Chapter 76 D.B. & Assailants Mass Sexual Assault & Molestation

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D.B. once said if there was ever at me that came to be that I felt like I could not trust anyone else on this gods green earth I am to trust him. D.B. was very animated and flailing his arms around, and said “I am the father I am god, here in case you forget it says so right on the back of a dollar bill”. I do not trust D.B. not at all not even a little bit and no one else should either. This is one of the primary reasons why as D.B. has studied WAR and how to take control over other people by sexually assaulting of women is one methodology used to get women to cooperate during times of war. It can be used to silence, coerce and to instill permanent fear into them and he says it makes them “more pliable”. D.B. has purposefully had me sexually assaulted, he has had me molested, he has told E.M.M. allegedly rape M.M.V.M. and A.J.V.M. and L.CHorn allegedly raped M.R.M. and I do not know yet about M.L.M. D.B. alleged that they were all going to be raped to silence them, to punish them for loving me and for being honest to others about what had happened to me and to them. D.B. alleged E.M.M. and A.E.V. are rapists themselves and explained to me how and why that is, since close to every person I have been with was a setup by D.B. or by friends of the persons that D.B. set me up with they are all rapists as it was all deceptive practices, all had malicious intent, and all were sex-trafficking. 

This was done to make me feel unworthy, unloved, undesirable, not wanted, and to defile me in every way possible, to make me hate men, to make me hateful, and mean spirted and vengeful, to make me be the one to stand up in front of the country and expose gang rape and sex trafficking and to ultimately gain power and control over me and make me fearful of asking anyone for help or loving anyone ever again. D.B. is a sick twisted criminal of the worst kind, and he sold some  of his ideology by telling men that the women in their lives were some day going to have to participate in Ritualistic sex acts and that molesting them and raping them was one way to be sure that it never happened, he told others that this was a way for the women to participate in the sex act without them knowing it or realizing it which makes it harmless. D.B. has told men how to give victims amnesia and told people to rape or molest to get power and control over their kids, wives, and even their own mothers. D.B. even alleged that he had raped C.B.B.G.G. to silence her and gain power and control over her. 

I want all men involved in the sex-trafficking and rape and molestation arrested and prosecuted for their crimes against me and all others, all men involved should not just be held in prison indefinitely but should be chemically castrated to ensure they never enjoy their members again. The women involved should also be imprisoned indefinitely to ensure they never harm anyone again and don’t spread this sick kind of abuse to others out in the world. 

D.B. alleged I was under surveillance and he was watching me be sexually assaulted when I did not even know that I was being sexually assaulted I thought I was engaging in making love with my alleged husband. D.B. also alleged that he had my daughters under surveillance in their private bedrooms while they were engaging in the normal act of masturbation. D.B. alleged because of the surveillance, he was watched M.M.V.M. be sexually assaulted in her room, he alleged that he watched M.R.M. be sexually assaulted and A.J.V.M. and I do not know about M.L.M. but he said her principal was known to of molested and had been transferred to her school so she could be touched in class. This sick twisted creature has watched his daughter engage in sexual intercourse knowing it was rape and told me he enjoyed watching it and got off on it while he did. Then he alleged that he allegedly shared photos of me engaging in sex acts in the privacy of my own home, and allegedly showed them to people including officers of the law, politicians, and others to embarrass and humiliate me and tried to use them as leverage against me to keep me silent about it and make me complacent. 

D.B. alleged that E.M.M. had known he was under surveillance and participated in the acts that he did including raping M.M.V.M. and A.J.V.M. as punishment to D.B. for telling him to do the things he had done making D.B. watch as he raped his grand daughters and daughter. And making him watch as I was being killed and deteriorating in front of his eyes. 

D.B. alleged he was a political activist and wanted to see laws pushed through the system to prevent gang rape and sex trafficking and stiffer punishments so he used me and had me raped and molested and my kids raped and molested to do so. He has fifteen reasons for why he did the things he did and all of them boil down to one single reason he is sick twisted and trying to get away with his crimes including murder. 



D.B. told me that there are people that believe that sex can give you mystical magical powers somehow which I think insane and his crack pot idea because I once saw his porn video and there were women on there with lasers coming out of their privates it belonged to D.B. and I think that is in part where he got the idea from.

D.B. told me that in an attempt to detour people from this A.E.V. had tried to tell people that my privates were electric and electrocuted him. This makes zero sense to me. D.B. said this is why I was raped and the men involved believed some of this nonsense too. He said if I refused to participate in this circle that it was going to be done to me one at a time without me knowing about it which is what he did. There are thirteen men involved in the circle, D.B. alleged he set me up with every boyfriend and man I was ever with for the most part. D.B. brought up this “ritual” to me several times growing up the first time I heard of it I was young, and it was said my grandmother O.S.B. was forced to participate and she was never the same again.

D.B. also alleged that C.P.S.B.S.B.  agreed to participate in this type of ritual and D.B. stood there and watched. D.B. said he could not look at C.P.S.B.S.B.  the same after that but he still went back with her and married her again. I was in my twenties when he told me this and asked me if I would participate and I told him that all the money in the world would never make me do such a thing. He then had me sex-trafficked and gang raped with my two ex-husbands and their friends later on after my divorce and E.M.M. final leaving from E.M.M. in 2015-2016 and again in 2018. I caught the men that were doing it to me and one of them said that D.B. was a bad pimp. I did not have sex with him which is why he said what he did, another man I caught via txt message and informed a Gary Police Officer.


