Infuriated is an Understatement Intergalactic War on and Above Earth

Reunited with my real dads all of them! It is my will it is so! 

My Beauty Restored, it is my will. It is so! 

Alyssa All Patched up. Accidentally(as if there is such a thing) un-scarred un-marked. Reunited with them all, It is my will it is so! 

Health and Jaws restored and reunited with daughters Mackenzie. It is my will it is so! 


Restoration of health and repair of disfigurement of my daughter Makayla re-unitement with her, it is my will. It is so! 

To make that happen we must defeat the NAZI regime. Destroy it completely, get rid of all aliens and repair our government and restore justice. I ask all  of the world to stand and fight against these Alien Invaders who are Nazi’s and will devour us into extinction if we do not. If we do we have a beautiful and gentile future ahead which is full of peace and harmony. 


Turn this into 

This is what it should look like it. I will it so! 

Get Trump out of office he is a Green Slimy Reptile Alien eroding the government, destroying the constitution, preaching hate that causes evil and destruction against each other rather than having us ban against the lizards. This is a diversion band together as humans and find a common enemy in the Alien Lizards that have over run our earth and are literally devouring us! Trump is starting world war we are the ones who must finish it and him or face extinction of humanity and of our planet. 

This man needs to step down immediately or else. The Visitors need to land and let all persons off those ships or we are headed for a nuclear holocaust. If we can not inhabit the earth it will be destroyed. We will destroy it our selves. If we can not have it no one will. We belong here you do not and are not welcome. GET THE HELL OFF OUR LAND AND OUT OF OUR AIRSPACE AND GIVE US BACK OUR PEOPLE AND RESOURCES YOU STOLE OR ELSE! All others can stay as long as they treat the people here with respect. RETURN MY KIDS OR ELSE! 


When this started out I was telling about my childhood. There were many patches of time that I had forgotten and could not understand why that was. I was scared because of Psychogenic Amnesia which happens from traumatic experiences. Then after awhile I realized it was also drugging. Then more recently I realized that it had to do with my brain being warped by “the Visiors”. 

We all watch TV and we all get what is called desensitized because of it. We are brought up to believe nothing we see on the television is real not even the news.  

The reality is, I don’t think that is exactly true and there are real reasons why. First of all my entire life I had met different forms of “alien life” from the Little Green men who are very mischievous, to a giant that is called a Monster but is the kindest person you would want to me. To different sets of the Grays who have healed me and have done absolutely nothing but good. 

To Blue men who are rapists and criminals with a severe attitude problem and even the Visitors who are harvesting people on their ships and have abducted me several times, raped me, and tried to manipulate me into thinking it was someone else. My daughters and possibly one of my dads and grandma are on those ships. I know I saw my youngest daughter Makayla on one many years ago. In big giant tubes filled up with fluid. When I tapped on he glass it startled her and her eyes opened just like you would see on TV.  It is because of this I order Command to NET all ships immediately and bring them back down to earth and then surround and drown and com mender those ships immediately. All my children are gifts from god and everyone knows it including the Green’s they have stolen her and intend to do to her what they did to me. Sex Traffic and Rape her and turn her hateful the way they did to me. Not only that but they also eat people and use their bodies to fool others. 

There may be a duplicator process of some kind which is why the girls I reach out to some of them at least refuse to talk to me and act as if they do not know who I am and refuse to see me or anything. They are not themselves. Makayla witnessed real crime and I have explicit memory of her being dragged out of the house and then being brought back the child that came back insisted she was the same child but I am unsure In either case I love them both and after what I have seen there are other persons on those ships as well. All of my children should be returned. There is some way they can get into our memories and copy them and then share them with the people that are duplicates dropping off the duplicates and then keeping the originals on the ship. They have a way to forget everything at one point I was brought home and did not even know my name. I had to be taken back out of the house to have my memory restored a little. They also use some kind of drug that makes you forget or who ever “patches me up” does. The photo of Makayla is proof of how barbaric they are and how hateful they have no feelings everything is done in a cold calculated insane way it is like you are dealing with a complete sociopath with no heart and no concept at all of right and wrong. They have no empathy or compassion everything is about power and control. It was said that Hitler had been invaded and the situation in Germany was similar if not the same. Everyone was starving and not allowed to eat just like here. I purchase or request a half of pound of steak and I am charged for that much but given only a quarter of a pound. I am starving and I am not the only one walking around like this there are many people that are also. I was also told Magnets were inserted in my legs and when I eat there is a magnet that is in the area from the steel-mills this has been used on me as a torture device. My stroller is hard to push as they push down on it from above to break it and slow me down and make me “BEND” I will not bend.

