Chapter 79 E.M.M. The Poisoning of Me 6/2012 & Seeking Justice

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In 3/2010 D.B. calls and tells me a story, and everything in that story comes true in almost perfect chronological order as he told me nearly two years prior, you tell me how can that be? The fact is, that you can’t look for good reasons that bad things happen and you have to call a spade a spade. This was the first time this happened to me, but I was forewarned my girls were going to be taken, that I was going to be raped, and nearly all of the events that have occurred  since 2017 in nearly perfect order and nearly exactly the way he for told me that it would which really is an different kind of attempt on my life and came with not only mixed messages but also with many threats and has resulted in emotional harm, and a great deal of physical harm. The man is trying to push me to suicide and he has other criminals that are in danger of going to jail helping him, it’s not going to work, but they keeps trying.

“There are TWO things that NO MAN ever wants to do, ONE is go to Jail the other is DIE”  and D.B. is the one who taught me that, not for any reason, not for any cause, not even for me.

This is what happened in 2010 after I put the house up for sale that he refused to pay $400 a month rent for he wanted me to give him the house, my family sacrificed to buy that house so he would not be so stressed living in an apartment, my kids went without and so did E.M.M. and I, and he did not show me any respect at all then destroyed it when he left so I could never rent it again.  D.B. and C.P.S.B.S.B. was not evicted the house was up for sale because he refused to pay the rent, and said I owed him for taking care of me, children do not owe their parents anything for raising them. D.B. is not owed, my daughters and I are the ones that are owed, we are owed big time for what he has done to my life, my kids lives, the other people he murdered’s lives, all the peoples lives he effected negatively, and for the authorities and officials lives and he is not the only one who owes. 











One day, D.B. called me, he asked me to write down two dates. June 9th and 10th of 2012. I was confused as to why he was giving me these dates two years in advance at first, I thought it was for a craft show, I opened notepad and put the two dates in a .txt file.

D.B. went on to say that E.M.M. had come to his home with a friend, and that E.M.M. had planned to poison and murder me for life insurance money. D.B. alleged that E.M.M.  had an affair with Annie Noreen Thompson, he stated that E.M.M. was living a secret life that I was not aware of, and that when he was going out to fires, he was also doing other things including going to see N.A.T.

D.B. alleged that E.M.M. was in the MOB and was a Made man in the MOB, and that he had always been having an affair and referred to her as E.M.M.’s Gumede, she had been intending on getting pregnant to ensure that E.M.M. felt trapped into carrying out the act. D.B. alleged that he insured E.M.M.  that he would not question my death when it happened, he also alleged that he had offered him double the face value of an alleged insurance policy if he provided a death certificate and birth certificate by 3:00 a.m. on June 10, 2012. He alleged that E.M.M.  was a serial killer and that I was not supposed to be mad at N.A.T. about cheating with E.M.M. as he said she was my friend and was doing so to help to take him down.

Mr.  went on to say that E.M.M.  had planned to murder me before those dates and depicted to me what exactly was planned. He also alleged that all of E.M.M. ’s family, my family, and A.E.V. family were “in on it”. He alleged that there were life insurance policies taken out on me by some, and that others had agreed to accept a portion of life insurance in exchange for their silence and not helping me if I were to go to them for assistance.  He alleged that a plan “B” had been worked out and that if I found out or figured out that I was being poisoned and went to the police I was going to be unlawfully seized and put into the psych ward by E.M.M.  and L.V.W., he also alleged that E.M.M. and A.E.V. were friends behind my back and that I just did not know it.

He further went on to say that E.M.M.  had intended on raping my eldest daughter MMM in an effort to push her into helping them to poison me for the money as she is a minor and would not be a primary suspect to the murder the same way he was allegedly a minor when he assisted C.B.B.G.G. in poisoning the victims that they had killed making her the “Scape Goat, if anyone did figure it out or become suspicious of my early death.” He alleged that E.M.M.  was in the MOB and that I had been kept in the dark on it, and that he was an arsonist and killer.

Telling M.M.M. that it was all my fault for not having a job and being able to protect her because I was sick. Further lying to and hurting M.M.M. and the kids and manipulating them all especially her by telling them that she never wanted to be a mother, did not love them, and wanted to abort them. All of which were complete and total lies and could not be farther from the truth. D.B. then stated that he and E.M.M. had millions of dollars in life insurance policies taken out against my life and that he had full intention on collecting on those policies.

D.B. said not to drink out of water bottles and to take water only from the TAP, he alleged that E.M.M.  had told him he was going to pull back the labels on the bottles and use a diabetic syringe to inject poison into them and then reseal them later he alleged that the water filtration canister in the basement had been used to poison the entire family.

D.B. warned about anything I put in or on my body including my toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, perfume, laundry, lotion, shoes, clothing, beds, and everything else. He informed her that Mr. Malik could possibly put poison on anything, he alleged that E.M.M.  may not be doing the poisoning himself but that he had full knowledge of what was going on which he did, D.B. alleged that all poisons could be absorbed into the skin or ingested by her in any number of ways.

D.B. alleged me not to contact the police until after the dates passed, and make sure she reported it to them so that it was documented. D.B. also stated to me if I were to get through it that I should change her name.  D.B. also went on to tell me that E.M.M.  did not truly love me and that he had wanted out of the marriage and that he was only in the marriage because of the children and family and that this way E.M.M. would not have to pay child support, nor give up the house or kids because it was in my name only, and he could make money off her death as well. He also alleged that the kids were going to be spilt up A.E.V. taking back his two and E.M.M.  keeping his two.

The way that D.B. explained it, is if a person is isolated like I was, where I was inside the home all the time tending to the children and ill and had no friends or a small circle of friends, she was an easy target and prey as no one would notice if I died. Further, to ensure that her family will not tell or question the death of a young family member each family member would get a cut of the money, that way they are then involved and won’t speak to authority’s out of fear of getting into trouble themselves. D.B. further stated that without questioning by the family my death would go unquestioned.

D.B. was very upset when he said these things, and he spoke in a very matter of fact tone, he sounded very distressed and serious but at the time I was very defensive and did not believe a word he was saying. I thought that he was making it up to cause a fight between E.M.M. and I. I was further upset when D.B. told me that he could not talk to me any longer because he stated he didn’t want to be implicated in anything. Feeling as though he was being abandoned by him.

D.B. alleged that there was some type of bets that were made, he alleged that there was money that was placed into some kind of pot and given to him. Allegedly those who had invested were placing some kind of bet on if I would survive or not, he said something about “escrow” and a “head fund” not hedge fund. I did not understand what he was talking about and because of this and the other accusations being made I did not believe him until I found the poison in my house and had been really sick and even then I had an hard time believing completely and thought those around me were pulling my leg or trying to scare me. The events that D.B. depicted occurred exactly the way he said they were going to on the exact days that he claimed they would in perfect chronological order.

