I am being ignored by Trump and The Government on purpose!

The word for what I am does not exist at this time. I need to create a word that can explain how angry, disappointed, disgusted, and completely done I am. 

Over the past few months and with the help of Telepathy my memory has returned of many things including the VISITORS planning to destroy our world using me. I was allegedly named the Universal Princess and would someday become the Universal Queen. As part of this job when I was young I had to become an alien and be one for one day only. Each alien I met was different yet I still stayed the same. They may of been costumes and this may of been thought-up by Hollywood from the start however, I don’t believe that is what happened and not what I was told either. 

My original father was allegedly the Universal God the father of all things the maker of everything, heaven earth purgatory and everything and anything you could imagine out in space. 

He was infuriated with the world and how it turned out as you see one day he woke up and the earth was gone. It had been blown up somehow so he traveled back in time to find out what went wrong and what he did wrong and he found out we were invaded by aliens and that those aliens called themselves the visitors and they had created a situation based somehow around me and him that ended the life of everyone on the planet and the planet itself. 

He decided that since he had the information he would return to earth and when he did he was beyond infuriated he decided that Satan had somehow locked himself up inside of him. The things that had gone wrong were his fault since he was the universal god. 

So he decided to rid the earth of evil and sought out to do just that. As if people lived in peace even with good aliens then the world would not just survive but thrive. 

When he came back to earth he was a human as am I and because he is god he was able to access special ablilites and gifts that his human body found out about over time. Those abilities were also given to the original inhabitants of this world which is part of what made the situation interesting because those who did not or could not access these gifts from god. Could not access them because they had emotional baggage that had been brought on by abuse from the aliens. The aliens were the Nazi’s in Germany and are the Masons now and were known as the Masons in the past as well. They are also known as Satan’s Army of Lizards and Amphibians, consisting of snakes, lizards, frogs, toads, turtles, and every amphibian creature that there ever was. Keep in mind you don’t see them this way unless you have Lizard Radar like I do. I was taught how to do that using my gut and instinct and sadly from being around them for so long. I was taught and if I was taught you can also be taught as you to posses this gift as well it is part of our natural defense mechanism as is being psychic, clairvoyant, empathetic, healers, witches, etc. We are united by these gifts and the fact that we are human. 

Anyway, some people thought that because I possessed these gifts they could be shared or stolen. They thought if they sucked my breath to remove my soal they could take them away, things like your spirit,  which is another word for soul, and your will, your clairvoyance, your empathy, your telepathic’s, your remote viewing, and your ability to see the past and the present and future not just see it but be in it and visit and then come back when you want using remote viewing which is really what that is. It is called access to the ALL SEEING EYE. Sometimes it happens while you are asleep and you think they are dreams but they are time traveling dreams as he calls them. In his case its a bit more than that. This is very mystical and magical which is part of my point. You are mystical and magical unless you are a lizard. In that case you are evil. Evil has been detected in each and every one I ever met. It is not simply a dislike it is evil which for what ever reason physically makes me sick. It causes me to cough and if not fixed by drinking sage and doing ohms or spitting out the evil it makes me physically ill. 

The Universal God who is also a minister obviously, raised me to be one and eventually he himself knew that half of him was to be destroyed because he is noting but pure evil and can not be a universal god as you can not be both god and Satan. It just does not work out in the grand scheme of things like keeping people and the planet alive. 
You see god gets to much enjoyment out of toying with us, because at this time Satan has over come his body which is what happens if you ingest and do not get rid of the evil inside. 

Our opponent the Lizards feed off this they also feed off your fear the same way a dog does. The more afraid you are the more the dog barks and higher chance you have at getting bit. If you stand up to the dog look it straight in the eye and tell it to stop and force it back down using your will you can dominate that dog. The lizards are the same way. They do not know what to do when peoples minds become unlocked and they remember what was done to them. At this point fear is what I feel in the air it is not people fear it is lizard fear. They know that god knows and always did know what was being done. They also know that he is infuriated and have been sent that message many times over. 

