Chapter 78 Marriage to E.M.M. Lake Station Indiana

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FALL 2006


In 2006, we went to look at houses and found a few on the internet. The best house we found was the house that I now own and was purchased in my name only located at on C. St. in Lake Station In. The house was clean and newly painted and it was said that the people that had lived there had passed away due to old age. The house was owned by the elderly couples’ kids and their names were R.A.B. and L.H.

I purchased the house as it is 1800 SQ.FT. all red brick, has four bedrooms a loft and a full basement. The house sits on three lots and has a garage with a dirt floor. From the day we moved in which was January 28,2007 the garage has been filled up with our household items, kids’ toys and clothing that was supposed to be brought into the house. The garage was filled by E.M.M. and L. Chor. We had moved in during a very bad ice and snow storm and E.M.M. had to unload the semi-truck pretty much alone. I had attempted to hire movers to assist him but they bailed out due to the inclement weather at the last minute.

When we purchased the house and went back to it after the close E.M.M. handed each one of us a penny and we placed the penny’s outside the back door by the stoop. The six-copper pennies sat there for a very long time. He told me it was for good luck. The house had white Berber carpeting in the living room that eventually we tore out. There were long white curtains that went to the floor and above the windows are handmade boxes that are window decorations. Upstairs in what should have been the master bedroom but was given to M.M.V.M. was a sheet of vinyl flooring that was just like the flooring that was in D. G.’s bedroom at my grandmother’s house.

E.M.M. took the flooring out of the room as the wood in that room had been done on a 45-degree angle. The floors are all hardwood, and the doors and wood inside the house are original and beautiful. In the basement was a super large freezer from the 1950’s or 1960’s it had a cloth cord. It was bigger than a coffin and stood as high as my chest. There is still a workbench down there that I was told was put there by the old man that owned the house before us and there were shelves that have doors on them that close. The window near the workbench was boarded so I painted it white so I would not have to look at it in my art room. There is a toilet down there that may have been put there when the house was built as it appears to be just as old as the toilet that was upstairs.

I was told that the old man that owned the house worked downstairs often and did not want to climb the stairs to use the restroom. There is a closet that was built which has shelves in it and a green door that locks closed inside of that closet there are shelves that are nailed down. It appears to of been a canning room. There is a larger area which we called the coal room as it was where I was told coal was dumped in through the window back in the old days when the house allegedly had a coal burning furnace. Coal was also found in the backyard the hook from the shovel that was used to shovel the coal into the furnace should still be on the stairs leading up from the basement today.

In 2009, when D.B. moved to Lake Station he had repeatedly asked me to tear down and rebuild my garage. The conversation was had many times. He went over getting the concrete and everything. E.M.M. and I ran out of money and replacing the garage was not really feasible. Additionally, D.B. offered to do the work himself as that is part of his construction experience. However, due to his “diabetes” his loss of foot, and his difficulty walking I told him no. When he was living in Lake Station is when he said something to me about cadaver dogs to scope out the garage. The only issue with cadaver dogs is that the soil might be contaminated as I was warned that it was. Before any type of animal is allowed to go into the garage the soil from the garage should be checked for toxins and poisons.

D.B. also alleged that there was some kind of pump in the floor of the garage below ground that was used that tied in with the water and that there were pipes leading to the house to contaminate the water inside the house. I know E.M.M. had dug up wires for the garage and that they were in the ground and I also know that D.B. and R.A.B. had dug trenches for pipes in Florida. D.B. has extensive construction experience and could build or destroy just about anything he wanted.



The sewer tiles leading out to the street were broken, and had to be replaced. In the listing it alleged that it was a DRY Basement. The sewer tile was broken, that sewer tile connects underground to the woman that was the realtor that sold me the residence. The basement was listed as a dry basement it was nowhere near a dry basement. E.M.M. had to go downstairs with buckets and the shop-vac and clean up the floor every time we used the restroom or took a shower. The sewer tiles were then fixed by the man who sold me the house named L.H. who was listed as the owner, and had been the son of the previous owner of the residence.   

D.M. alleged that I should beware of cyanide being dumped into the sewer and the gases coming up through the pipes in the house and drains. He alleged that E.M.M. had wanted the residence and had killed the prior owners in this manner so that he could then have me purchase it without my knowledge. I do not know if this is true but the woman that was the realtor was hateful toward me and threatened to kill the family cat if he was to get on her property by way of antifreeze. The sewers are connected below ground and when the sewer tile was fixed the water department alleged that my sewer tile beneath the ground connected into hers.

D.B. told me to cover the drain in the basement, and to put sponges and rags in every drain in the residence as simply covering the drain in the basement was not enough as all the drains tie into the main plumbing pipe for the house which then ties into the drain leading out to the sewer tile located in front of my residence and into the street where the sewer tile had been replaced.

It made little sense to me how the prior owners did not know that the sewer tile was broken since the house had been completely cleaned, repainted, and was move in ready. I wondered how they would not have known that the tile was broken and how they cleaned their brushes and where they dumped their buckets of water that were used to fix up the house before it was purchased. There had to of been mop buckets, buckets and rags from cleaning the bathtub and toilet and sinks, as well as buckets of water from painting. The prior owner alleged he did to have knowledge of the broken tile and paid over $5000.00 to fix it immediately upon my request. 

It was alleged that the elderly man that died there died on the toilet, and the elderly woman died sitting at the kitchen table. I do not know if this is true the only people that would know are there relatives. Further investigation is needed to determine how they died as this information came from the woman that sold me the residence and whose sewer tile ties into mine.

The fence surrounding the house was the original from 1927 and was held up by branches in some parts. When we purchased the house E.M.M. and I stood on the back porch looking at the fence and the garage which is also from 1927 and I asked him what we got ourselves into in a kidding manner.

A paper plate looking cover is attached to the side of the wall in the kitchen that was used for a wood burning stove which was what the house had when it was built. There is only one outlet in each bedroom in the house and the electricity in some rooms and the one small closet are run outside of the walls of the rooms as if electricity was a second thought or was put in after the house was built which means oil lamps were used.

I went to the library after I purchased the house and got a Sears Catalog from 1927 and inside it, I found photos of the hardware that was used to build the house and advertisements for asbestos. This made me be extremely careful about disturbing any walls as they are all plaster walls that were built over a wood lathe. The walls were built by artisans and there is no other house like it on the planet. The house is not the fanciest house but it is a one of a kind house.


The summer that the house was purchased I was outside doing something with dirt and I called out to E.M.M. and said to him “Hey, E.M.M. this is Our Dirt! This is our piece of America.” he responded “yeah ours and the banks, honey.” 

We had a pool at Lyons that we brought with us and it was installed in the back yard for all of us. We kept the pool until the divorce was finalized in 2013 and E.M.M. said someone came into the yard and stabbed it with a knife letting all the water out but I think it was him punishing the kids and I.


When we moved into the house it had a gas-station style sink in the bathroom and the faucets did not work correctly on it. D.B. worked as a gas station manager for Gas City when I was a baby. D.B. pointed this out to me as well as the Berber rug which was the same as he had in the basement and may have stemmed from my saying “oh Berber” when I was young and saw an attractive boy.

We removed the sink pretty much immediately and replaced it with a vanity. E.M.M. decided to build a box in the living-room that spanned across the bottom of the wall in front of the front windows like a super long window seat. That was supposed to be a cabinet for extra space to keep my things in for scrapbooking and crafts and it was filled with paper and business items, this was the house’s dining area was not being used for dining it as the children were young and we ate in the kitchen. That part of the house was being used as an office where the computers were kept so that I could work and watch the kids at the same time.

E.M.M. took some of the wood slats that he had been using for the box and tore off the vinyl fire resistant wall covering from the bathroom wall and affixed the wood slats to the wall. When he removed the vinyl from the wall the silver corner bead had to be cut by the bathtub and there was a piece that was still attached to the back of the tub. Ed grabbed the silver metal corner bead and turned it upward breaking the plaster off of the wood lathe inside the wall exposing it from the inside but not visible to the naked eye on the outside, this caused a sag in the vinyl as the plaster dust that had broken was trapped between the wall covering and lathe.

The shower was put in by D.B. in 2008 or 2009 when E.M.M. went in for his actual back surgery. I wanted E.M.M. to have a shower when he got back from his surgery as I had concerns that he would not be able to get down into the tub due to his surgery. At that time the vinyl was removed for the shower install on the adjacent wall, and a piece of cement board was installed by him. D.B. alleged that E.M.M. had purposefully made the children and I live without simple things that he could easily fix as a method of abuse and punishment.

Forcing the kids and I to go without, to have to step over thinnest that had been spread on the floor in the kitchen, purposefully doing a bad job so that the floor would fail and even messing with the floor jacks to cause the door to stick and grout to crack in the kitchen floor. After E.M.M. left the house was constantly being broken into and I was finding ceramic tiles all over the floor being broken. I found E.M.M.’s short handled pick-axe in the tool area of the coal room and asked him about it the pick-axe then turned up missing from the house. The broken tiles were unsafe and could cause a trip hazard and cut the bottom of feet due to the sharp edges.

It stayed that way until 2016 when I purchased a plastic shower enclosure from Menards and installed it myself. E.M.M. often made comments to his friends including S.V. and SC. V.s who are Lake Station firemen and friends of E.M.M. The statements were made in reference to roasting marshmallows “when the house burned down” and how the house would be a “5” alarm’er. E.M.M. was fully vested in the Union where he worked as a tile finisher and had experience setting tile, he chose to leave the house in the condition that it was because he wanted the kids and I to live that way he did not think we deserved anything better. It also makes it easier for fire to travel throughout the house and less suspicious. There was a great big pile of tile in the garage, and there were plenty of times we had large sums of money including when he obtained his $200,000.00 settlement for his back injury, and he simply refused to put the tile in.

D.B. had alleged that he and E.M.M. had worked on the house prior to my viewing and purchasing it. The valves on the water filtration canisters in the basement are in a triangular formation on the pipes and there is way more shut off valves in the house than are needed to control the flow of water. There are three on the filtration system, three valves near the water meter, and I think additional valves over by the hot water heater. Attached to the hot water heater is a valve that is not connected to anything that D.B. had alleged was attacked to a pump with a container attached to it to contaminate the Hot water heater. He alleged that this was done to pump poison into the hot water heater contaminating it.

From the spout at the bottom of the water outlet for the hot water heater is a white substance of an unknown origin that could be sediment or something else. Inside the valve not attached to anything is a very small amount of the same white substance. I took photos and small samples but my hard evidence was stolen from me in NY. There is still more than enough for investigators to gather who have access to a crime lab.

D.B. also made allegations that there was some kind of underground pump attached somewhere that was also used to pump poison into the water supply I can not find any evience to support this other than the pipe cut off from the water meter and that very well could have been from an old water meter. I do not know; the city would need to check its records to see if the water meter had been replaced since it was first put in. I took photos of what I found and it does seem odd, even more odd that D.B. had just a “good depiction” in memory so many years later, when he only viewed the residence briefly in 2009.

During that viewing and while we were in the basement I was sitting on the stairs and D.B. was standing by the sink looking up at the pipe work and inspecting it. He mentioned to me that the “foundation” was poured “after the fact” I asked him “after the fact? He responded ya you know after the fact, after the house was built way back when.” Later he alleged that before the house was purchased that he and E.M.M. had been killing people and burying them in the basement of my house. E.M.M. used to do mud jobs and D.M. alleged that the bodies were encased in cement to preserve them like Hans Solo. I do not necessarily believe him as I think he wants to destroy my house and get away with killing the woman that I found the body of when I was 16 or 17 that complicated things for him.

D.B. made allegations that they took a man and put him in the eves which are small crawlspaces upstairs that lock from the outside and left him in there to die. The eves have since been filled with blown in newspaper insulation.

However, there was a hole in the floor of the “coal room” and D.B. alleged that there was a man that was buried in the hole and made to breath through a tube until he died. D.B. alleged that the people there were tortured. He alleged that he was on a killing spree after losing his foot from being poisoned and taking such a large hit to his ego. I had said to him “I thought you were in Florida during that time” he stated that was what I wanted you and everyone else to think, I had my house in Florida but drove up here and did my killings along with E.M.M., C.P.S.B.S.B, R.A.B. and A.E.V. There was a hole in the coal room but it has since been filled in and painted over in an attempt to hide it after I had written a letter to the Lake County Jail and informed them. The paint covering the hole does not match the paint for the rest of the floor and I took photos of that as evidence. I had taken the extra epoxy set to L. Chorn.’s residence and had left it there when I left his residence.