D.B. told me not to shoot the messenger, as I was screaming at him, and was repeatedly yelling “Ann, I am your father, listen to your father” I could hear C.P.S.B.S.B. in the background yelling “The MOB, Ann” repeatedly.

D.B. stated that he did not think that contacting the police would do her any good and he felt that they were friends with E.M.M.  and may have been “in on it”. D.B. told her to contact the authorities but to attempt to get the State Police, or the Sheriff, but he felt that going to any of the local departments would be unsafe and he didn’t think it would do any good because he said that while E.M.M.  had been out taping fires he had been out making friends everywhere and that his dad C.M. and E.M.M. had already been to Worth and had friends there.

He told her to try and find a cop on the Lake Station Police Department that she felt like she could trust and tell him but to make sure she reports it if it happened. I chose to tell D.B.W.

After D.B. told me all this, he then said that he could not speak to her any more. And that he had to cut off communication with her because he could not take a chance with his family’s lives, and that he was afraid for her and for his family as well. D.B.  told me that she had gotten herself into this mess by marrying E.M.M. and to get herself out of it. D.B. further stated that he had given her all the information she needed to survive.

During the conversation, I exploded on D.B. because of the things he said, I asked him why he did not call the police, and tell them what was going on. I also asked him if E.M.M. said he was going to rape and impregnate M.M.M. then force her to have an abortion, why did E.M.M. still have his teeth. I asked him what kind of grandfather he was that he could sit there and let him say all these things and then let him walk out the door. He replied in a calm tone if I showed that I was mad then I would not be able to find out what their plans are or get any more information, now would I?”

D.B. stated that he did not trust the police in Lake Station and instructed me not to do so. He alleged that some were “In on it” and alleged E.M.M. was friends with them. He said “They are all his friends; what do you think they are going to do to help?” And “How do you know which ones are his friends and which aren’t?” D.B. said, I can’t talk to you no more, I ain’t getting implicated in anything”.

D.B. stated that E.M.M. was going to make the situation so unbelievable that no one would want to believe me and that was the entire point. E.M.M.  told me that this sounds so far out there, and is so far out of the norm, that it would be extremely difficult to get people to listen to the truth. E.M.M. stated that was E.M.M. point of making the situation so unbelievable, so no one would believe it if I tried to tell anyone. As far as I can tell everyone involved has done things that are so far out there it is difficult to believe and deductive reasoning leads me to believe they have always been trying to do me and my children harm for some underlying reason.

Due to the insanity of his statements and some of our past conversations that also included unbelievable statements, in addition to the abuse inflicted on me by D.B. and C.P.S.B.S.B. in the past in regards to C.J.M., and the past arguments, and falling outs, emotional blackmail, hatefulness and the vindictive, meddling nature of D.B. and C.P.S.B.S.B., and the fact that I put the residence that they were living in on the real-estate market due to non-payment of the rent that went on for several months, I did not believe a word that he stated to me over the telephone. I listened to what he said and then hung up the telephone and threw it on the bed and said “Whatever”.

I didn’t believe my father until the hypodermic needle incident May of 2011. The days leading up to those two dates in question and only after finding the rat poison and being so unbelievably ill.  At this point I believed that E.M.M. was up to no good and was trying to get healthy again.

D.B. claimed that my stomach and health problems rooted from poor eating habits, or lack of eating enough, smoking, drinking too much Diet Coke. In addition, D.B. also stated that perhaps I suffered from unknown food allergies and asked if I was checking the dates on the food before I was eating it. D.B. was also aware that I suffered from Systemic Lupus but he did not inform me of that fact, as were my other family members and E.M.M. none of which divulged that information to me or to the physicians or hospitals that I had gone to

Instead he told me that I should simply ignore the pain, push through it, essentially stamping not valid on my very real complaints and blaming my sickness on my diet, soda, and smoking.  In other words, my D.B. was well aware what was wrong with me and why I was sick he just didn’t bother to tell me instead he attempted to blame my health issues on everything else under the sun other than what it was, E.M.M. did the same. 

D.B. had also attempted to blame the city’s drinking water and or poor dish washing by the kids. In essence D.B. discounted that I was in fact ill and attempted to explain away my ailments and frequent bathroom problems even though he was well aware that I was being poisoned by E.M.M. for life and that I was allegedly being killed for alleged insurance proceeds.

The reason he was aware was because he had not only instructed E.M.M. to carry out the poisoning of me but he had also given him the ultimatum of “kill or be killed” and offered him double the life insurance proceeds for doing so by 3 a.m. the June 10, 2012 date.


The weekend of June 2, and 3rd of 2012 E.M.M.’s mother MA.M. had come to the residence to purportedly help with the flowerbed. Maryann stated she was going to drive back out the residence the following weekend to bring a garden hose.

After MA.M. left the residence, I had strong memories of the hypodermic needle incident. I experienced a severe panic attack, during that attack E.M.M. inquired what was wrong. I told E.M.M. that she had a “dream” that was to poke her in the leg with a hypodermic needle but that he couldn’t because it was bent.

E.M.M. looked me and he smiled and asked “What are you the bionic woman?” This heightened my fear of him. Later that evening and after MA.M. left the residence; I became very ill and wanted to go to the hospital.

E.M.M. attempted to detour me from going to the hospital by popping off the 38 pistol he owned in the backyard, a tactic he had used before to detour me from going to the hospital, attempting to make her think he was going to commit suicide.

This time I insisted on going to the hospital, during my CT scan, I asked to speak to the doctor in private. While at the hospital, E.M.M. was talking and flirting with the nurse that was taking care of me, apparently, the nurse was one of my videography fans from his fire and incident videos he has hosted on Youtube. I could not see the nurses name as her name tag was flipped backward.

While in private I asked the ER doctor to do a full toxicology report on me, and informed the doctor that I thought my then husband had been poisoning me. The doctor seemed taken back by the request, he then replied that I had to go to a teaching hospital to get full toxicology report done on her.

The doctor stated “we can only do tests for drugs like cocaine”. I was very confused by the remark. The doctor did not take me seriously, did not ask me why I thought I had been poisoned and then sent her home with E.M.M. I was afraid to tell the doctor the whole story, as I did not feel that he believed me when I told him that I thought I was being poisoned.

E.M.M. took me home from the hospital, went to the basement then went to bed without saying a word. I woke up the next morning and drove to Illinois to get to a teaching hospital but returned home out of fear for the children. I got lost in Illinois, and then returned home after she thought about the children, and was scared that E.M.M. might hurt the children in my absence as retaliation for me leaving the residence and for telling authorities what he had done to her. E.M.M. acted as if everything was normal and fine.

June 8, 2016, I woke up at about 8:30am. I took a drink of my diet coke, when I did, I started to dry heave. I ran to the toilet and threw up a very tiny amount of what I had swallowed. I then spoke to E.M.M. whom acted like everything was ok. After drinking the diet coke, I was not feeling well at all. I then absentmindedly took another drink of her diet coke and began dry heaving again. I then returned to the bedroom where E.M.M. was laying. I sat down on the bed.