I dont consider myself a god, or even a messenger but he does. And the back of the bible does say I am the alpha and Omega which means we really are our own gods. It is up to us to desire if we want to be Satan and let evil fester inside of us which leads to ultimate death and war or if we want to be good gods and treat each other and ourselves with basic respect. 

That is really what this all boils down to is lack of human decency and respect. That is because what we are dealing with are not human. You can not expect them to treat us any other way. They are our sworn enemy always were since the beginning of time. They steal our bodies, swap our souls, pretend to be us when they are not, they are sneaky, manipulative, destructive, hateful, mean spirited which means evil spirted. Some posses demons inside some Satan,  by him such as rape, sex trafficking, predetermined and pre-thought out destiny’s and more. World peace and even universal peace will come but not for the visitors. 

This is not because we chose to pick a fight with them or simply decided to pick a fight with them. It is because they literally carve people up, tattoo V’s on all parts of their body’s including their faces and I received reports that I also witnessed clairvoyant of one of my fathers being forced to sit in a chair be strapped down and watch while I was being raped and sex trafficked because he wrote them a letter to inform them to stop what they were doing or there would be catastrophic ending to their “visit here”. They ignored his warning and instead sought out ot make everything depicted in that script happen the exact way that he told them it would. I don’t necessarily view this as a set up as I have myself experienced some very real premonitions on my own which have happened including just about every day of my life for the past two years or so in vivid detail and in most cases down to the verbiage used and persons locations and even choice of clothing to wear for the day. I am telling you this much it is undeniable and usually results in a panic attack as it is happening as I can not believe myself my level of accuracy. 

Now, the point is that there are people on those ships that the Visitors are storing for food. There is water taken up by huge hoses. We live in a drought most of the time and when it does rain its lizard pee and fecal matter. This is beyond disgusting and toxic as well. It helps them hypnotize us easier. A Lot of time the thunder is mixed with machine gun sounds which I heard the other day and oh by the way also saw in my past as when it happened I knew exactly what it was and my lizard detector and acceptance that we had been invaded kicked in. This provoked many more memories that I really don’t want to share as they would blow your mind. I can tell you I have seen a human being eaten in one swoop like a crocodile which is maybe why they picked me to “clean the swam”. As we are dealing with vicious crops all over the place mostly disguised in human bodies. But if trained you can detect them. From what I understand most humans can automatically.  Additionally, they are literally torturous and have torture chambers, brain washing machines, they can erase your memory, take out your soul, and then put your memory back in only up to a certain point if they want. They can make your kids forget you and I was even brought home one time at least and did not even know my name. I simply kept responding “I don’t know” to the question of what is your name. 

They were very in your face on the Show and told us what they were capable of an I think my father was on that show as well and told them off about what they were planning on. Since then they planned to make me live a false life and were intent on stealing it and destroying it to put the screws to me to get me to stand down and not allow us to fight back. As you see allegedly as the Universal Princess or Queen I have a say in this as I am not just the Universal Gods child but a younger, smarter, less mean spirted version of him. He gave me most of his good soul and we kept up on keeping out the evil in fact I still work on that currently once I remembered who I was and that I was supposed to. The visitors took that part of me away, they also took my family, my entire high school, everyone I was ever going to know in advance and put lizards and laughalots in there place and star wars was no angel either as they participated. 

Now this sounds like a joke it does and laughalots were raised and taught or came with the skeptic mind inbred in them which I think was done on purpose as they are duplicates and thought to be disposable in some cases they are but at the same time they are humans and posses a soul just like I do. They have good and some bad that I think can be cured and dis-guarded by doing OHMS and drinking sage tea and chanting. I really do.  I am not one, I am very serious in nature and always have been which is why I do not like what is going on, what I see happening in government and I am against any kind of peace with the lizards or star wars for that matter as they have raped me blind, robbed me of my life, started a intergalactic war or brought it here with them and have refused to do the right thing. 

I am now 43 years old and counting, and I have had my kids stolen, been raped and sex trafficked by these two groups of aliens. As I say not all aliens are bad but those who do these things are. And my husband has been kept, my family has been stolen and kept on a ship in the sky where there are other original family members of other people here on the ground. I see victims of the abuse the lizards inflict rampant upon me and the people here and I am not happy about it. 

