Chapter 81 Killing by Way of FORCED or PUSHED Suicide & by use of TARGETING & ORGANIZED CRIME STALKING

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D.B. alleged that he E.M.M., L.Chorn.  and their GANG And mobs affiliated members that they  ran with, and that the other assailants ran with in my family had been killing people by way of forced or pushed suicide, on this page these are some of he methods that they have tried to use, and still try to use on me and I have seen used on others in my family and were said to be used on people outside of my family.

Including : D.B., A.E.V., L.B.,  L.Z., A.J.V.M, A.Mc.D.,  C.P.S.B.S.B., and possibly K.S., & K.S., and  M.A.B., La.Chorn., and possibly De.W. &  in regards to M.M., A.P., and there may be others. 


It was alleged by D.B. that T.S.M. had gone to D.B. and reported to him that her brother and sister were being poisoned by D.B. L.Z. was the mother of three, and an alcoholic that had gotten her life back on track on her own.

Her boyfriend M. was also abusive and an alcoholic that had allegedly attempted to sexually assault T.S.M causing T.S.M. to leave her residence at age 17 and while still in high school. M. had wanted to get back together with L.Z. and she allegedly did not want to take him back so he threatened to kill himself. L.Z. told him to go ahead. He went out on his bike and allegedly purposefully crashed it into a car while driving drunk. He broke several bones in his body and lost his leg. L.Z. was guilt ridden and began to drink again.

L.Z. had lost her job, apartment, her car, her kids, and then her life. T.S.M. alleged that L.Z. had lost everything and had jumped in front of a train causing her to kill herself.

D.B. alleged that my stepbrother A.D. had pushed her as he worked nearby at McNeil hospital where L.Z. had been detoxed and knew of her as he had been her nurse. In either event D.B. was behind the forced or pushed suicide of her.

D.B. causes people to lose their jobs or tells other people what to do to cause people to lose their jobs and cause an economic strangulation type situation.


The attacker calls their place of employment, and gets them into trouble with their bosses, sends other people into their jobs to mess with them while they are on the job, and has people harass them and cause a scene or stage a fight at their work getting them into trouble.  He does this until they quit the job or are fired, and if they try to obtain a new job, he then uses surveillance to find out where they are headed to and then calls the place before hand and says bad things about them so they will not be hired.

D.B. alleged that in my case the family had taken a telephone book and split it up among each other, contacted ever number in the book, and then spent their time contacting business’s and lying to them so that I would not be able to obtain work, he alleged that C.P.S.B.S.B. had gone to churches in my area and lied to them so that I would not be able to get assistance from any of them including food pantry’s.

D.B. alleged that he and family members including E.M.M. who I had put in charge of handling my Dr appointments and drove me to the appointments had contacted them prior to me going to the doctors offices and made false allegations about me saying that I was only drug seeking, preventing me from getting proper medical care for real physical injuries and for the sickness he was causing by poisoning me. 

I was told by my Rheumotogist to be checked out by a nephrologist, but when I attempted to contact one was denied an appointment, when I go to the hospital and ask for ct scans or MRI’s to be done of my kidney’s I am continually blatantly ignored even though I have had many alleged kidney issues, and allegations have been made about my only having one. I saw two on a CT scan but have concerns after E.M.M’s fake chest x-rays being brought up to me and left for my review and to be added as evidence to this case. 

When I contacted attorney’s about the situation and was seeking their assistance with my case the fee’s were astronomically high, did and were not interested did not return any calls or reply to any online messages sent to them requesting their assistance. . 

In L.B.’s case she was allegedly “blacklisted” from going to the doctor in that if she calls to make an appointment, she is denied access to medical services and cannot get her teeth fixed even though she has social security and a new plate should be covered.

I have experienced “blackballing” in that I had dental insurance and then when I needed my teeth fix, I was then told before my next appointment that I no longer had dental insurance even though it was supposed to be part of my plan. Additionally, while at the dentist a piece of my bonding was purposefully broken on my front tooth. The bonding was broken and then I was told I could not return because my HIP-PLUS had been downgraded to HIP Basic even though I had paid for HIP-PLUS and had already gone to the dentist once and was approved. This may be another circumstance in which Political agenda are at play in that it seems like I have been constantly baited by different agency’s in Indiana to sue. Regardless I have a right to healthcare and dental like anyone else.


My cousin La. Chorn, was struggling to survive and became reliant upon the family for their assistance once you’re sick you can’t work and are dependent on the few or one person that is left that will provide you with a roof over your head and access to food stores to access food. You become totally isolated, depressed, and dependent. In the end it is all about taking power and control over another person which does lead to abuse and could lead to worse. While they do that they attack your self-esteem and self-worth with the unending hateful statements, rude remarks, self-esteem damaging comments. They attack you for being sick, and not having a job when if they had not caused the sickness in the first place or did everything they could to make the situation as horrible for you as possible with the racketeering then you would not be dependent and they would not have a reason to hate on you. It’s a problem in the wiring that stems from repeated abuse and a cycle of abuse and it has to be some form of mental sickness, that I can not wrap my own brain around. As it is illogical, and lacks reason in its entirety unless it’s for malicious intent.

When you are the victim of this malicious intent, you cannot obtain employment you have no car, no place to live, and your only alternative is the streets, which is not a viable option and lands you in jail or prison and can result in criminal activity which then lands you in jail. D.B. has tried everything he can to turn or make me look like I am a criminal, even having false charges on me, and having me arrested wrongly multiple times to defame my character so that I would not be listened to or believed and so that I would whined up on the street he used to say “If you don’t stop being such a snitch and  a god damn goodies two shoes, you’re going to be living under a viaduct someday or they will find you dead in a ditch somewhere, our out in some open field.” I told the truth about what happened to me and he has done everything he can to make that statement come true and my ex-family members are helping him. 

D.B. has alleged to doing this to L.B. as well causing her to lose multiple jobs, lose apartments, cars, and everything she owns in attempts to get her to quit drinking or push her over the edge. L.B. had gone to the Chicago Police and reported the killing of D.G. when it happened in the 1980’s a death investigation was started and the police went to the house but S.J.G. was her father and refused an autopsy, D.B. alleged he did not know and was told later and allowed himself to be poisoned and tortured to death knowing that one day this would happen and I would have him exhumed to prove that D.B. is a killer. 

On my mothers side, La. Chorn. had once told me how he pan-handled just to try and survive, he is allegedly deceased now.  He had problems keeping a job and securing a place to live, the family accused him of being a drug addict which he might of been, I do not know he died young of a heart-attack in another state and was allegedly laid to rest in Nevada. D.B. alleged he was supposedly alive and in hiding, I do not know if this is true. 

My mothers sister, M.A.B. has also been in this type of situation where she has lost everything she owned, her home, car, clothing, and was left in a cold dark house with no utilities and permanent damage to her relationship with her children. She had attempted to take custody of me when my father was trying to obtain custody he was infuriated. M.A.B. was from Lake County In. and complained she was mistreated by the courts there and was treated unfairly during her divorce proceedings. 