As I was sitting on the bed, I began to feel increasingly sick. I got up quickly, and dumped the soda down the kitchen drain. I, returned to the bedroom where I was laying on the bed with an irritated look on his face. I looked at E.M.M. and stated “I am being poisoned!” in an exclamatory manner.

The atmosphere in the residence was thick with tension. E.M.M., without saying a single word, got up and went to the basement, he then got a duffle bag, filled it with his 4 guns, the pistol, his two 38 revolvers and the shotgun. E.M.M. then returned to the bedroom, said “I’m leaving and I’m taking the guns with me.” then he left.

I was stunned and confused by his actions, lack of response to her statement, and removal of the guns from the residence. E.M.M. then got into my car and drove off. At no time did E.M.M. ask why I thought that I was being poisoned. I still had not remembered the conversation I had with her D.B. two years prior, as I thought his warning was just a mean lie to break up her family; and she had disregarded it.

I took note that the family cat Lucky projectile vomited at me, and her daughter MRM was complaining of stomach pain and going to the bathroom, after inadvertently eating soup that was meant for me. I did not feel it was safe for the children to be in the home because I did not know what may or may not have been contaminated with poison.

I asked MMVM to contact the only person I THOUGHT I could trust and that would assist me no matter what my ex-sister-in-law, L.V.W. I spoke to L.V.W. on the phone, she was rattled and scared she briefly described what was happening at the house and bluntly asked if she and the girls could stay at the W. residence.

L.V.W. said that would be fine she sent D.W. to the residence to pick me and the girls up at the house. D.W. drove me and the four girls to Chicago Ridge Il. where I lived. While the girls and I were at the W. home however, L.V.W. did not ask what had happened, or what exactly was going on. However, L.V.W. did ask the girls if they felt like E.M.M. loved them. All of us sat at the table, staring at the table, the silence was a testament of our fear.

I thought it was odd that L.V.W. did not ask what the issues were, as L.V.W. had known me since I was 15 years old. I thought out of anyone L.V.W. would know the right thing to do in this situation, because she is a psychologist and due to that fact, I had valued her opinion highly.

L.V.W. seemed to walk away from me every time I attempted to talk to her making me feel confused and unwelcome at the W. residence. Saturday June 9th 2012, I insisted that I be taken to the hospital where I again informed hospital personnel that I felt that I had been poisoned. I was not taken seriously by hospital staff.

Doctors did tests and found that my potassium was low but they could not explain the pain she had felt during urination. It was a pain I had never felt before. It felt like fire. I was in constant pain in her stomach and bladder region, I have not felt that pain since the incident occurred.

Sunday June 10th 2012, I woke up at the W. residence, the children stated that “Dada is coming to get us tonight”. I asked, how do you know that? The girls said “aunt L.V.W. said we could only stay until Sunday and then we had to go home. I felt extreme panic and fear come over her.

I then remembered what her father had told her two years before. I also realized that everything that was happening is exactly what my father had told her on the exact days and in the exact order that I said the events were going to happen. I then attempted to use the phone at the W. residence, and realized that the phone had not been charged and was dead.

I sat and thought about the conversation I had with her father, and I then told the girls to get dressed and that they were going to walk to the police station for help. I then followed the instructions that her father had given her, she went to Walgreens and purchased a cellphone.

The phone was not charged; I and the girls set out to find a place to charge it. While walking, I attempted to stop and turn around, she said to MMVM that “Maybe it wasn’t E.M.M. after all and maybe it was just his mother who had poisoned me”. MMVM said “NO, mommy its E!” And insisted we continue walking to the police station.

The girls and I went to a Mexican Restaurant, there were outlets in the dining room that could be used to charge the phone. While at the restaurant I recognized some of the people sitting in the dining room. I thought I had seen some of the people before and that they were members of E.M.M.’s family. I was extremely scared for my life because of the warning I received from my father, and the events that were occurring.

The girls and I continued walking to the restaurant. Once there they plugged in the phone so it would charge. Then they sat waiting for the phone to charge and tried to relax.

According to what D.B. had told me on the phone two years before, If I did not leave L.V.W. residence and go for help, E.M.M. had intention of forcing me to ingest pills at gunpoint then claiming that I committed suicide so that he could collect on life insurance policies that he had allegedly taken out on my life.

On the days that D.B. claimed all the events were going to happen, each event occurred in exact chorological order on the exact days and exactly as he had told me. D.B. had told me, to go to the L.V.W. residence, but then to leave the residence and get a phone and call the police, he told her to try and get the state police if possible.

D.B. further told me that E.M.M. was going to have her committed for psychiatric evaluation, and not to be upset. D.B. further told me to let hospital staff lock her up in the psych ward as it was probably the safest place for her until the dates of the policies passed and expired. Or as he put it, “Until this all blows over.” I asked D.B. how I was supposed to stay calm, D.B. then told me, that “It’s easy to stay calm when you know what’s coming next”.

I spent, from June 10th until June 14th of 2012 in the Psych ward under observation, because of the events that occurred. And because I reported a crime had been perpetrated against me.

I believe that E.M.M. may have taken out many life insurance policies against me without my knowledge or consent. E.M.M. has a large family, his mother MA.M. had worked for American General Finance one of the largest Insurance Carriers. His uncle and God Father owned D.I. a insurance broker that E.M.M. and I purchased car insurance from and D.B. had informed me that he had as did all members of my family, his wife’s family and A.E.V.’s family to name a few. D.B. alleged that there was a large amount of Insurance polices purchased. Since the events that he had alleged were going to happen did in exact order on the exact days I had no alternative choice but to believe and accept what he had said was true.

I suffered from severe diarrhea, stomach cramping, and food aversions, every single day for over a year and a half in addition to other ailments. My health had deteriorated, I was wasting, and had been constantly sick. My motor skills deteriorating, I was losing hearing in my left ear, I was losing my hair, I was suffering from extreme bone and joint pain. I experienced strange bruises that came out of nowhere, heart palpations, a racing heart, and severe headaches and alleged kidney infections. I weighed only 111 pounds at my last visit to the primary doctor in 2013 because of the constant stomach problems and I was not dieting. I also suffered a strange phenomenon of my left hand violently shaking uncontrollably as if I had Parkinson’s disease. This uncontrollable shaking could not be explained.

Once my vitamin D levels were brought up the uncontrollable shaking subsided. I also suffered from facial paralysis and had to under go M.S. testing as a result. I suffered seizures, one of which I had while E.M.M. were having sex. E.M.M. did not stop while I was seizing. He later stated he just thought the sex was that good. However, I remember the look on his face, and that was not the case.

I went to the doctor several times and could not get answers as to what was wrong with me. I has undergone much testing in regards to the medical and stomach problems I was having, including barium x-rays, MRI’s, CT Scans, ultrasounds, extensive blood work, colonoscopy, small bowel study’s yet no one could explain the stomach problems I experienced or how the problems almost subsided once I let authorities know that I thought E.M.M. was poisoning her.