D.B. confessed that he had paid the man named R. $300.00 to molest me. The man was a man that L.B. met at a bar in Summit Il. She used to take me to bars and I slept on more bars-tools than most adults to. She frequented S.S. bar which used to be next to Fleetwood Roller Rink in Summit. Il., she also went to the Little Brown Jug where my Aunt M.C. worked. My aunt M.C. knows who R. is but will not tell me as he is a friend of hers.

D.B. alleged that he had paid the man and had done so in an effort to get me away from L.B., he also alleged that it was so that I would not have inhibitions in the bedroom when I was with my husband later on in life which is completely backwards.

The man used a book named Pandora’s Box to make it so I would not tell. The moral of the book is if you tell bad things are going to happen to you and to the world or people around you. In the book Pandora is given a box and told not to open the box or worms, bugs and evil will come out and be released into the world. Pandora opens the box and unleashes the evil locked inside. The book teaches kids to keep important secrets, being molested is not a secret anyone should keep.

Both D.B. and L.B. used to make me take showers with them, and it made me feel uncomfortable when they did, it upset me and it made me skittish around them as a result, I did not want to be touched or held or anything by them because it made me so uncomfortable. D.B. alleges he never touched my privates and I do not know if he did but just taking a shower is enough. D.B. reminded me about this and told me to talk about it because he thinks its part of why I am and always have been so reserved and come off to others as different or weird. It did not matter if it was my mom or my dad either way it made me uncomfortable to be showering with them.

I was being severely abused and L.B. had men who I did not know picking me up from school sometimes.

L.B. had concerns about me getting my period when I was four or five years old, she had thought that I had gotten my period and explained to me what a period was. She taught me about my period then, I was little and scared all the time, I cried every day because of the abuse and hateful-ness that she inflicted on me. I could not understand why she hated me so much and I still cannot. Recently I asked her and she said it was because D.B. left. I still do not understand her response but the fact is I have almost a photographic memory and most of those memories are like videos, the ones with Richie started out as photos and then some turned into short clips. Much of my childhood has been blocked out especially from the time that she had custody of me and personally I like it that way.

I attempted to find out the name of the man who had molested me as my family members know who he was, and I was told “he would never do anything like that” and no last name was given. There are family members who know who this man is and what he did and refuse to do the right thing about it which lends credence to D.B.’s accusations that this is sick and twisted method that is used in my family to detour sexual promiscuity, sexiness, and to steal self esteem, abuse, and control girls and get them to submit to silence. D.B. alleged that this is done to all the women not just the pretty ones, but if you are born pretty you best bet your ass its going to happen. It is usually the men in the family that do it too, and most often  the girls own fathers. 

 I want the man that sexually molested me, and all the men involved in this type of behavior chemically castrated and permanently jailed for this. That goes for all the men who have facilitated, sexually assaulted, and molested the children and the women in this family.


One day on my way home from school I was nearly kidnapped, I was walking down Narragansett ave. by C.B.B.G.G.’s and a man kept circling around the block, in a small blue pickup truck. The man waited until I came close to the crosswalk between two blocks and asked me if I knew where Oak Park Ave. was. I walked closer to the truck and replied yeah its back that way and pointed him to the direction that it was, when I looked inside he was masturbating in the truck. L.B.’S FAMILY  lives on Oak Park Ave. which I did not know at the time but D.B. did. 

I became scared and ran home C.B.B.G.G. was in the backyard and I went straight to her and told her, when I did she refused to call the police and report it. I also called D.B. who also refused to call the police. After that day I used the collect call trick from the payphone every day after school and would call S.K. and say I am here instead of my name so she could meet me up at Archer and Narragansett so I would not have to walk home alone anymore.

It stayed that way until D.B. and I moved to Palos Hills and had our own apartment. I thought about this incident and the smoking, and how D.B. used to let me travel all over the city with or without my friends and really did not keep very good track of me and realized he probably wanted me to die or get stolen as who feeds their kids poison, and lets them smoke, and run around the city I live in a small town and my girls were not allowed off the property until they were in their middle teens. If M.M.V.M. had to go somewhere even across the park to see C.Y at 16 I drove her and picked her up to try and keep her from getting kidnapped by sexual predators and I live in a safe neighborhood. 


18 U.S.C. § 2241– Aggravated sexual abuseWhat was done to me may of very well of been because of my religious beliefs, As I can not tell you how much D.B. hates anyone or anything outside the norm including me, and my religious beliefs, he has said “Oh, would you please take me to church” more times than I can count, and always things all men want in my pants no matter who they are how old they are or anything. If a man is nice to me, he must want in my pants according to D.B. I view it as not only sex trafficking but a Hate Crime and severe emotional abuse. 


E.M.M. was allegedly in the basement hiding, and had drugged me with GHB or Ecstasy to ensure that the rape occurred. D.B. alleged that E.M.M. was made to stay in the basement as punishment.

In my case E.M.M. was present and inside the basement of the house during some of the rapes, and I had been given GHB or Ecstasy which was obtained from my neighbor on the opposite side of my residence who has since moved. I believe his name was G.L.