When I returned to my residence, I found the hole had been filled, and painted over the way D.B. had told me it had been. This is not the first time that L.Chorn. has removed evidence or attempted to assist in hiding things that have occurred at my residence, the lock on my garage is one prime example, as is the hole in the floor, and the caulk that was removed from the window panes in the basement that had sealed them air tight closed when E.M.M. had attempted to fill the basement with MAP gas from outside. And the pink “gum” that may or may not have been plastic explosive or simply gum, that I removed from the risers in the back-porch area.

E.M.M. had stayed home during my pregnancy with M.L.M. due to the complications I had with her. Before he stayed home and after I had M.L.M. he worked in Indiana. He did a side job in the beginning of my pregnancy and stopped working the side job because of my hemorrhaging as a result he was not paid, but I did see the side job at one point as E.M.M. took me to see the basket weave pattern he did in the sunroom of the man’s house. The man’s name was Randy.

Randy did not pay E.M.M. and E.M.M. allegedly broke into the man’s house and damaged the work he had done, and urinated on the man’s new carpet.  However, E.M.M. had gone to fires often leaving me with M.R.M. and M.L.M. and I do not know how much footage he has to show for those time periods. When he was gone, I had assumed that perhaps he was cheating as he had mentioned N.A.T. name to me and alleged they lived in Summit, and that he had gone to her parents to visit them but that she was residing in Arkansas.

D.B. had alleged that E.M.M. was torturing people trapped inside the canning room of the basement by throwing Japanese throwing stars at it while people were locked inside. E.M.M. had two sets of throwing stars and I do not know how else D.B. would have known that. I do not know what E.M.M. did with the throwing stars that he had but only know that he had owned them and took them from his closet at the condo.  I remember him digging them out of his closet but do not know when it was.

The house was allegedly was void of any occupants for two years when it was purchased, the former owners had to have it cleaned out and fixed up before selling to me in 1/2007.

D.B. alleged that the downstairs back porch was used as a cell, the canning room was a cell. The coal room was a cell and that the door knobs had been turned backward to keep the people trapped inside. There is chicken wire on the windows and the back-porch window has wood inside with a rectangle cut out to allow light to shine though. The front bedroom did not have a door on it when I purchased the house.

Upstairs there are two formal bedrooms, one has two hooks at the top and there is marring on the jamb of the door which could lend credence to D.B.’s allegations that it had been used as a cell and a piece of rebarb was placed across the top to hold another prisoner. IT also could simply be two hooks in the jamb that someone put there at any time.  There is also a piece of rebarb poking out of the ground where the stairs set in the back porch area where E.M.M. had buckets of used cat litter stacked up and I saw the hole that was in the back porch area and tried to dig to see if there was any truth to what D.B. was saying.

D.B. reminded me of when E.M.M. had found a large bone in the back of the residence and showed me the bone. I had told E.M.M. that it was likely a bone from an animal as it is common for animals to die especially since the yard was not fenced and the house had been vacant for so long. I do not know if it was a human bone or not but if it was it was child size. The bone was found along the back porch of the house. D.B. alleged to picking up a small child and killing him.

I honestly do not know what is true or false, I only know what I have seen and found with my own two eyes and what I have been put through by all those involved and as far as I am concerned it is nothing but malicious and an attempt at destruction of my life, children, children’s lives and property.

D.B. alleged that there were dead bodies in the dirt floor of my garage, I would check there before digging up the concrete in the basement to see if there is any credence to that statement first as that has been filled with junk from day one. L.Chorn, and E.M.M. are the ones who filled it with the stuff from Lyons the day we moved in and it all just sat there since then. D.B. has made these statements multiple times and mentioned cadaver dogs to me in regards to the garage. 

E.M.M. demanded I stay out of the garage, and L.Chorn put the lock on it. They could be pulling my leg to get the kids, life insurance in the event of my death, and keep the kids from me and avoid prosecution for their other crimes. Or D.B. could have really been confessing to make sure the others go down.

Those participating in these crimes are very brazen and very in my face, about the things that they are doing while they are doing them and afterward. It is as if they think they are untouchables. They seem to get enjoyment out of my fear, and anxiety that they cause, because of the things I have seen been though and that they have done or say that they do. They seem to get enjoyment out of my reaction or lack of reaction and in making me worry.

I simply do not have x-ray vison and cannot see beneath the cement of the floor in my basement. The things I found line up with what D.B. said. However, this could also be ordinary house findings that he is blowing out of proportion. The primary problem is that the water canister and hot water heater and laundry sink. The water canister valves are in a triangular formation, same as the cut-out triangles on the floor where I was told to dig, and the triangles in the garage and the triangles that E.M.M. had brought into the condo and took apart thinking there were trinkets inside.

D.B. told me where to look to find evidence of his allegations, informed me on how to collect and photograph the evidence for change of custody and also told me that certain items were marked in my house using small pieces of string in case I forgot what he had alleged to me over the phone. There was string on the front door handle, the handle of the canning room, a hose left by the hole that was covered up in the floor, silver tape on the heat ducts to remind me of the suspicious white substance that I had to pay to remove from there and the chimney has been severely damaged the way he alleged to me it would be. He informed me of what bone would look like if I found any in the hole where he alleged a dead body was. And instructed me that when I was done taking photos and evidence to head to NY.

The evidence would be gone though by crime investigators there. When I got to NY I was unlawfully seized again and put in the county hospital there where my character was further defamed. I was stripped of most evidence as it along with other belongings of mine were stolen while I was held. While there I believe I was met by more familiar faces from Hale School, and possibly Dr. Fanelli who was E.M.M.’s doctor that alleged he was Bi-Polar. The Dr. had another name the way that D.B. alleged he would have. A woman was there who looked like he belonged to E.M.M.’s family and would not stop touching me or trying to touch me. I was assaulted many times by her while being unlawfully held there and complained to the staff who had to continually restrain her. She was trying to instigate an altercation. Subpoenaed Surveillance video will support my allegations.

 I had all my daughters baby teeth with me that I saved for 25 years, as they were keepsakes and I did not want them to get stolen from my house in my absence so I took them with me. D.B. had alleged I would be left with two teeth one belonging to MRM and the other to MLM which is all I have left; the teeth belong to the two younger children that are still minors and are in the care of E.M.M.

 D.B. alleged the baby teeth of MLM and MRM had poison in the dentin layer of the teeth proving that I was poisoned while the teeth were forming and I was pregnant with them and the children were poisoned from a young age or even gestation.

Those things seem to be very wrong especially since in D.B.’s warning call in 2009 in which his instructions included specifically not to drink from water bottles as they would be injected with poison but to only take water from the Faucet, which when I did eat soup from the Faucet made me very sick, the children sick as MRM had a stomach attack, and the animals sick as Lucky Projectile vomited in the front vestibule at which time I got all the children out of the house and headed to LVW house where she then had me unlawfully committed the way D.B. said she was going to and was their plan “B”. D.B. and E.M.M. tried to get M.M.V.M. framed and innocent, when it was E.M.M. who was in charge of the water filter system causing a divide between me and M.M.V.M.

The problem was with the water canister filtration system.

However, I do want them all arrested, prosecuted, im-prisoned for what they all have done to me, to my daughters, and other victims, as no matter how you look at it these are all crimes were done with malicious intent.

D.B. alleged that those buried there were all MOB hits which were convicted criminals that were released like Williams, and that he attempted to allege that the police were MOB and did not want the criminals on the street.

D.B.’s allegations are part of what has taken me so long to come forward as someone calling you and telling you all these things not only infuriates you but causes you to question their sanity until things in your life to happen as a result of your failure to listen to the warnings and accusations being made and they nearly cost you your life, and then you have no choice but to say something even if it goes against your better judgement and lacks common sense or logic on your own part as those around me do not seem to possess neither common sense, nor logic.



A couple of times E.M.M. had expressed his disinterest and dislike for his job as a Union Tile Finisher for Local 67, he had made statements that he hated his job and wanted to do something else with his life, I told him if that was what he wanted to do then he should look into something else.  He also shared a story with me about an alleged friend of his J.H. who worked for Local 67 had fallen at work and obtained a large settlement from worker’s compensation. Not long after E.M.M. had fallen and hurt his back after an alleged accident that occurred at a job site. E.M.M. falling at work put our family into severe financial struggle and strive and destroyed my credit that  I had just recently gotten good standing on as I had just purchased the residence and had used the credit that I had obtained to pay for food and gas for us to live off of. Local 67 Bricklayers turned to Local 21 Bricklayers Union Later.

This occurred within 6 months after we moved to Lake Station E.M.M. fell at work and was no longer to work as a Union Tile finisher. He had completely destroyed two disks in his lower back and L4- L5 and S1. He needed to have a plate put in. Worker’s compensation did not want to pay him and at first refused to accept that he was hurt at all denying him MRI’s and medical treatment as well as payment. The union was in IL as was his employer and he had been earning $32.50 a hr. and was considered a high wage earner. Worker’s comp did not want to pay him half of that to stay home and do nothing and therefore a fight ensued.



I was already sick and still recovering from my hernia repair and abdominal reconstruction surgery. My two youngest children were still in diapers and E.M.M. did not want me to get a job but stay home to take care of the girls and work on my business. I had attempted to get a waitress job and had applied at another place of employment but did not get hired. The waitress job I did not keep due to E.M.M. being upset about me waiting tables. During this time, he was a volunteer police call radio dispatcher for First Responder Radio which was a company that sent out police and fire calls over police pagers for New York, New Jersey Rhode Island, and other eastern areas.

E.M.M. would listen to the police scanners online and type in the incidents. The company was named First Responder Radio and was owned by J.B. There had been a falling out between E.M.M. and the owners of First Responder Radio and one of the Managers, E.M.M. retaliated by putting defamatory and libelous pages out to over 3000 paid customers and was sued for defamation of character and libel. Due to the company suing in Orange County N.Y. he was unable to fight or stand up against the charges plus there was hard evidence to support their allegations therefore a default judgement was placed in First Responder, J.B., and S.D.’s favor the amount owed was over $100,000.00 between damages and court costs if I remember correctly it was more in the $130,000.00 range.



I was unable to pay the NIPSCO bill due to the lack of resources because E.M.M. had been cut off from Workers Compensation which they had done many times through his injury. They would cut him off and then wait for an arbitration hearing to become near and cut him a check usually for less and then pay him. This caused the family to be in constant financial hardship. On one occasion we were in jeopardy of losing the electricity and gas to the residence and I was extremely scared because I had been told by Mae Hoskins that if you lost any of your utilities CPS would come and take your children from your custody and charge you with neglect for not being able to pay a bill.

E.M.M. spoke to his mother and requested a loan to cover the NIPSCO charges when we went to pick up the money from her we were in a parking lot and she handed him an envelope I was in a lot of pain and doubling over and holding my right side, I heard her say to E.M.M. that he had best get to work, she said “You best get to work son”. The issue was she was very aware that E.M.M. was injured and was not going to be returning to work anytime soon. It was alleged by D.B. that part of E.M.M.’s injury was an excuse to stay home so he could be there to poison me which I believe he was already doing and had been doing.


When living at the condo E.M.M. had said the name of a woman while he was asleep, or pretending to sleep. I did not say anything at the time that this occurred. I also found that there were condom’s missing from the drawer as I had counted them and knew how many were in there.

Later, when living at the house in Lake Station I was painting and going over memories of the past in my mind and realized that Ed had cheated on me. I went upstairs to the bedroom and asked him “E.M.M., whose Nicky”. E.M.M. was on the bed and his eyes got huge and he immediately became infuriated. He jumped off the bed and started to attack me, I ended up in the fetal position on the floor between the tv and the bed. I was getting kicked, punched, slapped, and I am not sure if this is the time but I think I was spit on. I have been spat on by him in the past but due to so much abuse cannot remember which time and why. It was the middle of the night and I think E.M.M. went to stay in his truck to pout which is what he did and would stay in there until I went and talked to him. I called Mae Hoskins and she answered the phone, I told her what had happened and told her I was too scared to call the police because they were E.M.M.’s friends. She said “That doesn’t sound like the Ann I know.”

 M.M.V.M. saw the bruises on my arms the next day and I lied to her about them. I told her I fell going downstairs when really it was because E.M.M. had beaten me. M.M.V.M. knew I was lying as I could tell that she knew and later made a video to publicly apologize to my daughter because I do not lie to them. 



