Chapter 80 The Use of Triangles




Above the toilet in the basement is a water filtration canister that was installed prior to the purchase of the house, the valves on the water lines are in a triangular formation. There are triangles in the back-downstairs porch area that were cut with a grinder and triangles in the garage where a man that alleged, he was being targeted had allegedly died. I did not know he was in the garage; I was told later by D.B. that the man who was brought home by E.M.M. had gone into the garage and died and had been in there for three years without me knowing it. It was alleged that E.M.M. took the body out of the garage wrapped it in a blanket threw it in the back of his pickup truck and disposed of the body. 

When living at the condo in Chicago Ridge E.M.M. brought a box in from outside that he alleged he had found in the garbage inside the box were triangular shapes made from paper or paper-towel.

E.M.M.  unwrapped them all looking to see if there was anything wrapped inside of them.  He used triangles in the corners of the shower to make shelves and in the back porch of my house he put in absolute black marble tile and used triangle shapes as the boarder for that tile. In Lyon’s he also used triangle’s in the kitchen tile. There are triangles in the back splash of the kitchen which E.M.M. also put in.

The front end of A.E.V.’s dad’s black Buick Skylark that he was driving was ran over by a school bus, and turned into a triangle. 

The front hood of my car was cut by firefighters who put out when my car that I had just bought from a mechanic had started on fire the week I married A.E.V. 

E.M.M. used triangular shapes consisting of two piece of tiles cut in half, and sandwiched together and put in the corners of the shower that he built. 

E.M.M. often uses triangles in his tile work and creates borders from them this can be seen in tile work at my residence. 

There were triangles from a rack that E.M.M. and I created and the legs of a baby bouncy chair that D.B. alleged had purposeful been placed in my garage to indicate to me where the man named Williams that was a convicted murderer that E.M.M. brought home with him from Walgreens, when he went out one night to purchase me diet coke and brought me back three two liters, and this man who alleged he was a squatter being poisoned and that someone poisoned his cat. D.B. alleged the man had gotten out of E.M.M.’s truck and went to the garage, as the door was unlocked and died in there, it was  alleged went into my garage and then went missing from my garage which I do not know if he went in there or not, when I noticed he was missing I looked in the back yard and did not see any foot prints in the snow ding to the backyard. I took photos of where D.B. alleged he would of been which is the only place in the garage anyone could of been hiding, and  the photos did come out with triangles in them the way D.B. alleged they would.

I took the photos standing from above as there is no way to get to the front of the garage unless you climb over everything and it is a death defying feet.  It is a huge mess in there, there are three bin lids laid out which look like they are covered with dirt stuck on them from moisture and the man had been urinating on himself and I told E.M.M. to take him to the hospital the man did not want to go. D.B. alleged the man had killed himself in my garage,but that is illogical as D.B. then said E.M.M. had moved the mans body and got rid of it, if the man killed himself then why would E.M.M. move the body.  If the man even went into the garage and died, he may of been removed by police as I had informed D.W. that E.M.M. brought home a convicted murderer that had just got out of jail for doing 30 years. They may of made him leave E.M.M.’s truck or he may of left of his own accord. 

D.B. sent me a triangular shaped charm with a black onyx stone in the center of it that D.B. had sent to me with my family heritage book and was stolen from me. 

The valves in my basement around the toilet tank and water filtration canister are set up in a triangular shaped formation and that many valves are not needed for the water filtration canister to work and function the way it should. 

There were two triangles cut into the floor with a grinder near where the hole was found that may or may not contain a body that D.B. had alleged did contain a body. The holes were filled in some using thin set. This is where E.M.M. had cat litter piled on top the stairs which was making me sick and stinking up the house. 

E.M.M. used triangles in the tile work in the kitchen in Lyons Il. 

The triangle shapes used in tile work as it extremely common to use triangles in tile work, and can be a coincidence D.B. had alleged that it was not a coincidence and that these were “Calling cards” and should be brought up and pointed out to investigators. The back porch is done in forest web, and absolute black marble and was done that way for two reasons one being the wood burning stove, and the second being that was where we kept the dogs when they were potty training as it was installed with epoxy grout.