Chapter 8 The Rumplestilkins

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D.B. is the king of emotional blackmail, he has called me in the past and told me that If I did not obtain a job making $50,000.00, he did not want to talk to me ever again. I hung up the phone and did not speak to him again for over four or five years. This happened when he was living in Florida.

D.B. had my daughters unlawfully taken from my custody and the legal maneuvers that were used to do so were the exact legal maneuvers that had been explicitly taught to me and gone over with me by D.B. in their entirety. From the unlawful entry to my residence, the way to handle the chins proceedings in my having to back away, to the failure of the courts to stop proceedings by the lower courts upon my case filing in Federal Court, to the asking for recusal’s due to failure of the judges to recuse themselves, and the unlawful transference of the case from one courtroom into another which does not negate the fact that the original proceedings were already cited in the higher court and that case had not been decided on.

Both the first and second judges from the lower courts had already been named in a higher court case filing as defendants, and had no business ruling over my case once they were notified in writing that I was filing a civil 1983 case in the Hammond Federal District court. The entire ordeal was so unbelievably unlawful it is disgusting, the transference of custody was not lawful and as such I am rightfully the custodial parent, additionally it has been alleged that I do not have rights to my children my rights were not disposed of I am and always will be the mother of my daughters regardless of anything anyone wearing a robe that makes $40.000.00 year says.

You do not lose your rights as a parent or a right to your kids ever, and you never lose your rights as an American citizen those rights do not vanish the moment you become a parent. The only way you lose some not all but some of your constitutional rights is when you kills someone and are no longer considered “a man” or when you die, your rights do not carry over to your kin, they are your rights and your rights alone and cease the minute you take your last breath.

D.B. took first my eldest daughter and told her to stay away from me until I got the situation under control and obtained justice for what was done to her. Then did the same with my other daughters. I call him Rumpelstiltskin, when at L.Chorn’s house he called himself Rumpelstiltskin as his step daughter K.S. had her daughter taken and he had expected her to fight but made it nearly impossible for her to do so intentionally.

I am being denied access to my daughters, being made to worry about their safety and well being and intimidated until I do what D.B. and others want me to do regardless of if I want to or not. If I do not, I will not be allowed to have a life of my own, have my kids be apart of my life, run a business, get married or obtain justice and closure. I told D.B. I was going to try and live on love and he took my love, my children are my love. I can not be bought, so he took what mattered most to me. D.B. alleges that every man has a price but he could not seem to find mine, he said he thought he knew what that price was and it was my children and their safety and my safety and reunification with them.

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