I lost medical insurance and was no longer insured or able to go to the doctors. I became reliant on paying cash to see a doctor and I had been sick for a while and was not getting any better. By 2008 I had lost an enormous amount of weight and was a nervous wreck part of why I was a nervous wreck was because of the physical abuse that I had undergone from E.M.M.

E.M.M. had not been paid from Workers Compensation, we had discussed going to arbitration and not accepting any more of their deals. We had made the agreement and the next day he woke me up and informed me that the Attorney had contacted him and offered him a deal he chose to take the deal regardless of our discussion the night before.

When he told me, he had taken the deal I was laying in the bed on my stomach and said in a calm but matter of fact voice, “I can’t believe you took the deal” they were only giving us half of what he was owed.  E.M.M. became infuriated and climbed on top of me and started to punch me full force in the back of the head while screaming obscenities at me about taking care of his family and calling me names. I tried to use my hands to cover my head but there was nothing that I could do. I had a headache for two weeks straight and my neck was killing me.



I became extremely afraid of E.M.M. and remained extremely afraid. I no longer viewed him as my equal but as an assailant.  I did not even want to sleep in the bed with him anymore, I had a hard time looking at him.  I was filled with fear, and anxiety and I became afraid to stand up for myself very often after that. D.M.B. arrived from Florida in 2008 and my brother R.B. was sent to stay with me at my house but that did not calm down my anxiety. In fact, while R.B. was living with us and right before I asked him to leave, he had said something to me about me changing his diaper. R.B.’s inappropriate sexual comments caused me to feel extremely uncomfortable around him, not want him around my daughters, and caused me to stop wearing shorts in my own home.

I started to get sicker by way of increased trips to the bathroom and stomach problems, and increased anxiety and heart palpitations.  I asked R.B. to go to the doctor and be put on medication due to his unclean thoughts and odd behavior. I asked him to leave the house and to go live with D.B. and C.P.S.B.S.B.   a week or so after that. I had repeatedly asked E.M.M. to handle it but he refused to. E.M.M. and R.B. had become friends and were going to fires in Gary and NWI at all hours of the day and night. While R.B. was residing with us, I came into consciousness while R.A.B. was standing in the doorjamb of my bedroom and the two were laughing while E.M.M. was trying to poke me with something and R.A.B was laughing.

While staying at the house R.A.B. had a alleged that he has a diaper fetish, one night he decided to drink and got drunk. I was sitting in the office and we were talking and R.A.B. told me that he had impulses to come into my room and wake me up while i was asleep and ask me to change him. I became freaked out by his statement and in the morning I called Northshore and made him a doctors appointment and made him an appointment to see a psychiatrist. I told the doctor what was said and R.A.B. admitted it to her and she asked him what he was on. Then he was given medication which he refused to take as he said he did not want to take it because the side effects said it would make his hair fall out. I ended up kicking him out of the house because he would not take this medication. I complained to E.M.M. repeatedly and E.M.M. refused to do anything about it, after becoming frustrated I took care of it myself. 
R.A.B. also used to insist on changing M.L.M.’s diapers and I did not think that was a good idea because of his fetish, E.M.M. and I both argued and fought with R.A.B. who remained insistent until E.M.M. put his foot down and told R.A.B. that she was our kid and there would be no more of that as did I. R.A.B. used to also carry the girls upstairs to put them in their beds for bedtime because that was E.M.M’s job but his back was hurt from his surgery. I did not want him to do that either and said he could not. 

Right before R.A.B. was made to leave E.M.M. and I had gone out and when we got home M.M.V.M. was upset, she said she wanted R.A.B. to leave and told me that he had picked her up from behind while she was cooking on the stove and almost touched her privates. I was infuriated, her voice cracked when she told me and it is not like M.M.V.M. to make things up or to cry easily. R.A.B. was told to leave as it is M.M.V.M.’s house and all kids should feel comfortable in their own house. 

After I took R.A.B. to the doctor for medication, I began to get very sick and was suffering from severe stomach attacks like I had when I was with A.E.V. and which I had from time to time but not as severely. One of the two if not both were poisoning me I am sure of it, at the time I did not know about poisoning yet, I learned about it later on and still did not completely digest it until 2012 when the actual poisoning incident occurred. 

When I talked to D.B and told him R.A.B. had to leave he was very short with me, and seemed like he was angry with me for kicking him out. The R.A.B. was not really allowed at the house anymore and never left alone with any of the kids again. In 2016 after the kids were taken I was working on the court case and obtained A.J.V.M.’s paper work from the hospital and it had stated in it that R.A.B. who is her only uncle had allegedly molested her. I took that as a key indicator that she wanted me to turn him in for what he had done. 

After the kids were taken every time D.J.S. would leave R.A.B. would contact me via text and ask where he was. I wondered how he knew that he had left in the first place and figured he had to be stalking me, he even told me that he had been driving past my house “just to check on you”.  One of the times he came over he poisoned me, I had to go to the hospital with in a day or so for kidney issues which strictnyne can give you kidney infection symptoms. Sometimes I would ask him to take me to the store, and once he came over with a book bag and went into the bathroom with it. By this time I had figured out that people had been spiking my shampoo and conditioner with bleach and Nair and Luckily I did not use it because i am pretty sure he either did or wanted me to think he did. R.A.B. also worked for a glass company and D.B. told me he had problems in his private area from ground glass, I had to pick ground glass from my private area after someone put ground glass on my toilet paper. I also had a problem with powdered bleach and poison on my pads. 

After the kids were taken, R.A.B posted on E.M.M.’s Mabas21 channel congrats on the video of the girls saying NO they did not want to go with him, and M.R.M. having a panic attack. D.B. alleged that there was a lot of retaliatory poison going on and that he did not know why the wires were crossed in these peoples heads including R.A.B.’s he alleged that his family as well as other families were retaliation against each other and other peoples kids. D.B. alleged that while people poisoned me in some ways they were angry about me being poisoned, which makes no scence to me but I am the only one who can obtain real justice for all of them and put a stop to it for the future. 

This can be shown in my being hit by a car first and then R.A.B. being hit by a car afterward. Strictnyne causes incontinence but when I attempted to talk to R.A.B. about poison he became evasive, and did not tell me that was what his problem was and insisted it was just a fetish and the way he was which boggles my mind. 

D.B. also alleged that Strictnyne was being used to cause ageing an that my meaningful beauty was stolen and I was being given strictnyne to speed up the process and I was begged by D.B. to give R.Y. or R.K. to R.A.B. when he asked for her telephone number so he could catch her and the two could be linked because she had been doing the same types of things and he was supposed to get the goods on her for stealing my clothing and be exposed for being one of C.P.S.B.S.B.’s and one of E.M.M.’s. R.A.B. was already going down. 

I think they are all trying to keep D.B. out of jail especially R.A.B. as that is the only dad he has ever known and he loves his mother dearly even though they are criminals and they turned him into a criminal. If D.B. goes down the hole ship and everyone on the ship goes down. what they don’t get is D.B. made me captain of the Ship, and its my job to make sure everyone gets off the ship alive, I can chose to leave the criminals on the ship and let them sink to the bottom and drown or I can let them keep right on killing each other the choice is up to me really.  I have directives to take D.B. and everyone else down and as D.B. pointed out I am the one with the ring, love, loyalty, and trust. My kind of justice comes from the U.S. Justice system which at this point does not seem all that just, but I am trying to save some lives here and am hopeful, this is the biggest temper tantrum on the face of the planet, and it is a form of terrorism for people to be poisoning each other and putting drugs in food and drinks. I like the US do not cow tow to terrorism, because these people act like children they have to be taught a lesson like children that crime does not pay and if you chose to be a criminal there are repercussions for that and those repercussions are being tried and convicted for your crimes, death is to each of a punishment and not much of a punishment at all. 

D.B. taught me this, and he said  “I used to be a bad guy himself, but I made a conscious decision to change, if  you remain good you won’t ever have to make a conscious decision to change, do me a favor and never change,  do you want me to tell me why I don’t want you to change? First of all because your wiring is not crossed and since its not crossed it needs to stay not crossed so I need you to keep your Wits about you, plus…if you stay good you will be paid handsomely and with dividends just for staying good. He used to come home and say “I just caught myself another bad guy”,  or “I gotta go out and catch me a couple bad guys. Someday your going to catch yourself a whole bunch of bad guys, and most if not all of those bad guys are going to be members of your own family, and  people you thought were your friends and old acquaintances, that might hurt you  a little but I bet by the time you catch ’em you’ll be okay and you wont turn out like your mother crying all the time and drowning your sorrows in alcohol and if I Know you you won’t, at least I hope you won’t, it wont hurt you all that much to put ’em all where they belong and where they can’t hurt themselves, or each other, or any other innocent people out there, out on the roads get hit by cars or being poisoned or killed using other methods, their’s a lot you don’t know but someday you will know, and your going to find out who your friends are and who they aren’t, who is friend and who is foe, and when that time comes I want you to drop the hammer on ’em and when you do I hope your ready, I REALLY hope your ready, because this is going to be known as the crime of the century.”  The people involved in this case are the bad guys he was catching and he may be right it sure does seem there is a whole lot of ’em and this has been a long time coming.  



            D.B., C.P.S.B.S.B., R.A.B, were living in the house that I owned on Service Street in Lake Station. During that time D.B. called me very often and we spoke in person as well. Some of those calls lend credence to the statement that much of what has happened to me was pre-conspired in addition to my understanding of the law which D.B. taught to me and much of which was gone over during those calls and some of which was review. Much of what was said during these calls was not very closely paid attention to because some of the time he was vague and because what he was saying or warning me about did not seem to apply to my life or situation. At the time, I had no idea that I had been setup to be with E.M.M., I had no idea why I was sick, or why I had lost so much weight, I had no idea he was allegedly a criminal and no idea he was allegedly MOB.

I had forgotten about C.P.S.B.S.B. saying that she was MOB when I was around 14 or 15 years old, I had forgotten or repressed the memory of the dead body I found, I was in shock and stayed in shock for many, many, many years. I was living what I thought was a normal life with my alleged husband and taking care of my daughters. I had no clue E.M.M. was unhappy, nor did I have a clue that he was allegedly starting fires, no clue I was being poisoned nor did I suspect that I was or think that I had a reason to believe that I was and frankly in regard to E.M.M.’s MOB involvement and fire starting I still do not know for sure but things happened since then that do sway me to believe that these things are more than likely true.

D.B. kept contacting me pretty close to every day and during some of those calls he mentioned things to me such as I was going to have to write this book and take it to the Supreme Court some time in the future. D.B. told me that it was going to be a book about my life and all the bad things that had happened to me in my life and that I was going to have to file it separately from a lawsuit that I was going to have to file to get my kids back. He gave me different scenarios and one of those scenario’s was going to B.J.A. and S.A. and asking to stay there while I worked on the lawsuit and exhumed the bodies of the deceased, he did not remind me of the poisoning of the past family members and if he did, I do not remember.

D.B. has spoken to me and said something about the rites of passage ritual and again at that time I told him absolutely not. He also said something about playing Robbin hood and stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, he called it “ROBBING THE HOOD”. I still have no clue what he meant by this, but it was brought again by the kids in a round about way before they were taken.

D.B. made statements that included that the “The Government is going to give you AIDS A.” but then they were going to take it back somehow. You can see how I would not listen or believe these sorts of statements and start to wonder about his sanity when he was making them.

D.B. made allegations that the water by deep river was going to be contaminated and that I was going to have to be the one to clean it up and said I like to dredge things up from the past so I should make sure it gets dredged for people’s safety. D.B. constantly complained about the quality of the water of the town.

D.B. went over CHINS proceedings and how to handle them, telling me that if and when my children were taken that I should back away for a little while so that they can not lie and make things up about me which is what they did and do. He told me how to handle the court proceedings and he told me about refusing to participate in their coersive testing as it is a violation of my rights under the law, it is the States Job to prove that there is allegedly something wrong with me not my job to prove it for them.

During a conversation had between E.M.M. and I CHINS was brought up again in regard to a woman that lost her children and had been traveling and the kids had been taken off the bus and sequestered by the state it was a big mess, I listened to the story but did not really comment on it much other than to say that it did not sound right to me.  

