are odds of one guy being with two women that almost have the same autoimmune responses. I have an genetic predisposition to Systemic Lupus as C.B.B.G.G. had or has it as does D.B. but with all this poisoning going on who knows if it is a genetic predisposition or if it is a result of poisoning. In order to have Lupus you must have A.N.A.’s present in your body I have speckled cells and glowing cells which indicate Systemic Lupus I do not know if C.G. had an A.N.A. test I was taking my determination off the high level of histones, white blood cells, red blood cells, and P.T.T. time which is how long it takes the body to form a clot.

There is a disease that goes hand in hand with Lupus and causes blood clots to form it is called anti-phosphiod antibody disease. I did not suffer from it but many women do and it causes miscarriages during pregnancy as a blood clot forms between the uterine wall and placenta and disconnects it causing miscarriage. C.G. has three children it is unlikely that she suffers from this disease especially after what i have been through with A.E.V. and his poisoning of me which D.B. knew about, taught him to do, said he hired him to do, and A.E.V. admitted to when he told me he put five hits of acid in my drink at a party at the very end of the relationship.  

Poisons such as arsenic or any other anticoagulant forms of poisons can cause the blood to thin just like Warfin, it thins out the blood. Over time the blood vessels also thin out themselves because they don’t need to be as large for the blood to push through them. The heart also becomes weakened because it does not need to pump thinned blood out as hard as it does regular thick blood.  This can cause a heart attack and for the victim to be cold all the time due to lack of proper circulation.

When you smoke this makes it worse and hastens it, there is arsenic in cigarettes and they to shrink the blood vessels, then add in the ace bandages, and a clot can easily form and then the skin itches, the skin is scratched with your nails which are dirty an covered in bacteria, and then you get a sore or ulcer on the skin the blood can not get to the sore to heal the sore and the tissue dies off and turns black, which I saw photos of blackened disgusting tissue posted on Facebook. 

The dead tissue then needs to be surgically removed or if it gets to the bone amputated. C.G. had said she had a sore that had turned black and had to be surgically removed, A.E.V. acted concerned but not all that concerned, he alleged the hospital was suspicious but did not say much else. 

These two could be pulling my chain, but I saw the medical records and C.G. is missing a leg and a breast in either case its suspicious and should be checked on which I tried to get her assistance when I told in 2012 about what had happened to me to D.B.W. from Lake Station.

A.J.V.M. & A.E.V. 

D.B. alleged that A.J.V.M. had been purposefully sent to live with or near A.E.V. and very recently I spoke to R.A.B. who told me that she had gone to live with him in Texas and that she had left his house to get her own place the way D.B. had said she was going to. I do not know where A.J.V.M. is but have reasons to be worried because A.E.V. is not safe for her to be around and because of what he has done to me and to her, and her sisters and possibly to C.G. is precisely why. A.J.V.M. said she was going to Texas to live with Bryson which is the name D.B. gave me of her son that was alleged the product of rape and abducted from her care. A.E.V. called me from Amrarillo Tx. 

The last time I had contact with A.J.V.M. online I may of been cat-fished. I do not know where A.J.V.M. but those doing surveillance in the sky should. I just hope she is safe and if she reads this she needs to know I love her and am trying to fix this, she is to keep her guard up, stay on her toes, and take her vitamins and be extremely careful until this is over. Use your gut instincts and do not ignore them if something does not feel right its not right, if it does not taste right its not right, if you feel nervous you may be picking up on other persons nervousness. Listen to your instincts and to your gut and please be careful and try to hang in there, because they are all going to hang for what they have done. Do not allow anyone to label you as anything especially paranoid, If they try to say you have a mental defect ask them where their PET SCAN is and remember you do not have to submit to one and no one can force you to submit if they try refuse get thier names and keep your paperwork and I will handle it from there. Its not your job to prove your sane its their jobs to prove you aren’t. You are sane and they really aren’t. 

D.B. had said that A.E.V. might of had her locked in a room and she was not able to get out but that could of been him trying to scare me, I do not know. The conversation had between him and I was in 6/2017 when he contacted me and told me what everyone’s plans were and most of those plans have played out like he alleged they were going to, D.B. told me to erect this website tell my life story and explain what everyone had done and his reasons for why, and what the officials did and did not do, and try and get this put to rest. 

What D.B. and all these other people have done including A.E.V. and E.M.M. is emotional torture, and what he and the others are doing is witness tampering and racketeering, and the way D.B. put it was divide and concur and how the mob conducts the business of taking lives. The girls were separated and placed where they were placed in an effort to scare me into silence and submission. 

All involved are sick minded, evil, sadistic, twisted, an can not be trusted at all, at this point all are lose cannon and at this point is totally cornered. It does not get any realer than this.