No medical explanation exists for my bladder pain, painful urination, or stomach pain that I experienced, however immediately after I got out of the psych ward and with no treatment what so ever it all stopped which is called a “LULL”. Further, Since E.M.M. had left the residence, I no longer suffer from constant diarrhea, elongated periods, and stomach pain, and many of her symptoms that I was experiencing during the marriage and his stay at the residence have disappeared. I have gotten better but do still have reason to believe that I was being poisoned due to D.B. informing me that other people around me had been assisting E.M.M. in an effort to get me to leave my residence and in hopes of collecting, causing an economic collapse, then abduct ping my children, jailing me, defaming my character more, preventing me from earning or obtaining gainful employment, and by way of harassment and frustration which can lead to depression and forced or pushed suicide and also leave me open to become the next persons victim which is a form of tag teaming and scaring me into submission and silence by making constant threats of being placed in jail or the psych ward for telling what has happened to me.

On another occasion, E.M.M. once cleaned the garage, then a few days later reported to me that he believed someone had broken into the garage and cleaned it. Then it was trashed again. I reported that E.M.M. was playing games to D.B.W. from the Lake Station Police Dept.

From what I can tell, D.B. and E.M.M., L.V.W. attempted to take my life from me or keep me tied to them by making me unbelievably sick by way of poison and the introduction of toxins into my environment. When I survived the events of June 10, 2012 they moved on to plan B which was to cause an economic collapse and take my children from me, defame my character any way that they could and then TRY TO force or push me to suicide while also making me sick or killing me by way of poison so that in the end they would still succeed in remaining free, but then they could, would, and do to blame it off on sickness, depression, or suicide. D.B. alleged that many persons were told that this was untrue and that they were only trying to get me to live up to my potential and got them to shun me as a result.

Considering the number of persons around me that have jobs in insurance and where the racketeering has come from in that there were people who had gone to Stagg Highschool that work in Lake County Jail and were friends with A.E.V. and had teased or treated me poorly when I attended Stagg, the number of people who appeared to be from Hale School in NY and the racketeering that have been said by family in conversation’s it seems I have no choice but to believe and accept what D.B. alleged, in any event those around me are participating in constant and continued violations of  RICO, including  Criminal Corruption, Racketeering, Witness Intimidation, Witness Tampering, Criminal Defamation of Character, Lible, to say the very least.

Additionally, their attempts to scare me, silence me, detour me all lends credence to charges of conspiracy. I have experienced different forms of abuse and those involved should and will be held liable in a court of law for those abuses and the parts that they played in assisting D.M. E.M.M. and all others involved,  in the unlawful removal of my children from my sole care, custody, and control by way of causing economic collapse and alleged bribery and favors.


I was in disbelief that everything D.B. had alleged was going to happen came true, I sat on my front porch for hours sitting and thinking “I can’t believe he did this to me, I can’t believe he did this, he was willing to trade me in for money.” I can’t believe they all did this, I can’t believe none of them care, they really don’t care, none of them ever loved me at all, I loved them but they did not love me back. How could they do this? Why ? What did I do that was so wrong? They tried to take me from my girls and make it so they had to grow up without me, how could they do this to them? This is not okay, its never going to be OK, nothing is OK, nothing, absolutely nothing good, could ever come of any of this.” 


I had filed another order of protection against E.M.M. in regards to being in fear of my life and because of the abuse she had sustained from E.M.M. E.M.M. had lit divorce papers on fire, chased me through the residence with them, then cornered in my office in front of my desk and punched her in the face knocking her to the ground. E.M.M. then got on top of me and began strangling me while he was screaming “YOU’RE NOT TAKING MY KIDS FROM ME! “repeatedly. I was unable to breathe or escape E.M.M. grip. My oldest daughter M.M.M. was pounding on E.M.M. back screaming gets off my mom. Three of my four daughters, M.M.M., M.R.M., and M.L.M. witnessed the attack.

E.M.M. then stopped; I grabbed the telephone. E.M.M. then snatched the phone out of my hand and crushed it with his bare hands. I found the second phone; E.M.M. did the same to the second phone smashing it off the doorjamb. I then told M.M.M. to run to the neighbors the Y’s to call 911. E.M.M. then fled the residence in my car.




Later, E.M.M. turned himself in to the Lake Station Police; confessing to the abuse he turned in a signed letter of confession which I was later shown by D.B.W. E.M.M. was allegedly held in Lake County for 9 days and given an un-reasonably low bail of only $300.00 for the incident. When I was held my bail was set at $750.00 the first time and $10,000.00 for reporting crime the second. 

When E.M.M. was brought to court for arraignment, I witnessed E.M.M.  sitting next to G.S. a member of the motorcycle gang Invaders and who was one of the men who sex-trafficked me and engaged in the act of aggravated battery against me which occurred in 2015 after E.M.M.  left the residence for good. G.S. had also given me a business card for his street gang the invaders and the location of that street gang was Cedar Lake which is where my Cousin L. Chor. resides. He further engaged in witness intimidation practices at which time I contacted his probation officer over the telephone and informed them that he was trying to intimidate me.



E.M.M. also willfully signed a Plea Agreement admitting to the charges and was assigned to Anger Management, he went to a psychologist and was diagnosed with Bi-Polar with Explosive Anger Disorder. He never took any court mandated anger management course, nor did he continue to take the medication prescribed and ordered by the court, and the court did not enforce the agreement nor did the Lake Station Police or Prosecutor N. K. even though calls reporting this had been made to the Police Station and N.K. had been notified that I was still being abused. 

Judge C.A. was the judge on the case, and he is also a defense attorney and has rented billboards in the area offering defense attorney services and who is now the Mayor of Lake Station, and Commander in Chief of the Lake Station Police.

The charges against E.M.M. were for domestic violence and strangulation and occurred after the Poisoning of me had been reported to the police. Strangulation is an act that in and of itself can and does result in death and kills 10,000 people in the U.S. each year. There is also additional evidence that was shared with D.W. immediately upon obtaining in which E.M.M. openly admitted to severe domestic violence not just strangulation of me one time but multiple times throughout the marriage.



E.M.M. has strangled, thrown, punched, kicked, shoved, spit on, verbally abused, threatened to kill, and nearly killed, me. He has lied to doctors so that I would not get proper treatment, caused my insurance to expire by not giving her bill to her and hiding it so the insurance lapsed for an entire year. He has lied to the Snap office, thus I suffered from lack of medical and lack of food for the children. E.M.M. has caused her and the children much pain and suffering.

I have also had to file for orders of protection on two separate occasions because of E.M.M.’s abuse and my fear for my life and for the lives of my children. On one occasion, E.M.M. had either wanted to scare me and make her believe he was going to set the family’s residence on fire, or he was setting the home up for a fire. In either case, I became extremely afraid for my children, myself and my home. I felt that the only way to protect myself and children as well as my home was to apply for an order of protection from the court against E.M.M. on two separate occasions.