During our talks about the law, and about E.M.M. D.B. had instructed me not to divulge absolutely anything that had been said, he instructed me not to talk about the law, try not to use big words regarding to the law in front of him even if he gets himself into trouble, I was not to read out loud any lawsuit papers that he might get or give him any inkling that I had any kind of knowledge of the law, D.B. told me not to discuss anything as far as any plans that he had shared with me to him or anyone else for that matter, he said not until the time was right and you will know when the time is right.

During one of D.B.’s calls with me he alleged that he had caught E.M.M. and others conspiring along with W.E.V. by way of illegal wiretapping and surveillance and that he had gotten the goods on ‘em but needed me to report the information to the authorities because of the fact that the surveillance was not lawfully obtained surveillance. W.E.V. had worked for Lucent Technologies, which was at one time MA. Bell and then turned into Ameritech and then A.T&T. then changed hands again to Lucent. I had no clue what the “goods” were or what he meant by it at the time but now do.

W.E.V. was a higher up at Lucent as a result and had spent over 35 years working for them. He had connections with online companies including Google, and the company that I ended up working for which was a call center platform Live-Ops where I obtained my sales training and skills used to get E.M.M. to repeat himself when I asked the question of him about the needle incident and he was inaudible and did not first provide a clear yes. That was part of what is called F.C.C. compliant sales training for Affinity programs where the customer needs to provide a clear yes or no answer not an inaudible sound.

At some point later on, D.B. alleged that Judges in Lake County had been bribed by E.M.M. and that checks had been written and he said, “You may not take a check, and just because you don’t doesn’t mean they won’t”. He alleged that the son of the judge that had taken me from my mother was one of the persons that was involved. D.B. has mentioned the name S. to me many times growing up and it was Judge S. Jr. that took my children from my custody and severely broke the law while doing so, as he had already been cited as a defendant in the Federal Court as a defendant in my case, and as such proceedings should have been halted, and he should not of been ruling over my case due to bias, and his ruling is further not-valid as a result the custody transfer was unbelievably unlawful my children were abducted, and in addition to other constitutional matters, criminal constitutional matters and procedural violations they shall be returned.

D.B. alleged that E.M.M. wanted to be with A.N.T. for awhile to see if it worked out with her, so he planned to go and be with A.N.T. and take my kids from me and then I was to fight for the kids and once they were returned I would go back to E.M.M. which would never happen and makes no sense because what they did was criminal.

D.B. alleged that this whole situation was “staged” and was falsely created to bring me “closure” for the abuse that was inflicted on me by A.E.V. and E.M.M. and D.B. told me that I did not think he knew it but he was very well aware I was being abused and just not telling him. This is not staged, while people may seem like they are acting and as if things are staged which is mind boggling to me their actions are real as is all that has happened to me, it is sad to say but it does not get any more real than this. D.B. made statements that they were going to be brought in the front door of the jail and let out the back. THAT BEST NOT HAPPEN as that is not justice nor is it closure.

D.B. questioned me about E.M.M. starting fires and said that he could not believe that I did not have any information about him setting fires and told me that I had best start paying closer attention because I was going to be getting the squeeze put on me.

D.B. told me that my shoulder injury was going to be done to me purposefully by E.M.M. so it would destroy my ability to go on carnival rights or great America later on when I had money. Everything with him was “later on when you have money”.

D.B. alleged that he had used up half my life with abuse, heartache and misery, and that the “second half” of my life was supposed to be abuse free, and that was when I was going to be able to have a life of my own that was not controlled and manipulated by him and the other “ass-holes” around me.

D.B. knew I was sick, he saw that I was thin, he knew I had been going to the doctor. He did not tell me I was being poisoned or that he had concerns that I was, he made excuses and told me to “eat bread”, and said I needed to eat more often, he blamed my soda, and smoking, but never even said I had Systemic Lupus just skated around it, telling me how to manage it but never saying what the actual disease was the same way he made excuses about my dyslexia and blamed it on the abuse from my mother and not on what the real issue was.

“Bread” is another name for money, as is cake, dough, DeNiro, bucks, dollars, stacks, etc. “Eat more often” so I could ingest more poison, don’t drink soda drink water as the water canister is the problem, and who knows why he told me to quit smoking as that benefited him but often uses reverse psychology to try and control my behavior so perhaps that is why. He is overly worried about my weight and clothing size, how often I eat, and my health the same way that others have been again putting their nose into my personal and private business where it does not belong. These things are said under the guise of caring, acting worried and concerned but it not caring it is “over caring” and a sign that something is wrong. This is a form of abuse, and a methodology used to take “power and control” over a victim and to get them to eat more, make them seem incompetent, and destroy their self-esteem, and get others to assist them in their abuses.

By destroying their appearance, and attacking everything about the person or even by making things up as they go, they gain power over the victim and use others to further victimize their victims. Making them eat more and ensuring they ingest more poison into their body for their own personal checking account gains.

The meaning for “Sleeping” is death, or “she needs to go to sleep” means she needs to die. when D.B. says “she should be sleeping” he is actually saying “she should be dead”. Resting, is the correct word for bedtime. D.B. says death is the same as sleeping you go to sleep and never wake up it’s as simple as that.  

Keeping that information from me caused me years of turmoil and a huge delay in obtaining proper medical treatment which he alleged I was not getting or going to get thanks to him, C.P.S.B.S.B, E.M.M. and others contacting doctors and hospitals before I ever went to them and telling them that my complaints were made up and not valid. E.M.M. had been around my father and my grandmother and was aware I had Lupus.

D.B. had made statements to me over the telephone that all women were whores, and that all men thought that all women were whores, and even if they say they don’t think they are whores when it comes down to it, they are lying that they don’t. He alleged that it did not matter who the woman was or their background or anything else as far as men were concerned all women were whores. He alleged that if you go out for dinner with a man and then you go home with him even if he is your live-in boyfriend or husband and you don’t have a job that pays just as much as his does that makes you a whore. D.B. alleged that boys were raised differently than girls were raised and that was the way they were brought up even if it was subconsciously.

During many of these calls D.B. repeatedly insisted that J.S.Jr. was alive and that W.E.V. was alive, he has said to me an insurmountable number of times, he has also made the same allegations about C.H. not once but multiple times. Then tried to recant in rearguard to C.H. Then alleged he really was alive.

D.B. and I had talks about Lake Station and Indiana and how they had stolen my fire by not helping A.J.V.M. I was very unhappy and wanted to go back to Illinois, I hated it there because we were not treated fairly nor justly. I wanted a house but I did not want to trade my daughter’s education for the house. The house is bricks and mud her education will last her a lifetime it was not worth it to me.

Because the house was already purchased and paid for E.M.M. said we could not go back to Illinois and insisted that it had gotten bad there as far as education went, he also reminded me how much more expensive it was to live there. E.M.M. said that we were stuck there, and I would have to deal with it.

A.J.V.M. did not get the speech services or Occupational Therapy that she was entitled to under Federal IDEA laws and it infuriated me that they did not follow the law. My point was that what was the point in having a law in place if no one enforced them and you could not obtain an lawyer to go up against the schools because every lawyer I called had said they represented the schools only.

D.B. told me to sit down and start writing up a lawsuit and file it myself, I informed him I had no idea on how to do that and he insisted that I did and just did not realize it.

D.B. stated that if people will not listen to you then you have to make them listen and the way you make them listen is by suing and you keep suing each and every individual until they listen and you don’t stop suing you go to the Supreme Court if you have to but you do not give up not on your kids. Suing was the only answer, not getting upset, depressed, giving up, or screaming but by keeping my composure and handing matters the civilized way and suing them. The same goes for the harassment and hateful ness that he knew was being done to me but I did not realize because I was oblivious to some of the things that were going on.

E.M.M. came home around the time that these conversations were being had and said to me “What would you do to make your honey healthy again?”

D.B. alleged that my life was not full of abuse enough and that I needed more to “write about” in this book that I was going to have to write, he said that the abuse from my mother and A.E.V. and the others was kind of bland, other people had gone though those types of abuses so he wanted to come up with something better. I was confused by what he said as I usually am, I also was very upset by his statements just about every time I hung up the phone and often times doubted him, his mental status, and did not think he would actually do this to me or to my kids.

D.B. and C.P.S.B.S.B. were constantly meddling in my life, telling me what I should and should not be doing, telling me how to raise my kids and live my life. Telling me how to dress, how to wear my hair and makeup, telling me what to eat, complaining about my soda intake. I am a full-grown adult and have been on my own since I was 19 years old. They were paying more attention to what I was doing as an adult living outside my house then what was paid to me or my life when I was a little tiny girl or even a teenager. As far as I am concerned their “over carrying and over worrying is a form of abuse”. They tried to fill me up with insecurity’s by telling me that absolutely everything I was doing in my life was all wrong when they can not even handle their own lives and keep themselves from being criminals.

Telling me what nicknames I should or should not call my girls what kind of clothing they should be wearing or if they should or should not be allowed to wear makeup or be on the computer and have access to electronic devices. Insulting me and them at the same time. These things are no one else’s business, attacking me and making false accusations about me allegedly buying art supplies and craft items with money that belonged to E.M.M and I and even if that was how it was spent which it was not that was no business of theirs, they were supposed to be tenants paying a pittance for rent $400.00 a month for a house, and they expected to live there for free because D.B. and C.P.S.B.S.B. felt they were “OWED”. D.B. made statements that he was going to get back what he put in to me paying to put a roof over my head all those years one way or another even if he had to take it out of my ass. He alleged that E.M.M. and A.E.V. said the same. This is where I believe the sex-trafficking came it.

D.B. and C.P.S.B.S.B. came to my house and told M.L.M. who was very little that if she makes a wish on a Ladybug that the wish will come true and when she did, they put a Barbie in her chair in the backyard the next day. I told them they could not do that as they were trying to make the kid believe things that were not true and that she was headed for disappointment that way. As she will keep wishing on ladybugs and when there is no “gift” then she will be disappointed. I view this as a form of abuse to fill a child up with false information that is going to cause them pain in the future.

I asked for D.B. and C.P.S.B.S.B. to watch the kids and was asked repeatedly by them if hey could do so, when I allowed it, they purchased the kids a bunch of toys and stuff to be kept at their house. When I went to pick them up D.B. called M.L.M a gold digger for going in my purse which she was allowed to do, is not wrong and was perfectly fine with me  and again is not his business as I do not view my children as “gold diggers” or anyone else  it that way. It is my purse and my daughter. He also taught both me and them That “RANDY” mean’s “Horney” and also said Horney like “WHORE KNEE”, and said that only “WHORES MOAN”, that is why they call them “HORMONES.  Randy was the alleged name of one of the men involved in the sex-trafficking of me his name was allegedly W.R.W. and he was from Hobart.

D.B. uses symbolism to abuse and has told others to do so in an effort to ruin my love of art, he gave me a Doberman pincher named Jeeder which was like having a small horse in the house. I did not realize it but he was calling us whores, and then after the girls were taken a photo was put online of M.L.M. wearing a helmet, on the back of a horse.

I thought they were making things up about all this, that they were just being hateful and spiteful and had no reason to think otherwise. I asked E.M.M. if he was happy and he replied he was “comfortable” I responded “comfortable did not mean happy”.

D.B. brought T.C. who had attempted to contact me in 2009 and then contacted me again in 2012 after the poisoning incident. D.B. brought his name up to me during the call-in regard to E.M.M. going to be with A.N.T. and asked me why I did not want to try and be with him. I informed D.B. that I was married to E.M.M. and loved him and did not want to leave my relationship with him. D.B. also informed me that I was living a lie and that my “house” meaning m relationship with E.M.M. was built on a faulty foundation as he was sent into the restaurant the day, I met him and everything after that point was also a lie. D.B. explained that you can not build a relationship that was built on a lie in the first place as that makes the entire relationship a farce. I honestly felt he was meddling because I was happy, my house was paid, E.M.M. were getting along for the most part, and here comes D.B. and C.P.S.B.S.B. we’re trying to meddle in my life again and destroy my being happy yet again just like they had done in the past with C.M.

This was also the summer D.B. called me a great big walking dollar sign and wanted to tear down my garage and pour a cement foundation. It is also the summer that we had B.J.A. and S.A. over to our house for the kids Baptism party and that they witnessed E.M.M. be verbally abusive and humiliate me and embarrass me in front of them, D.B., A.E.V.’s family and E.M.M.’s family. By March of the following year he called me up and told me that E.M.M. was going to be poisoning me, not that he had already been poisoning me, and that he was going to rape M.M.V.M. to get her to help.

