Chapter 9 What Comes Around Goes Around

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D.B. is my father and has done unthinkable things to me and I am his kid he scares me half to death and I honestly think that is the point. I do not want anyone else to get hurt the way that I was.

When I was young D.B. had made a statement to me in the basement of C.B.B.G.G.’s house. He stated that if anyone ever tried to take me from him or take my life from me, he would see to it that he would avenge me, or my death. He stated “it may not be that very day, but some way somehow I would, you can bet your ass I would.” He was angry and he was serious, I did not understand why he made the statement but I do know that he alleged that it infuriated him that people treated me poorly and kept on hurting me because of disagreements and things that he did to them or in his own past. “They are to hate me not you he said, tell them, if they want someone to hate on, hate on me.”

He alleged it was a promise and not a threat, he told me he was a man of his word and he does not go back on his promises.

I have heard him make threats against people and those threats have included “If you harm one hair on that’s kids head you can consider your self dead, I will see to it myself.” Later he added “that goes for all of ‘em”.

D.B. is abusive, hateful, and resentful, he has allowed others to harm me and done nothing about any of it. He has given orders for people to do bad things to me and allowed them to do so and the reason he gave to me was to put the bad people away, those who did not do the right thing, those that did not lead and only followed, they are criminals and some of those crimes that they have participated in are not easily proved such as rape and poisoning.

D.B. used me as bait to catch them and put them away and alleged that this way the future generations of my lineage would not be plagued by hate, resentment, vengeance, and the other seven deadly sins. D.B. alleged that this was for my future and my daughter’s future and was going to help not only me but the girls to be leaders and others to learn from what has happened to us all in an attempt to prevent it from ever happening again.

D.B. alleged that he never wanted anyone to use me, to abuse me, and he wanted to make sure they lost me if they tried. I could not have a real future with the people around me because they are plastic, fake, people who are fueled by greed, hate, lust, envy, sloth, and deceit. I have a big heart and am to forgiving, being so forgiving has nearly gotten me killed, not just by him but by others as well. It has left me open for pain, heartache, loss of health, and disaster.

I do not agree with D.B.’s methods it is not something that I would ever do, nor did I agree to be a participant; I was born into this and honestly I just want it to end. I do not know what all the motivations are for the people involved in this case, I think they may all have their own motivations, and frankly I don’t care what their reasons or excuses are, as far as I am concerned they are all criminals and have used me and will continue to try and use me unless I can get them to stop by turning them into the government and they are charged, prosecuted, and imprisoned. D.B. alleged that most of the people involved if not all were aware that they were already caught and thought that they could detour me from obtaining justice. However, since they are already caught there is only so much jail time a person can do therefore their abuse has not stopped but increased as they are cornered and have nothing left to lose.

Some of the things D.B. alleged was that he had his men breaking into residences and cars and installing surveillance, spreading dusting powder poison in their houses, as the same had been done to him. He has kept them from earning, and kept them down, and from getting ahead the same way that was done to me.

D.B. has had them put people in jail, to cause them the same type of collapse that has been done to me, they will lose their kids, their houses, cars, jobs, bank accounts, husbands, and wives, and be destined to a life alone the way I have been forced to live. The only difference is I will be able to go on with my life and get my children back, go on to be married if I so choose, be successful, have my art, and my health, and my business, and be apart of my grandkid’s lives, where as they will be spending the rest of their lives behind bars.

D.B. has alleged to being CIA and having ties with the government he stated that someone gave him way too much power, he has given people involved in this case opportunities that have come easily to them and those opportunities were given to them with the intention of taking them away. “God, Give’ith and god take it away”. He did this to them to give them a false sense of security and pride, as a reward for their loyalty to him. What they did not realize was they were being setup for the same heartache that I have had to experience in being kept from my dreams and my life.

D.B. alleged that the hits that he put out are different types of hits and that they were quieter less likely to be discovered. These hits were not “in your face” type hits but subtle and took more time but got the job done eventually with less chance of being discovered or raising suspicion.

D.B. is an “I’ll get-cha’ later” kind of guy. “I might not get you today, or tomorrow but some way somehow, I will get-cha.  He’s a get-cha later kind of guy and calls himself that.

