Chapter 83 Constant Breaking of Serialized Programs Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word

I have constantly had a problem with ADOBE ACROBAT which is part of my Adobe Acrobat Design and Web Premium program that was purchased through school and is a serialized program, this program works and then stops working, it will not respond or open when I click on the icon for it to open I reinstall it and it may work for a little while then all of a sudden it simply stops. 

A few moments ago I had Microsoft word open and was using it to right a post, I then had to restart my system after installing Adobe Acrobat again which still will not work, I then waited a very elongated period of time for my system to reboot and when I finally after several minutes got to my desktop and attempted to open MS WORD was unable to and it gave me a error stating that the program all of a sudden needed to be reinstalled.

I have an HP ENVY with a I5 and 12 GB ram and should not be having any problems with slow downs, hang ups, or program’s hanging. D.B. alleged this was all a part of racketeering, witness tampering, witness intimidation, organized crime, and attempt to facilitate murder by way of forced or pushed suicide. 

I was told to use screen capture utility’s to record and document these happenings when they did occur, and post it on this site to be used as evidence of the constant antagonizing that has gone on and also reminded me that all connections to my computer could be tracked through subpoena of both Frontier and Comcast, and that the carriers tracked not just IP address’s but hardwired MAC ID’s which can not be changed and are specific to the devices that are used to connect remotely, or in any format and that there was also surveillance at those facilities he also informed me of where it was allegedly coming from which I will not divulge here but will divulge. 

Extremely slowed down and non-responsive page load times on internet pages that I attempt to access while working at the library and the explosion of my page file these are intermittent problems that only occur in the city, and when I am working on anything having to do with this case and my making my report. 

D.B. made allegations that there were very rich persons involved and that there was no end to greed, if that is true or not time will tell however, after what I have found by way of expired policies, and what I have experienced in the wealthy participating in organized crime, I would not be the littlest bit surprised.