C.H. was targeted similarly to me if what the show The Two Corey’s were true, his temper and expressions seemed very real to me and not like fake heat as was the demeanor of those around him, when people do this sort of Organized Crime Stalking and Racketeering they often use Improve and get together and conspire to make things happen in the persons life which is part of what makes them a TARGET and not just naturally occurring incidences. D.B. alleged to being partially responsible and the one behind C.H.’s death or his going into hiding and to the  sabotage of his life, and attempts to get him to do drugs and push him to the brink. D.B. alleged many times that C.H. was alive but also had alleged that he was not, and  I was going to have to deal with that too. 

D.B. made allegations in regards to rapper M.M. and alleged he had tried to destroy his life and cause it constant upheaval. D.B. alleged on one occasion that A.E.V. had unknowingly led D.B. to M.M. when he went off to buy drugs in the same Trailer Park where M.M. lived. In another call he reminded me that I  had family in Mi. which I did at one time and do not know if I still do. In any case M.M. has been brought up to me a couple times but I can not remember all that was said. Other than unlawful surveillance had been being used to get him into trouble and that unwarranted and unlawful surveillance is often used to catch people buying and selling drugs. I do not know what M.M.’s legal problems were. W.E.V. had brought up in conversation about “UN-FOUND TALENT” and about someone who had been abused severely as a kid like I was, he acted like they were helping this person in some way but was very vague did not tell me who it was, I had no idea who he was talking about it may of been me but I do not think that it was. There is helping and Harming and all these people do is harm and they call it helping but their underlying reason is to push people over the edge and make them hateful and resentful and vengeful inside stealing all their love of  life and the people around them until there is nothing left but an empty shell of hate just like them. 

W.E.V. had spoken about un-found talent and I believe it was M.M. he was referring to, W.E.V. had said he had a hard life and was abused, and that he needed a break, he alleged that he was abused not only by his family but also by the system in some of the same ways I was. I looked at him confused as I had no clue why he was telling me about this.



D.B. had contacted me long before the girls were taken and had told me that I had the option of killing myself if I wanted to rather than dealing with the pain and agony that I was going to be put though by losing my girls, my house, and all my belongings. D.B. said he was going to put me in a world of hurt for going to the police and tattling on him AND E.M.M. he said that the girls would be Millionaires if I did, and I could take solace in knowing that. He said I had some thinking to do, and said that life was full of  sacrifices and then alleged he sacrificed his life for me; which he did not. He sacrificed my life for his own freedom and has not stopped sacrificing it, every day that goes by he continues to sacrifice my life and keep me from it. D.B. alleged that I did not have to fight so hard, and could choose to sacrifice my life for all the girls this time not just one. In 2019 when I was staying at L.Chorn. he insinuated the same and made mention of sacrificing myself for other peoples needs and called me selfish for not doing so. 


Everything D.B. alleged was going to happen from the time of the telephone call warning me that unlawful charge were going to be placed against me by Grundy county has happened to me again in perfect chronological order just the way he said it was going to happen.


D.B. called me in July of 2017 after I filed my lawsuit against the Indiana Department of Children and Families who changed their name to the Indian Division of Children , many officers, and other authorities. He informed me that D.J.S. was not all that great of a guy which I already knew as I had seen and experienced what he was up to and was not standing for it but needed a way to handle the case which was more important than how I felt or what he was doing to try and stop me from handling the case. During this call D.B. alleged that the authorities including the judges were infuriated with me for standing up to them, in addition he alleged that A.J.V.M. had been viciously raped by E.M.M. just after being abducted by E.M.M. and the Lake Station Chief of Police J. and the other officers that responded February 24, 2016. After I filed my lawsuit in Hammond, I started to notice throughout the CHINS proceedings and during all other contacts with judges and officials that the things that D.B. had specifically taught me were the exact methods being used to take my children from my custody. I felt that somehow D.B. had to of had some way of  knowing prior or that he was behind it somehow and I also felt confident in my abilities and knew I could handle the situation so I did not allow myself to be consumed by anxiety and frustration. It is a lot easier to stay calm when you have the knowledge needed to fight in court. 

When D.B. made the allegations about A.J.V.M. being viciously sexually assaulted by E.M.M. E.M.M. had my keys to the residence and they were left by the light socket on the side of the house when I returned home after the kids were taken. I did not and still do not know if I should believe D.B. or not. However, I had found A.J.V.M.’s room destroyed, her bed was damaged and moved, an a vibrator was found in her room that had gone missing after E.M.M. had left the residence. I did not know what to think as it could of been the neighbors using my house for sex. D.B. alleged that A.J.V.M. had gotten pregnant as a result of the rape and she misses a period and E.M.M. was not keeping track like he did with my periods which he did as part of getting me raped during the sex trafficking of me in addition to drugging me with GHB and EX. 

A.J.V.M. allegedly hid the pregnancy and had the baby and I called in to the Morris Police Dept. because during this telephone call D.B. had stated that she had a baby and that the baby was being poisoned and drugged to get rid of the evidence. I did not remember the call and when I did remember I called in out of fear because of what I had gone through in my own life, and what I knew E.M.M. was capable of doing. I had reasonable grounds to believe that D.B. was being honest as he had told me that E.M.M. raped her and she had a baby that was a result of the rape. R.A.B. had come to my house and made the statement “A. had her baby”, which I did not question him on as I was and am still having a hard time with this, D.B. alleged he had myself and and the girls under strict surveillance and that there were camera’s everywhere. D.B. alleged that the baby was taken from A.J.V.M. illegally and repeatedly stated that she was not a bad mother and that she was a good mother and he wanted me to know that and to fight to help her reunite with her baby and me with my grandchild that I was keeping myself alive for. 

A.J.V.M alleged that his wife and family tried to convince A.J.V.M. to give up the baby and that she refused to sign the adoption papers, and that her signature was forged. D.B. told me where the baby was and alleged that he was safe but that he was not where he belonged he belonged with his mother and his birth family. D.B. then alleged that the officials had gotten wind that this had happened and that it was going to be found out about so they started to look for a way to get me to stop trying to fight for my girls and for justice so they placed false charges on me using a law that had coincidentally was erected the year I was supposed to die. Which was disorderly conduct false reporting, except that I had reasonable grounds to believe everything and the authorities knew that I did and they refused to do a proper investigation into my claims or address any of my concerns they simply hung up the telephone and did not ask any further prior or probing questions. When I had gone to them with the hard evidence against E.M.M. that I do have they refused to view any of it and then made me out to look like a liar released my photo for publication and printed my photo on websites and possibly into the newspaper in and around Morris where my children are located and is also a highly concentrated Mason community. 