I had an episode in which M.R.M., M.L.M., and A.J.V.M. witnessed in which I had become ill at began to seize in the office of my residence. I had uncontrollable twitching in my body and it would not stop for a prolonged period of time. I was co-herant and could talk but not without stuttering. I had one of the girls get me a super-giant pickle jar full of water and tried to drink it as fast as I could. After the episode ended, I saw children’s medicine administration syringes on the floor under the stairs in the basement where they should not have been. The next day I noticed that the antifreeze for the car was up between the driver and passenger seats of the car. I took the antifreeze and gave it to my mechanic. The car did not have a leak and there was no need for the antifreeze nor was there a good reason that it should have been between the driver’s seat and passenger seat of my van that E.M.M. had been driving.

In relation to possible antifreeze poisoning, my dog Shadow was allegedly epileptic she had been hit in the head hard many times by E.M.M. for defecating in the house when she was a puppy. I took care of Shadow and protected her, she used to sleep under my desk and was my dog. The dog was prescribed Phenobarbital that was administrated to her during her seizure episodes. Some of those episodes would not be stopped by the Phenobarbital and she would continue to seize anyway. It was not uncommon for her to seize for up to three hours. I have found containers out on the front lawn that appeared to have a bluish or greenish fluid in them and made sure to get rid of all containers so the pets would not drink anything from them.

Most seizures were an hour or so long, she would stop seizing and then start back up again. She would vomit, and sometimes she lost control of her bodily functions usually she did not. Shadow would lose control of her hind quarters completely and would keep going in and out of the seizures while I sat on the floor with her the whole time telling her she was a good girl and she was going to be ok.

I noticed an influx of Shadow’s seizures and her vomiting I also witnessed her sitting in the hallway and staring at the corner it was as if she was dazed. She vomited green slimy fluid that I thought might have been bile. I noticed that her seizures were increasing and she started to have them every two weeks or so which was a lot of seizures for her to be having, I had concerns about her overall health and thought that she might be dying she had a hard time getting up and down the stairs to go outside and had a difficult time getting up.

I talked to E.M.M. about Shadow one day in his truck we were sitting in the Drive Thru at Mc Donald’s, I was voicing my fear that shadow might have to be euthanized because of her health and repeated seizures. While I was talking E.M.M.  looked straight out the car window and said “I’ll take care of it” he scared me when he said that and I did not know what to say.

About a month or so later I found Shadow at the bottom of the stairs by the sewer in the basement she never went into the basement at all as there were to many stairs. I could not even coax her down to the basement when there was a tornado coming. E.M.M. used to call Shadow “Fat Ass” and tell her to move out of his way he was very impatient with her. I do not know for sure as I did not see him push her down the stairs but Shadow had to be euthanized after I found her in the basement do to a broken hip. She was about thirteen years old and a black lab.

The injury to her hip was too severe to be corrected, the doctor also said she had cancer. D.B. alleged that Shadow had also been fed poison and had been used as a tool to determine how much poison could be given to me by E.M.M. Shadow is buried in the backyard in the pet cemetery with Monkeyface and Brighteyes the bishop hooks that marked her grave and her Kong were removed destroying her gravesite by workers after I filed the Federal Court case in Hammond and was unlawfully jailed and unlawfully held for six months.


We had a full-size Doberman Pincher named Jeeder that I had to get rid of because he was sick and had been vomiting green slimy substance, and I could not afford to take him to the vet. E.M.M. took him to the Humane society in Chicago Ridge when he returned, he alleged that the vet told him that we saved Jeeder’s life by bringing him to them.


 I also had to get rid of my Bishon-Freeze Bentley, because he was vomiting, and angry and not acting himself, and I could not afford to take him to the vet. With the loss of past pets and what was going on inside the home as far as my having reasonable grounds to believe I was being targeted and the sudden deaths of BrightEyes and Monkeyface, at young ages, I felt it was in the best interest of the pets to give them up rather than to allow harm to come to them.



When E.M.M. would do the laundry in the basement many times, he would sit on the stairs blocking the basement and watch the wash machine, he would say that it was stuck at eight minutes. When I asked him why he would say that he was waiting for the laundry to finish. When he was out of the house, I was doing the laundry and found rags with chemicals of some kind soaked on them. I do not know what the chemicals were but the rags were soaked in them and they smelled terrible.



E.M.M. has strangled, thrown, punched, kicked, shoved, spit on, verbally abused, threatened to kill, and nearly killed, me. He has lied to doctors so that I would not get proper treatment, caused my insurance to expire by not giving her bill to her and hiding it so the insurance lapsed for an entire year. He has lied to the Snap office, thus I suffered from lack of medical and lack of food for the children. E.M.M. has caused her and the children much pain and suffering.

I have also had to file for orders of protection on two separate occasions because of E.M.M.’s abuse and my fear for my life and for the lives of my children. On one occasion, E.M.M. had either wanted to scare me and make her believe he was going to set the family’s residence on fire, or he was setting the home up for a fire. In either case, I became extremely afraid for my children, myself and my home. I felt that the only way to protect myself and children as well as my home was to apply for an order of protection from the court against E.M.M. on two separate occasions.



G.S. and his pre-conspired attack of me and my children inside my residence was pre-conspired and also included the act of strangulation. G.S. openly let me know that E.M.M. had sent him there, and was drunk and once he put his hands on me I unleashed on him. He had strangled me and I played possum,  when I got up I had him over the edge of the tub with my knee on his back strangling him back because he had head butted me and strangled me, I stopped myself and let him up and after that he was pretty much done. A.J.V.M. called the police and told them what was going on and they came and took him out. Chief J. was the one who took him out of the house and when he did I was standing behind him and saw his tattoo and realized he was a man that i saw taken to the court the same day that E.M.M. had been arrested for domestic violence and who had ran up to me in the courtroom with his tongue hanging out like a weirdo or dog. 

Gregory Smith had  threatened by him that he was going to kill me or have me killed and chopped up and fed to pigs on a pig farm so my body would never be found. He told me that my ex-husband had set me up during the argument that ensued at my residence and lead to his arrest and my prosecution of him for Domestic Violence, he was let out or bailed out of jail 18 hours later. Documents were sent to me from the courts asking for my written statement and if I wanted to press charges, I filled them out as completely as possible and sent them back in to ensure that the charges would stick. He started to park his Orange Pt Cruiser down the block from my house almost daily and men on motorcycles kept driving past my house and hitting the accelerator hard when they would. One night M.R.M. and I were awake and we both heard him standing on the front porch and he dinged my phone somehow as I had a Windows phone and I heard my computer go off as well. He was trying to sync his phone with mine. M.R.M. and I stayed quiet in the bedroom and i grabbed my phone and shut down my computer quickly.I did not go to the door because I was scared. there are finger prints on the brown wood that I had to put into the door because the glass was broken and my door is as old as the house so it is not easy to fix. 