They have something against uterus and feel humans should not reproduce and they also have something against vaginal lips which is part of why I am out for blood as you have no clue how aggravating and infuriating it is to have none and to look like a little girl. One of the men posing as my father may be one or perhaps not but there is someone walking around pretending to be my father and causing this infuriating in me as they keep listening to him and doing all the wrong things as a result they are starting this war. They are hatched from Eggs and since they want the planet they don’t want us to reproduce.  They have something against Caffeine, Diet Soda, sweeteners of any kind, meat, Cigarettes Hygiene, and cleanliness, these are things they expect you to omit from your life so they can rape and sex traffic you. Telling your kids that because you smoke you are a drug addict or because you drink coffee you are. This is total B.S. and unacceptable they are this way at jail to where i was raped and I would not be surprised if other women were as well. Only they can tell. The color of the uniform there is of course GREEN. They call them “GREENS”.  They are cold calculated, hateful with a smile, mean spirted, rude, and disinterested in anything. If I had to guess they are not human at all but their bodies have been taken over by greens so they can “blend in”. 

They also have something against breasts. There is very defiantly something wrong in the wiring of them who call themselves visitors but who refuse to give us back our humans and resources and leave or be killed. They think this is a joke but its not they are to hopped up on ignorance to do the right things. They have yet to figure out that the gig was up the minute they set foot on this planet. 

If it is Hollywood I am going to enjoy the hell out of that to. A bunch of rich assholes scaring the hell out of the world to get themselves out of trouble for the crimes and trouble they have caused. In any case I know who I am and how much clout that I have and that the people trust me and my judgement and will listen to me as it is not just me that these things happen to it is happening all over the globe and is unacceptable as a humanitarian I have to look at things from all angles and without compliance war is inevitable to protect humanity and every species of life on earth from destruction that stems from what we will refer to from here on out as the NAZIs.  

No matter how you look at it what they have done is hateful barbarrac and wrong. IT causes harm and resentment and hate and mistrust and it is used to destroy humanity and love. They do not understand love themselves they do not feel it they have no vibe. The town of Palos Hills was invaded in the 1990’s and the Vistors mother ship opened up and a glider came out they gave a speech on the foot ball field. The students there then followed me to Indiana and many reside in Lake Station it has a lot to do with my being President and a lot to do with Life Insurance and the Circle. Now I have been mutilated, raped, and my daughters have been mutilated and raped as well. If this is a ploy or hoax of some kind which I do not believe then that would be found out about. As it would be Hollywood.

The problem is there are to many duplicates and it all fits. AEV and his father were infuriated about the invasion and it is very likely that he is helping in his own way as this was to save humanity from In YOUR FACE style visitors who decided they were going to invade us, rape our women, steal our loved ones, rob our earth of food and minerals, diamonds, gold antiques, kill off all the markets so we could not survive start a war and then create their own world from it. This is where the treats to blow the planet up are also coming from. We want those ships down on the ground and all human passengers released and our resources and items returned to us. The greens are nothing but Tyrronistic Oppressive criminal Thieves who do not know right from wrong think they can throw their weight around and bully and over power us out of fear. Just like the children at Stagg High school that I went to school with and the people I deal with in this state that have me so hateful and resentful I really don’t care anymore if they Nuke the planet as I have nothing left to lose because of them and at some point you have to decide how much you want your family to suffer and my family and I have suffered enough without any real reason or cause and its not just me there are tons of others walking around with out jaws, don’t have food, shelter, clothing, are targets, and this is why there is evil in the world it is created by them and what they do. They have made me so resentful I hate everything about the government my family and my life. Congratulations you will now be turned to ashes and dust. 

When you meet them it is like they are robots the only vibe you might get is flat out hate and evil and resentment. I have been raped on that ship when giving childbirth. I was supposed to be in a hospital not brought onto a ship to deliver. I had C-Sections there is no reason my vagina should of been in so much pain from having C-Section delivery’s I also had multiples which is why my daughters must all be returned to me unharmed as I refuse to back down and this is why I refuse to stop the war from happening or put a stop to it in addition to this being used as a tool to manipulate me, cause mistrust in me, and push me into being “the peoples president” which I never wanted, never cared about but now have no choice but to take as I am the only person who has a good understanding of the situation and all the skills needed to handle the job in its entry.  I will not take it until my daughters are returned. 

Korea is shooting missiles at us because I filed a lawsuit and was denied justice and jailed and bombed. They are not in agreement with the practices that have been used here nor what has been done to me and my children. One of my fathers went to them and to the other governments all everyone has to do is comply with returning my children, paying my father and I back what is owed and fixing the situation. They don’t have to deal with me for very long as long as they cooperate and they can prove that they no longer need to be babysit. 

The first thing in any situation like this is to secure your family members which is what I am demanding that you do there are supposed to be millions of people on board 5 or 6 Visitor ships around the world. Perhaps by now it may be more. Locate them net them and bring them down to earth. All Greens are to be apprehended and not released until further notice for starting a World War of Epic Proportions, and War Crimes against Humanity as a whole on  the Planet Earth. 

From what I was told everyone I love and care about or damn close to were captured and put on those ships including my husband I want every one of them found and returned.

