Chapter 91 : 9-11 MSMS13 & 9-11-2001 David Boettcher’s Confession & Former President Bush

David Boettcher alleged to terrorism and to being behind 911 multiple times, to having his men take dynamite and putting nerve agents in the basements of he buildings in addition to having persons hijack he planes and flying them into the buildings. There were three planes that crashed, two into the buildings themselves that were the World Trade Centers. He also alleged that President Bush knew what was going on with him being poisoned and my being poisoned and sex-trafficked and that since grandma had sent letters and been ignored and he also alleged to telling them about sleeper cells and being ignored and that the stock market was rigged he was sending a message to the country that we were headed for revolutionary war and that was one of the primary reasons why. 

There were two planes that took down the trade centers the other plane was sent to the pentagon. Bush wanted to go to war with IRAQ the same way his father went to war with IRAQ during the Golf war. David Boettcher and his groups of activists did not want a war they felt that the bushes wanted only to steal the oil from IRAQ and kill and convert the people there to Christianity which is wrong. They started a huge war with IRAQ and raped, killed and bombed the same way that David Boettcher does for greed. 

When I reviewed the video of the speech that was read by Bush he says the words steal very hardly it is shining through his subconscious.

Two airplanes have crashed into the world trade emphasis on “CENTER”, “Anna a parent terrorist” emphasis on “attack” on our country.  Which means he knew I was in danger as were my two small children the same way that David Boettcher alleged, he also had life insurance polices which were found on the USA.GOV website by not doing the right thing he has caused a literal catastrophe causing me to lose my life, and suffer in sickness and agony, be raped sex trafficked my children raped and sex trafficked my daughter made to have an abortion, my other daughter to have her baby taken away and we are all still in harms way. In addition to robbing the country blind using the stockmarket as a tool for extortion. 

I recently sold gold and silver to a nearby pawn shop, I was told by David Boettcher that he was aware that I was constantly and consistently being robbed by the pawnshop, short changed. He told me that if I was robbed this time at all I would see  a drop in silver prices in a day or so and I was to record that information and post it on this site. As the drop in silver prices which he informed me was going to occur two years in advance was all part of “what goes around comes around” they robbed me and he was then going to drop the price to match what I was paid so they could not “earn a profit” from short changing me. It was also a lesson for me not to invest any money into the stock-market or into US Banks as he alleged he had been robbed right out of his accounts. Money was simply disappearing left and right and when he investigated he found out it was the US Government glomming on to it, and stealing it right out of his accounts which was why he was so infuriated and why he asked for the blowing up of trade in addition he felt that he was robbed of stocks and I have seen this in MaryAnn Malik’s case as she showed Edward Malik and myself her paperwork from American General Finance Retirement account that was completely zeroed out. He alleged that this was being done to them because it was known they were criminals and rather than stopping them from being criminals and keeping the kids and I safe the government was simply stealing their money and then leaving the girls in harms way and it was not just me they were leaving in a lerch it was the sleeper cell communities also. 

Bush makes reference to the Governor of NY is one of the states that have defamed my character and wrongfully and falsely held me while doing so. They are now a party to my lawsuit as a result adding to the conspiracy of a cover-up. Additionally, there is allegedly a large population of Masons in NY the same was there is a large number of Masons in Lake Station and other mostly rural area’s. The books published by the masons usually are published and come publishing houses set up in NY including books about paganism and witchcraft that are being created as a part of propaganda to get people to hate the Pagans and Wiccans the same way that the Muslims were hated due to this propaganda. There is also a large number of MOB’s in Newyork and Gang activity similar to that which is seen in other large cities such as Chicago. It will have to be researched further but it may likely of been MS-13 or Masons that had actually carried out these acts of terror on the country which killed thousands and sent us to war David Boettcher alleged that he put in the “request” but did not think they would actually doing it, stating that there really was no end to greed and that there was nothing that he could ask for that he would not get because of the life insurance polices that he sold, fear, and the people who wanted to keep their freedoms desire to remain free. 

The other things that he says almost made me sick, as he said a bright and shining Becon of freedom.  I have been called a bright and shinning beacon of hope and love and peace. The words that he said were my father’s words, it is as if he wrote the speech that bush was delivering. Bush is un-empathetic, cold, calculating, and emotionless. I also found policies listed under the bush name for Anna, Madeline, Alyssa, Mackenzie, Makayla and David. I did not check all the names, David Boettcher alleged to selling Bush the polices when his father was in office and Bush was a coke-head.  

