Chapter 87 My life being stolen for political activism.

D.B. and L.B. and the others in my family are criminals, I have seen kills that they had participated in. They are gang members, mob members, mason, and D.B. is CIA. There was allegedly alot of money that had been gotten due to life insurance and by way of royalties from books and movies sold to Hollywood some of which was done before I was born and a lot more after. There were also purchase of life insurance policies by both sides of the family and I have been told numerous times that I was not wanted by both parents. 

L.B. and her side of the family wanted to kill me for insurance, but D.B. stepped in and would allow it and instead wanted to use me for political activism, I may of been conceived and born for that reason as I was not there at the time and can only go off of what was alleged to me by D.B. and what I see with my two eyes and have gone through in my life and it seems that way to me as I was told everything in my life had been set up and a series of setups and that people had been paid to facilitate and participate in those “life scenarios” so that I could be both armed with knowledge and used for their political activism project.  Other parties involved including Melody Chornomaz, Margaret Burger, and all other relatives were all already criminals by the time I was conceived and they wanted to make a mark on the county and see changes be made to help people as their way of paying back society for the lives they took, they killed many people all were allegedly criminals, and all they took life insurance policies out on. Some policies matured others did not in the end the person would be killed by them or one of their co-horts and they would get the money from the policies and felt like they were doing something good by doing so. This is vigilante justice and where D.B.’s HANDS gang comes in, plus there is the political aspect. 

They purposefully raised me to be a certain kind of individual, they purposefully taught me to be a certain way not the way they were but the way I am. They taught me that killing was wrong, and that you don’t kill for money. They taught me that accepting life insurance from your great aunt that dies of natural causes and leaves you her estate or her money was OK but not if it was money that came from her murder. They taught me that taking life insurance out on people when they were young was a bad omen. They taught me that being religious or having any kind of spirituality and that believing in any form of spiritual guidance was wrong and that religion was only another form of business. They taught me that the Constitution was the Supreme law of the land, and went out of their way to groom me to be the woman that I am today. 

When you step back and look at this it does not sound so bad and the end result may not seem like it’s so bad. I am a fine upstanding citizen with not only high standards and a high set of morals, and a good understanding of all the problems that the poor face, but I am also strong enough to turn my entire family in for what they have done including all criminal activities including the murders that they forced me to see them do and turn them in for treason against the united states government. Not everyone could do that and the only reason I can and am is because what they did was so unbelievably wrong and I want to ensure that this never happens again to another baby, child or adult.

D.B. used his knowledge that he obtained from his job as a CIA agent, as did my Uncle John Boettcher who also had a daughter the same year I was born as we are only three months apart and I was told that was not an accident.  The information he obtained was then used to identify corruption, he then devised a plan to infiltrate that corruption and found a lot of people were not doing there jobs, breaking the law entirely and that many of them were “double dipping” meaning they were both criminals and cops. He also had his own problems at home as he was being poisoned so that other people could get to the life insurance money.  This became his primary initiative as he wanted an unconstitutional cap put on life insurance policy amounts, who could buy them, and how much they could be taken out for. 

Meanwhile, I had witnessed crime and one of the ” problems” David Boettcher thought he saw was that I was to soft, I had to big of a heart and far to sensitive. He did not think I would be able to handle or do what I am doing right now in turning them all in for their crimes and for treason and for what they did to me and my children in stealing our lives and time to keep themselves out of jail. So he devised a plan to create not artificially but to truly create a crime ring and used racketeering and he used real gangs, real mobs, real mob members, and real life insurance policies to do it. Then he had my girls taken away, and used real officers and real courtrooms that used the same court room procedures that I had been taught growing up, all in an attempt to have them dragnet and caught not just for the crimes they had participated in against others but also against me. He then handed down the job of turning everyone in that purchased a life insurance policy on me into the Federal Government for prosecution and their participation in all the crimes they conspired, facilitated, and participated in. 

He basically combined his criminal life, with political activism, catching of mobs and gangs and cleaning up the streets and has done nothing but use me my entire life to do it. These choices were not done out of love, or frustration, or out of even greed not where he was concerned. His primary goals were staying out of trouble himself for as long as humanly possible and then seeing me get to the finish line to get his political agendas’ fulfilled which include a lot more than what I just stated and have a broader reach than what sounds like simple life insurance or simple greed or even jealousy. 

The hopes were that I would make it to the finish line healthy enough to present the case to the country, and the other hopes were to keep themselves out of jail If I did die they would all get a payout and get away Scott free with not just what they did to me and the girls but also to the other victims. They all were hoping for a payout but I refuse to die.   The girls have allegedly been told about this and i did not accept it or understand it when I was told, it was very upsetting to me that my father told me that I was never loved and only used by everyone I ever came into contact with other than my daughters however, the truth is much easier to accept when you see the life insurance policies starring you in the face. You have no alternative choice but to believe and accept and to be strong and deal with the situation as it is and realize that the people that raised me did so but not because they loved me, or each other and that they are incapable of love. There is no way that anyone could do this to a person and then say they love them. 