D.B. told me that all these things were going to happen and they happened including A.J.V.M. coming home in February to check in on me and to let me know not by telling me verbally because of the surveillance but by playing an audio clip of a baby crying, and by saying she was leaving to live with Bryson when she was told she could not smoke weed at the residence, not that she had to leave I just did not want her to smoke weed and was very clear on that and asked her if she understood that before she left. D.B. informed me of where the alleged grandchild was taken and M.R.M. posted photos of the child on Facebook. I asked A.J.V.M. who the baby belonged to via Facebook messenger and A.J.V.M. became evasive and refused to tell me. 

Grundy county alleged that there was no baby at the residence and that was why it was false reporting which is what D.B. alleged they were going to do. D.B. alleged that there was a big problem with corruption and that the plan was to have false charges placed on me then have me beaten down by way of isolation and abuse in Lake County, being illegally transferred and abused at L.S.M.H. so that I could take L.S.M.H. down for their abuses and denying individuals of there civil rights, attack the Chins Laws, Competency Laws which are completely illegal and being misused to rough people up for standing up to the state in filing lawsuits especially 1983 Deprivation of Civil Rights lawsuits which are high paying lawsuits and since I allegedly did such a good job on mine, which in my own opinion it needed more work and was not perfectly correct but was my first try.D.B. alleged the state did not want to fix the problem, did not want to investigate the problem and did not want me to get my children back because no one ever does, and did not want to pay me for what they did. D.B. also alleged that since A.J.V.M. was allegedly raped by E.M.M. and her child was stolen from her that only compounded the problem and worsened it for them so since it was worsened for them they were going to worsen it for me. 

The Prosecutor for Grundy County over looked the fact that he was trying to enforce a set of laws that goes against a superseding law, in that if a person does not report crime that he or she knows about that makes them a co-conspirtor of that crime and when children are involved there are mandatory reporting laws that must be abide-ed by.

If not any anything happens to the child you as the adult in the matter can be held responsible, and they can be tried as an accessory to that crime, additionally the telephone call that was placed was done from the State of Indiana and the State of Illinois laws only apply to citizens of the state or persons standing inside the state boundaries at the time the alleged act was perpetrated therefore he was over reaching his jurisdictional bounds by having me indicted in the first place, additionally I was not mirandized when arrested, not mirandizd when I was Illegally transferred to L.S.M.H. and not mirandized when I was transferred and there are two sets of charges for the add on charge of resisting arrest which constitutes double jeopardy which I was for-warned that they were going to do to ensure I spent time in prison so i could see what that was like and nail them for inhumane treatment and report them in my Supreme Court Lawsuit when and if the time came.

Then I was given time served, and a request was made for a DNA sample which is unconstitutional. During the transfers to both L.S.M.H. and Grundy County I was strip searched which there was no just cause for because I was transferred not brought in off the street. While at Lake County Jail I was forced to go to medical for refusal to urinate for them even though my urine was clean, I was put in a filthy cell with a heart drawn on the wall that said number one mom and it appeared that it was drawn on in feces as it was brown in color and it had to be done by the guards as D.B. alleged it was going to be. I hit the button and got out of that cell and wanted to be taken to YPOD because it was so gross and the florescent lights that I should not be under cause my lupus to flair. I was put into a cell in YPOD and treated very badly, called trash and garbage by the guards who enjoyed scaring me by walking past the door periodically and making it make a loud sound which is a psychological method used to condition a person into being afraid of them.

I was seriously harassed and coerced into giving them my urine under the guise that they had to ensure that I was not pregnant which is not just unlawful but a bold faced lie, and I informed them I was not, had not had sex in months and my tubes are cut and coridoized. I was left in YPOD for 37 days straight, I was let out for only a half hour to forty five minutes a day most days that I was in there to shower, I was not given shampoo most of the time that I was there, I had washed my hair only three times in thirty seven days it was disgusting. When I informed the guard that it was inhumane treatment she literally smiled at me and said “I KNOW”. It was the same guard that had already been named in the lawsuit. I was not given enough to eat and was starving while in the cell, they gave me goop with a very tiny amount of noodles like less than ten tiny shell noodles. The sick and toilet were disgusting and looked like they had never been cleaned, the water tasted disgusting and I could not figure out why it tasted that way but D.B. alleged some things that I think should be checked out and that I will not speak of until I have surveillance footage.

The sink and toilet combo is disgusting because dogs drink out of toilets and people should not, the mirrors distort your face and effect your self esteem terribly, nothing is ever cleaned, and I believe that Urine was wiped all over my bed as I saw a stream of urine on the floor and my bed stunk like urine which made me sick and inflamed the Lupus condition that I have, more than it already was, the thin mattress and cold put me in a great deal of physical pain for which I was barley given any Tylenol or Advil for and suffered in agony as a result of. Between the psychological, psychical and emotional abuse inflicted by those at the jail and the situation that I had been put in I was put in what D.B. calls “A WORLD OF HURT“. Which is what he said would happen if I ever went to the police and told them about anything he ever did.

Since, I refused to sign a medical consent form I should not of been transferred to the hole nor to L.S.M.H.  I wrote refused to sign and signed my name beneath the signature line and may of x’ed out the content of the page, as I do when I refuse to sign any document. I informed them all that I knew what they were doing and that this was retaliation, I informed the judges and the guards and sheriffs, I even informed the Warden when he came into the bunkhouses to view the cells. He did not seem happy when he heard my voice and knew I was not a thug. I wrote a four page long letter as small as I could front and back informing the persons at the jail about the alleged body in my house and even gave them permission in the letter to go check it out warrant-less and asked to see a detective. I also informed the jail by way of the computerized computer system to check out my website as I had made over thirty video’s exposing my families abuse of me which has been life long and is depicted in detail on this website.

I know that the sites content was seen and consisted of a lot of material which was delivered in the form of YouTube videos that I had made prior to my unlawful arrest on false charges for reporting crime. I also informed the people at L.S.M.H. of the site and what was going on as well. Many people saw the sites contents as the analytics data was logged and when I got home, I noticed it was very high especially since I had not advertised the site at all. My use of the internet and keeping contact with D.B.W. over the internet is one of my methodologies for leaving a trail in the event anything should happen to me, as I am aware that people who stand up for their rights or the rights, or stand up to criminals,  sometimes meet an untimely demise as seen on the news, and in the case of Senator Nancy Shaffer who stood up against the CPS system and is a Senator not just a single lonely ex-housewife and mother.  Communication done over the internet and files uploaded to any server online can be tracked and traced and recovered by officials as can all internet connections incoming and outgoing from any computer or network by use of MAC address, IMEI’s, SEID’s and static IP’s that dynamic IP addresses are assigned under and that use of a proxy to hide your IP to try and get away with cyber crimes or any other crime conducted does not one any good at all. 

D.B. had alleged that E.M.M. had killed a man and it was on the news the way he alleged it was going to be, I attempted to tell the jail about that as well before they buried or cremated the man but they did not listen to me, they sent me a man that looked to be a Lake Station officer as he looked familiar to me. 