This incident was used against me as a tool and brought up in court and on court documents by the Indiana Department of Children and Families in the Chins case that occurred in 2016-2017. The man physically attacks me in my house and is pulled out by police and the chief of police J. was the one to remove him and then Chief J. stands in the chins proceeding and does not tell them about the physical altercation which is Police Misconduct and Fraud. Additionally it was used against me as a tool as was my having A.J.V.M. taken to North lake when she was delirious and needed both medical and monitoring because something was going on that made her septic and delirious and I could not watch her twenty four hours a day and did not want her to die on me. 

G.S. had prior charges against him that he informed me of so when he started to partake in stalking and intimidating me I contacted his probation officer at Lake County Jail and reported it. A.J.V.M. stood up for me the night the ordeal happened and the officers took photos of her foot, and the kids tried to take videos of the incident but they were deleted. 



E.M.M. came to the house to see the kids, and I showed him what G.S. did on video I wanted him to see his handy work. I knew he sent him and thought you know what lets see how you like this. Not long after G.S. called C.P.S. on me and made all kinds of false accusations, they were outlandish but I knew that E.M.M. was coming after the kids and CPS went away because there was absolutely nothing wrong at my house and all claims were Unfounded. There was a woman named Tiffany I had to meet with at Mc. Donald’s while I was there Tiffany said to me, “Maybe you need a little break”. I flat out told her about the abuse, and she did not listen nor believe me, she also said my kids were special needs which they are not nor were they ever and I told her I did not want or need a break. 

Tiffany worked for Community Partners and then I saw her ask E.M.M. to be her friend on Linked in his email was still open on my Ipad when I clicked on it and it logged me out so I could not see if it was her for sure or not but it looked to be. One day I contacted E.M.M. and Tiffany contacted me a few minutes later which struck me as both odd and possibly jealousy. I contacted Community Partners to see what her last name was for my lawsuit and was unable to find out any information they refused to give me her last name and then I think they alleged she did not work there anymore the same way Ms. Protho allegedly does not work for CPS any longer. 

After CPS came to the house I informed E.M.M. who alleged he told everyone everything was fine at the house, he sounded infuriated because the house was perfect and I had allowed the CPS woman to speak to them alone in the living room and they told her they were happy with me. He was trying to find a way to steal them so when sex-trafficking me did not work, he blew up my car and caused a financial domino effect by not paying his court ordered child support, inflicting emotional blackmail on the kids, and lied, and kidnapped them  and the people depicted on this site including Tiffany from Community Partners all helped. 

When the kids were taken CPS had alleged that they had never even been to my house before and that this was the first time they had gone there which was perjury they had been there and Tiffany knows that as does the Church where I had to go and sit though ridiculous parenting classes to comply with them because I needed help with a water bill and the only way they will help is if you go though their parenting class not ordered by a judge just because you need help with finances how the two are correlated is beyond me. 

E.M.M. made the video saying he would not take or try to take the girls from me in January of 2015, the sex trafficking mainly occurred after he left the residence in February of 2015, G.S. incident occurred in April or May of 2015, the ordeal with CPS and Tiffany occurred in July/August and E.M.M. alleged that he had quit his job at the end of September and told me that in October of 2015 for a job selling life insurance, the girls were abducted unlawfully February 24, 2016. D.B. alleged that E.M.M. had gone around selling life insurance polices to judges and officials and people who worked at the jail and they intended on collecting on those policies by pushing me to suicide by taking my daughters and keeping them from me indefinable meaning I was not supposed to know how to fight or fight in court and never have them returned. 



One day, while I was living upstairs, I woke up and noticed that there was a pile of cigarette packs on my nightstand. I also noticed a sheet on the floor that had not been there the night before, the sheet had a cigarette burn on it. Further the children had pointed out that there were two small holes poked into the wall about knee high in the un-used bedroom adjacent to hers.

I then went into the hallway, I noticed that the light-bulb was out. There were two air conditioners that had been in the closet on the floor in the middle of the walk way in the hall leading to the stairs, however it was the middle of winter and they were not there before. I knew the children did not put them there as they are very heavy and they could not have moved them out of the closet. Then when she asked the children had no idea why the air conditioners were in the middle of the walkway.

I checked the smoke alarms on the second floor and found that the batteries had been removed.

I then went downstairs to the main level of the home where everything seemed pretty much normal, however out of curiosity she checked the smoke alarms and found that those smoke detectors did not work either.

I went to the basement where I discovered E.M.M’s disastrous mess. There was clothing piled on both washer and dryer, the dryer was disconnected and had been blowing dryer lint all over the wall, floor and behind the dryer.

Above the dryer lint area and between the washer and dryer, I moved a army duffle bag that had been hanging from the rafters that had belonged to my brother R.A.B. When I removed the bag, I discovered thick cotton wicking tied to and up against the rafters. I then stood back and looked at the mess and saw that the way it was set up could easily lead to a fire.

I noticed that the fuse box was open, exposing the fuses for the house which was right above the dryer lint, it had moisture on it from the dryer. Because the door was open the moisture was collecting on the electrical box. A nearby junction box cover was missing and wires were sticking out of the junction box. In the corner the garbage was over full with clothing inside of it and hanging out the top, leaves were on top and it took two construction contractor bags to clean up just that area of the mess.

I then saw the mess that E.M.M. had created and became extremely afraid that E.M.M. was going to burn down the residence.

I had found a paper bag next sitting right next to the furnace, the bag was ripped on a forty-five-degree angle and placed flush up against the side on the furnace. Inside the bag was an old fashion light-bulb and it was sitting on a silver gum wrapper and a paper receipt was inside the bag. The bag itself was placed right up against and touching the furnace, the footing to the furnace had been removed and I could see the reflection of flames from inside the furnace. The bag was resting on an old exact-o knife set with open blades in it, the set looked familiar as belonged to me.

I became extremely afraid that E.M.M. was attempting to blow up the house with everyone including himself inside. I immediately told E.M.M. he had to move out. I contacted D.B.W. from the L.S.P.D. through Facebook, and told him what I had found. D.B.W. then told her to go get an order of protection immediately the next morning.

The next morning, I went to the courthouse and filed for an order of protection and evicted E.M.M. from the residence. When I returned from court and as I was pulling up to the residence, she noticed that the chimney was billowing smoke or steam excessively. I checked the thermostat and found that it had been turned up to 98 degrees.

I then went to check on the home security system and found that it had been completely disconnected from the cable modem and was not working. It did however show that someone had entered the residence, but it did not show that anyone had left which indicated to me he was still inside the house.

I thought that perhaps E.M.M. had hidden inside the home, in the area above her office where there is a large area where a person could possibly hide. However, I was afraid to confront E.M.M. so I did not check myself.