That said, let me tell you this, I saw myself sitting at the library minding my own business son August 30th or August 31 as I looked at the Calendar when this happened. One of my dads probably the Universal God was with me after it happened but I learned online that The White-house in Washington, The Pentagon, and The City of New York were hit with HUGE Nuclear warheads that we did not think could make it to shore. We were wrong and because we were wrong we were then invaded by Nazi’s on our shore. It was not long before the entire planet blows up in an all out Nuclear attack from above. Which I think was the Universal god who decided the whole world was a lost cause, the people were not going to wake up and he wanted to end the innocent victims suffering that was being inflected by the tyrrony and treason caused by the Masons who are amphibians, evil and invaded this planet with intent of killing it as that is what they do. They move in destroy and move on. 

He was infuriated he alleged he kept sending Natural Disasters and destroying things left and right to fix the situation and wake the people up and show them the water supply had been depleted by the Lizards so badly that the polar caps were melting and causing the earths atmosphere and gravity and time to be thrown off. And no matter how hard he tried he could not get the laughabouts to turn it around and stop being greedy, unsympathetic egotistical arrogant pig headed stupid and as he put it flat out retarded. He alleged that he told them umpteen million times what needed to be done to avoid this which was giving the Young Gods their lives which were Corey Haim and I and my daughters, giving us the cash that was owed, returning the stuff that they stole that is on their ships and for the current regime to step down and let me take my rightful voted in poison as I was the right candidate for the job and had been groomed my whole life for this situation. The Republicans and Democrats and everyone else who has a life insurance policy must step down. This is not a MOB thing, these people have been identified due to there greed as Masons and other traits that they possessed like cashing in on policies in the past and then purchasing them on me once the visitors got involved. BTW.

I explicitly remember there being a notice at the end of the V show that told people this is what can and does happen in re guard to life insurance please drop all policies and do not buy any more. Does anyone know how to read???? Seriously????? CAN YOU READ? Because you refuse to read my life has sucked it has completely sucked, I am mutilated you have no clue how miserably bad it has been not a clue at all. Oh what I have seen and lived through..>> Oh my god they have to go. They have got to go they simply must go the visitors can not stay they are not welcome and their visit needs to be over. The ships netted, brought to earth commandeered the people brought off, given back there own souls, and their memories and sent home to their families. We are not asking a lot just give us back wall you took , pay us for what you did which I am more than owed as are all the other victims or The Universal god will blow the planet up…. Its simple…. Problem solved. But no the Visitors want to pick a fight with god and think they are going to win which means those brains inside those hats and helmets and fake heads of theirs are pretty stupid because no one picks a fight with god and his people key word here is people not reptiles and wins. It just does not happen. 

I want what is mine and what I am due. I am due an insurmountable amount of cash as are my other dads for lawsuits they filed and were ignored and abused because of, the damage done to my family, and my daughters, taking up my entire life without asking me, making me out to be nuts when I am carved up all over and half metal because of this country’s negligence and my daughters back and husband. I deserve justice and I demand it if no justice can be found in any land then I gotta let them fight it out with my blessings. There is no other option you can’t leave things the way they are it breeds hate and more lawlessness more murder more rape and we will self destruct we will be devoured. Its quite simple, ground the ships surround them get the people and resources off blow the fuckers up  or send them into space projectile style with every lizard on it you can find. My kids are not lizards or laughalots they are multiples and it is complicated. They are not lizards is what you need to know they are undercover CIA agents working a sting and can not act themselves or were brainwashed by aliens the way I was. The cycle must be stopped and I am the cycle breaker in a lot of areas abuse primarily and this is parental abuse or fake parent abuse as in he was a abductor and is still holding me hostage with the peoples help same goes for my kids. And because of this, its war. The people know what is going on and that is why they are breaking out all over, crime is high, there is civil unrest across the world. They want you to stop them and there are a lot more of us than there are of them. My job as president was to put a stop to the chaos using insurance polices and the law and to make it all happen then peace can come including the addition and acceptance of good aliens who have proven themselves over time to be kind and gentle and not a threat to humanity or the earth. You must understand water is H2o the O part is oxygen we need that to breath without water nothing can survive they are sucking up all the water and even taking the due off the flowers and plants then dumping infected piss on us which is a poison with hypnotic properties when combined with there subliminal messaging. They have you under a spell you need to wake up. Start writing your life out on paper and ask others to assist you. To try and remember specifically the televised election and conversations with my father that were live on air. That’s not Salk Village I think that man’s DNA matches mine and he loves me a lot and I love him, more than words could ever say and is very sorry this happened to his kid. I am his kid and he is my father, my dad and my pops. 