I was then put in the hole which is similar to YPOD except you get scalded with hot water when you do get to get out for your half hour to an hour most days many times the guards forget about you during your “rec time” but there is no TV any of the time you are in there, you sit in quiet in a 5×7 cell locked in for 23 hours a day which is severe punishment.D.B. alleged that the section of the jail that was being used to house me and others was not supposed to be being used by the jail and that it had already been deemed unfit for occupancy due to the unbelievably small size of the cells, and that someone had already filed a lawsuit in regards to this and his suit was ignored. There is enough room to take two steps forward and then sit, which leads to weakening of the body in addition to lack of sunlight which creates an imbalance and low vitamin D. levels and puts a person in agony. Especially someone like me who suffers from systemic Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

This is what they called PROTECTIVE CUSTODY and where they put snitches who tell on people who mess with them in jail. D.B. alleged that in my family they put snitches in jail anyway and had alleged he had tried to turn C.B.B.G.G. in to the authorities and he suffered greatly for it, and alleged it was part of why he lost his toes and part of what makes this a sting. I have gotten the message that keeping me “safe” and being placed in “protective custody” ie Witness protection equates to a mental hospital or jail. And that all that has happened to me is what happens when you report crime, attempt to obtain justice for crime and try to save other peoples lives instead of remaining silent and making yourself  a co-conspirator in the process.  This is called blaming the victim just for being the victim. In total because the police in my town did not do the right thing, in 2012 when I told them what was going on, almost eight years to the day of the poisoning incident have been stolen,  more than six months of my life were stolen, and the last three and a half years have been spent pretty close to completely alone other than one of D.B.’s goons who became an assailant himself, and without any love in it as they assisted in abduction my children and gave them to the assailant. While in jail my body was degraded after I worked so hard to get strong again, my memory regressed as I had to again relearn some of what I had learned before I was put in jail, as did my skills and when I got out of jail I weighed more than 40 lbs negatively effecting my self esteem, than I did when I went in. And it instilled a serious fear into me of police or anyone wearing a badge, or has a two way radio. Which D.B. alleged all of this was being done to me on purpose to shut me up and scare me into submission and complacency.




Since I was taken to L.S.M.H. to prove to the state that I was competent after already informing the judge of my competency which should of been suffice as it is not the states job nor in their benefit to prove that your incompetent unless you already filed a lawsuit against them which was a winning multi-million dollar lawsuit, and cover up what they did to you and their family and then again when I took the hard evidence to Buffalo NY where the Mob and Gang task unit is located and informed them of my masonic heritage and the attempts on my life and the mob and gang involvement and while there they viewed my evidence while under surveillance in their offices, and then put me in a county hospital where I was mislabeled again with a different alleged mental illness yet all my evidence was confiscated. The hospital where I was staying is where D.B. alleged the doctor was using a Fictious name or had changed his name legally, which D.B. alleged alot of people involved had done to try and evade getting caught. Dr.F. was E.M.M.’s Dr, F. I do not remember what Dr. F. looked like but his misdiagnosis of me was the exact same as E.M.M.’s  and the prescriptions were the same, I was sick and could not get Benadryl but they wanted to force me to take cancer causing psychotropic drugs that I attempted to refuse to take and when I did they ganged up on me and threatened to poke me with a needle again. Then canceled the prescription once they found out it was not me that was the problem, its all abuse, about power and control and about scaring me into conformance because I am a non-conformist, and submission.

The prescribing  medication mirrored E.M.M.’s the way D.B. had alleged it was going to prior during the last call I had with him. These alleged diagnosis are coming out of literal thin are, under serious protest by me, are not based on anything other than someone writing it down on paper without any hard evidence to back up the allegations being made, my demeanor as surveillance will prove.  They are not just misdiagnosis, they are literally making it up, and none the diagnosis are true which is criminal defamation of character. In my family if you stand up for yourself, and do not go along with them in their criminal activity or put up with their abuse of you all of a sudden you have a mental illness of some kind which the most common ones used are the two they have had me mislabeled with, it is their way of getting away with their crimes and the officers that put me in jail and in Psych wards helped them in that effort. My case is huge and in-depth, but I am not the only victim of these types of crimes, perhaps the only victim that has ever had to go through it alone and had this much happen to them but not the only person that these types of crimes have happened to, if I were the only person the U.S.Justice Department and U.S. Government would not have laws against these types of things. 

Additionally, who wakes up at 33 or 34 years old and is suddenly decides they did not want to be married anymore, or that they don’t want their children, or starts to make these sorts of allegations out of the clear blue sky. Then the people that they are “snitching on” start saying that they are suffering from two different yet thought to be serious “mental illness” after the report crimes against them? It’s illogical, does not stand, will not stand up in court, and is so unbelievably obvious what is being done it is not even funny.

People who suffer from these types of mental illness’s are diagnosed as small children, and usually because of the bad things their parents say about them to get them put on medication so they are more pliable and complacent.  People are not usually diagnosed in their 30’s or 40’s unless it is in their best interest to do so and in agreement, such as they were involved in some crime and they want to be medicated to get out of that crime or obtain a lesser penalty for said crime. Then they can sit in jail medicated or because they want to go on social security disability for those alleged mental defects and get a free paycheck from the government in exchange for wearing a false label. Both alleged are scientifically proven diseases of the mind, that show up on PET scans and need a PET scan to properly and justly diagnose, I was told that during the MRI from my head that a secret PET scan was done on me and there is nothing wrong with my brain other than the signs of damage that was done by E.M.M. hitting me full force in the back of the head at least 6-8 times causing me a two week long concussion. 

I hold no criminal record prior to my children being taken and false charges being put on me, and have had no other problems with the law in any state that corresponds with this false diagnosis or to support any of these allegations. The state that I already sued is responsible for one of those false diagnosis, and the other was pre-conspired and I was informed of that conspiracy before I ever got to Buffalo NY. There are no calls to my house where I lived since January of 2007,  for anything other than me calling in for the abuse that was caused to me by E.M.M. and me calling on friends of his, This is what D.B. calls  “PHONE FIRST BEFORE SHE SHOWS”.

I am beyond livid with the situation and the circumstances surrounding the situation we are American’s and all have a right to Justice, LIBERTY, and freedom of expression, and a right to not be illegally searched and seized and mislabeled to cover up crime which is aiding and abetting after the fact. 


As a victim I have a right to tell what has happened, obtain justice and closure and be paid more than handsomely for the time that has been stolen from me and all the other criminal and corruption practices that have come into play. I have a right be believed, and to feel comfortable speaking to officers, that is what they are there for, I have a right to report crime, be taken seriously, and to obtain justice through a fit proper and thorough investigation, I have a right to justice, I have a right to freedom, I have a right to liberty, I have a right to happiness and a right to have a life of my own, and I have a right to report when my rights have been denied. And investigators should be using deductive reasoning at all times not just some of the time. 