I will listen to the speech and try and hear Bushes subconscious and post what it is I pick up on if there is anything else especially in re guards to IRAQ and going to war. I avoided this when it was going on as death and destruction upsets me. I was also very wrongly lead to believe that it was the Muslims that hated American’s and part of that stemmed from my going to Stagg-High School in Palos Hills as they were often shoulder checking me and not letting me thorough the halls and I often saw those who were Muslim ganging up on other students in the school that is where I was told that TAP The Arabian Possee was formed and the key person of Tap was Cal a friend of Anthony Victors who owns the nearby Citgo gas station where I am constantly robbed by Cal himself, charged tax on items and I reported for his actions in a previous post. Many persons of Muslim decent primarily the girls and woman have been my friends. I can not describe how terrible this makes me feel I am not very proud to be American and I do not know if I ever will be again. 

Below is my fathers teachings & decoding of the subconscious. 

Evil Despicable acts of terror, these are David Boettcher’s words he refers to life insurance as Evil and Despicable acts, the terror would be the poisoning of victims themselves as it is a form of terrorism. Threaton our nation into Chos and Retreat, David Boettcher perhaps if I instill fear into them by sending them a message unlike any other message they have ever received. 

It had not been determined yet who bombed the buildings and he was already speaking of “THE WAR” on terrorism emphasis was on the word war. From his subconscious his intent was stealing and causing war to do it. 

David Boettcher  “Perhaps I can scare them into chaos and retreat.  Have you ever been scared into chaos and retreat? No, oh yes you have, every time you get amnesia that you don’t even know your getting that is being scared into CHOS and retreat which is what happens when you threaten to go against me and talk to the cops and tell them every crazy thing I ever said and did all because grandma told on me about giving you and her prednisone to fatten you up so the boys wont look at ya. Bet you didn’t know I’ve been poisoning your sorry ass either, bet you didn’t know I been poisoning the entire house and the community I built out in Lake Station, I bet you don’t know a lot you don’t seem to remember anything I say perhaps you’ll remember this, that Wicca sex circle I told you about that is what this is about that and what they been doing to people with the stock market primarily me, they took away almost all my money and they don’t think I know it was rigged but it is rigged and this is how I am going to prove its rigged and I’m not going to be the one to prove it your going to prove it, just like your going to prove all he insurance polices that I sold and my political activism and murders of rapists and child-monsters and bad cops. But not until I say so and until I am ready not until I steal more of your life and your time and make damn sure I ruin any resemblance of a future that you ever had because I hate your sorry ass and I really want you dead but for some ungodly reason you refuse to die, you simply refuse to be kidnapped, and you refuse to die. I cant even make a dollar off you, you wont let me make a single dollar off you staying with tony all that time, I cant make one single dollar selling your ass to sex-trafficking, betcha I will some day. You know what I don’t just bet you I guarantee you I will.” 

There were thousands of policies found on the USA.GOV website. I only took the first page to show how many pages could be found. They are listed under the names of victims and assailants including my own name my children’s names and the names of other persons involved. They follow the same pattern as the other policies found and need to be researched further by the ACH. 

Clinton. I hope these are fake, I really do ACH will have to be checked on these too. 

No results were found for Obama 

1 result was returned for President Trump which I believe is fraud. It was alleged he knew what was going on as did all past presidents and was not doing anything to rectify the situation due to the surveillance which is documented and obvious above my town I am becoming infuriated due to the lack of respect for my life my children’s lives and grandchildren’s lives. It needs to be known that it was alleged that he was being set-up to be impeached for aiding and abetting in his inaction to remove my daughters and I and grandson from harms way and for failure to keep campaign promises and refusing to manage MS-13 and clean up the corruption that he promised to do. 



More recently after my daughters were taken from me and abducted in an effort to silence us. Bush was on Fox News showing off his paintings. He is obviously old now as they all are and have stolen my life and dreams which was to paint not be a government informant life in poverty and waste my time fighting them for justice and protection. My family used to say I should be a lawyer and should not waste my time on painting that it was nothing more than a complete waste of my time, in what I call true MASON NAZI thoughtlessness. They used to say that I would have plenty of time to paint when this is all over and I was old and grey. They made me so sick I could not get out of bed and at one point I could not sit at the easel and hold a brush.

My mind consumed by fear, anxiety, and bad dreams that I can no longer access my imagination in order to paint. By the time this is over I will be riddled with arthritis loose my eye site and my dexterity and no longer be able to paint. This is just another example of the torture and torment these people put me through for their social causes, their wants their dreams their aspirations without any thought or concern for my own as if I was a well trained dog and not a walking talking human with my own set of dreams and aspirations and thought processes Turing me into their advocate or voice box and forcing me to tell their despicable and disgusting story so I can face more public torture and ridicule and possibly lose my life or my kids could lose their lives while doing so and then they can all get off Scott free for their crimes. I sure hope BUSH enjoys painting because of him and his greed I don’t have the time because he did not do his job and did the wrong things I don’t have the time. I hope he spends the rest of his life in maximum security prison for the parts he played for treason against this country he thinks because he is a former president that offers him some form of immunity or protection but there is none.