It should be known that false allegations have also been made in that it was alleged to me by D.B. that the number of persons that I had intercourse with was exploded. He alleged that there were persons that had agreed to lie and say that they had been with me when they had not. In any event it is my understanding that I have been passed from one person to the next in this pre-conspired way and used as a human blowup doll, sex slave, or boy toy, meat, protein. Every relationship I have ever had was a pre-conspired and D.B. alleged that he was behind them all. Every all relationship was a set up and fake, including both my marriages that took up most of my adult life.

D.B. has stated that all men including him, think that all women are whores, only want to be with men for their money and not love. He alleged that men only use women for sex and to have their children. D.B. has stated that if you go out on a date with your boyfriend and he pays for dinner and you have intercourse with him that makes you his whore and him your john.

D.B. has alleged that even if your married and you are an at home mother or do not have a job that makes you a whore for sleeping with your husband or live in boyfriend because he pays the bills and you don’t. Even if he purchases you gifts that makes you his whore.

D.B NEVER admits when he is wrong, he never apologizes and has already told me multiple times he is not sorry. He makes excuses for the things he has done and really does not to seem to care about the fact that he stole my life and my kids, and got a lot of people in trouble while doing so.







D.B. alleged that O.S.B. was forced to participate in a Wiccan Rites of Passage Ritual and I heard about it from C.B.B.G.G. when I was about eight years old and then it was brought up to me many times thought-out my upbringing and how wrong and utterly disgusting it is. D.B. alleged that the forced participation by O.S.B. forever changed her and she was never the same again. 

D.B. also alleged that it was known that A.B.L. had refused to participate in this and it was allegedly known she was dying from being poisoned and not brain cancer and was left to die as a result of her refusal the MASONS looked the other way and let her die.

The rape of women in the family because or out of fear of “Wiccan Circles” or Rites of Passage Rituals, and accusations made by him that his own wife had participated in one. Then the rape and sex trafficking of me and alleging that was how mason rites of passage rituals were handled now days, as it is less conspicuous to the women that it is happening. D.B. made allegations that this was happening all over the place and that many other women did not know and the ones that did know did not think it was that big of a deal or all that wrong, which it is.

D.B. alleged that the arranged marriages in our family was one of the ways that the women were supposed to be protected and that was why marriages were handled that way.

D.B. alleged that this type of sex trafficking tactics was common in not just the Masons but also in other types of “Organizations” such as Gangs and Mobs. It was not just something that men were doing to get back at their ex-‘s but something that was being done to women as a form of initiation into these organizations or because a woman became of age. He alleged that some women were brought up to believe that it was ok and was really like “dating”. Instead of participating in a type of orgy group sex act the women were being “whored out” by their fathers and family members to members of these organizations or groups. D.B. alleged that since I refused to participate in the wiccan circle it was done to me anyway without me knowing or realizing it “one at a time”. D.B. alleged that in my family the women have a tendency to be very pretty and that can be seen in them at a young age, so allegedly they are molested at a young age to prevent them from liking boys or sex. D.B. alleged that this was done to me particially for this reason and I am allegedly not the only one.

D.B. told me to come forward with what had happened to me as I am not the only one this happens to, it happens to kids of masons, gang members and mobsters primarily and a lot of the time its without the woman’s knowledge. In some cases, this has been used as a form of abuse or to control women and keep them from dating and instill fear in them where in other cases it has been used as some form of initiation regardless of if the women asks to be, or is asked to be apart of that organization. I never asked to be initiated into any organization, I never agreed to be apart of any organization. I do not want to be part of any form of organization this is primarily why. I view these practices as deplorable, and disgusting, demeaning, and lacking of respect for woman, and their dignity.

Why would any woman wish to be a part of any type of organization that demeans, them takes from them their self-worth and self-esteem and most of all disrespects them. Sex Trafficking or initiations are not dating, they are not swinging, it is rape even if your parents tell the guy it is okay, it is rape plain and simple there is no getting around it, not only that if you agree to participate then that is a form of prostitution or sex in exchange for something, including acceptance into a group, money need not to exchange hands. Asking someone to be a part of this type of thing is solicitation of prostitution, setting it up or helping it along is facilitation of prostitution. If the woman is under 18 years old it counts as facilitation of molestation and child sexual exploitation. No matter how you look at it these practices are all unlawful and are sexual abuses. Ignoring that it occurred or turning the other cheek and not doing anything about it is aiding and abetting, or aiding and abetting after the fact, a denial of justice, and can be considered racketeering and organized crime involvement.

I married A.E.V. who I met and dated and then married and was with for 9.5 years, then was single for a little over a year before I was with E.M.M. who I lived with and then who became my second husband and I stayed with for nearly 15 years in total. What has been to me is disgusting, I am no whore, no prostitute, no slut, no hussy, I am a mother and I am beautiful and have been raped and used, for sex, to push agenda’s, and so people can get power and control over me and push their wants and disgusting beliefs upon me. The people involved in this have gone out of their way to defile me and my private areas in every way possible to make me scared, instill fear of love and intimacy and to destroy me for any future husbands that I may or may not have.