But instead each day goes by I am under surveillance unlawful and lawful and being watched by god who is spitting bullets out of the sky and people are not waking up they continue to ignore do the wrong thing and not stand up for what is right which really pisses god off when people can do the right thing which is not that hard yet chose to do nothing which is wrong or chose to sit idle playing candy crush watching Youtube or even reading what I write and then ignore it all and chalk it off going yeah right okay…. 

Um dudes did you see what happened to my life? Do you see what God has allowed to be done to me, I am his kid, he allegedly loved me he does not know you. Your not his kid if I get god smacked it is much more genitally then you will. I am mutilated, homeless, desolate, poor, and missing my vaginal lips which drives me insane as are gods grand daughters. This is who he calls his pride and joy and life’s work. If he could make short work of me and my life what do you think he will do to yours. 

I can tell you this much, from what I gather he is so damn frustrated he is ready to call the planet a wash and I saw it he drops a huge bomb and blows it up all at once. SO now this time are you going to listen and figure out a way to stop it or just sit back watch it happen and then well you wont be spirits because you’ll be burned up the entire planet becomes lava. When asked what I thought about it I replied. “I wished they would of listened” he responded well we found out what happens if they don’t maybe we can get them to listen this time if we work on it together as a team. 

Please keep in mind here that God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He lives inside us all the good parts. Satan has many names and forms and insects, amphibians, and snakes are some of those forms. As are aquatics which is why fish are to be admired and not eaten as they contain poisons and toxins that kill humans. Speaking of which I also had a prophetic dream that I was turned into a male. I am putting a stop to that right now by calling you out on it. You do it I will figure out a way to blow the planet up myself. The attacks on my female anatomy and boddy show me that you are heading in that direction and I am not happy with what you did to me.. You will suffer the consequence if you have no already. Just because you have not yet does not mean you won’t god is vicious and he has his ways and as far as I know he is possessed so if that is the case hes even more hateful and angry then he was before. Time takes its tole so does the insanity he watches go on. To those hacking me up did you ever stop to think that maybe I opened my eyes even though you thought I was dead so GOD could see your face and knows who you are…. Think  about it… lost your job lately, wife cheat on you, feeling sick, confused, lost, or forgetful…. gods at work…should not of done that now you pay…. He always gets you in the ends.. This is why I behave. 

Now is it possible that these people all really set out to cause a war because Trump stole all the gold many years ago and has it hidden in a mountain somewhere. That was alleged also but I think that was the Lizard King who said that and he discounts everything that comes out of my mouth is in on it, and Hollywood got involved because they purchased policies and were planning on sex trafficking me and got caught and told no but refused to take no for the answer. Yes and No. If you invaded a world and needed cash quick would it not make sence to attack the elite first then that way you control the airwaves and what is said about you from the start without the little guy getting the word out first. Plus if you attack the elite you have instant identity, clout, and cash….. that said….there is not going to be a Hollywood once this is done. Now you know why the houses all got burned down by forest fire. All it takes god is a  guy with a cigarette or a match and a little bit of will and next thing you know you have wild fire. If he does not start it with his mind which he can do. 

The guy I dealt with and smacked my leg raped me repeatedly thinks everything is funny and always have a smirk that I sometimes have because he was around me and my original dad had the same smirk. He is a laughably lizard probably the guy they called Enemy Commander, and he is married to Diana who is Cathy. The guy Donovan is Cathy’s pet and I think that is Robert. All are lizards. She was placed in the center of the country in case war broke out. A little close to my house for comfort if you ask me. There were visitors here in 2105 perhaps earlier and they raped me when I was in my house. They are sick and twisted and all they think about is sex. 