I should be able to speak to officers of the law openly about what happened to me, without fear of being mislabeled or held, or drugged against my will, and put in jail or some mental facility because they don’t want to investigate or believe me. This is all costing me and my DAUGHTERS time that should be spent together, and no one can give me back my time. They can give me back my daughters, they can pay me for my time, but they can not give me back my time with my daughters. I can not stand what has been done to me and my daughters, I can not stand the people who have done this to me, and I will not stand for it anymore, If I have to stand alone then I stand alone because the reality is, I know I am not alone, I know there are people out there that did do the right thing and are doing the right thing, and that there are people who care about me and my daughters or will care once they find out what’s been going on, I know that love is a real thing and the world is not full of hate, greed and jealousy and corruption, I do not believe that people do not care about others, I have seen it and experienced it myself and that is how I know. I know I have just been around the wrong people and just need to get away from them and move forward with my life, leaving them in the past and heading for the future that I should of had a very long time ago. 




D.B. alleged that the County Hospital was where they put people who were homeless, and it is being misused as a homeless shelter because there really aren’t any anymore. The point was not really to defame my character it had to do with taking down the judge that was violating my rights under the Constitution and some of the people from Hale School that worked their and were friends with T.S.M. and part of the alleged sting. D.B. knew I could handle the situation as there was no PET scan in any of these alleged diagnosis and I do not suffer from any mental defect. I was supposed to be held for two months and was let out after two weeks which D.B. alleged was my indicator that the items confiscated had been tested and poison was allegedly found. There was also a officer involved that was the one who put me in the county hospital that was being targeted for the sting because of her corrupt demeanor and possible connection with E.M.M. and C.M. and C.P.S.B.S.B. and that officer is going to be in serious trouble for violating my rights under the U.S. Constitution. What they did was Criminal Defamation of Character, Criminal Corruption, and seriously compromised me and my efforts in obtaining justice for what was done to me and my daughters, has cost me time, undue stress and the list goes on and on.


Then Grundy county printed my photo and there was a website built that has criminals on it and it is called or and it has a statement on the website about how sexual assault victims make false allegations of the abuses inflicted on them, and how domestic violence victims do the same, its nearly all women or is all women on the site and my name and photo was added to it with the hopes that when I come forward with the truth then my photo will be shared on Facebook and I will be viewed as a liar. I attempted to do a Whois on the site using Internic but the information is heavily guarded and the company that is guarding that information from me is going to also be added to this suit for their assistance in the criminal defamation of character of me.

While at L.C.J. I kept asking the guards about court and they pretended that they did not know when it was or what was going on. They refused to divulge any information about anything including what the alleged charges were from Grundy and I had forgotten the telephone call with D.B. so I was winging it and worried about how I was going to get home from 80 miles away which I was told was part of the plan in its entirety in that I would just keep getting picked up repeatedly and having all these charges placed on me to ruin my reputation, ruin my life and silence me for coming forward with the truth. Build this site, explain all the abuses and go over all the crimes, and the Organized Crime Activities, write out the Lawsuit reporting it all to the Supreme Court and find my own way to Washington alone without any financial help from anyone which I viewed as an attempt to force me to teach the law regardless of how I felt about it or what I wanted. I am supposed to do this all alone with no help from anyone and no real accompaniment at all.

So that I can obtain Justice and Closure, get A.J.V.M.’s baby back, my children returned, and reveal all the criminal corruption that has gone on and expose it for what it is, taking down L.S.M.H. which “THEY” were going to do anyway, L.C.J. which “THEY” were going to do anyway. I do not know who “They are allegedly supposed to be, but I have heard of “Them” a lot in my life and do not really like “THEM” to much and hope someone can find out who “THEY” are and put “Them in prison for their crimes against ME and my daughters.

D.B. turned me into an unpaid public defender. I am an involuntary servant, this is involuntary servitude. I think D.B. is out of his tree to think that one person can do all this it would take me an entire life-time to teach what I was taught as it took me an entire life-time to learn what I was taught. Plus, the issues that I chose to raise and wanted to see changed I am expected to drop and not raise at the Supreme Court Level and was being punished severely for raising in the first place because they do not fall into alignment with my families viewpoints. So irreparable harm has been inflicted on me to force me into submission. I am being “stong-armed” by those who do not wish to see any changes at all in any of the area’s that need changes. Including the warrant-less unauthorized collection of DNA and bodily fluids. and the act of Judges recommending, prescribing, and enforcing the medical treatment, evaluation of, and other forms of government coercive methods and practices used on prisoners or those facing any form of charges by the state. 


My residence is my Church and it has been vandalized, and pretty much destroyed, cracks were put in the solid plaster walls that were hand built by artisans, the woodwork was damaged by someone carving a pitchfork into them, urine was fermented in bottles and spread all over the solid wood floors and ruined them, a window was broken by the edge of a metal ladder on the second floor because someone just had to get into my locked bedroom that was locked by a hasp, the hasp was then removed and relocated into a lower position leaving additional holes in the antique solid wood door, my furniture was stabbed with a knife, the grout was broken in the kitchen, the tiles them selves were broken by someone on different occasions, the furnace may of been tampered with, holes were drilled into the exhaust pipes leading to the chimney, and the chimney itself was severely damaged. The woodwork was damaged and destroyed by urine and the muriatic acid that needed to be used to get rid of the bacteria and odor, the water meter was damaged, and the water spigot was broken off or pulled out of the end of the pipe at the valve in the basement.

New vinyl tile that was put in was cut with a razor and had to be replaced a second time, and aluminum outside window-sill has been bent up and damaged from the numerous break-ins. The fence outside was damaged by the removal of boards between my house and the neighbor who I alleged was attacking me. All the rose bushes were removed from the front of the residence leaving me with only one, and three tiger Lilly’s were placed in the front flower bed.  My Refrigerator was damaged and the food inside tasted like chemicals and nothing was able to be eaten from it, and the stove was damaged in that the metal that held the glass in place had been bent so it could no longer hold the glass and as a result the glass fell off the front of the stove and broke. That is not including all the items that were stolen from the residence, and the pipes became clogged in the kitchen which I thought was a result of henna and coffee but may of been something else as when the pipe was cut the substance what a fine red powder which did not resemble rust, henna or coffee as there was to much of it and it was to fine of a powder. I had to use a pool hose found in the back yard to temporarily bypass the clog. 

My shoes were damaged the way D.B. had forewarned me during a telephone call with me, my food was contaminated when I got home by someone opening it contaminating it, the vegetables in the cans were ruined,  leaving me with no food, way to get food, no food stamps, and no help from the fire department.

My blankets smelled like noodles, the use of onions was used to cause additional cramping from my menses by M.W., my pads were missing at home, then others were put in rotting meat so they could not be used by M.W., ashes were found in the refrigerator the way D.B. said they would be, and the small hole in the basement was covered, and the large hole was found,  to try and conceal where it was and painted with epoxy the way D.B. had forewarned me it would be. The lock on the front door was changed, a woman named B.T. came and purchased my belongings and robbed me blind while doing so and tried to scam me the way D.B. alleged she was planning to do short changed me on cash and tried to confuse me mathematically and was pushing my buttons as were all others that I had contact with and I started to think they were trying to give me another heart attack because poison weakens the heart, and I had informed the jail that I had recently had a mild one. 