I went ballistic and asked him if E.M.M. had said this to him why did he still have teeth in his head, and asked him what kind of grandfather he was that he could just sit there and allow E.M.M. and one of his “friends” to conspire to take my life and rape his grandchild. I even asked him why he did not go to the police and he told me he could not they were all E.M. M.’s friends and told me not to as he did not know which ones were and which ones weren’t. When it happened and I had no choice but to believe, I went to the police and it infuriated him, and they ignored me and did not believe me just like he said they wouldn’t. 

C.P.S.B.S.B. had told me a story that she had been taken aboard a ship in Florida and questioned about the poisoning of my father and her conspiracy to harm me. D.B. had alleged that he had caught her and that they were going to waterboard her to get it out of her but that she spilled the beans on what was being planned by C.B.B.G.G. and E.M.M. she also made statements that she had done something bad and was in trouble and that D.B. “needed me”, he needs me like he needs a hole in his head because he should be lobotomized for what he has done.


E.M.M. was videotaping the fires he was going to as was R.B. and putting the video’s up on YouTube on E.M.M. Mabas21 video channel, the money he earned through Google’s AdSense program was helping to support the family. We did not have a mortgage anymore and did not need that much to run the house. Ed was not working and had refused to work even after he had gotten his workers compensation settlement which was $200.000.00. The check was signed over to me voluntarily by E.M.M. so that I could put it in my account to prevent First Responder Radio from taking the money from his injury from him for the defamation lawsuit that they had a judgement against him for.

D.B. & C.P.S.B.S.B. & R.A.B.


My residence was paid off and a second house was purchased in my name only and was a house to be used as an income property and rental that D.B., C.P.S.B.S.B., and R.A.B. were to reside. The house was destroyed by them as I put the house up for sale on M.M.V.M.’s birthday because they were allegedly taking the rent from R.A.B. but not paying me with it which is stealing. The rent for the house was $400.00 per month and R.A.B. was paying $400.00 per month to live at the house with his mother and stepfather. 

Cement was poured down the drain pipes and there was no money to fix the problems, the house was not fixable by me as it was going to cost $5000.00 to replace the plumbing and the drains outside.  While living there E.M.M. spent a great deal of time alone with D.B., C.P.S.B.S.B. and R.A.B. at the rental house. The house was eventually sold to D.B.W. who knew of the houses problems as I was honest about them and he alleged he had family that could fix it. The house is located down the block from his residence. As a result of the damage, I lost a $50,000.00 investment the lesson learned do not do business with family. The sewer tile was broken or non-existing at this residence as well.

E.M.M. had picked it out initially and D.B. alleged that the problems there were small and easily fixed. D.B. kept saying I can fix that, it’s no big deal, it’ll get taken care of. E.M.M. and I did not replace the family car or furniture or purchase much of anything for the family we spent the majority of the money on paying off the two houses and putting in a fence and windows on the property which was owned by me. Some of the money was allegedly missing but it was E.M.M.’s money, according to my calculations it was around $10,000.00 in total that was taken out and spent on misc. things or were cash withdrawals taken by E.M.M. at ATM’s.

The $200,000.00 settlement money was gone within a few months of getting it. The settlement occurred in June or July of 2009 and by November 2009 all accounts were empty. D.M. alleged that it was partially during this period of time that E.M.M. made payments to officials and that some of those payments were paid by check and that the checks were written from E.M.M.’s account that was kept hidden from me Chase Bank.

E.M.M. also has had accounts at Bridgeview Bank, Centier, TCF, Willow Creek, Midland Financial, 5/3. D.B. also alleged that he and others involved had money saved at Bank of America for commissary for when they go to jail. D.B. told me to use subpoenas to follow the money trail and obtain the evidence of what was done in the bribing of officials who assisted E.M.M. in the abduct ping of my children.



E.M.M. made a purchase of insecticides and a bucket of dusting powder under D.B.’s repeated request, and purchased a type rat poison from M.P.C. in Hobart In. When on the telephone telling D.B. that he needed to start to pay rent he began to ask me when E.M.M. was going to go to purchase pesticides needed for his residence. He did this directly after I made the statement that I was not going to be able to allow him to stay there rent free any longer and that he was going to have to begin making rent payments. The purchase of poison was made during the month of 9/2009.

E.M.M. went into the store to make the purchase while I sat in the car waiting, he had my debit card as it was his money in my bank account. However, the store had refused to accept E.M.M.’s signature on the receipt and I was asked to go in to sign for the goods that E.M.M. had purchased all of which were already packaged.

I signed the receipt without ever looking to see what had already been bagged for E.M.M. I did not know nor realize that D.B. and E.M.M. had conspired to harm me by way of poison.

E.M.M. and I, then drove to the rental house to drop off the purchase while their R.A.B. came out to the car and looked at something in the trunk, smiled, and turned and walked into the residence. Plaintiff, witnessed this but really did not think too much of it at the time.




While living at the house D.B. was calling me and discussing the law with me, and trying to tell me what E.M.M. had instore for me including that it had been pre-conspired to cause me a shoulder injury. In those conversations it was discussed that the kids were going to be taken by CPS, and I was going to have to file with the Supreme Court to get them back and that I was going to have to write a book about all of the abuses that had been inflicted on me throughout my life by everyone including him.

I informed him that I did not wish to discuss the abuse with anyone as that was in the past but he stated that I would have no choice. D.B. also said to keep my knowledge of the law and things we discussed over the telephone private and not to discuss or divulge that I had a working knowledge of the law or even that I understood and could read the verbiage with E.M.M.

D.B. stated that if E.M.M. got into trouble going to fires or anything else, I was not to offer any suggestions or help him in any way. I was not to read any law documents aloud or in front of him and to keep it our little secret along with anything else that he told me, he stated that held true for anyone else, I was not to divulge anything until the time was right and I was safe to do so he stated I would know when it was safe. 

At that time my stomach was attacking me pretty severely, and I had recently lost a great deal of weight, I told D.B. about being sick and in pain and he insisted I needed to “push through the pain” it was as if he did not get it. I could tell D.B. was angry when he saw me and I was full of anxiety after being hit in the head by Ed and abused by Ed as that was not the first nor last time, he physically attacked me.  I had thought at the time it was my nerves but since then I have learned that nerves do not make me have to run to the bathroom, or cause me severe stomach twisting and cramping, nor does smoking, soda, missing a meal, meat, or spicy food.

In May of 2010, I was a size small and weighed 111 lbs. I was extremely sick and quit smoking and started to try and learn about the human body and ways to heal myself.



Sometime after the stock market crashed in 2008, and many people lost their retirement investments E.M.M. and I were at his parent’s MA.L.M. and C.M.’s residence in Monee Il. While we were there E.M.M.’s mother showed him her retirement from over 35 years of working as a loan officer at American General Finance, she said “E’ie. look at this the paper showed that her accounts were all zeroed out and she had nothing left of what she had invested.




When D.B. and R.A.B. were living at the rental house they came to my house and broke into it by kicking in the back door after I called D.B. accidentally while I was in the car screaming due to the twisting of my hands and leg cramps. I was returning from the doctor’s office and on my way home from Target when I pulled up in front of my house which had multiple Lake Station police cars parked in front with lights on. The entire block was lit up like a Christmas tree and I was embarrassed by it. D.B. alleged he had called the police due to my screaming in the background of the call and that he and R.A.B. were afraid for my safety.

The officers asked me if it was my residence, and if I was the homeowner and if I was ok and left. I exploded on D.B. for calling them as they did not to be called, he calmed me down and came into the house and told me to drink my water. I exclaimed that E.M.M.  was not my ex-husband A.E.V. and that there was no reason to over react the way that he did. I lied to my father and tried to conceal that I was being abused. I am sure he was aware that I was being poisoned. In 2012 after the poisoning incident I asked E.M.M. to secure the back door which he did in an effort to provide me with a false sense of security.


E.M.M. had wanted to do away with the judgement that had been placed against him by First Responder Radio so he decided to hire an Attorney for the bankruptcy. However, he did not get the bankruptcy done immediately and instead it was closed out in May of 2012 right before I was supposed to allegedly die. He was in no hurry and did little to nothing about it but made sure that it was completed and closed out before the June 10, 2012 poisoning incident.

E.M.M. had an Affair and Allegedly a Child While Married and Without my Knowledge

N.A.T. also known as A. is E.M.M.’s mistress and it was alleged that they had an open relationship and that it had been going on throughout my marriage to him. D.B. had alleged to me in 20o9 or 2010 that E.M.M. had been cheating and that A.N.T. had conspired with him to trap E.M.M. into poisoning me by getting pregnant so it would push him to do so. A.N.T. had a child whose name is L. and who has E.M.M.’s nose and looks just like my daughter M.R.M. She was born approximately less than a year before the murder of me was to take place in June 2012.

The alleged father of the child is supposed to be another man who uploaded a photo of him holding a baby in a bunting standing in the middle of a cemetery. I saw E.M.M. starring at the photo as if he was trying to decipher its meaning. I do not know what it was meant to be, but could of meant your secret is safe with me I will take it to the grave or could of been a threat to E.M.M. against the child’s life. Investigators would have to determine that for themselves. 

There are many references to the name L., L.V.W. had a cat named L., T.S.M. named her daughter L. and there is this child named L. the best friend of my daughter M.L.M. was L. L was a temptress in the bible. D.B. sent me photos of weddings with my family heritage book, of people I do not know from the early 1900’s all of which had L’s in them. 




One day, D.B. called me, he asked me to write down two dates. June 9th and 10th of 2012. I was confused as to why he was giving me these dates two years in advance at first, I thought it was for a craft show, I opened notepad and put the two dates in a .txt file.

D.B. went on to say that E.M.M. had come to his home with a friend, and that E.M.M. had planned to poison and murder me for life insurance money. D.B. alleged that E.M.M.  had an affair with Annie Noreen Thompson, he stated that E.M.M. was living a secret life that I was not aware of, and that when he was going out to fires, he was also doing other things including going to see N.A.T.

D.B. alleged that E.M.M. was in the MOB and was a Made man in the MOB, and that he had always been having an affair and referred to her as E.M.M.’s Gumede, she had been intending on getting pregnant to ensure that E.M.M. felt trapped into carrying out the act. D.B. alleged that he insured E.M.M.  that he would not question my death when it happened, he also alleged that he had offered him double the face value of an alleged insurance policy if he provided a death certificate and birth certificate by 3:00 a.m. on June 10, 2012. He alleged that E.M.M.  was a serial killer and that I was not supposed to be mad at N.A.T. about cheating with E.M.M. as he said she was my friend and was doing so to help to take him down.

Mr.  went on to say that E.M.M.  had planned to murder me before those dates and depicted to me what exactly was planned. He also alleged that all of E.M.M. ’s family, my family, and A.E.V. family were “in on it”. He alleged that there were life insurance policies taken out on me by some, and that others had agreed to accept a portion of life insurance in exchange for their silence and not helping me if I were to go to them for assistance.  He alleged that a plan “B” had been worked out and that if I found out or figured out that I was being poisoned and went to the police I was going to be unlawfully seized and put into the psych ward by E.M.M.  and L.V.W., he also alleged that E.M.M. and A.E.V. were friends behind my back and that I just did not know it.

He further went on to say that E.M.M.  had intended on raping my eldest daughter MMM in an effort to push her into helping them to poison me for the money as she is a minor and would not be a primary suspect to the murder the same way he was allegedly a minor when he assisted C.B.B.G.G. in poisoning the victims that they had killed making her the “Scape Goat, if anyone did figure it out or become suspicious of my early death.” He alleged that E.M.M.  was in the MOB and that I had been kept in the dark on it, and that he was an arsonist and killer.

Telling M.M.M. that it was all my fault for not having a job and being able to protect her because I was sick. Further lying to and hurting M.M.M. and the kids and manipulating them all especially her by telling them that she never wanted to be a mother, did not love them, and wanted to abort them. All of which were complete and total lies and could not be farther from the truth. D.B. then stated that he and E.M.M. had millions of dollars in life insurance policies taken out against my life and that he had full intention on collecting on those policies.

D.B. said not to drink out of water bottles and to take water only from the TAP, he alleged that E.M.M.  had told him he was going to pull back the labels on the bottles and use a diabetic syringe to inject poison into them and then reseal them later he alleged that the water filtration canister in the basement had been used to poison the entire family.