D.B. informed me that this was intended to go on for however long, and instructed me to buy myself a fake wedding set and to wear that wedding set to detour it from happening, he also told me that if anyone asked to simply tell them I am married. He alleged that the masons intended to do this to me because I am not, and alleged this was part of why there was arranged marriages in my family history and why he arranged marriages for me. I believe he arranged my marriages to create my demise and has done this to me for the same reason. And this is a hate crime, a form of oppression as is seen in other countries when one country concurs the other, and should be treated as such. D.B. had been planning this my entire life, I just did not know what they were talking about and did not know that they were the criminals that they were. I often thought that the people around me were pulling my leg, telling me false stories about the things they said they did, and had no clue that they hated me and my daughters as much as they do.

Additionally, I was informed that there were plenty of women in the family that were aware of what was planned, that they knew it happened to them and kept their mouths shut about it,  and in some cases the women gave orders for these types of things to be done to their kids and grandkids.

All persons involved no matter who they are and how they participated should be prosecuted for their failure to come forward and do the right thing to prevent it from happening in the first place, and for not doing anything about it in the second. Prevent it from ever happening again. It is one thing to be told something and not to believe because it does not sound believable, but another to know that these things really do happen and then to turn a blind eye is inexcusable.

Any form or non-consensual sex, or sex by use of deceptive and malicious practices is rape. Failure to report a crime is a crime, requesting for it to happen is facilitation and conspiracy, as is helping to plan for it to happen or participation of said conspiracy. Failure to stop a crime from happening when you are an officer of law enforcement is breech of duty, misconduct, and a failure to serve and protect.

No matter how you look at it these are crimes and this is criminal activity and these people have some sort of mental deficiency of some kind to think that these actions are acceptable, will be tolerated, and that they can simply keep doing this and getting away with it. D.B. alleged to me in the past that the wiring was missing, personally I think the entire frontal lobe is missing. There is not a word in the dictionary that can describe those involved in this. I need to sit down and try and create a new word that goes beyond deplorable, disgusting, and sadistic. 

They are vile, disgusting, and should be arrested, tried and imprisoned and while imprisoned and thereafter they should be chemically castrated for what they have done to me, my daughters, possibly other women in the family and to other women as it is my understanding that it had been being done to other women in other facets of society.

This is a form of oppression, and in my case was a hate crime, and D.B. that the police in my town knew and did nothing to prevent any of the men from getting to my house or stopping them in any way. It was also done to me to make me undesirable so I would be destined to be alone. They drove past my residence, D.B. alleged I was under surveillance and they did nothing to stop them or warn me. D.B. alleged that every boyfriend I ever had was a set up and was part of sex-trafficking all were of Christian, Catholic, or Roman Catholic religion.

There are additional details and information that cannot be disclosed about this at this time. 



T. attempted 



C.K. attempted also has custody of his children in Lake County.



T.P. attempted. 






Beyond grotesque is an understatement but I suppose my family would do anything in an attempt to silence me about having me molested and raped including having me be with a person who was a sex trafficker and possibly a relative of mine without me knowing then letting me figure it out after so that I would be to embarrassed and humiliated as a result of the possible incest that had occurred without my knowing it.  

A man had visited the library several times and I had spoken to him at first he alleged and showed me an ID with the last name Victor on it, and stated his name was John Victor. Today while speaking to him I noticed two resemblances one was of my mother Lucy Boettcher and the other was of Dan Sikorski.  John did not find me on accident he found me because he was made aware of what was going on and knew I was building this site and telling what happened to me and I hope I save his life if it is in jeopardy as a result of sharing this information with the public and the authorities. If I save one life then it is worth it. John was sent to me by David Boettcher as he had informed me that he was going to come to me and that i was to run his name through the database so that I could save his life.  Ricen from L.Chorn.’s cancer medication causes the peeling of the skin on hands feet, and in between toes it is deadly and it is poison. 

I really do not know if it is possible but I am asking that the members in my family involved in this are put to death, between the abuse, my kidney being stolen, sex trafficking and molestation, murder of others, attempted murder of me and my daughters, rape of my daughters and the abduction of my grandchildren, using us all as bait and the problems they have caused society at large the world would simply be a better place if none of them were in it. I will not stand down, or back down, they did this I did not, what am I supposed to do get a DNA test of every rapist they send my way. If Sikorski was related to me that is not my fault it is his and my families and they all deserve to be put to death for what they have done to me. Nothing is going to stop me until I obtain true justice which that is true justice at this point they made themselves look like the lowest forms of life on earth and that is not a reflection on me. 

The man has peeling on his hands similar to peeling that I had when I was a young girl and similar to peeling that has been seen by me on L.Chorn. The man is an admitted Alcoholic and is struggling severely has been out of prison in Texas and lives here in lake station where he openly complained to me and stated his family were all insane. I checked his name in the found money database and found life insurance policies taken out in his name. The names of Johnson and Edward both also appear on polices for John Doyle, John F and in his children’s names one of which is a prison guard in Texas where there may be another sleeper cell. The notations on the John Doyle policies have the names Johnson and Edward. There are officers Doyle, Edward and Johnson, and Johnson is or was the current Police Chief.  Edwards the past police chief. There may be many officer Doyle’s I met with one in Cook County Il. in regards to this case and the exhumation of bodies who never contacted me back in regards to the exhumation or investigation. I will create an evidence page for John Finco’s policies and inform Federal Authorities and Government which hopefully has already been done on David Boettcher’s end and will also be handled when I hit the update button right now. 