D.B. has alleged that Lake Station is a highly concentrated Mason town as is Morris Il. where my children were taken by E.M.M. D.B. alleged that it was safest for me to live in Lake Station due to the high number of Masons that live there but he has also made hateful remarks about the Masons and the Rites of Passage Ritual and holds a hatred toward them for protecting me, educating me and making me into a “goodie two shoes”.

D.B. made threats against officials and their families, he alleged that the Lake Station water had been contaminated and that R.A.B. and E.M.M. himself and others were going to be dumping cyanide gas into the sewers in front of people’s houses this is especially a problem during the winter months as the houses are closed up and there is little to no precipitation from rain water to wash it away. The gases travel up through the sewer and main plumbing pipe. D.B. explained it to me when he told me what he was planning on doing.

D.B. alleged that they did not believe I was poisoned so he was going to prove it to them and maybe they would believe me when it happened to them. He also alleged that they were poisoning the water reclamation plant in Lake Station and at one point alleged that they were dumping large quantities of poison in deep river that feeds the well to Lake Station’s well nearest to my house located off Central Ave. I cannot see how that would work but he alleged that it would and that deep river would need to be dredged and you can’t just replace the membrane the whole well would need to be replaced.

D.B. has stated to me that killing was euphoric and that there are people out there that are adrenaline junkies, that is how they get some of their power that they need to do the bad deeds that they do. He also made a statement that there are two sides to everyone and that sometimes with people who have split personality’s one side will try to kill off the other side, he later then stated there was no such thing and that those types of disorders are not scientifically proven and can not be shown on a brain scan of any kind since it can not be shown on a brain scan it should not be used or accepted as any kind of defense for his actions because he is not insane if a person is truly insane they would not be able to function enough to plan out all the things that have been planned out to be done to me, to others, and to officials.

D.B. also asked me if I ever wondered why A.E.V. was so interested in serial killers and prison and jail movies, and he himself spent a lot of time following the Jeffrey Dahmer Case in the 1990’s listening to it take place over the radio at work etc.

D.B. also stated that in the instance of murder’rs that go on killing spree’s they are often shot on site, and not brought in for questioning and that when that happens the authorities lose out as they never learn what makes the guy “tick.” These things would be said to me and I would look at him like he was a crazy person and wonder why he was saying the things that he said, it would not compute as it seems to me that I am always being told these things from him and other family members and really did not believe what was being said until it was happening to me and my kids and I stepped back to look at the entire situation and my life and pieced it all together and decided that there was something more to this than people simply trying to freak me out all the time.  I was called gullible a lot, and I am not gullible, when you find a bucket of poison in your house after being sick and having stomach attacks for years, and you lose your health and nearly die and your life gets destroyed you have no choice but to believe which is what D.B. said he was going to do, FORCE me to BELIEVE and accept what had happened to me and to the other victims.  I am to do the right thing and tell because he did not have the “guts” to.

Later on, in conversation, D.B. alleged that people had been confessing and being obvious about what they were doing because they had no clue that I had caught on to them and their criminal code, behavior and ways. For one thing, did not think I would remember or be believed for another and because then their actions against me were “justified” in their mind because they had now created a “witness” with their confession. Additionally, I became an ordained minster which is when some of them seemed to of confessed their crimes to me. Those involved in this are “in your face” about what they are doing either they don’t know that I was told or they really think I am stupid.

D.B. alleged that it was known that the water in the town was contaminated and that the City did not want to fix the problem and were just going to leave it that way. There are people that are sickly all over the city, people will not give the water to their dogs. I found an article online about the poor quality of the city’s water and the fact that the city was complaining about not having any money even after they have been over charging citizens for the water that they get.

I have heard complaints such as persons being charged $1000.00 for one month’s worth of water, and other enormous amounts and high bills. I have gotten extremely large bills and have been hit with a bill over $300.00 for one months’ worth of water.  If you do not agree with the bill, they will not credit the account you are forced to pay it, and then an investigation is done but it is hardly ever if ever found that it was the fault of the city.

