Chapter 88 Welcome to Lake Station, or Should I say Little Germany… I thought Hitler WAS DEAD?


With these many policies and this much evidence to prove my case and the constant attempts on my life I have no choice but to believe D.B. the lack of conscious and empathy could be signs that something is very wrong with the peoples upbringing or there is something very seriously wrong with the food and water here that has devoided the people of good common sense, plagued them with poor decision making, lack empathy and caring, they have no conscious, no sense of self worth yet are self centered and focused on money and nothing else.

It is a very big problem, as well as a health concern for innocent victims that may become prey to one of these hate and greed driven monsters. There is something very seriously wrong with these people, they do not understand right from wrong just like D.B. and my family members. Someone broke in my house and stole a few pieces of bread that I had left, they are all upset and attacking me because I did not die and they purchased life insurance polices that they should not of purchased in the first place. Again no remorse and the lack of taking  responsibility for their own actions, if you want to be upset with someone then go stand in the mirror and leave me alone. I am home and have the windows open and hear my neighbors who are engaging in witness intimidation yelling I am going to “PERSECUTE THAT WITCH” which was said by Bobby Kelly, Rochelle Kelly’s boyfriend or husband whose Maiden name is allegedly Portencaso.


You bought the policy’s your the one stealing from me and ruining my life and breaking the law by doing so. Is your name on my DEED to my property?   Breaking an entering, trespassing, attempted murder, defamation of character, best not catch me in there as if I do I have every right to take your life under Indiana Stand Your Ground Law. I own my house outright, it is my piece of America and no one should be on MY LAND OR IN MY HOUSE unless invited on it by me and me only.

David Boettcher is not going to save you nor is his wife CATHY OR ED OR TONY OR ROBERT NO ONE NOT anyone. They all work for my father and are his minions. I am his blood and his daughter, and my girls are his blood and his grandchildren. I am not the one he wants dead if he wanted me dead he would of killed me himself even if he did not think he could get away with it he had years of opportunities to do so. My property line starts at the street not inside my fence line.

Do you see the woman standing behind Cathy Shade in the green shirt who looks like she is wearing a fat suit? It’s not a fat suit, that is Cathy Portencaso, Shade, Smith, Butterfield, Boettcher, see how many chins she has and how big and thick she is and how big her face is around her face and her neck? That was from Prednisone, that is what was done to her because I was being poisoned with Prednisone. Imagine what could happen to those who keep hitting me with formaldehyde, poison, Prednisone and birth control? Think David Boettcher don’t know? Guess again…. Think hes to old and don’t care and won’t do anything??? Guess again…. Think if I say something I can stop him? Guess again…. I have no control over him an of them and never did, I do not get a say so. Think he is not reading this site? Guess again…. Think he don’t know what your planning, conspiring or what you thought you were going to do? Think again. In fact you need to think twice…. 



DAVID BOETTCHER SAYS “JUST BECAUSE I TOLD YOU TO DO SOMETHING DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU DO IT”.They paid a man to molest me and then killed him because he did it. Think about that for a minute, they shot him in the back of the head chopped his body up and put him in a suitcase and it sat in the back of the boneyard until all that was left in the bag was bones dust and a book that he read to me while molesting me. Your supposed to do the right thing, and make the moral and just choice, not just some of the time but always if you don’t you will whined up dead or in jail with the rest of the criminals. 

David Boettcher has his ways of doing to others what is done to me. Cathy is supposed to be his wife and she poisoned him and made him lose his foot and he made her his literal slave. She came over from my mothers side to him to try and take me out and he took her life from her by making her live a lie and turned all her sons to criminal activities and as a result took their lives, thanks to treason charges the government will now more than likely end their lives. The man has his ways and has been planning this my entire life. 

BTW he is PAGAN and he is JEWISH just like I am and he don’t take kindly to what has been said and done especially because it is so unbelievably wrong and because its me and I don’t discriminate against anyone. 



Here I have a present for you : Listen to this: 

The maturity level of the people here is extremely low, they act like grammar school children, stealing, and breaking in to my house. They really need to grow up and start acting like adults and not attention deprived school children. Negative attention is better than no attention is that what it is? Or is it this in the words of Anthony Victors “Don’t hate the game because you lost BITCH”.

In this audio you can hear me speak to David Boettcher and he puts words in my mouth and he tries to tell me he aint in on it. But then the policies were found and he called me and told me that happened because he called and reported it and had them all canceled. So, if he wanted me dead then why call me and tell me that there were any to be found, the code to decipher them and teach me the name game so I could remember all the names of the people, why teach me the law, and teach me how to handle all the various situations I have been put thorough if he really wanted me dead?

Have any of you who keep stealing figured it out yet, he killed, they all killed, and they were all going down anyway, they are all old and sick and dyeing, but had a few loose ends that needed to be tied up first and you are the lose ends. Why are any of you listening to a bunch of asshole serial killers, instead of being mad at me be mad at them, they got you into trouble in the first god damn place. Why does no one think for themselves, act for themselves and do for themselves?

If they spent 1/10 the time working on a business of their own instead of engaged in criminal activities and conspiracy they would be millionaires themselves already, and would not have a need life insurance policies or to kill me and my girls and ruin our livses to try and cash in. They would not need to spend all that time devoted to playing mental warfare games, scare tactics, or engaging in chemical and biological warfare against me and them in order to get a quick payout. 

Furthermore, do you think it is really only my kids and David Boettcher and those who purchased policies that know what is going on? Sometimes, persons of high authority do things that are not entirely legal and just to bust those who are involved in major illegal activities, did you ever think this might be one of those times at least in some cases not all?Did you ever think of that when your talking or texting Tony or Ed that they might be under surveillance or that they might know they were already caught and are taking down as many people with them as they can? Do you think of these things when your doing whatever stupid criminal or immoral thing that it is that your doing? Did your parents teach you nothing? Nevermind… Don’t answer that…You obviously do not have a mind to think with to answer it.  


D.B. alleged that life insurance and killing for life insurance was a big problem in Germany and was part of what spawned the second world war, the Germans looked at the Jewish as walking dollar signs first and then it went was upbringing and religious. His reason was why else kill off people that really are no different than you are other than money. David Boettcher said it as a big problem with the skinheads which were a spin off of Hitlers army and I feel like I was told late in life I am Jewish, and I feel like I live in a German Concentration camp in Germany and that is not a joke.


It is no different, poison was spread all over my house, my air contaminated, my food contaminated, and my water contaminated. Cyanide is used instead of gas which puts off noxious organ shutdown properties, and I was raped no different than what they did to the Jewish in Germany. The jail even keeps track of your menses the same way they did in the concentration camps.

Lake Station is Little Germany and Adolph Hitler is my father he also alleged to being a crack head. 


The man has done everything in his power to embarrass humiliate and frustrate me and he has a huge ring of people helping him which he obtained by use of hate speeches and hate talk no different than Adolph Hitler the officers here act as if they are the Great Gestapo going into houses when ever they want, stealing children and dragging them out and taking them away to be raped and abused with no remorse, no caring, and no intent on ever correcting the situation.