When at Lucy Boettcher’s apartment I reminded her of what she used to do to me when I was a little girl which involved her pushing my nose and saying push the button, pulling on my earlobe and saying pull the chain or train, and sticking out my tongue and saying out comes the Choo Choo train. There is something wrong in these peoples heads and I want them all prosecuted for what they have done to me because I am not their whore and refuse to make myself fat and ugly or not ever get married out of fear of being used because that is what they were shooting for. David Boettcher alleged that my mother had already sex-trafficked me in 1992 when she set me up on a date during a visit to her house. I did not have sex with that person but the point is she tried. 

Margret Burger pulled the same kind of thing having me at her house in Las Vegas, she did not want me to leave and was acting over protective yet my phone was cut off and she said she would help then refused to help. David Boettcher alleged that her son Anthony Bodnar had been out there and made friends and they wanted to force me to get a job to whore me out, they have someone go to your work and pretend they like you and then “bed down” and dump. They get paid, and no one is allegedly the wiser which is sex-trafficking and solicitation and facilitation of prostitution. They all know I am disabled and am not supposed to work, they all know I am working on this case, it costs them nothing for me to stay with them, I have my own food to eat they are doing this and eating up my time with requests to go out to eat and waste four five hours of my time so I can’t get it done, once I said I was not going to go out with them anymore and put my foot down and they could see that they were getting nowhere she picked a fight with me which she was completely in the wrong on and kicked me out just like that she knowingly sent me home to be killed because she could not get the job done herself. 

In the car things were said like “strip” , “open up”, “date”, etc. I am pretty sure i was poisoned there and hair strand analysis will have to be conducted to be sure. David Boettcher alleged that I was not the only one who basically went running out of the house which is what i planned to do if things got to bad. She also broke two of my vapes and the charger for the vapes the way that David Boettcher said she would and burnt my foot with a match on the side which i took a photo of, the charger for the vape batteries have had the wires messed with inside which I took photos of today.

I saw hundreds of policies listed under Century Link just by glancing and Margaret Burger held a name tag up that said Ms. Burger on it and David Boettcher alleged she was killed by Margaret Burger who was her mother in law as she was once married to Joseph Burger. She had a rat in her kitchen sitting on top the water. Margaret Burger was very vocal about having expensive clothing in the past, and showed me a pair of shoes she allegedly paid $400.00 for she probably lied about the price or bouoght them from a Casino. She is addicted to Gambling and Money the way I see with Lucy Boettcher Len Chornomaz and even David Boettcher, Edward Malik and Anthony Victors.  She also tried to give me a Armani suit with pin stripes on it it felt cheap to me and I refused to take it for my court appearances, and she paid to have my suit cleaned and had given me money that I used to purchase a new pair of dress shoes with for my court case. David Boettcher said they wanted to get thier revenge against me in before they went to jail and then told me they owed me restitution for the abuse they caused. I need a team of attourneys to help me get restitution from theirs because I am playing for keeps, the government keeps them and I keep the money from getting rid of their houses as I am the one that is owed for this. 

Then she and Lucy Boettcher,  cut me off from the outside world by refusing to help with the cellphone bill after they said they would, did not want me to leave the back yard, refused to send me anywhere other than home especially not to Washington, and acted like someone was going to hurt me, kept asking me if I was okay, and both she and Joseph were overly concerned about my eating, how much I ate and were constantly asking me if I ate,  saying I was too skinny, telling me how beautiful I am yet refused to help me get a hair cut. 

I am pretty sure I got hit with strict-nine a few times while there, in the store Margaret Burger stated that gluten free bread had arsenic in it and make a comment about me getting hit with arsenic which I am pretty sure also happened. I had stomach attacks after drinking my soda first thing in the morning and after eating food brought from outside.I am also pretty sure I was hit while dining at a restaurant. This has happened before and was conspired between the waitress and my ex-family members which is why they kept “taking me out” to the same restaurant to eat. They thought they were “taking me out”. 

I usually do not have a problem with my stomach unless someone poisons me, I also had pain in my back. David Boettcher told me where the poison was hidden which I will not divulge. Even if it were gotten rid of it is already known and had been know more than a year and a half prior what was planned, and the surveillance will simply pick it up when the garbage is put out by the curb. Which David Boettcher said she allegedly knows, and he told her not to worry about. Margaret Burger insisted on rinsing out my pop cans which is diet and sugar free, she alleged it made everything sticky how does sugar free soda make anything sticky?

My brand new socks had brownish stains on them after washing, which could of been some sort of poison such as Cyanide due to its redness in color. Being at Margaret Burger’s house is literally like being inside the movie Serial Mom or some sick twisted physiological and secretly violent B rated Killing and Murder Flick. It really is, complete with the fake, sickeningly sweet, psycho ring in her voice and smile on her face when she talks it will make your eyes bug out of your head. 


It is not normal to see that kind of staining on brand new socks. Nor is it normal for someone to break things you own that worked up until the night before an argument was staged, or to  burn your foot with a match while your asleep or act overly nice like they are June Cleaver and then try and kill you for life insurance money and to get away with their crimes. She had no business breaking my ring, putting a bug on me while I slept that bit me in the thigh, the way D.B. alleged was going to be done. No one should be tampering with my feminine hygiene products, or putting bleach on my pads or toilet paper, or making me feel like a hostage.