My charm was stolen from my bag, my phone was stolen then replaced, my vape was stolen and replaced twice, my earring was stolen out of my ear while I was asleep, my disk drives were taken from inside my pants while I was asleep, and later found in the bathroom where D.B. told me it would be found, my new underwear were bleached and some were stolen, my dress shoes damaged, my fire wood was either burned while I was gone or stolen from the backyard, a few dots of red nail polish were found on the sleeve of my suit, the hem was damaged on my suit skirt, the firewood was wet down so I could not cook.

I could not take a shower, had no one to help and D.B. expected me to go to another sex trafficker and use him to take a shower and then nail him for sex trafficking I refused the man was from Valparaiso and D.B. alleged that he was a setup of J.C. I did not take a shower and took freezing cold sponge baths for a month and a half, I finally took a shower at a truck stop which costed a fortune, money was stolen from Uber by a driver coming to a pickup that had already been canceled.  

The heel of my foot was punctured which D.B. alleged he hoped it would not go that far but thought it might and I was supposed to tell if it did but my while  I was asleep in my heel and there was a bump that dissipated upon applying pressure rubbing. It might of been glass but I do not know what it was as it had a bump that I picked at and then dissipated and I had no pain when I went to sleep but when I put my foot on the floor it hurt immediately, 

D.B. had forewarned that this woman was going to try and kidnap me and take me into Gary, and I was nearly kidnapped by a woman that said she wanted to buy my house and wanted the keys for free and open access which I would not provide.  The woman had intended on purchasing the residence herself I did not sign up for a realtor, and did what he alleged she was going to do and kept bringing me Mc.Donalds, I  handled the situation I had three separate cash offers on my residence all of which were apart of Organized Criminal Stalking & Racketeering as all were set ups that D.B. told me in advance were going to happen. I saved all the names of the people involved in trying to stall and prevent me from having any money to get to Washington.

The attorney for the title company wanted me to close out my business to sell of its assets which is my house, and disclose any other assets that I might have which there are none because I refused the deal fell though, he alleged it was the STATE to force anyone to close out their business is a denial of FREE ENTERPRISE, I can sell off all assets and still keep my corporation to force or try and force me to do so is a denial of free enterprise and lends credence that the people of the state are trying to prevent me from earning, being successful, and from selling my house to anyone and trying to force me to lose my house to them so that they can demolish it and not investigate the allegations against E.M.M. the way D.B. had alleged they were doing, in addition to the abuse at the jail and refusal to hear and try my winning case in Federal Court. 

D.B. alleged that all these things were all being done because I am Pagan and that is probably correct as I have done nothing to anyone nor have I caused anyone any harm and do not deserve the treatment that has been dished out for standing up for my rights as an american and for fighting for our rights as citizens under the U.S.Constitution. 

I do not see how D.B. can make all these things happen in order unless he had conspired along with those who participated in the acts most of which are probably coming from my next door neighbor and ex-family members and their friends. There is a large amount of corruption as well, however, many of D.B.’s gang HANDS are both criminals and gang members, mob members and political activists some of which are officials and work for the jail and in the courts, D.B. alleged that older gang members do not look like or act like gang members but that does not mean that they never belonged to a gang or mob they can look and act like anyone else you know.  

Almost all hard evidence was stolen in NY where D.B. told me it would be confiscated for testing and safe keeping and that I could obtain again when in Washington by way of subpoena or by simply telling them that was where it was taken. 






Additionally D.T. has wrongfully been targeted by these people as I can see while I am writing the popular trend of Mc.Donalds, and how people who have hurt or harmed me have used it over the years, I was poisoned at Mc.Donalds, A.E.V. said he was given Mc.Donalds by the police when he was arrested for physically abusing me and allowed him to make telephones to harass me while in custody.  Tiffany from Community Partners met me at Mc. Donalds, and B.T. brought me Mc. Donalds, and the woman who had tried to kidnap me kept bringing me Mc.Donalds.

All of these different people have harmed me and D.T. is president what better way to scare me away from obtaining justice than to attempt to make me believe that there is no such thing as justice and “lying to me and saying he is in on it”. There have been plenty of false accusations made by D.B. some has been true and others not true which is why I tell you what HE ALLEGED, and what my findings are and why I believe that further investigation is needed.

In my opinion D.T. is being targeted by these criminals to try and scare me from justice and to mar his character and his name. D.B. alleged that Indiana was a Republican State but D.B. also alleged that a lot of the people in the area where I live were Democrats or were closet Democrats and Republican in name only. Again, I do not care about political party just what is right and wrong. 

D.B. alleged that this was a form of presidential take down, the Vice president Pence was Governor of Indiana, since this has carried over into a new Governors term the new Governor now is named. The State Governor is in charge of and oversee’s all the smaller municipalities of the State. D.B. had made a statement in my presence that D.T. had wanted to become president a very long time ago and many people have goals of that nature that they work toward them starting as young men or women. 

D.B. was angry that D.T. wanted to be president and he said he already had a ton of money why would he want more power. D.B. should know that money and being president does not equate to power, knowledge does. Then he told me about some man that he had approached in some way about a business opportunity which was probably insurance related and he got caught up, he did not say it was D.T. he said it was a rich business man or business minded man, then he tried to lie to me and tell me that he had given his money to D.T. when he told me about my IQ. and the killing he helped C.B.B.G.G. with. From my memory of his facial expression I thought he was lieing then and still do.

I do not believe there was any money given by D.B. to D.T. at all and that D.B. only told me that to make me feel okay about suing him.If D.B. had given his money to anyone it would probably of been W.E.V. as W.E.V. is the king of investments and the Money Man. However, since D.T. is President I do need to sue him as Commander in Chief of the Country and Executor of the State as he is Executor of all 50 states, in his official capacity. So far from what I can tell, D.T. is not the perpetrator of the abuse, nor the crimes against me and there seems to be a lot of people in the State of Indiana that are screaming for change and pushing me into this position to force those changes, and the possibility of people around him setting him up. 

If and that is a big IF> this is political activism it may be the people of my home Sate that is participating in it more so than my ex-family members other than J.E.B. C.B.G. and D.B. and L.Chorn. my other family members do not seem all that interested in politics at least not openly. E.M.M., A.E.V., and R.A.B., are very patriotic and mentioned things to me here and there but the only “political conversations” I have had came from D.B. and L.Chorn., and I caught L.Chorn. attempting to purposefully teach me wrong in regard to religion  and vocabulary, so I don’t pay attention to anything he says. 

Additionally, this may also of been said about the family being political activists in an effort to stop me from continuing forward and to prevent me from using a valuable tool-set that I posses in that I am a excellent teacher, have legal knowledge that I can sell, and because I also have graphics, business, and marketing experience that could be used to assist me in getting back on my feet, and to take care of the situation. I view these statements as diversions and diversionary tactics and more Witness Intimidation Practices. 