I then went to check the furnace, I noticed that there were holes drilled into the exhaust pipes leading out from the furnace to the brick chimney and the same on the hot water heater, causing a carbon-dioxide leak. I further noticed that there was tape next to the holes and an adhesive line on the pipe, as if the tape had been covering the holes and then had been removed and set next to

them. I realized that the tape belonged over the holes and replaced the tape over the holes so that no carbon dioxide would leak into the home. The shape of the tape was cut into triangles. I looked for the carbon dioxide detector, it was gone.

I remembered that E.M.M. had told me about a family that had died due to carbon dioxide poisoning a few weeks before in Merrillville In.  Further, I noticed that the footing had been put back on the bottom of the furnace where it had been gone before. The socket and handle were found on the floor of E.M.M.’s room.

There were at least 20 empty containers that had contained laundry soap but were empty, that

he had piled up, near the entry to the basement from the outside, dried leaves, clothing, and dryer lint that had accumulated about two inches deep around the dryer, circuit breaker, garbage and where the cotton wicking was tied to the rafters.

In addition, I further filled up and disposed of an additional 8-10 contractor bags full of the children’s old cloths that could not be warn but were all over the basement causing a fire hazard. I had to walk them up the stairs and drag them out onto the front lawn in the snow. It was excruciating but had to be done for the safety of the kids, house and myself.

That weekend, and because of E.M.M.’s torment, the police and fire department were called to report to the residence three times. The last call that was made was made by I ’s oldest daughter M.M.V.M. While in the basement, I noticed that all the basement windows had been sealed.

However, every pull chain had been removed from every light fixture in every area of the basement. The girls kept smelling a noxious chemical type smell inside the residence. It was winter and all the windows were sealed as it was early January. However, the children and I both kept smelling this noxious smell. Twice, I called the fire department thinking that possibly natural gas was leaking inside the residence.

The third and final time the police were called by M.M.V.M who was insistent that she smelled

Gas as did I it was an odd chemically smell.  I kept the windows of the house cracked a little in all the rooms, it was chilly but safer than the alternative.

I found an empty canister of MAP gas in a cupboard on the side of her home. I further found pieces of brick that were cut off her home. Finally, I became exhausted due to the torment and trying to clean up E.M.M.’s messes. I had all four children sleeping in the king size bed with me in the room closest to the front door, just in case a fire did happen. I took the children’s coats and put them inside out on the top of the blankets because the inner lining of them was orange in case there was a fire the firemen would be able to see where we were. In the front room window an orange scarf was placed for the same reason.

I had spent 3 days cleaning and getting rid of E.M.M.’s mess by dragging large carpenter bags outside in the ice and snow, I had not slept as I wanted to watch the house to ensure E.M.M. did not burn it down. I took all my photography lights and lit up all the windows in every room and turned on every light in the house so that E.M.M. would not know what room she and the children were in.

I attempted to call family and asked if she and the girls could stay at with them, she was told no, and other family members did not answer the phone or nor did they ever return a call. I called shelters and asked if the girls and I could go their but was told there was no room.

MRM, and MLM, had a friend nearby who said that the family could come stay there for the night to get some sleep since they were all afraid of E.M.M. The girls and I went to the house. That night not long after everyone went to bed, I smelled the strong odor of fire or wood burning.

The residence did not have a wood burning stove or fireplace that I knew of. I also heard loud sirens as if they were outside and then heard loud popping, like tires exploding.

I became very scared; my heart sank as I laid their perfectly still thinking my house and car were gone, I was literally petrified to go look and see if my home was still there. The next morning, I was so scared that the children may get hurt by E.M.M.’s antics I decided that it might be best for her to contact CPS for help. I thought that if a CPS worker came there maybe she could get additional help in stopping E.M.M. and at the very least she could place the girls with CPS temporarily until she could get away.

I was scared to death; I did not want anything to happen to my children inadvertently, and felt if E.M.M. was to burn the house down with me in it, then it would only be me and not the children.

I wrote a note to the teacher in one of the children’s agenda for the teacher to contact CPS

and to send a social worker to the residence where I was staying.

I also felt scared, trapped, and she was extremely scared that the girls were going to get hurt because of E.M.M. games and torment. Further, I am afraid of only one breed of dog, which is a Pitbull. At or around six (6) a.m. she got up because she heard dogs barking; and a knock at the door.

I had to use the restroom as well so I hobbled down the stairs (slowly as I was in much pain) she then heard E.M.M. voice. I then heard the men ask “you said there was a little dog?” I heard E.M.M. say something, but by the time I got downstairs, the door was shut and the man who sounded like Mr. Malik was gone.

While I was downstairs, I saw a key ring that I knew belonged to E.M.M. but that I had not seen in years. I, also noted a stack of papers on the counter which looked to be some type of paperwork regarding insurance at this point she felt that it was possible that the people at the residence was just playing with her and trying to scare her but she was still very scared.

Further, around 11:00 or 11:30am. E.M.M. showed up at the residence to purportedly give me money to take care of the children. I wondered how E.M.M. knew where we were. It was not like me to go stay anywhere other than the residence, especially on a school night. I never had visited or gone to that residence in the past. I immediately noted the smell of fire on E.M.M.

I told E.M.M. felt trapped due to the Pitbull being at the bottom of the stairs and my not being able to leave the upstairs because of it. E.M.M. told me that if I felt uncomfortable that she had a home to go home to and to go get hers and the children’s things, while he waited so she did. He then walked her home.

E.M.M. was treating me like a child. Once inside the residence, I  noticed that the gallon of laundry detergent that she had upstairs to wash the floor was missing.

She also noticed that one of E.M.M. Fire DVD’s was on the counter. Which had not been there the night before.

E.M.M. then lead I  to the basement to talk to her, he sat on the freezer in the basement and he gave her explicit instructions that if something was wrong at the residence, for instance if I smelled gas, or anything of that nature that I was to call him or call NIPSCO but that I was not to call the police, or the fire department for anything.

E.M.M.told her that the police and fire department had both contacted him and that they told him that they allegedly thought I was crazy because I  had contacted them three times in three days they were ready to arrest me for false reporting when he has 600 fire videos on youtube and it was plain as day what he was up to and was harassing me and or trying to burn down the house with the girls and I inside. Which I don’t know why else someone would set it up that way either way it was malicious intent.

E.M.M. went on to say that it cost’s the fire department $700 dollars each time they must take the truck out of the bay and that the fire chief Bozo was in his words “pissed off”. I  knew E.M.M. was friends with both members of the police department and the fire department so she believed him. After that day, I  became afraid to call the police or fire department for anything. 

I  realizing that E.M.M. had probably manipulated the police and fire departments and she dropped her request for an order of protection against him. I felt that E.M.M. was too powerful and that I would probably lose the children and could face charges because the police and fire departments apparently did not believe my claims against E.M.M.