The people there are very unhappy when I moved in to Lake Station in 2007 the bill was $12.00 for garbage and hardly anything for water the whole bill was around $35-$45 a month at most. Then there was an increase and it was written in the paper that the price had been raised and reason given was pretty much “because we can”. Now they want to transfer to a private water company just after building and opening a brand-new water reclamation plant and are complaining that the city has no money when we all pay property taxes that are not “reduced” by any means.

I have a damaged water meter that is leaking from the knuckle in the basement on the city’s side and damaging my floor and leaving a white substance of some kind caked onto the floor. It could be sediment or it could be something else I have no way to tell as I do not have a lab to find out what the substance is. I took samples of the substance and a piece of paint off the floor but my hard evidence was stolen, there is more on the floor in my residence.

When I requested that the knuckle be fixed or replaced, I was told I was going to have to pay a plumber when that is something that the city should be taking care of for the residents. There was an incident where an elderly man became so angered over the water department and high cost that he allegedly had gone to the water department which is part of City Hall and the Police Department with a shotgun and was killed by police as a result. The window to the water department’s drive through payment window was shattered. The man was allegedly in his 80’s.

D.B. made allegations that I was going to be poisoned, he made allegations that I was going to be raped, and both has happened. D.B. has made allegations that other people were going to do bad things to me including steal, poison me, and poke me in the foot with a needle and those things have happened.

D.B. made allegations that I was going to have my children taken and go to jail and have my reputation be tarnished as a result all these statements, that I did not believe nor did I want to accept have occurred.

I have reason to believe him because of that, the things that have been done to me are unimaginable and boggle the human mind but they have been done and I don’t want to cause panic but I also do not want anyone else to get hurt.

Same holds true for the things that were said about A.E.V. and E.M.M. I refused to listen to D.B. and I nearly lost my life, was raped, my kids may have been raped, and I may have a missing grandchild. He has said the words “I’ll make a believer out of you yet” many times and seems to be intent on doing so in every area that I have in disbelief of him and his allegations.

D.B. had alleged that C.P.S.B.S.B. had “transferred herself” from my mothers’ side to him in an effort to hurt him and me for life insurance and because he took me away. D.B. has this thing with an eye for an eye. My mother’ side of relatives were then targeted in the same manner. D.B. alleged to setting them up with their boyfriends and husbands or wives and girlfriends all with malicious intent to mess up and destroy their lives and to help ensure that they would be caught in the end for their wrong doings against others, against him and against me.

D.B. was preyed upon by C. and my mother’s family, by her being sent to him, but then in retaliation D.B. made it so those who had sent C. to him were then living the same lie they were trying to make him live. C.B. and D.B. then made me live a lie as well as this whole thing allegedly spiraled out of control. D.B. has given me information about poisoning victims and family members and who was doing what to whom. I do not know for fact that the information given was completely accurate but there does seem to be some credence to what he had alleged because of what has been done to me and my own personal experiences with the people involved. At this time I do not wish to divulge the information that I have but will divulge it to the proper authorities when I get to them so that no one else is hurt as an eye for an eye does not just seem to be D.B.’s way of life but the people in the two sides of my ex-family’s way of life as well.

An eye for an eye does not have to mean that you do what was done to you back to the person who had done it exactly that is why we have a justice system. When you take matters into your own hands and do the same thing that was done to you, you then become the same person. There is nothing different about you anymore you make yourself a criminal and not a victim or survivor. You can seek satisfaction in obtaining justice by following the proper legal channels to do so, had that been done many people’s lives would have been saved as well as their futures and the futures of future generations.

How much is revenge really worth? This is part of what makes me superior and why I do not belong to this family or this disaster, this is why I have been the prey and not the predator and I am proud that I am not because I would not wish to stoop so low as to retaliate and ruin someone else’s life by poisoning them or by sending people to fake a relationship and make someone live a lie or lifetime of abuse for my own selfish indignant reasons. When something bad happens to you, you are supposed to go to the police and report it and if they won’t do anything about it then you sue, if you do not know how to sue you learn how but you don’t take matters into your own hands. Even if it’s hard not to retaliate or take matters into your own hands, and it’s hard to stay good you stay good and let the authorities handle it.

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