From a deductive reasoning standpoint, my ex-family and D.B. consists of criminals, mobsters gang members etc. I am the only one that I know of that is related that is not or has not shown me by their own actions are not. They hid this information from me my whole life, as they have hid other things and the same way D.B. hid my dyslexia from me, my systemic lupus from me and his affiliations with these people from me my entire life.  I have done nothing wrong to anyone and I am filing charges against  all who have wronged me by poisoning me, destroying my life and assisting in the abduction of my children.

D.B. alleged there were policies taken out on my life, I found several expired polices online that were allegedly released after the 2012 incident, but moreover several  people confessed their crimes to me and participated in witness intimidation and organized crime stalking, which is also racketeering and I am a witness to crime in finding a dead body that D.B. allegedly killed, and there are a large number of sick people on both sides of my ex-family and a lot of people that work in insurance. Additionally, multiple people want my house including the State of Indiana, R.A.B. offered to buy it, L.CHorn wanted to put a lien on it, I was told my neighbor wanted it, E.M.M. had wanted it, and D.J.S. seemed to want it. All these people seem to want my house do not want me to reside in my house and don’t want me to sell my house. WHY IS THAT? 

I have been subjected to every type of crime imaginable, as they have hit every section of criminal activity from theft all the way to kidnapping, rape and murder, and I witnessed many people enacting in crime as far as sex trafficking and I was their victim, and I was told of and discovered the results of other crimes.

I have been subjected to relentless abuse, intimidation, organized crime stalking, and poisoning of me, rape, my children have been abducted, possibly raped and my grandchild might of been abducted, and abuse by authorities and by my state government in three states two of which I resided in and have been sent to two states that D.B. told me to stay out of at all costs, and my rights have been denied in all three of those states. Does this sound NORMAL? 


Every skill set I have attempted to use to get away from these people has been attacked, every website I try to build is destroyed, I try to earn an income and every method I have tried has been circumvented. Currently, I am sitting on a huge multi-million dollar winning lawsuit that sets precedent and could not be dismissed, that is an automatic win due to the charges against me being dropped, which means authorities know that my children were abducted and that they helped to abduct them and they robbed me of not just my winnings but my win. 

I am absolutely poor, and homeless,  and I was told I should turn the other way from using skill sets that I have in my arsenal and be afraid to teach other American Citizens how to stand for their rights under the U.S. Constitution as it would be frowned upon, and because of D.B.’s alleged gang Hands and because it can be considered political activism? What ever happened to FREE ENTERPRISE?

It seems to me that D.B. is creating a diversion and trying to detour me from living, fighting, teaching, loving, and if it is not him then someone is because this is what was said to me by D.B.

I was not planning on teaching the law, but at this point I think I am. It is in my right to free enterprise which is a federally protected right under the law. U.S. Code § 2351.Encouragement of free enterprise and private participation. and within my constitutional rights to do so. This is just like Nostradamus times,  next we will burn all the books to keep everyone in the dark. Talk about a denial of rights, rights in my right to speak freely, the freedom to exercise the liberty to choose what I teach, and share what I know, and  flat out Tyranny. If it was the government that said even said this as it might of been D.B. unless it came from Lake County Indiana then I would believe it, with his and their corrosive practices, and over controlling abusive Tyrannical ways it would not surprise me. 


The methods depicted on this page may not seem like they can lead to suicide, it may not seem so bad if someone is not believed when they report crime AND the crime goes un-investiated and the person who did the crime is left free to keep inflicting pain and misery on you and you kids. It might not seem so bad, if someone goes to jail for a little while awhile, some people such as D.B. say that it builds character. I was already was a character I did not need to build character. 

It may not seem that bad to get misdiagnosed,and be used by your father for his political viewpoints or because he wants you to be the one to point out those viewpoints to the people, or not to be believed by others around you, when you tell them what you have been thorough or what has been done to you. I have heard about what this can and does do in the stories I heard about in regards to the other victims that were named at the top of the page including D.B. and L.Z. and allegedly L.Chorn and K.S. I can see the hate and resentment instilled in M.M. 

It might not seem that bad to be told by your father that he spent his life killing others for financial gain, or all the hateful things people have said and done MOST TRUE some needs to be further investigated which also causes a problem in and of itself, because then you have questions and no concrete answers, it might not seem so bad to have your kids taken away at least for some parents, but for me it is a living hell. It was also a living hell to be left alone in my house with no one to talk to, no place to go, no way to leave, and no way to get to the doctor, store, or anywhere else. D.B. thinks being alone on a boat in the middle of a ocean is heaven, he says he likes to be alone, I can’t stand to be alone and he knows that. 

It might not seem so bad that your ex-husband sold you out, or tried to burn your house down, or tried to put a needle in your leg while he thought you were asleep, or that he had attempted to kill you and your kids by feeding you poison, it might not seem that bad because it did not happen to you, but it happened to me and it is pretty bad. It might not seem so bad that your family and friends think so little of you they were willing to sacrifice your life for financial gain, it might not seem like being let down and abused by authority figures is that bad of a thing to go through, it might not seem like its that bad to be constantly harassed, teased, mocked ridiculed, or harmed in every way imaginable, its might not seem to be so bad to of been made sick by others, or to be kept from doing the things you love to do like art and web design, it might not be so bad to be kept from your future and have your life stolen by criminals that do not love you, never loved you, and do not have the capability to love, it might not seem like its that bad to be ignored when you call people for assistance and when you do call them they tell you what you are saying is “Crazy Talk,” it might not seem so bad when you call them because you trusted them and thought they cared about you and you ask for their help and they lie to you and say “I can’t help” and your freezing to death and filthy dirty.  It might not seem that bad to you to know that your father is trying to sex-traffick you so he can pay his water bill, or electric.

It might not seem so bad to be oppressed and controlled, and constantly have your house broken into and belongings damaged and destroyed, or be targeted and hated because you married a Hispanic man and had two Hispanic kids with that man, it might not seem so bad to be called every name in the book other than your own name that you chose which is your legal and constitutional right to choose. It might not seem that bad to go hungry, or go to bed hungry, and have your food, air, water, and home completely contaminated. It might not seem that bad to be targeted and discriminated against because of your view points be them equality, of class, nationality, religion, disability or other wise. It might not be so bad to find a photo of your daughter with the word marked written across her for head and be worried sick about that daughter and your other children and feel completely helpless and powerless in protecting that daughter because you cant seem to get anyone’s attention and you feel like 1 single grain of sand in a sea of sand. 

None of these things seem so bad to other people because they are not the target, they look at me with stunned, indifferent looks on their faces, they laugh in my face, or they make hateful comments and tell me that I am wrong when I am not wrong, they insult my intelligence, and my sanity, and it is not me it is them, it does not register it just does not register, they can not comprehend what I am telling them, they do not seem to want to believe or accept, they do not want to wrap their god damn brains around it they just don’t I can not for the life of me understand why no one uses logic, and no one uses deductive reasoning, why they do not know the Constitution, do not believe in the Constitution ad do not abide by the Constitution, it blows my mind, it frustrates, me and it infuriates me, it makes me fight harder, it makes me lock on to them, and they get added to the list. People never seem to take the time, to listen or read when I tell them what is going on or what happened and then they don’t seem to care. 