If someone makes you feel like your a hostage then you are a hostage to them. Nor did she have any business putting anything in my soda, or cutting my necklace off my neck from behind. June Clever will stab you with a meat cleaver.  The people involved in this and that includes all of them that are smiling faces have their wires crossed and the polarity has been reversed but they should not be allowed to go to mental hospitals and should go to jail for their crimes which is only part of why I am tackling the competency law so it can not be used as a tool for against the people or by my ex-family members for lesser sentences, or medication while incarcerated. They have inspired in a hate in me and filled me up with so much resentment I can not wait to watch them fry for what they have done and I am going to have a big old bash when they do and that includes David Boettcher.


1993 or 1994

D.G. was a friend of A.E.V. and came to see me and told me D.B. was a serial killer. I responded “I know but I am just a kid what am I supposed to do about it.” D. G. said “ I want you to know that my loyalty is with you and not with A.E.V.  and that he asked me to break up with A.E.V. to be with him.

D.G. left because I was speechless, and told me to think about it and call him when I made up my mind.  D.B. heard him from the living room. I was shocked. I wanted to be with D.G. to and was tired of the way A.E.V. treated me, but D.B. started to yell at me from the living room and he said “no and that it was night right because he was A.E.V. friend not my friend.” He said you never know who might find out about it later on and judge me for it, and it would be frowned upon” which I did not understand. I started to cry and don’t remember anything else after that.

 1993 or 1994


I believe it was that day or around that time that I found the body in the basement of the apartment building we lived in located in Palos Hills Il. D.B. alleged to me that he had killed the woman that lived right off the laundry room with a pair of scissors. I found the body and saw the blood and the body on the ground in front of the washing machine. The woman had grey hair and was wearing a dress. D.B. also alleged that the body was a dummy that he had gotten from a costume shop during one call. There were numerous other calls in which D.B. alleged that he had killed the woman because she was in charge of collecting the rent for the landlady.

The night that the body was found I contacted W.E.V. and B.J.V.s as D.B. was not home when I found her. I have always been afraid of the police and on instinct called the next closest adult. I was on autopilot and could not believe what I just saw. They came and picked me up in W.E.V.   car and took me back to their house and stated that they were going to contact the police.

W.E.V.   told me to let the adults handle it. After that night nothing was said at all about the body that I found by anyone at all. I was in shock as a result of finding the body and did not talk about it or remember finding it for quite a while. The night the body was found D.B. picked me up after he was called by B.J.V. because W.E.V.   had attempted to sexually assault me in the laundry room of the V. residence.

I had gone to the laundry room to get a soda and he was standing in front of his washing machine with his pants open and grabbed me to bring me closer to him. I screamed and ran into the bathroom locked the door, and would not come out until I heard D.B.’s voice asking me to open the door. After his wife B.J.V. came into the laundry room and said “You let go of her your big brute”.  I do not know why B.J.V. did not ever speak to me about the night as she and I were close and she was my primary female role model and mentor starting at age 15, I called her mom and we spent a great deal of alone time together.

B.J.V. was sick with type one diabetes and she was dependent on W. and her kids for everything including finances. B.J.V. allegedly died in 2004 but is allegedly one of the “no bodies” that love me and are in hiding. D.B. alleged he paid W.E.V.   or that he was paid by W.E.V.   to perform the sexual assault of me to prevent me from participating in an alleged rites of passage ritual that D.B. later alleged did not exist anymore as the practice had stopped being used in the 1940’s. W. had eluded to this “ritual” in my presence as well and had said he looked it up on the internet but could not find any information about it but what he did find he was not happy about.

That night D.B. had my grandmother’s car when he picked me up and not his pickup truck. D.B. said the pickup was at my grandmother’s house and he had to pick it up. When he picked me up and I told him about nearly being raped by W. he told me to forget the entire night ever happened, he also said that sometimes these things happen. During one of our calls D.B. alleged that he had given the woman a pair of cement boots and threw the body in the CAL SAG River.

D.B. also said that A.E.V. and W.V.E.V. had helped him in getting away with the crime. During one call he stated that he used my scissors from school in the hopes of getting me into trouble but my prints were not on the scissors he said he was sending me up the river because he could not stand dealing with me and having to take care of me. He also alleged that the police had attempted to ask him questions but he said he did not know anything and when they asked to talk to me, he said that they could not. He alleged that the story had been printed in the Star Newspaper about the missing woman. A.E.V. later got a job working for the Daily Southtown which owns the Star Newspapers. Library’s in the Palos Hills Il. area might be the only way to find any printed article by way of microfiche about the woman that was allegedly killed and missing if it exists. 


If the body was a fake where was D.B. and why did D.B. have my grandmother’s car on a work night and why was his truck at her house. My grandmother lived in Chicago which is about ten miles away from where we lived in Palos Hills. It was not common at all for D.B. to be driving my grandmother’s car unless there was some type of emergency like his truck broke down which was obviously not the case since, he went and picked it up late at night. D.G. told me D.B. was a serial killer and then a woman is found dead in my apartment building which made me forget the conversation with him. D.B. did not want me to go to be with D.G. he wanted me to stay with A.E.V. who he knew had cheated and was abusive of me which from a parental standpoint makes no sense at all unless D.B. held ill will toward me.