The Commander who is really Satan himself. Thanks to all the evil he ingested into him. Replaced my real father once when I was abducted after the real king and god stood up to him on TV while sitting in the basement and I think he was in his underwear which he did not appreciate. He was also on the show and on their ship and he told them he was CIA and to stop he showed them his badge and I don’t think I have seen him since. This was televised he was in a cage and they were going to kill him. I believe it was Diana except they were going to kill him and it was their guy on the ground inflicting the abuse. This is how manipulative they are. He tried to protect me and they threw him under the bus for telling and standing up just like what happens to me. 

The man that was my not father but posing after that, was a hateful abusive, crazed, insane,  sex trafficking Rapist, who hunts lizards and enjoys it. He and they sold my body and mutilated me to no end. He is the man I call Salk Village he and his wife Cathy and her sons have all participated in sex trafficking me as has Ed Malik and Anthony Victors all of whom are also Lizards as my entire family was abducted and replaced by them. All engage in Lizard Hunting, they said they make good coasters, boots, vests, belts, shoes, briefcases, suitcases they put molesters and rapists in and send back to their families ding dong ditch or knock and run style,  rugs, furniture, and even good fill for hamburgers. Do not eat ground beef unless you grind it yourself. They came here to eat us, so they get eaten instead. 

Do me a favor hold your nose and die Dave, Cathy, Robert, Ed, Adam, Jordan so we can save the world from mass destruction. This could be witness tampering, as all these people have a whole lot of cash to spend building ships etc. You could always start making arrests and arrest them for treason that might help… just sayin’.  Its an idea rather than letting god blow the planet up or allowing us to be invaded. It would be a start instead of simply ignoring the problem some more and letting it get worse then god steps in and puts a stop to it all his way. Hes old and tired and very short wicked and aggravated with the bullshit his words. He ain’t letting me or the kids or Haim and my family die and your not flying away with them so now what? Ever wonder about that? Do you apply reason and critical thinking to anything you do? Don’t answer that if you did you never would of done this in the first god damn place. Get it God Damned you to HELL..

It does not blow my mind to think that the technologies used in creating stealth bombers which I oh by the way drew as a young child and was handed over to the government as a peace offering of some kind. Could of been remade into space ships. After-all this is a way to instill horror, fear and inflict tyrrony upon all people. Add in the accounts of abductions and you have witness tampering one o one. The problem is I have seen things like the house I lived in duplicated sucked up into the sky and everything in the house was left perfect in its place. The people inside did not know who I was and the man insisted that I was a lizard and I think he convinced himself of it. Now if this man was god then that is simply not true as god is infallible which is why I do not see myself as god because I make mistakes. That man however makes mistakes and refuses to accept them. If he were god which he is not then he would know that he made a fatal error in terrorizing raping, sex trafficking, abusing, and mutilating his own daughter and grandchildren out of disbelief because I was different after all I saw and witnessed on those ships after being abducted. That or he used it as a excuse. In either case as far as I am concerned the man has engaged in fraud, tyrrony, treason, involuntary servitude, prostitution crimes, Rico act crimes and the list goes on and on. Some god he is, this is why I say he is Satan or a lizard in disguise and the real guy that is my dad is still out there somewhere and he is livid as he is the one who helped me remember all that happened to me over the course of the last few years primarily the last three months a little at a time so it could solidify and I could digest it. Which I am still trying to do and it is not easy. 

All I know is life is full of disappointments, I was supposed to be able to go to the supreme court, or obtain my badge and gun and cuffs and be allowed to make arrests. I was supposed to rescue my kids, and I was going to get paid not laid. I was supposed to be reunited with my real husband and I was supposed to be able to live a normal life. Now because of Trump and those with policies they would rather start a world war than fess up and do the right thing. This has caused me additional time delays as I wont give up my kids, I wont give up my husband I wont give my privates to congress or to the news anchors or to Hollywood. I wont stand down and if it was a war and a fight you wanted then I guess you get one. If you can not obtain justice through the courts without getting your face blown off, and life stolen and destroyed, then I don’t see any other choice especially with boarder walls being built, and Trump walking around with a Hitler white spot under his nose, ignoring that I am supposed to be president and he was supposed to not run again. Ignoring the time I lost with my family and the cost of what that costs me which is my freedom, liberty, my happiness and most of all my justice. 