When the authorities let you down, they steal your hope. By stealing a persons hope, you take away their will, when you take their will, they are more likely to become drug or alcohol dependent, alcohol and drugs just feed into a cycle of more trouble and problems, and cause a whole new set of problems which keep you from being able to take care of the first initial set of problems and all the other problems that were caused. I have enough problems those sorts of problems are not problems I need to be entertaining at the moment. Those kinds of problems costs you time, health, sanity, and makes things harder and worse for you in the end. It also then leads and feeds into a downward spiral and feeds into depression, and dwelling on the heartache that has been caused not just by them but by the things that were done to them.


D.B. does nothing but make false derogatory comments about me and my life, my kids, their lives, our house, our family dynamics, and everything else about me, he does the same about everyone else all of the time. He talks out both sides of his mouth, he pretends to be on your side or my side when the reality is he is on his own side and he stands alone. My other family members do not even know me or my daughters or anything about them or their choices they have not been active participants in my life I have been isolated. The same way that S.J.G. was isolated from his daughters and is part of how he was killed, except not by suicide but by sheer isolation and poisoning alone. This is no different than holding someone in a basement and killing them without anyone knowing about it, there was a time when I did not leave my house for three months. I have a big mouth and people out in the world saw me and knew I was being abused, and that something was wrong, they saw me sick, they did not know why, or how they could help or how severe the situation was. Some people might of misinterpreted what they were seeing as shyness, or timid behavior, the obvious anxiety was dismissed as false allegations of drug abuse, as was all my other nervous behavior.

My fast talking and studdering from the nervousness and being interrupted constantly caused problems, and was thought of as either lying or misread as anxiety but no one ever seemed to stop and think to themselves shes anxious why is she so anxious, false allegations about and drugs and caffeine was even blamed. Being hungry or poisoned or the combination of both made me slur my words, and the slipping of drugs to me in my soda does not help. Add that to fear, overwhelming fear of not being believed and that caused a big problem. Then add in my families history, not my history, but my family members history of drug and alcohol abuse and my prior education of addictions from my addictions studies classes that were preventative measures taken when I was young.  And this caused a huge problem for me, and for my daughters all based on assumption. Being poisoned has been being blamed off on Lupus and arthritis and Fibromyalgia, which actually becomes flared up as a result of the poison and has probably saved my life in that my body produces antibodies that help to fight it which puts me in a world of hurt. When I am not being poisoned I am nearly normal, normal might actually be a thing, there was a time when I did not think normal would ever be a thing, but normal is a possibility there are many days when I feel normal. The problem is there was never a hair analysis done on me even through I personally handed a large chunk of my hair to D.B.W. of the Lake Station Police voluntarily and requested that he send it to the state crime lab for testing and he said he would try but that the state probably would not pay for it which is why nothing was ever done and all of what has happened to me since that time is both the state of Indiana’s doing and D.B.W.s failure to provide me with a fit, through, and proper investigation has caused me to lose the last 8 years of my life and my children and left my life and their lives in danger as a result. IF I was a drug addict would I voluntarily hand my hair over to an officer of the law and ask him to test it? The hair sample given to D.B.W. was given to him inside the Lake Station Police department in his office when I went in for questioning about what had happened to me and under surveillance. I was later scalped while sleeping in my bed by someone who broke in to my house and took a very large oval beanie shaped spot off the crown of my head and on the side where I had taken the hair sample to give to D.B.W. It was very noticeable and caused me ridicule by people at the Jail laughing causing me humiliation and embarrassment and effecting my self esteem as a result. 

I have medical evidence to support that I am not a drug addict and never was, I have been to many doctors and hospitals, I was under doctors care and had been since 2011 and prior to that I was at many different doctors and hospitals. I have been going to the doctors throughout my life time, and that everything that has been caused by persons failure to believe or accept that this is what happened and who were the perpetrators of those actions which is why they are monsters in closets. When I reported the poisoning at the hospital I was ignored there, and not taken seriously and requested that I be tested and was told they did not have the ability to do those types of test there I needed a teaching hospital and they could only test for drugs.

Since I was in a CT at Southlake, getting tested for either pain I was having or a CT scan, and had taken that opportunity to tell the doctor in private that my then husband was poisoning me and E.M.M. was out in the other room at the time and I had privacy and knew the June 10th day was approaching and it was not going well so I told, I can probably get surveillance of that too. As a matter of fact I was asked if I hit my head and given a CT scan for reporting that I was poisoned at Christ Hospital that sent me to North lake and criminally Defamed my Character in doing so. When that happened I decided E.M.M. was to powerful and I was never going to get away from him. At the time I did not know that the problem was D.B. and all my other family too, It took me a long time to figure that out. 

You should never discriminate, nor assume, it makes an ass out of u and me. To utter the things that these people did hurts, and is hard as there are many questions in my own mind, and it has not been taken well by anyone who I have attempted to tell which feeds into my anxiety and nervousness. 

He has done everything he can to get away with his crimes against me, the girls, his other victims and he has roped other people into helping him, telling them that i am hopeless, my life is meaningless, that I have no reason to live, that i need a reason, a cause, a job, a profession, a life, that I am not disabled, not an invalid, that there is no excuse for my not having or keeping a job or being successful up until now, he uses his brother R.B. as an example and says that I am just like he was, when he was entrepreneurial and trying to start business endeavors of his own. He himself has taught me business and yet sits in his house with his co-conspirators who also run their mouths with their lies, manipulations and hate speeches and convince people into doing the wrong things for the alleged right reasons. Telling me that I have to buy my kids back and become successful first when the reality is he is in the background with his gags

This then leads to further deep seated depression and then can lead to suicide which it does. This is why what has been done to me not just by my family but also by the authorities of the three states here in mentioned can be held liable for their participation in attempted murder by way of pushed or forced suicide which is what I told them when they unlawfully arrested me, unlawfully held me which is kidnapping, and they were trying to interrogate me illegally. D.B. alleged that some of these people had insurance policies and that E.M.M. had sold them to them, perhaps they do perhaps they do not but any action taken by any authority who is not trying to help and only trying to harm at this point will be held liable for the same. Any actions taken can also be viewed as criminal corruption involvement and aiding in abetting in a kidnapping, kidnapping, and attempted murder by way of pushed or forced suicide. D.B. has done this to others with lesser situations and it has worked on them but it won’ t work on me. When your right your right, when your honorable, and righteous it pays dividends. 



Most people do not have the tools that I have to get through these sorts of things, most people do not have my inner strength, or will, most people are fueled by hate and resentment and not love, any one of these things could push someone into a depressed stupor and cause them to kill themselves, I have a long list and it keeps growing and I keep going. When you are armed with the truth, and the law, and are walking talking evidence, there is no stopping you.