D.B. warned about anything I put in or on my body including my toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, perfume, laundry, lotion, shoes, clothing, beds, and everything else. He informed her that Mr. Malik could possibly put poison on anything, he alleged that E.M.M.  may not be doing the poisoning himself but that he had full knowledge of what was going on which he did, D.B. alleged that all poisons could be absorbed into the skin or ingested by her in any number of ways.

D.B. alleged me not to contact the police until after the dates passed, and make sure she reported it to them so that it was documented. D.B. also stated to me if I were to get through it that I should change her name.  D.B. also went on to tell me that E.M.M.  did not truly love me and that he had wanted out of the marriage and that he was only in the marriage because of the children and family and that this way E.M.M. would not have to pay child support, nor give up the house or kids because it was in my name only, and he could make money off her death as well. He also alleged that the kids were going to be spilt up A.E.V. taking back his two and E.M.M.  keeping his two.

The way that D.B. explained it, is if a person is isolated like I was, where I was inside the home all the time tending to the children and ill and had no friends or a small circle of friends, she was an easy target and prey as no one would notice if I died. Further, to ensure that her family will not tell or question the death of a young family member each family member would get a cut of the money, that way they are then involved and won’t speak to authority’s out of fear of getting into trouble themselves. D.B. further stated that without questioning by the family my death would go unquestioned.

D.B. was very upset when he said these things, and he spoke in a very matter of fact tone, he sounded very distressed and serious but at the time I was very defensive and did not believe a word he was saying. I thought that he was making it up to cause a fight between E.M.M. and I. I was further upset when D.B. told me that he could not talk to me any longer because he stated he didn’t want to be implicated in anything. Feeling as though he was being abandoned by him.

D.B. alleged that there was some type of bets that were made, he alleged that there was money that was placed into some kind of pot and given to him. Allegedly those who had invested were placing some kind of bet on if I would survive or not, he said something about “escrow” and a “head fund” not hedge fund. I did not understand what he was talking about and because of this and the other accusations being made I did not believe him until I found the poison in my house and had been really sick and even then I had an hard time believing completely and thought those around me were pulling my leg or trying to scare me. The events that D.B. depicted occurred exactly the way he said they were going to on the exact days that he claimed they would in perfect chronological order.

D.B. told me not to shoot the messenger, as I was screaming at him, and was repeatedly yelling “Ann, I am your father, listen to your father” I could hear C.P.S.B.S.B. in the background yelling “The MOB, Ann” repeatedly.

D.B. stated that he did not think that contacting the police would do her any good and he felt that they were friends with E.M.M.  and may have been “in on it”. D.B. told her to contact the authorities but to attempt to get the State Police, or the Sheriff, but he felt that going to any of the local departments would be unsafe and he didn’t think it would do any good because he said that while E.M.M.  had been out taping fires he had been out making friends everywhere and that his dad C.M. and E.M.M. had already been to Worth and had friends there.

He told her to try and find a cop on the Lake Station Police Department that she felt like she could trust and tell him but to make sure she reports it if it happened. I chose to tell D.B.W.

After D.B. told me all this, he then said that he could not speak to her any more. And that he had to cut off communication with her because he could not take a chance with his family’s lives, and that he was afraid for her and for his family as well. D.B.  told me that she had gotten herself into this mess by marrying E.M.M. and to get herself out of it. D.B. further stated that he had given her all the information she needed to survive.

During the conversation, I exploded on D.B. because of the things he said, I asked him why he did not call the police, and tell them what was going on. I also asked him if E.M.M. said he was going to rape and impregnate M.M.M. then force her to have an abortion, why did E.M.M. still have his teeth. I asked him what kind of grandfather he was that he could sit there and let him say all these things and then let him walk out the door. He replied in a calm tone if I showed that I was mad then I would not be able to find out what their plans are or get any more information, now would I?”

D.B. stated that he did not trust the police in Lake Station and instructed me not to do so. He alleged that some were “In on it” and alleged E.M.M. was friends with them. He said “They are all his friends; what do you think they are going to do to help?” And “How do you know which ones are his friends and which aren’t?” D.B. said, I can’t talk to you no more, I ain’t getting implicated in anything”.

D.B. stated that E.M.M. was going to make the situation so unbelievable that no one would want to believe me and that was the entire point. E.M.M.  told me that this sounds so far out there, and is so far out of the norm, that it would be extremely difficult to get people to listen to the truth. E.M.M. stated that was E.M.M. point of making the situation so unbelievable, so no one would believe it if I tried to tell anyone. As far as I can tell everyone involved has done things that are so far out there it is difficult to believe and deductive reasoning leads me to believe they have always been trying to do me and my children harm for some underlying reason.

Due to the insanity of his statements and some of our past conversations that also included unbelievable statements, in addition to the abuse inflicted on me by D.B. and C.P.S.B.S.B. in the past in regards to C.J.M., and the past arguments, and falling outs, emotional blackmail, hatefulness and the vindictive, meddling nature of D.B. and C.P.S.B.S.B., and the fact that I put the residence that they were living in on the real-estate market due to non-payment of the rent that went on for several months, I did not believe a word that he stated to me over the telephone. I listened to what he said and then hung up the telephone and threw it on the bed and said “Whatever”.

I didn’t believe my father until the hypodermic needle incident May of 2011. The days leading up to those two dates in question and only after finding the rat poison and being so unbelievably ill.  At this point I believed that E.M.M. was up to no good and was trying to get healthy again.

D.B. claimed that my stomach and health problems rooted from poor eating habits, or lack of eating enough, smoking, drinking too much Diet Coke. In addition, D.B. also stated that perhaps I suffered from unknown food allergies and asked if I was checking the dates on the food before I was eating it. D.B. was also aware that I suffered from Systemic Lupus but he did not inform me of that fact, as were my other family members and E.M.M. none of which divulged that information to me or to the physicians or hospitals that I had gone to

Instead he told me that I should simply ignore the pain, push through it, essentially stamping not valid on my very real complaints and blaming my sickness on my diet, soda, and smoking.  In other words, my D.B. was well aware what was wrong with me and why I was sick he just didn’t bother to tell me instead he attempted to blame my health issues on everything else under the sun other than what it was, E.M.M. did the same. 

D.B. had also attempted to blame the city’s drinking water and or poor dish washing by the kids. In essence D.B. discounted that I was in fact ill and attempted to explain away my ailments and frequent bathroom problems even though he was well aware that I was being poisoned by E.M.M. for life and that I was allegedly being killed for alleged insurance proceeds.

The reason he was aware was because he had not only instructed E.M.M. to carry out the poisoning of me but he had also given him the ultimatum of “kill or be killed” and offered him double the life insurance proceeds for doing so by 3 a.m. the June 10, 2012 date.



I could not breath, and at one point was diagnosed with a plural embolism, and was carrying around a spit jar, I had no voice and could not talk, I lost my at home call center job because I had no voice left at all, I was being given Cephalexin for a long period of time but due to my Lupus was not supposed to be being given sulfa drugs and am not to be in contact with sulfides. This medication was being given to me by Dr. Levine of Advocate Christ, in Tinley Park. I found this doctor thorough E.M.M. ’s friend T.S. as I had no insurance and he had referred me to and accepted cash payments of $50.00 to go see him. Dr. L. never sent me for any blood work nor did he ever do any urine testing, or x-rays. I was told I had an embolism but strychnine can cause the same form of labored breathing and pain.



When I went to the doctor at Northshore the clinic located in Lake Station,  or any of the nearby hospitals, I was treated like I was lying to them, no one knew or could or tried to  figure it out, or tell me what was wrong this went on until I had a episode of facial paralysis and S.V. checked me out and told E.M.M. to take me directly to the hospital. Eventually I became extremely upset when one of the doctors did not do any type of exam and was going to simply prescribe me pills, I told her I did want her damn pills I wanted her to figure out what was wrong. I also told E.M.M.  he was going to own Northshore at the rate things were going as I was going to die with them handling my medical.

I would have to stop eating to run to the bathroom during dinner, E.M.M. made a joke that he was going to switch out my chair at the dinner table for a toilet. Every-time I went the bathroom to urinate, I would defecate black water. I was in pain throughout my entire body, and no one could explain to me why.

I could not concentrate or sit still, I was scatterbrained most of the time, I could not sleep, I was hot and cold, and I sweat a lot, I thought I was going through the change of life in my thirties, I had menstruation twice a month and would bleed up to seventeen or twenty days and it was unbelievably and extremely painful. I was told it was I was not eating enough, or I was eating the wrong sorts of things, or that it was my drinking too much soda pop, or just my anxiety, and I needed to calm down. None of these things were the problem as the only real solution was to get away from E.M.M. and those who were inflicting the harm upon me.



 I was signing out of work every half hour or so to run to the bathroom and losing time at work on my home job for Element Customer care which changed names to American Support. Both my left and right eardrums felt like they exploded and everything was echoing. I was losing hearing in my left ear and had to turn my head to listen closely when a person spoke to me, my jaw hurt so bad I was crying to hold it open at the dentist’s office. I would wake up gasping for air, and then thought it was a kidney infection, I could not control anything that was going on in my own body.   I knew I was sick and I was under E.M.M.  control, I had four girls to raise and every girl needs her mother and I was dyeing and was miserable every day.




By 2011 I was so unbelievably sick it felt like my blood was on fire, I was using the walls to walk for balance and could only go up and down the stairs one at a time and rarely ventured upstairs or down to the basement let alone outside. I became what is known as a hermit or shut-in and did not leave my residence often unless accompanied by E.M.M. I did not drive the car and did not go anywhere alone not for any reason. I was completely isolated and dependent on him for everything. I had no life of my own, no friends, and there was no family there for me either.

I was so sick that most of my time was spent in bed, E.M.M. did all the cooking and laundry and dished out our food on individual plates and assigned the plates to each of us when handing them out, he did this even at dinner when we were all gathered at the table, even putting the condiments on our food for us despite my constant request that he not do it that way and allow me to do it myself. I did what I could when I could but I was extremely ill, If I tried to intervene and cook or do laundry he would shoo me away and say “I got this, go sit down or go work on something or ask me if I had work to do,” I was so sick and my breathing so labored and shallow, on more than one occasion I laid in the bed thinking I would not wake up if I fell asleep and at one point I thought my body might be shutting down.


One day while in the bathroom and during a stomach attack episode I stood up holding the vanity for balance and looked at myself in the mirror and pulled down the bottom lid of my eye and saw a yellow line had formed, my skin was jaundice as were my eyes and M.KL. an evergreen park fireman that is a friend of E.M.M.  had pointed it out to me that I was jaundice, I thought to myself “I think I’m being poisoned”.


R & D C.

D.C. and I were friends and R.C. and E.M.M. were friends. E.M.M. and R.C. had been friends since childhood and R.C.’s father is a police officer. R.C. was the one who had done the tile with E.M.M. at Polekats. D.C. informed me as did my brother R.A.B., during that call or shortly thereafter, D.C. said to me that I was living a lie. However, she absolutely refused to elaborate which caused an argument between she and I on Facebook.  I had E.M.M. take me to Polekats so I could look at the tile as he insisted that he had not done the tile there and that people were lying to him about doing the tile. It may seem pointless or petty but it really is not as the point was, he had lied to me for years over something like a job that he had done, the bigger question was what happened to the cash that he made doing the tile. D.C. knew I was living a lie, and when I told her about the divorce she was not surprised. I do not know if she and R.C. were aware that I was being killed for life insurance but as far as I know everyone knew but me.

 FALL 2010


Sometime between D.B. warning and the events that took place in June of 2012; I had discovered a very large bucket of poison on a shelf in the basement. The next day, she asked E.M.M. if there was anything in the home that “Monkeyface” could have gotten into that could of killed her.


My cat Monkeyface had passed away prematurely the cat was emaciated and very suddenly died at just 1.5 years old. I was laying in the bed asleep and was woken by E.M.M. around 9am in the morning. E.M.M. informed me that my cat Monkeyface was very sick and that he had thought she was dying. E.M.M. lead me downstairs into the basement and to a table he had set up in her

art room. The cat Monkeyface was laying on the table and was not moving. You could visibly see that she was breathing. I was dazed by the sight of the cat laying on the table and reached out and touched the cat’s side. Monkeyface let out a low whimper, and passed away.