Most of the people in my family are Democrats but state they are republican and are Republican in name only. From what I understand is there has been infiltration on both sides and my family and their gangs and political activism are part of the reason why that has occurred. The people in my family have to suffer from some form of mental disturbance as they have made it seem like all political activism is bad and that people should not band together and stand up for what they believe in. That is not true, people should but the way that this was done was so unbelievably wrong and not only was it wrong but it was done for all the wrong reasons. 

There were multiple hopes, one was that my ex-husband or someone else would kill me, then that i would die during childbirth, now it is when i turn them in and take it to the government either the government will take care of the job for them or someone else from a political party will do so or an IRATE gang or mob member will take care of the job for them. That way they still get to stay out of jail for their crimes and they get away with stealing my entire life and my daughters lives from me. There are allegedly so much criminal corruption which is 100% real and persons who hold a position of power who also had policies and did not want me to win in the lawsuit I won fair and square. Therefore, I need witness protection from the government before they start a war because if I die or any of my children dies D.B. plans to use his powers that are obtained thorough alleged money and his affiliations with all his gangs, mobs, and masons to start a war. Which is part of his political agenda. 

David Boettcher tried to teach me one way of being and Wesley Victors and others tried to teach me their way of things. From my own viewpoints I view the persons who allege they are republicans as hateful and greedy mean-spirted self centered and will let a  person die before helping them. D.B used to call them vultures but then he also said all people were vultures. He alleged that there were plenty of policies found on both sides of the political arena. I view the situation in government like high-school or gangs, one side wants one thing and will do what they want to do including shutting down the government, not showing up for work and fighting instead of being adults and finding solutions to problems like high school clicks. I did not like high-school, and that was why. When I got out of high-school everyone was crying and all  I wanted was my diploma and out the front door. I never wanted to go back. These kinds of discriminatory practices are part of what has nearly gotten me killed, not just because of my own viewpoints but because people have purposefully done bad things to me in order to push theirs through me as if I was a private message service to the people to both sides to stop fighting the same way that I used to stand between my parents Lucy Boettcher and David Boettcher and scream at them to stop fighting. 

No matter which way you look at this, my family is comprised of criminals, corrupt officers, and political activists. They have ruined my life and my daughters lives and the lives of thousands of others for their own causes and its not just. 

The criminals like David Boettcher tell people to break the law, they pay them to molest, to kill or he would show them one of their kills. That person then becomes sworn to secrecy out of fear of him, and a party to the crime that David Boettcher had done due to their fear of telling the truth. If he thinks they will tell which he figures everyone does he then targets them and they begin to target that person and so the cycle continues. Daivd Boettcher alleged to killing 300 people in this manner, not all for money but this is pretty much how he turned many people into criminals and therefore took their lives from him. He has refereed to himself as Charles Manson on steroids and my families on both sides as the Manson family. He called them one great big old political activist mob Manson family. He tells people to harm me, to poison me and then when they do he has them poisoned without me knowing it. They steal from me their belongings are then stolen, they purchase life insurance on my life and he somehow finds a way to ruin and planned to take theirs. He is very methodical in what he does and has a schematic that he found that works and has used this schematic on me and it is not fun. 

First using racketeering he causes someone to lose their jobs, usually by taking whatever form of transportation they have away. Especially if they just bought a new car and if came from any kind of insurance money or if they were anticipating any from my death then he is sure to. Then after you lose your job, your lights and gas and electric are shut off, and your kids are taken. Then he causes you to not be able to get your kids back and hopes you will kill yourself, if you don’t he will break in or have someone else break in and shoot you, or have you kidnapped never to be seen again. He has people instigate arguments and start fights with you by way of racketeering, and then if you get into a fight with them you got to jail. If you drink and drive, get involved in any criminal activity you can be sure to be caught for it and jailed.  He had told me about these things but when he said them I viewed them as threats, until it happened to me except I had not harmed anyone and was told it was pre-revenge, doing it to me first before it happened to everyone else so i could see what they were going to have to go though and what he had already put others through. In my case he had me kidnapped by the state twice, my character defamed, and now has me in a financial position where I can get my children and grandchild to WITSEC or out of the situation without immediate government involvement. As David Boettcher nor anyone else really wants me to get this to the proper authorities there are thousands of policies out there with hundreds of names on them and this is not a good situation as if there were not new policies taken out then the racketeering would of stopped already and I would not still be being poisoned, and I would be allowed to live a normal life like everyone else.   

All these things and everything on this site are why my ex-family and their associates need to be immediately arrested and jailed as this is a very sad state of affairs when any one person or group has this much control over people and that they can control and oppress the people in the United States. 

It was alleged that many of my ancestors names that were found in the family heritage book had purchased life insurance policies on my life with the knowledge of the abuse, serial killings of my father and other family members and with the intent on collecting on those policies, many of these persons were members of government and authorizes that thought that they were “TOO GOOD” to get into trouble, in other  words they were arrogant, self centered rich people who cared nothing about my life or my children lives and had required much of their wealth the same way that my grandmother and Daivd Boettcher and Mob allegedly did. 

I was told that I was cut off from making my story known, obtaining justice, and even from simply living a normal life and that all that were involved simply expected me to lye down on the floor and die for them so they collect, even going so far as setting up false companies and setting up petty cash accounts and fake receipts for those petty cash accounts so they could use the money for racketeering and to purchase life insurance policies without the government knowing it, thinking they were finding a work around David Boettcher and his sting.