Due to what happened I did not and could not remember that D.G. even liked me or the conversation with him about D.B. being a serial killer. D.G. moved to Palos Hills and became friends with A.E.V. in 1992-1993 it was the summer before Junior Year. His father worked for Wrigley Gum Company which is the same company that my Aunt D. L.B.  worked at. D.G. also worked at.


D.G. tried to remind me that he had liked me when I divorced A.E.V., and that time, he made sexual innuendos which made me go away as I thought all he wanted was sex and not a real relationship. D.G. also called me a gold digger when I tried to talk to him as friends because I was on my way to C.B.B.G.G.’s house after leaving S.P. and was upset and wanted to talk to him. 

I graduated in 1994 and A.E.V.’s parents came to my graduation. D.B. was being so mean to me because I was graduating high school and I thought he was jealous because he told me that he had not graduated high-school himself.



D.M. instructed me not to tell about the gang-rape of me stating that it would do nothing more but discredit me and to bring shame and humiliation upon me and my daughters and anyone else around me. D.M. alleged that he was attempting to give me HIV which I was tested and do not have, so that I would have to spend the rest of my life alone. D.M. had me Gang-Raped so that when I came forward men would not even want to look at me let alone be with me which would lend credence to his statement that you can have money but not love. “It’s lonely at the TOP.”  He has attempted to defile me in every way known, having E.M.M. hurt me through intercourse, as well as the other men that participated in the rapes, had him ingest poison into himself and into their selves to make me afraid to have sex at all, make me untrusting of men, and had bleach and glass put on my toilet paper.

D.M. went over some options for my future with me saying that if I wanted, I never had to get married again and could get a “man – whore”.  D.M. has no respect for me or my morals or family values and has done everything he can to take from me and to steal my self-esteem and prevent me from ever trusting or loving again and attempting but not succeeding in his attempts to take the best part of me from me which is my ability to love wholly. D.M.  has not done this alone it has been a group effort participated in by all those involved including A.E.V and E.M.M. which were also set-ups by D.M. and as a result they to are sex-traffickers and rapists regardless of the fact that I married them as it was all done on the same exact false pretenses and set up by D.M. with malicious intent in mind from the start.

I was tested and do not have HIV or AIDS it was alleged by D.B. that I had been given batteries of vaccines to prevent me from being given the disease due to the situation at hand, he alleged he didn’t want anyone getting any “Funny idea’s” he expressed concern that someone would or could go out and get AIDs themselves and then give it to me looking for a payout for themselves or their families. I have test results to prove that I do not have HIV or AIDS and D.B. alleged he was going to start rumors to tell people that I did to further defame my character and humiliate and embarrass me. He also alleged that CH had been told he had the disease and that rumors had been made about him stating the same but that it was not true.




D.B. alleged that he was afraid that he would be killed by way of hypodermic needle, in the back of an ambulance. He told me that if anything at all happened to him, I am to sue the hell out of Salk Village, Mayor and Police Department, for not doing their jobs when they were told and I called and informed them he was a serial killer, allegedly had a gun under the seat of his wheelchair, and was suicidal additionally I went to the police department several times to check  on him and sent them for welfare checks on him and they ignored me. 

D.B. said if I came forward that I would be forced to suffer a great deal of embarrassment and humiliation and that I would bring down that same humiliation and embarrassment to anyone I would be with and to my daughters and that no man would want to touch me after this. I have suffered through many infliction onto my vaginal area including finding spit or sperm placed in my underwear while I was asleep, by a man I was dating named D.J.S. and was the brother of D.J.S. who had dated a woman that was my friend from childhood S. K., D.B. called me several times and vogued for D.J.S.

D.B. had told me he was a good guy and was one of his guy’s and to trust him and stay with him to keep me safe while I filed my lawsuit. When he was living at my house, I found pepper under the prepuce of my clitoris in the shower, this causes inflammation of the clitoris, and D.B. told me mob members do these types of things.

D.B. said this to me when I was in my twenties. I have had to pick shards of ground up glass out of my vagina, and have had rashes after using ordinary toilet paper, from either bleach or dusting powder type poison as the vagina is very porous. 

D.B. also alleged during one call that D. S. had a policy out against my life and had gotten himself caught when he went to the police to report that he had been robbed by D.B.

D.B. alleged that he had given D.J.S. money by giving the money from C.B.B.G.G. to E.M.M. first and then it was transferred from E.M.M’s bank account to D.J.S.’s bank accounts and that D.J.S. had robbed me of my inheritance from my grandmother’s death, that was allegedly restitution for her poisoning me and feeding me glass and partially causing the situation that I am currently in.

D.B. alleged that he had used my grandmother’s money to purchase himself a brand-new car, and to purchase the things I needed for my business and that was why he had given me his credit card from pretty close to the first week or so that we met. I asked D.J.S. every time the card was used and he never said no, after a while I became suspicious that D.B. was telling the truth. 

D.B. had told me the color, make and model of the car, how much it was going to be purchased for, how often to check the oil, and informed me to make sure that the full extended warranty was purchased as it is a Hybrid and uses electric to run. This was told to me far in advance of my meeting D.J.S.