E.M.M. began crying, and screaming I can’t believe I killed her, oh my god I killed her. I was unsure what E.M.M. meant by the statements but thinking it was because they had no money for vet care E.M.M. was blaming himself for the cat’s death. The cat was infested with fleas, E.M.M. stated he felt that was why the cat had died.

However, the day before the cat was sitting on the table and she was swaying. E.M.M. thought there might be something wrong but considered that she had jumped onto the table and was sitting there looking at her, I did not think it was anything life threatening. I was wrong, and Monkeyface passed away the next day. It was very common for Monkeyface to eat my food that had been left out.

When D.B. had issued his warning that I was going to be poisoned by E.M.M. one of the things that he told me to look out for was any of the pet’s dying especially small pets like cats because it does not take as much poison to kill small pets. D.B. said that if any of the pets dropped off like fly’s I was to take note of it and take it as a red flag that poisoning might be the reason for it.


E.M.M. and I had an argument one day when we went to the beach and during that argument, I was hit with the solid wood bedroom door that was not attached to my bedroom wall. E.M.M. took the door and slammed it down on me repeatedly at least three times, while I was sitting on the bed, he then slammed his entire body weight on top of the door while I was beneath it attempting to hold it off of me. I sustained a shoulder injury that resulted in a depressed scapula I kept my arm over my head most of the time because I did not get proper medical treatment for it. When I would go to the doctor, I was repeatedly ignored about my shoulder pain.

No ex-ray of my shoulder was ever done and as a result the shoulder got complete atrophy. I was in severe pain every day between my stomach attacks, shoulder neck and arm pain, inflammation, and the overall body ache that feels like a really bad case of the flue every day, I was literally being tortured. It went on that way for about a year and a half. I had to go to physical therapy twice a week for four and a half months to regain use of my left arm and to alleviate the pain in my neck and shoulder I was in. Dr. R. sent me for the therapy after he found the neck injury, I have two slipped disks at C4 & C5 and one of the disks is 1MM away from my spinal column on the MRI.  During one of my telephone calls with D.B. he alleged that he and E.M.M. had conspired to cause me this injury and then it happened.



E.M.M. alleged that his aunt N.L. passed away she lived in Chicago near C.B.B.G.G. she was the sister of MA.M. we never went to a funeral for Nancy which struck me as odd. E.M.M. said we needed to go so that we could get some furniture that was in her house. We were given some wood dressers, and an old fashion record player stereo as well as the beds, and dining set that were in her house and an entire closet full of linens, there were enough linens for three houses all of which vanished from my residence.

While at her house, MA.M. said that Nancy had been taking medication called Halcet because she was paranoid that someone was trying to kill her. Nancy had diabetes and had needles on the premises as well as a slew of other prescription drugs. While there his aunt Carm informed me that MA.M. had wanted to give E.M.M. the residence which struck me as odd since we already had a four-bedroom house of our own with a loft, and Nancy’s house was only two bedrooms.

D.B. had alleged that N.L. was not dead and that she had fled the country and went back to Italy to save her life which was why we did not attend a funeral.




 I did not say anything to E.M.M. about being poisoned for quite a while, other than asking him if he thought that it was legal for people to purchase life insurance policies on other people without them knowing it. I tried to find the answer online but was unable to get a concrete answer to my question. I walked into the bedroom and asked him and he agreed that it did not sound right. I went back to my office and started working on something else. Eventually, I found the bucket of poison in the basement but that was not until after his mom’s sister and his aunt N.L. either passed away or fled the country.

It was late at night around 2 or 3 am. I had been working in my office and for whatever reason I decided to get up and go downstairs, I got up from my chair and quietly snuck to the basement. I went into E.M.M.’s area of the coal room and turned on the light wondering why I was there. I looked around at the shelf and saw a bucket with part of a no-symbol on it, I turned to bucket on the shelf and saw the no-rat symbol I had to be quiet so I shimmied the bucket off the shelf.

My shoulder was hurting and I was week. I used both hands to carry the bucket while trying to ignore the pain and walked over to my workbench. I turned on the light above my workbench and started to read the bucket. The top of the bucket said it killed Norway Rats and Rooftop rats. The poison that was contained inside the bucket. I looked up the MDFS form online and started to read what the chemical could do to a person and to cats. I made myself a note in WordPress set it to private and went to bed. It was an anticoagulant, and lowered the Vitamin D in cats and raised its calcium levels. It caused pain throughout the body, bone and joint degeneration, seizures, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and could cause heart attack or stroke if ingested. I can not be sure but do think I shared the manufacturer information and MDFS sheet with D.B.W. and there may be a record of its purchases from M.P.C. in Hobart.



The next day I asked E.M.M. about the bucket in a roundabout way, I walked into the bedroom where he was watching TV and asked him if there was anything in the house that Monkeyface could of into that could have killed her.  E.M.M.’s eyes got really big and he got a look on his face and then said no there is nothing kept on the premises like that because of the pets and kids. The next time the garbage came E.M.M. but a large box on top the garbage can and the bucket was missing from the shelf. The slight black ring from the bottom of the bucket was still on the shelf. Everything around where the bucket was stayed where it was and he left a big hole where it was missing. He did not attempt to fill in the space with other items. A.J.V.M. used to change clothes in the coal room and had openly stated in front of E.M.M. that she saw the bucket and that it was in fact missing.


The antidote for the poison was water and to replenish the vitamin D to restore them to normal levels and prevent a heart attack from hypercalcemia the imbalance can be caused from the body’s inability to metabolize correctly as Vitamin D and Calcium work as a team inside the body along with Magnesium.  Low potassium can also be seen and can be related to cramping anywhere throughout the body the replacement of potassium can be administered in an attempt to combat these effects as lack of potassium can also make you feel sick, weak, and in pain. The antiallergic properties of this poison are similar to that which is seen with aspirin or warfin and habitual uses of those drugs in that it thins the blood which then cause the arteries and blood-vessels to thin.

If there is a slow down or “Lull” in the poisoning of a victim and the blood begins to thicken up again a clot can form which can not fit through the blood passageway the victim scratches the skin as a clot causes itching the nails of a human being are dirty and this can lead to infection the infection spreads to the bone and requires amputation. A lull in the poisoning occurs when the victim and attacker both are aware that the poisoning has occurred and the poisoning is stopped to cause the victim to let down their guard.

The poisoning of a victim can also lead to going to the doctor and being misdiagnosed with a mimicking disease and then prescribed medication for depression, anxiety, or pain medication which also cause a person to not be clear thinking and to let their guard down leading to their demise.

The blood clot also cuts the blood supply off and can cause death of skin and surrounding tissue resulting in the need for blackened dead skin to be removed by way of surgery. Any poison containing anti-colagenic properties can causes a weakening of the heart muscle as it has to work harder to pump thinned out blood through the heart. Coldness in all extremities can also result from this as they are further away from the heart and it takes more effort for the weakened heart to push the blood to them. Poison itself, and the lasting effects of being poisoned over time, can cause palpitations and arrhythmia’s and feelings of severe anxiety. The forming of a clot can cause, heart attack and stroke, as can the weakened heart muscle.



Due to the abuse of me and allegedly being poisoned I became a bundle of nerves and scatterbrained, I was nervous constantly, my stomach was always upset, and worst of I was in denial of what was being done to me and did not know what I could do about it, I constantly had nausea, I was always in the bathroom and would be in there up to 20-times a day the worst of it occurred between 2008 and 2011 when I began to see Dr. R. in November 2011 and he found that my Vitamin D level was 14, Doctor R. began to prescribe me large levels of Vitamin D which took three months to work, after about a month and a half I began to feel better. I was kept on Vitamin D after that, he prescribed 50,000IU of Prescription Vitamin D which is also the antidote for the poison I found in the basement Bromline.

Dr. R. saved my life and was the first doctor to do actual blood work on me and try and figure out what was wrong, we worked together as a team. He started to do testing on me and I underwent multiple batteries of bloodwork, small bowel study, barium ex-rays, I was scoped down my throat, by an ear nose and throat doctor. I underwent brain MRI’s where I was sent by a Neurologist, M.S. testing through the Neurologist, the Neurologist did not find the Lupus fog on my brain I did, and printed out the photo and took it to Dr.R. for his review. I was also treated for severe migraines by the neurologist. Small Vessel Ischemic Disease of the brain was found on one of the brain scans which is the explosion of tiny blood-vessels that feed the brain this could be caused by being hit in the head or from E.M.M. holding a rag over my face containing chemicals over my face.

CT scans have been done of my brain several times due to episodes of complete facial paralysis, and MRI’s for my c-spine and t-spine which it was then found by Dr. R. I discovered a white spot on my cheek and when I looked it up found that it could be caused by arsenic.

 I also had an MRI of my hips to try and determine if the pain I was having was my ovary or if it was my hip joint as my leg and upper front area, hip, and burdocks were hurting and my balance was off and why I was limping. I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus and Fibromyalgia and RA but there was nothing to explain the stomach problems, balance issues, or limping that I was experiencing, there also was no explanation for the rapid weight loss, hair loss, loss of appetite, food aversions, or inability to sleep.

Heavy metals testing is only accurate immediately after you are poisoned as it is a blood test, and no tests of that nature were given to me any of the times that I went to the hospital nor to the doctor. When I did request to be tested, I was told that the hospitals did not offer those types of tests on the premises.

 I requested one heavy metals test which was a blood test, after E.M.M. left the residence in 2016 from Dr. R. after being told and reading that heavy metals stay in your body forever and never leave the body, after learning what I have I do not believe this is true as the liver and kidneys filter your blood of toxins and chemicals.

It does seem to take a great deal of time for the human body to rid itself of the toxic substances at the cellular level which means waiting for the cells that were created while being poisoned is the only way to rid yourself of the poisons, as well as removing yourself from that environment this allows the body’s immune system to calm down over time.

Other toxic substances were placed into my living environment including diamatatious earth, grass flea powder, carpet fresh containing silica, and cat urine and feces and aerosol can spray containing pesticides sprayed onto a rag and held over my face when I was asleep. I do not suffer from sleep apnea and never have, as once E.M.M. was out of the residence the gasping stopped.  

These types of chemicals can kill brain cells, effect memory, and cause Alzheimer’s type symptoms, it also is extremely frightening and makes you afraid to fall asleep out of fear.  Poisons, Toxins, and chemicals, all can set off an immune system reaction such as Systemic Lupus and cause increased pain and inflammation in a person’s body. This can be seen by an increase or raised level of white blood cells, elevated histones, and an increased number of ANA’s and permeant organ and tissue damage.



D.B. alleged that he learned through surveillance that E.M.M. had started the fire that killed Lake Station resident J.T., he alleged that E.M.M. had an affair with J.T. and that she had become pregnant as a result of that affair. The fire occurred the night of the Lake Station Christmas Party that I attended with him. E.M.M. brought me home as I wanted to go home and go to bed.

After he helped me get out of my dress and I went to sleep there was a fire that broke out on the other side of town. Most of the Lake Station fire department was at the party and could not respond. E.M.M. was first on scene and he alleged her boyfriend showed up as well. E.M.M. alleged that he had rescued the children from the fire but that when the firemen opened the front door the fire flashed and J.T. body was found by the front door.

D.B. alleged that E.M.M. and J.T. had words and that she was pregnant with his child and she had threatened to come to my house and tell me and that he had decided to take his scalpel from his medic kit in the garage and cut out her fetus and set her house on fire. He also alleged that she was poisoned before she died. 

The day after the fire that killed J. T., E.M.M. came home and came into my office and told me that there was a fire that killed a mother and that she had TWO or THREE kids, he alleged that she had 3, the article and video say she had two. J.T. died in the fire 5 ft from the door. He alleged that the fire occurred after he brought me home from the Christmas Party, and that she was allegedly a drug addict and a bad mother. These are some of the same things that have been said about me and about other victims that are herein named.

When he told me, she died and that he was first on scene I got goosebumps and my heart sank as I understood that the firemen were at the Christmas Party and it had to be someone who knew that was where they were. I became even more afraid then I already was. E.M.M. has EMT experience that he gained from Moraine Valley Community College and from being a fireman. He also had a book that was part of his EMT kit that had information in it on how to deliver a baby. I do not know if C-section was in the book or not.

Asked me to take a ride with him to the scene as he had dropped his electronic cigarette on the ground. He pulled up to the intersection facing J.T.’s residence, the firemen were still working at the house doing their investigation and could be seen from the car. E.M.M. parked the car looked over at the house and picked his electronic cigarette off the ground and got back in the car and turned the car around using a 3-point turn, and went the opposite direction of the fire scene.