I am sorry America which is what I used to be called and  I thought we were making America Great again that is what i was working for finding my way back from the dead. But the reality is, there is no such thing here anymore with the justice system and courts eroded so it looks to me like war is what it is. As they just don’t give a shit they think they own and run it all. Its the people that make the government key word her is  people not lizards and we the people don’t want lizards running our government we want people which is why you have the color red which your attracted to and we use blue because that way you flag yourself as lizards for us.  OR we can let them devour us to extinction and kill the planet anyway the way I see it is this earth is the Honus Wagner Cards of Planets and if we can’t have it your not getting it..

All I can say is perhaps try Criss Cross Apple Sauce and see if that works maybe that will help. I have a life I would like to get to and its been to long. They made me live in war like conditions to get me to let go of my daughters and that is never going to happen. My original father told you that you fucked with the wrong kid and the wrong father and I am telling you that you fucked with the wrong wife, mother, and artist. 

Let the GAMES Begin and orders come in. 


As for Star Wars they do sex trafficking and rape to Luke Skywalker picked me up when I was little raped me and brought me home dead or almost dead. K found a policies under Lucus Walker the name I was told to look up for him. Both Hollywood both stories intertwined. You do the math. I smell serious and severe witness tampering. During WW2 the Nazi’s tried to build a spaceship to scare the crap out of the people and try and get them to submit to them. Its not unheard of, yet at the same time I was told the Nazi’s invaded them too which were the Visitors that were aliens. They just carried there ways over to the US and started harvesting here instead and my grandfather was one of them along with one of my dads which is Salk Village. 


Disclaimer: It was alleged the Visitors had abducted Salk Village and it was all on Camera because of surveillance and that he was then later let go to take the rap for the real assailant that then got on the Vistor ship in a switcheroo type way. Of course they did not help him get home just set him free to take the rap. Surveillance knows as does he and if this is the case its going to be worse because he hates rapists and thinks they should all be castrated and he really hates imposers and conniving bond breakers which is what he said he viewed this as. 
This is why the war was started and he and I are how and why it is won and pure evil is exposed perhaps then people will believe that it is real the lizards don’t want you to think so but it is. No one is to harm the men in that house they are to take them to a safe place and separate them from the assailants in the house Cathy and her boys primarily. The rest can be sorted out if it is not already known which I believe it is if the government would get off its hands and step up pay attention and do their jobs and start now then a happy ending can still be found and there might be a chance for peace but the damage is done as far as the lizards go that can never happen not after this. Not on my watch. You wanted a war you got one. You are thine sworn enemy, you are foe not my father you its always been you it will always be you. You are my sworn enemy and my country and the world are prepared for combat as are the other intergalactic travelers who came here to assist not win everyone over with their movies and lies. I hate the fact I will never meet R2 and CP3O and Chewy again but that in and of itself tells you alot. The droids were better people then the people. They to sit on ther hands and watch while I am raped and mutilated and I was told they had policies. So Corey Haim and I both lives destoyred, a trip to cali to meet haim when I was young, betrothed though happily, married seperated, have kids together, and purposfully kept apart, sex trafficked and raped on both sides, rumors flying about us both and our kids and family. Then you have the injustice of keeping us apart when I find all the poicies to put this to an end right here and now. 

Then add in the mutilation of my face, privates, and boddy, so that he won’t want me. Sounds like witness intimidation and tampering and if it is they did not just do it to me they did it to the american people and the hippies did start out in Cali back in the day around the time this was supposedly cooked up the late 1960’s like woodstock. 

So you choose, all I know is I been drugged, I am carved, other people are carved we have a real problem on our hands and Hollywood is a big part of the problem. 