I also became suspicious because I had remembered that his brother D.S. had dated S.K. and when I asked him about people that I knew hung around him including S.K. he alleged he did not know any of them including one of his brothers’ best friends M.K. There were many other things as well, but primarily the man was not being candid was participating in gas-lighting by taking things and moving them around, deleting my work on the computer, and messing with me in my sleep.

D.J.S. may have been a primary source of the prednisone that I believe was being given to me due to the arm pain I experienced and the loss of my temperament, weight gain, massive pain and inflammation, lack of sleep that goes along with prednisone.

D.J.S. was very harmful to my health and overall healing process, he was damaging to my self-esteem made hateful and meanspirited comments and insults constantly, in regards to my looks, intelligence.

D.B. had alleged to me that D.J.S. had been a victim of poisoning himself and had stomach cancer, he also alleged that his ex-wife A.S. had been either killed or harmed by D.S and that his parents primarily his father was in harm’s way. D.B. alleged that this was being done to people and that killing people for life insurance had become a rampant problem or type of pandemic.

D.B. uses play on words and symbolism to send messages to people including victims which he informed me he does and stated that MOB persons use these types of methods in communicating with their targets he alleged that most of the time people do not understand the message unless they are MOB members themselves. The messages in the pepper, glass, and bleach were “be classy” for the glass and bleach for “your vagina is clean.” Attacking my sanitary napkins to try and force me to use tampons which is not healthy, classy, and a personal preference. The pepper was to remind me of the “MOB or Organized Crime aspect of this case”.

D.B.’s gang “HANDS” has done nothing but harm me and my children in every way shape and form possible. They are allegedly a vigilante justice group or justice seeking group but, in all reality, I believe they are truly political activists that are willing to do anything in their power to push their agenda’s through me and my case and abilities. I am being used, they have used every method they can to abuse me and get what they want which is changes in the government. This includes breaking the law, and every form of Organized Crime involvement that is depicted in the Federal RICO statute.

Breaking the law is not the correct way to question or raise questions about the law, falsely arresting a private citizen and taking her children away and keeping them apart is not the way to correct an unconditional chins system. The issues that I am facing are not new issues but issues that have been known about by legislatures for decades.  Any private citizen can question any unlawful or unconstitutional law by simply filing for what is called a Judicial Review of the law with the Supreme Court. All anyone needs to do is find the unlawful law and file for a judicial review as an informed U.S. Citizen.

To destroy my life and reputation, or to steal my time and life and take my kids from me unlawfully and unlawfully with falsely reporting crime when failure to report a crime is a crime in and of itself, and to use me to push political agenda’s is not only wrong but constitutes participating in Organized Crime.

I am the victim of crime and always have been their victim, therefore I have a right to be heard under Victims’ Rights laws put in place by this country.  I have a right to stand before the court and seek justice and due compensation for what has been done to me by all involved regardless of rank, title, uniform, social status or class, or income. These issues are black and white issues, D.B. alleged that his HANDS group was “GREY” there is no room for grey in the law, with “GREY” area’s comes corruption and with corruption comes Anarchy.


To my girls none of  you need to stand in front of the entire Country and tell about what happened to you, they are animals and it is not your fault. I will handle it and you can keep your privacy and self respect. It is not your fault, not my fault, it is theirs, they are hateful and want to make you feel bad about yourselves. Please be careful and do not date until this is resolved because there are allegedly younger men involved as some of the men I dated were young when I was set up with them such as A.E.V.  I have been falsely accused of being a whore and falsely accused of not having any self respect or dignity anyway so it does not matter to me anymore the only thing that does is putting them in jail and giving you their balls for what they did to you. You are not to be the subject of public ridicule, harassment, embarrassment or humiliation, I do not want you to be put through anymore agony. To be forced to publicly tell what these perpetrators did to you is more abuse to you and is “social suicide”.  I am sorry you were born into this disgrace of a family but I will never be sorry that you were born to me. 


18 U.S.C. § 2242– Sexual abuse
18 U.S.C. § 2243– Sexual abuse of a minor or ward
18 U.S.C. § 2244– Abusive sexual contact

18 U.S.C. § 1591: Sex Trafficking of children by force, fraud, or coercion

Except in limited circumstances, federal laws typically do not apply to child sexual abuse matters that takes place wholly inside a single state.  These matters are therefore generally handled by state or local authorities and prosecuted under state laws.  However, if the sexual abuse of a child occurred on federal lands, the offense may be prosecuted under federal law.  Federal lands include areas such as military bases, Indian territories, and other government– owned lands or properties (See 18 U.S.C. §7).

 Under federal law, offenders convicted of sexually abusing a child face fines and imprisonment.  Furthermore, an offender may face harsher penalties if the crime occurred in aggravated circumstances, which include, for example, the offender used force or threats, inflicted serious bodily injury or death, or kidnapped a child in the process of committing child sexual abuse.

 18 U.S.C. § 1596 grants extraterritorial jurisdiction over 18 U.S.C. § 1591 (Sex trafficking of children or by force, fraud, or coercion).  In this instance, this means that federal prosecutors can investigate and prosecute foreign nationals who commit sex trafficking crimes against children outside the United States.  Section 1596 also allows the federal government to investigate and prosecute U.S. nationals and residents who commit child sex trafficking crimes in foreign countries (For more information on 18 U.S.C. § 1591, see Citizen’s Guide to U.S. Federal Law on the Prostitution of Children).