D.B. also alleged that E.M.M. had buried the fetus that he had allegedly removed from J.T.  in my basement back porch area under the stairs where he had piled a large amount of soiled cat litter on top of the stairs and where I had noticed that the floor was broken and water was seeping into the basement. The area of the floor was marked with two triangle shapes and a paw print.

I contacted the State Fire Marshall and attempted to report to him that I thought the fire should be re-investigated and asked for a meeting to sit down and discuss all I knew about it but he did not take me seriously which has repeatedly been the problem.

I broke the foundation with a hammer and removed some of the concrete that was poured on top of the hole in a haphazard manner. The hole was filled with about a half of bag of loose concrete and had not been mixed with water. I was unable to dig to deeply as the ground was frozen and I began to become afraid of what I might find.

E.M.M.  was in the basement sometime in 2014 or 2015 and having a panic attack, he had his hands on his head and saying “Oh my god, what am I am going to do?  “it’s stuck, its stuck.” when I asked him what was stuck, he stated a baby’s head was stuck in the wall. I was confused by what he said and replied I can’t believe you would say such a thing to me and walked up the stairs while crying.

When I was unlawfully held in Lake County Jail, I wrote a letter to the guards asking to speak to a Detective and informed them about J.T. and of D.B.’s allegations and admittance of being a serial killer. I was put in the hole and kept there and then transferred to Logansport Mental Hospital where I was met with members of the Lake Station fire department and their wives. I was put there for attempting to report crime.

I was purposefully misdiagnosed in an effort to silence me, discredit me and scare me away from coming forward with the truth and fighting for my daughters. D.B. had contacted me prior and informed me of who was going to be working, the people I was going to meet, and the events that ensued from the point of the false arrest of me that he alleged was being done to scare me into silence after I filed a Federal Court Case in the Hammond Federal District Court.



E.M.M. had met R.Y in 2009, with R.A.B. or at least that was I was told one night in 2009 when they came home from a fire and R.A.B. said that R.Y. needed website and business help and gave me R.Y.’s card. I tried to work with him over the internet and kept it strictly business but I did not like his business practices and felt he was wasting my time. Eventually, he angered me somehow and I stopped talking to him at all. Then forgot who he was.

In 2012, E.M.M. needed a job and responded to an ad on Craigslist for a sales position with Midwest Construction. R.Y. hired him and E.M.M. started working as a construction sales person on commission. At this point he now had tons of free time on his hands and was able to access the computer from R.Y.’s place of business.

I was still able to log on to E.M.M.’s google account and check it periodically including his internet history. Around the time I was allegedly supposed to be killed, there were things I saw in his google history including him looking up accelerants, cancer, asbestos, and looking to see how much my house would be worth on Zillow, additionally, I saw the logo for Porter Pipe, which a man at the restaurant the day I went to the police was wearing a Porter Pipe shirt, and was in Worth IL. additionally, there was a photo of the man on his website which I later used to identify him.

While E.M.M. was working at Midwest I was asked to work for R.Y. as he alleged he could not work WordPress and needed help, he also asked me to clean off his server for him as it had malicious scripts installed and google had flagged his sites and would not allow them to be indexed. I took care of that for him and he paid me to do so, E.M.M. was supposed to also get paid at the same time, except E.M.M. alleged he did not get paid and R.Y. alleged he did. This was around the time that M.M.V.M. missed an additional day of school making her total absences at the maximum for the year which was 9.

M.M.V.M. could not miss any additional days of school and I was aware of that so when I saw that there was a extra day of school missing and I knew she had not been sick or home that day I became suspicious that something had been going on.

While at Midwest working with R.Y. I was asked if I knew anything about Life Insurance policies and head funds, and I responded no I did not even though what he said was familiar from a conversation I had with D.B. in 2009. I knew the date was approaching but was having a difficult time remembering and keeping track of days and dates. I was doing a lot of meditation and working hard on trying to get strong enough so I would be able to get away when and if the day happened. I was in physical therapy and trying my hardest to get strong.

I also noticed that when I logged in to E.M.M.’s account from home at the bottom of his screen it said he was logged in elsewhere which I figured was R.Y.’s office. When the date of June 10 2012 came around, I contacted R.Y. from L.V.W.’s house and he wanted to know what my plan was, he kept asking me “What’s your plan, Stan?” Stan is my grandfathers name that was killed by being poisoned in 1997 or 1998. E.M.M. had bracelets that R.Y. had bought and had made for his mother in law who died of pancreas, liver, and gallbladder cancer. E.M.M. was not happy because he was expected to sell these bracelets and that was not what he had signed up to do. Additionally, it was said that people will do anything to make a buck off someone else’s hardships or sickness’s I am the one who said it in front of MA.M.

E.Y. had worked for Shelter Insurance, and R.Y and E.Y were homeless and living with E.Y.’s parents as they alleged their house burned down because of an electrical fire and the insurance refused to pay for it as they thought it was suspicious because he was a contractor. E.M.M. did not like working for R.Y. because he alleged that there was fraud going on in that there were false claims of storm damage to pay for people’s roofs. I do not know for sure if that is true but the whole thing was a waste of time.

R.Y. is allegedly friends with M.W. one of the men involved in the sex-trafficking of me as M.W. took me to the same house that I believe is somehow related to E.M.M. and is where R.Y. lives. D.B. alleged that M.W. was going to take me back to that same house and he did.

R.Y. also attempted to lure me out of the house in the middle of the night to go to his shop to “talk to him” I told him I would not and I told him that I could talk just fine over the phone.

D.B. alleged that he was a primary shareholder behind Shelter Insurance and that he secretly owned the company.

D.B. alleged that Handi Pro’s the company that M.W. worked for was a franchise owned by R.Y. and that M.W.’s wife was a social worker involved in the abduction of my children. He alleged that M.W. was sex-trafficking me in an attempt to get me into trouble for alleged prostitution as I refused the money, he handed me and told him I was not his whore. As, I am not one. He also tried to get me to walk away from my kids, and when I asked him if I hit a nerve, he became irate. When I met M.W. I had not remembered the conversation with D.B. but after speaking to him and dealing with him and going through everything that D.B. again pre-depicted in our last call which he depicted the events that have occurred over the course of the past year and a half or so, yet again, I knew I had the right person.

R.Y. is allegedly part of some kind of “Millionaires club” of some kind and D.B. had mentioned it to me. R.Y. also mentioned something about his wife spending all his money as he was allegedly a millionaire in the past.

R.Y asked me in his office if I knew anything about life insurance and birth certificates, and death certificates and escrow it was like he was feeling me out to see if I did or not, he asked me if I knew what a “HEAD” fund was NOT HEDGE FUND. Then when everything happened and I called him and asked for his help he would not help and instead wanted to know what my plans were. This was all taking place while I was at L.V.W.’s house between the dates of June 8th and June 10th. He had prior knowledge of what was going to happen, and he had knowledge while it was going on and did nothing about it.

While checking E.M.M.’s work email account, I saw a email written by E.M.M. that said “I am going to be made”. Not I am going to have it made, I am going to be made.  Around this time, E.M.M. had cleaned up a bunch of bins that were in the coal room stacked three or four high. He had them all stacked like he was getting ready to go somewhere with them. I saw the bins and asked him exactly that question.



E.M.M. ’s mother MA.L.M. had informed me that she had knowledge of how to make homemade cyanide and that she had learned to make it in the old country of Italy. She stated that it was kept to ferment in her pull barn in Monee Il. The conversation that was had occurred on my front porch and was between E.M.M. and MA.L.M. was sitting next to me on the porch and I told her how I was making herbal tinctures. MA.L.M. explained that she had made homemade cyanide to kill rats and mice, by using apricot pits and grain alcohol such as ever clear or Vodka. In Il. you can purchase Ever clear or grain alcohol where as in IN you can only obtain Vodka which is 80 proof the higher the alcohol content the stronger the poison or tincture created.

The apricot pits are soaked in the alcohol in a jar and placed in a dark place and kept for up to six months or longer to ferment. After that time the pits can be strained but do not need to as this is poison not a herbal remedy or plant matter. When she was telling me how she made this she also stated to me “We know how to get rid of people we don’t like in this family A., and slapped my leg and started to laugh, “but we like you”. MA. L.M. has never liked me as has already been explained in this document.

I had noticed that E.M.M. was craving spinach, since I run my food choices from my cravings, I realized his body was probably craving spinach because he was lacking in something that was found in the spinach. He was purchasing spinach and eating it at all hours of the night. I went online and looked up what vitamin’s spinach contained when it stated vitamin K I then started to search to see what poisons deprived the body of vitamin K. I then found that one of the poisons listed was cyanide.

D.B. alleged that E.M.M. was ingesting cyanide into himself because of what he was doing to me and what I was going thorough and because he was injecting small amounts of poison into my vagina through his semen to cause me to have a reaction to the cyanide and not want to have sexual intercourse in if I did survive. D.B. also informed me that some of the men that were involved in the sex trafficking had done the same.

During one of my last conversations with D.B. he had alleged that they had figured out a way to make the alleged cyanide stronger by fermenting it longer and in grain alcohol, and by then pouring it out onto cookie sheets and dehydrating it into a powder form the same way that dehydrated food is made. The powder is then scraped from the cookie sheets and can be kept in a smaller more lethal dose. It can also then be added to capsules that can be easily purchased through Amazon or any health food store or vitamin Shoppe that carry empty pill capsules.

D.B. warned that I should tell authorities this information and voiced concerns about this as he felt is was highly dangerous and that those who were facing jail time may be about to commit mass suicide or harm others with the powder version of cyanide. From what I have been taught cyanide can be made available in liquid, powder and gas form as the fumes that create the pungent odor also toxic to all forms of life.

Cyanide poisoning by ingestion is painful in the entire body, and especially painful in the groin area or for the reproductive organs, it can cause bladder pain and irritation, a feeling of inflamed urination or severe burning when urinating, sweating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, redness in the face, headache, dizziness, and the seeing of trails, unsteadiness on your feet, loss of balance, concentration, lightheadedness and other feelings that may feel like you are getting the flue or are sick. Like all poisons it is severely damaging to the stomach, intestines, brain, kidneys, liver, pancreas, bladder, urethra’s and reproductive organs.

You may or may not experience severe stomach cramping and twisting, diarrhea or vomiting, and acid reflux. Cyanide is said to have a pungent odor but it may be mixed with soap, laundry detergent and other fragrances such as candle fragrances, in an effort to hide or cover up its odor. These poisons are not usually given in large doses as to not raise suspicion but are given to victims in small doses to promote sickness, and cause a slow, painfully agonizing, dehumanizing, death which is torturous in nature. Cyanide can also numb or turn off a person’s emotions causing them to not react to a given situation in the same manner as you would normally expect. In other words, if someone should be scared of a situation, they may not appear scared as the cyanide turns off those types of emotions. I was told by D.B. about this and what signs to look out for.


Strychnine is a poison that is allegedly similar to arsenic and the main ingredient in many store-bought poisons that can be purchased anywhere. Strychnine allegedly has no none antidote; however, it has been my experience that CYPRO a medication that is used for Anthrax poisoning can be used as an antidote. CYPRO is normally prescribed for kidney infections and persons who are poisoning victims may present with many kidney issues or complain of kidney pain in their back, front, and flank this can occur with or without bladder irritation or painful urination.

Strychnine allegedly changes the texture of your skin and dehydrating it causes the pores to swell and then causing premature or significant sagging and ageing. D.B. alleged that this was being given to me to promote aging because I “looked too young” for my age. D.B. also alleged that it was being given to me in an effort to take my kidney, or kill me for life insurance.  I could not be a witness against him and others as there is no vitamin cure for Strychnine the way that I have been able to find with cyanide and anti-coalagenic poisons.


 I did not feel that I could go to the police about anything, I was raised not to go to the police for any reason ever since I was a little girl. I witnessed my mother being arrested by police, and I had witnessed A.E.V.  be harassed by police officers. I was not believed when I reported that A.E.V. had killed, and not believed when I informed them of being abused by him. I also had been told by my father that the police were E.M.M.’s friends and were not going to believe me and they didn’t when I did go to them. I believed D.B. when I had seen E.M.M. shaking hands with them, talking to them, and he even said he brought them water and newspapers. There was nothing I could do except try and get through each day and stay alive.