Dear God & Universe this is my will. As such It is so.

Reunite me with my family. Delete all Visitor ships from existence, make them give back all they took from our planet, and return those that were stolen from our lives. Restore order and justice, make the backwards world we live in right side up once again. 

Delete Edward Malik, and Anthony Victors and all other assailants they are visitors in disguise. Delete all evil from the world and the things that feed evil including hate, resentment,  jealousy, sloth, gluttony, and greed. Help us destroy our opponent and lead us all away from temptation and help us all to find our way back from the grave, the wrong doing, and the crime that has been rampant on our streets and in our homes, communities, and the world. Protect us in this time of war and help us to defeat our common enemy. Help us to set our differences aside and find a commonality against our opponent the Lizard Alien Visitors that are destroying everything and are even raining urine down on us. Help us make the right choices, live better lives, care and love each other and lead with love for mankind and hate for lizard visitors in our hearts. Help us not to fight with our spouses to return to gods law, to restore mans law and most importantly to learn to worship ourselves not god not each other but our own self. You are your own harshest judge, those negative feelings you get bring your energy down, self loathing results in hate, and resentment toward yourself and those in your life. You can not change the past but you can change the future. Make a conscious choice to change and soon you won’t hate yourself and you will start to see and feel love and happiness again. Our enemy feeds on hate. It is a delicacy to them. They infiltrate your hearts and your minds and even your homes. They brain wash us and hypnotize us and make us hateful and resentful. I made you a picture to help you evoke your own will. Print it off and stare at it and start to feel it in your chest. Use it as much as you need and begin to evoke your own will by chanting, I evoke thine own will. I am in control of me and my will and no one can take or remove my will from me even if they say they did. There has been a lot of psychological conditioning involved. I will help you try and get through it the best I can as will god. 

These feelings are to be expected as a result of what they do but then feed into each other and cause more problems. You must fight this, you must fight back by letting things they say and do roll off your back and know that in the end you will get yours. 

Delete trump from Office he is a lizard Alien and restore our planet and help us to heal ourselves and our families, and environment.  Deliver us from thine enemy and peace and prosperity and love shall be rampant. 

Please take me back to when I was young, return my family to me in its entirety, bring to me the cash I am owed and my family is owed and make all things wrong right again.