E.M.M. returned to live at the residence because I was scared of him, I ended up relocating back to the main bedroom because I did not want him to start a fire with me on the second floor. 

A few weeks later, I  found the fire extinguisher hidden under a pile of boxes in the downstairs back porch. E.M.M. had buried it with boxes and other items.

To my knowledge, that was not where E.M.M. had kept the fire extinguisher in the past; it was always kept by the wood burning stove right outside the kitchen door on the stoop.

Further, when she asked E.M.M. about the fire extinguisher, he stated it had expired and no longer worked.

I  asked E.M.M. to try to expel the fire extinguisher, and when he did so it sprayed foam used to put out fire; and it clearly worked.

I  also noticed that there seemed to be an extremely large number of nails hammered into all the rafters in the basement where I kept my art supplies.

I  asked E.M.M. to remove them, after brief argument he did.

E.M.M. and I  broke up and got together one more time, until February of 2015 when MMVM, the my oldest daughter contacted the me through and stated that she had been ill with kidney infection and had an injury to her leg and could not walk.

M.M.V.M. further stated that she wanted to come home, but that she did not want to reside at the residence with MMVM; she stated he made her feel uncomfortable and that he was too negative.

I  informed E.M.M.  of the situation, and I informed E.M.M. that he had to leave the residence so that MMVM could return to her home.

E.M.M. left the residence, and stated he was going to reside with a man who he worked with named “Mike” and whom was also a member of law enforcement.

E.M.M. did not choose to see his children during weekly visits the way he should of and as was stated in  the divorce decree.

E.M.M. did not call or contact his children after he left the residence.

E.M.M. ignored all attempts made by anyone from the residence to get in contact with him and did not contact the girls for Christmas and did not pay even close to what he was supposed to pay for his court ordered child support. In fact he only sent in the neighborhood of two hundred dollars during the month of December causing the girls to have nothing for Christmas.

E.M.M. did pay his weekly child support as mandated by the Lake Superior Court until September of 2015 when he chooses to quit his job then he began to fall behind. 




From the time that E.M.M.  and I moved to Lake Station he would video tape and photograph fires that he heard over his police scanner. He had both a desktop scanner and then purchased a handheld scanner that he carried along with him and that he had allegedly gotten approval to obtain from a store in Hammond where police and firemen obtain their scanners. E.M.M. would go to fires that he heard called out over the scanners most times he would be gone for many hours, up to four hours a lot of the time. He would allege that he was talking to the guys or just say that it took that long to put the fire out. A lot of the times he was first on scene.

E.M.M. has experience as a fireman, EMT/MEDIC training, fire investigator training, and pyrotechnics experience. His prior email and online username were CEC76PYRO@HOTMAIL and CEC76PYRO. There were many accusations about E.M.M online and I witnessed some accusatory questioning myself in person such as “So, where were you when the fire started?” D.B. accused E.M.M. of starting the fires in Gary and Lake Station as well the surrounding areas. E.M.M. would edit the video that he took at fires and put them up on YouTube and he would tell everyone he knew that had anything to do with Police or Fire that he was doing so.




Due of the accusations that were made about him he started to also go to other types of incidents, drunk driving stops, and car accidents. D.B. would only video tape or photograph after the victim was removed from the accident as I had once gotten angry about him taking photos of incidents with victims inside as I thought it was sadistic. E.M.M. earned an income from the fires and videos he took by way of AdSense from Google, the year that he was off of work as a finisher because of being hurt he earned around eight hundred dollars for his ad-sense check from google for Christmas. Some of his checks could be as high as $600.00 he was not driving traffic to the videos nor was I, he was only uploading new videos and people were watching them.

E.M.M. built up a large following of police, fire and EMT workers all over the country as a result. When I was married to him and he was taking the videos I did not really thing that he was starting the fires, but I began to think it was suspicious when I saw that he had tried to burn my house down with the girls inside and when I found items such as 10 gas cans in the back of his pickup truck, I also thought it was suspicious when I found a towel with two eyes cut out of it in my locked trunk which was put in there by him and I think that it was in an effort to tell me that he had started fires.

E.M.M. has lost items at fires including his prescription glasses, and items have been removed from my house including spools of cotton string, spools of trim for sewing, and yards of fabric, every towel we had and all linens. E.M.M. used to sit on the stairs when the laundry was running in the basement blocking my ability to get to the basement and when he did, I would ask him why he was sitting there and he would say he was waiting for the washing machine to stop running. 

Inside E.M.M. truck I found rope, and a rag with chemicals soaked on it in his glove box that was placed on a cellphone that was supposed to belong to M.M.V.M. that had been sent to her from L.B.

Around the time that I was supposed to of been killed and he was supposed to be working for Midwest Construction for R.Y. and E.Y. he went and broke into a large barn in Chesterton and took photos of the barn. Later, I saw that a large barn had burned down E.M.M. had brought home antique doorknobs from the barn, some were black and some were ornate, he handed me one to show it to me due to its ornate design.

D.B. had alleged that E.M.M. had started a nightclub on fire in Gary with people trapped inside and had killed them. He also made allegations that Ed had participated in a robbery and used his guns to pull off the robbery of a gas-station in Gary.

Once while R.A.B., and E.M.M.  were residing at the house they came home and reported that someone was shooting at cars from the overpass. D.B. alleged that it was them.


D.B. alleged that he had given A.E.V. and E.M.M. a license to kill and be criminals and they just would not stop killing, and robbing, raping, and tearing shit up. D.B. alleged that E.M.M. had used chemicals such as ether to rape women and had been pushing himself on them D.B. alleged some of the women that he had pushed themselves on had not even realized themselves that they were raped.

E.M.M. makes bombs made from acetylene line gas, gunpowder, and powdered creamer. He purchased creamer from Walmart often. Once, while at Walmart I wondered why we needed such a large container of creamer especially since he and I nor the kids really drink coffee and I do not think I even had a working coffee pot at the time. The creamer is highly flammable and he puts inside balloons or even surgical gloves and makes a bomb from them with some kind of wick.

D.B. alleged that the fingerprints of E.M.M. and A.E.V. and for some reason his prints were not run the way they should of been when he was arrested and sent to LCJ. D.B. Said had they been run they would of found all kinds of crimes that were perpetrated by them. They knew what the crimes were and that it was them but I did not know what the crimes were and what I knew and did not know and this was how I was supposed to take my power back from them and everyone else who took it from me including CPS the Corrupt Judges and other officials and all the other people that helped them and broke the law while doing so. D.B. was angry and serious when he said this to me, he says these things and I don’t believe him when he does, maybe its because its so out of the blue or inconceivable to me that I was living with people that were allegedly living double lives including him. Trying to kill me to hide a baby or to get access to money I suppose I could comprehend but to be this big of criminals and to be poisoning and killing and raping just seemed inconceivable to me at the times I got the calls, after thinking, and going over memories and photos and seeing the things that were pointed out to me at my house and how in my face they are about what they are doing, I rethought my position.