Did anyone else besides me notice we have a Edwards on the Supreme Court… I was married to Edward tehre is a Chief Edwards here in Lake Station that was in on collecting Insurance and his family lives across the street from me. 

There is a Gordon the principal at my kids school that short changed them a education and has policies what is that Flash Gordon perhaps. 

And there is a  Kavenaugh a rich guys name in movies. 

And there is a Roberts, My brothers first name the peditrition for my kids at Northshore and a Guard in Ypod at Lake County Jail which is crawling with lizards or masons you choose. I was told they were also actors from Hollywood and were getting two checks one from Trump each month and one from the actual job they have. 

Don’t forget Clarence Thomas you do know that was a baseball player right? 


You have John Roberts…. Roberts one of your Johns, You have Kellyanna – Two victims names Anna and Kelly, You have Milania like the cookies chocolate on the inside and white on the out. Trump the rich tycoon who cares about nothing and no one but himself, the crazy Dave’s which there are many of and most were crazy about saving the country and the planet and me and not in a perverted way. You have Corey Haim who may have duplicates, and Corey Feldmen which is evil and has polices and is related to Stacy Feldmen that went to my School. Terra Shirley came from California as did her mom who was a “starlet”, my mom was in a movie of some kind, as was my aunt. God help us all… My other aunt Debbie’s last name was Lucus as in Lucus Pictures. 

So with all that cash combined with the Masons and the engine design of a stealth bomber is is possible that they came up with a different body and kept the engine. Absolutely, why because Cathy was inside the Glider talking to Stagg Highschool back when we were invaded and I was raped. The bitch is insane and in a lot of trouble for selling policies to all these people as are allegedly the aliens who by chance happen to be movie stars and put on a big production. Unless its true. I have seen some wild stuff, but I was also drugged most of my life who knows what they did. All I know is I am definitely marked with V’s o my knees face arms and ankles, I am a waking talking scar and bruise and I am definitely missing my clitoris and my vaginal lips which really pisses me off. Plus everything else. How far would you go to stay out of big trouble for insurance fraud, Racketeering, and Rape, Sex Trafficking and picking on a special kid with special talents a broken life style and the love that was clean that she had with her dad to keep her husband to be away from her eve though they are kindred spirits and very much i love at least we were plus there were policies on his life they did not want anyone to know about…… This is one way for the Democrats to start a war with the Republicans but that is not even accurate because there is a lot of undercover side switching. In other words people who are democrats pretend to be Republicans and vise versa they may be afraid not to do to the sex trafficking mutilation and trouble they are in for policies and starting a war as a result of those policies. 

You know there are concentration camps set up as prisoner pens and four new maximum security prisons that were built for this you might want to start making arrests and putting these people there before that old man of mine gets nasty because he can get very nasty which is why I am good. Cough up my kids, my hubby, my family, anyone else family and start forking over the dough you owe us before it gets worse and you let these hippies or lizards which ever that have policies start a world war. Just  a thought…. 


I was trained to be a cop I apologize I have to look at this from both sides can you imagine how bad this is either way? OH MY GOD! I liked it better when it was just about the law and I had not noticed the bullet holes in my face and body and did not realize I was mutilated and raped then I saw what you did to my kids, and the fact I have multiples that were kept from me, that you also mutilated, and think your going to get away with raping and sex trafficking oh no I don’ think so, YOUR DEAD TO ME DEAD TO THEM AND DEAD TO THE WORLD ASHES AND DUST IS What YOU ARE YOU TREASONOUS ASSHOLES> THIS IS MY COUNTRY GET OUT> There is no word to describe how angry I am I will have to sit down and figure out an whole new word for this. 

but its to late now its solidified. And no matter what and who you are one way or another your going down for this! 


Its not outside teh possibility, I may have gifts but I dont reall ythingk I am god nor does my real dad. 

I been working my whole life and won the presidency and I am sitting in a house that smells like piss and evil because I cant flush the toilet. So you decide what it is. All I know is what they did and if it was a rouse which I would like to think then they instilled fear and panic in the entire world all for the love of money which is the kinder thought than people eating lizards and mass atomic war..