Chapter 90 Money Does Awfully Strange Things to People & Crime Does Not Pay & Least Not Well Enough for D.B.

Money is not the end all be all of human existence. Humans existed well before there was any form of money. And people do not have to exchange one thing for another there is a such thing as giving from a persons heart which is what true love is. People who truly love each other do not keep track of what the nice things that are said or done or even gifts received or that they give out. They share freely, they share their minds, their hearts, their love and sometimes even their money. This is not wrong, this is the way it is supposed to be if and when you love and if you have that seemingly rare capability. 

Love is not supposed to hurt the other person, and when someone is constantly hurt you can not call that love. Greed, does funny things to people, except what it does is not funny at all. It erodes their minds, in consumes them they get sucked in to the thought of having it, they begin to fantasize about what their lives would be like if they had money and the next thing you know they are willing to do absolutely anything to not only improve their quality of life but to obtain money. They eat money they drink money every thought going through their head is about money not just how much they need or don’t have but how much they want more. They fixate on it the same way I fixate on cigarettes and the next thing you know some guy they know or some guy walks up to them on the street and says hi my name is Tom and I found a easy way to make some really large sum of money really fast and you don’t even have to do nothing for it what do you say? 

Notice the guys name is TOM or some English guy named Thomas like the Muffins, he said it worked like a charm. that because this guy is what is called an UNCLE TOM.  Uncle Tom is an old word that means hes a snitch, and hes about to bust you for making the biggest mistake of your life and his. Beware of anyone who has the last name Wheel or Turner, or anything similar, this is big and its real and they are a turner. These people love puns, any kind of innuendos, greed, and play on words and they just keep coming with em, most importantly they prey on hateful people and jealousy, and rely on good old fashion HATE TALK just like Hitler did, it amazed that David Boettcher could build an entire business using mostly hate talk only and how fruitation it was. That is what he alleged, he said it was amazing that a little hate talk could actually get people to open up their pocketbooks and start forking over their cash for life insurance policies with my name on them, the name of other assailants, his name, and whoever else they wanted. These were all mob hits I might add each and every one was allegedly a hit. 

His real name was Dave Boettcher, Edward Malik, Anthony Victors, Cathy Smith they sold policies which were hits, on my life and my kids lives and allegedly had fun and made a killing doing it. According to D.B. of course they did so with the sole intention of ripping everyone off and then turning everyone in the customer base got to big so they tried to keep the base names limited. Then other people got funny idea’s of taking policies out themselves and the whole thing spiraled out of control and now it seems like every tom dick and hairy out on the street has a policy with my name and my kids names on it plus a whole other set of names and David Boettcher insists that he is not the person behind it but that it is Anthony Victors and Cathy or someone else but he was pretty pissed up and aggravated because it messed up their bust which is real and made it look like it was fake and he was not sure if there were any more out there which is why my daughters and I need witness protection as this is a disastrous mess and the worst Idea he ever had many of the names have officials names on them and that is not good. 

So if you talk to Tom or Tim or if you got orders from Tom or Tim or my Uncle Tom or Uncle Tim, I don’t have one and never did. 

He’s my father or maybe even my uncle John and he found a way to expose one of societies biggest flaws, which is society basing their entire existence even their love life on credit worthiness, finances, and money. Its greed, pure unadulterated greed, plain and simple and it makes people sick in the mind, it makes him sick and it makes me sick physically and it makes my kids sick physically, and it make others around us all sick in the mind. Society revolves around one thing entirely and that thing is money so much so they are willing to sacrifice people for it, think about that how is that different than cannibalism?  Your not going to eat off the dead person but your feeding off them like vultures. This is what upsets me and makes me sick about the rich ancestors in the book and the rich people I see with their names on policies they don’t need the money they want it out of greed. To them I ask, what is wrong with you? 

The funny thing about it is, money its not worth nothing. Its not worth the paper its printed on, its worthless, its not backed by gold, its not backed by silver, it holds no true value anymore and yet all these people are willing to kill over it or let me die in order to keep or obtain it. 

Money holds no true value the value printed on it is entirely false, plus the value that it holds is relative to the holder himself and himself only besides the stores. Its truly not important, not in the end, you can’t take it with you to the grave, you can pass it on to your family or give it to charity but really the only thing that holds any true value is love and you can’t buy love. You can replace money, you can make more, you can always get more money some how some way at some point down the road. One thing you can not replace, is the people you hold closest to you so why would you sell them out for a life insurance policy, why would you sell anyone out for money that is not worth the paper its printed on? so you can buy a nice car? A better house? That won’t bring the person back, that won’t heal your heart when they are gone. Nothing will, not money not anything. Nothing can bring anyone back from the grave. 

Money holds no true value yet human life is disposable, people would rather throw away human lives then pay them the money they owe or fess up to what they did wrong because of their wants and wishes and greedy desires. Money is paper, with some green letters printed on it, that is issued from the government, its value is not really based on the stock market or the prices at the stores its value is completely imaginary like god. Its vale is no different that of a baseball card than the value of a baseball card, and the girls and I are the Honus Wagner of baseball cards yet we have almost been torn up and thrown away in the garbage can, all for the love of money, envy, and greed. 

Money has its holds but the only hold it has on you, is the same kind of hold any kind of addiction holds, which is the hold you allow it to have on you and over you. That is the truth entirely. Now I heard this a bunch of times growing up, and it is apart of me, and I see it and always did see it which is what David Boettcher knows now and always did know,  as he and I have had this conversation. But for some reason which he can not for the life of him understand nor can I understand or wrap our brains around is what the fuck is so god damn wrong with being happy with what you have instead of killing to get something that you want? What is wrong with working instead of wishing, instead of hunting and targeting humans why not try golfing or fishing as a hobby. 

These reasons are all a part of my words to live by mine are simplified and I used a different example but the meaning was exactly the same. This is why when your in a relationship you never fight over money because you can not take back the bad things that are especially said but most importantly done out of greed. 

Its hard having a serial family, I have to take the good and leave the bad which is what they all wanted me to do at least that is what I did, I don’t really care what they wanted anymore. I am in agreement on this issue.