Evil Lurks Inside! Take them to the Tibetan MONKS

There has been reports of persons doing some things they should not be doing having to do with evil. Those infected need to be taken to the Tiebetian Monks. They know how to handle this sort of thing. I can not do this myself as there is a audience of people needed and it may take several days to get them cleared of evil. I will decide for myself if they have been cleared or not. Last time I saw my fathers it was self evident of what was going on as this can and does change your appearance. This has also happened to Cathy Portencaso as well. 

I will not contend with my father nor should you until he is cleared of the evil that he has trapped inside of him. Usually he would handle the matter himself but the bitch Cathy won’t let him. Once he has been cleared and this goes for everyone then they must write me a letter of Apology and it best be good. That apology must then be delivered publicly and be heartfelt. 

That is not all. In order to prove to me that your apologetic for all you have done or allowed to happen you must show me by your actions. Its one thing to say it but I want you to prove it by being the way I know you can be. Which is not hateful, not mean spirted, not resentful, kind good hearted, loving, caring, and thoughtful. Not selfish, self centered, and jealous and self serving. 


These are my requirements those who have done insurmountable damage and have done this to get ahead and are not on the team will not be forgiven nor will those that do not apply themselves in healing work, manage their stockholm, manage their health, and manage their PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression. 
You need to do some spell work and deal with those negative feelings. Then we can talk about forgiveness. 

These are the people that must be seen by the Monks. 


Dave Boettcher (All)

David Boettcher (All)

Steven Boettcher (All)

Corey Haim (All of them)

Madalynn (All)

Alyssa (All)

Mackenzie (All)

Makayla (All)

Carols (All) 

Christina’s (ALL)

Kenneth’s (ALL) 

Debbie’s (ALL) 


All John Antzeck’s and his wife Sherri’s. With the exception of suspected aliens. 

And someone needs to find out using Intel about my uncle John as he is a rapist therefore is not welcome around me or my girls anymore if that was him if not then he needs to be cleansed I want to see surveillance.  

All Lucy Boettcher’s (Lets see if this helps with the hate and drinking, my spell did not). 

The rest are missing or are assailants and participated in poisoning me and racketeering, remained silent and did not help only harmed. 

Some people have burned their bridges completely but still need to get the evil out so it does not spread. 

Wesley, Lesley, Darin, Anthony, Katie, Devin, Brian. 

Maryann, Carl, Edward, and fam including Annie, and anyone else involved with them. 

Cathy, Robert, Adam, Jordan and fam including anyone else involved with them. 

Terra Shirley Montelongo and her husband Eric Montelongo. Originals may be aboard an enemy ship. 

I caught Cathy breathing hate into Anthony Victors once and there were reports of her doing the same to my father David Boettcher and his twins. 

Someone might want to try it on the Trump Family as well just in case. 

There are also duplicates out there that must be handled they have souls of their own but must be cleansed. I am unsure which ones are the Visitors but was shown what they were up to. I can not divulge that here. I may have a father that is a Visitor in disguise which is what I highly suspect and part of why I waged war on them as did he. None of us take kindly to imposers. duplicates created have their own souls and are welcome with me as long as they agree to be cleansed. 


To my family go get cleaned up and out and then we will see if you really care or not. 

No one is to listen to my father until he is cleansed it has changed his personality and he is getting everyone in trouble as a result. He is hateful and being very bullying and vindictive which is not his natural nature. I contacted the Monks myself and am posting it here as well. As I was made aware of this problem and how to go about handling it. 

We will start here and take it from here once these ones are handled. This is not a request nor demand it is as mandatory as breathing and having a heartbeat. There is something a miss the aliens are behind it and it needs to be handled the obstinence not to is part of the personality changed and should be ignored. They will thank you later. My dad will handle the check.