Once I know they are safe I am much less likely to make rash decisions and be better able to think clearly and make choices based on what is in front of me instead of based off of fear and anxiety. Esda created a search and rescue and they also created mass casualty let us hope it does not get to that point. However, the reality is I refuse to live with out my children or what was owed or my family for that matter. You have stolen my life and my time for your selfish indigent reasons, demolished my face and body and memory swiped me so many times that I have no choice but to not just take under advisement the steps that my father stated but to believe and trust him and follow his recommendations which were to demand all UFO be netted and brought down to earth for full investigation before there is a nuclear war. If any ship fights they will be destroyed. This is our planet you are visitors here you must abide by our rules. No different than if you went and visited someones house. You can not steal and rape the occupants simply because you want to. That is not socially acceptable behavior and will not be tolerated. 

There was also some concern from some of the allied ships it is not any safer in air than it is on the ground in fact it is much safer on the ground. It is also the best way to show your kindness and not a threat. Everyone is on edge including me. If you stay in the air they will view you as a threat and consider it a form of Tyranny or pushing or force. Everyone is to land or be brought down using the Laser Nets developed by the Military that is final. There will be no peace talks with the GREENS or BLUES but all others are welcome at some point to attend a peace talk and also figure a way for us all to live together if that is what is wished. 

The reality is it is far more simpler to believe that nothing is real its consoling. It makes you feel safe but it can also leave you in harms way especially when there are so many Galaxy’s and especially when you step back and look at all that Space. How in the Universe could anyone believe that there could not be things such as the possibility of invasion by any other type of life. It is arrogant and egotistical to think that we as humans are the only form of sophisticated life. The Grays are an example of this they are intelligent beyond words and beyond imagination and I am sure others are as well. As far as I am concerned we are all people it does not matter to me where we came from. However, the reality is for what ever reason people kill each other for the smallest reasons and they hate each other for the smallest reasons sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of frustration and anxiety, sometimes because they just don’t understand. 

I am not going to sit here and try and tell you that all persons coming from other galaxy’s or out in space are good or evil because like all people there are good and bad. You have good white people, bad white people, good African Americans and bad African Americans, good Hispanics and bad Hispanics, you have good Chinese and bad Chinese. You have good republicans and bad republicans and good democrats and bad democrats. And because of that there is a very big problem in finding peace. 

Right now we are at war and some people may not understand why, however, I do and part of why I do is not just what I was taught it has everything to do with the current government which was taken over by NAZI’s what I have not expressed is that the problem with that government is not only that they are Adolph Hitlers army or descendants of him but because those persons are quite possibly greens and I don’t know if it is possible but also blues. 

These two groups of aliens primarily have sexually assaulted me. Everyone has heard of Blue Man Group. I had attended a consent that I was taken to with one of my dads. During that concert symbolism was used. Due to my audio differences that stem from the way that my brain can interpret sound and the subliminal messages added to the music I was able to get a message from them that was disgusting. They thought that I had agreed to participate in the “CIRCLE” which I had not. One of them was shot while on stage, it seems humorous but it was real they were shot by my father and kept playing the music and played it off as if it was funny. I saw him take his gun and shoot them and they refused to stop what they were doing. They just kept going kind of the way I explained in my past “POSTS” about the rapes and how it was as if the persons were on drugs because they refused to get the message that they were to stop. There were men literally being shot as soon as they unzipped their pants, and yet they just kept it up. Not one of them stopped it was sick and demented and anyone would have to question why they would be acting that way. However, if you watch the BLUE MEN playing the song that I am going to post for you then you might get a better idea. 

The Title of the Song is sick in itself. And if you look at what they do with the pipes you get a better idea. The basic symbolism is up and down in and out. Its gross. The guy with the red coming out is bleeding. I don’t think it is paint. They also take missiles and point them at the audience which I also did not appreciate that they were shooting missiles at people. I took it as a threat and due to the audio content I honestly think it was. 

I had to be shown this and the reason is there are many more people from all over the galley here and they have formed a alliance not to harm us but to help. There is a very big problem primarily with the BLUE men and also with the Visitors who I call the greens. You must also pay close attention to the body language they are aggressive in how they walk and move. They also seem to think that they are pulling the wool over your eyes. Its sick period. There should never be anyone dancing and cheering and making songs of this kind. Subliminal messages should not be added to music that is not what music is all about. It is because of this kinds of thing censorship exists and it is these kinds of persons that ruin things for everyone else because they are misusing a part of life to abuse and to send sick sorts of messages out to their kind and to try and control he thoughts of those around them.

I don’t believe in banning things but this music should be banned and there are reasons why that only some people can understand. There are things called binaurual beats that were made scientifically in a lab they are to help heal but people like them have misused them and seeded messages in those as well. This is not good and defeats the purpose and harms you instead of helping. You must be careful when listening to music for at least awhile. There are people more versed in this situation than my father and myself that will be able to take care of the situation when the time comes. But I need you to be advised if you must listen to the sounds then only listen one time after listening I want you to Say “No One Can Control me but Me. I am in complete control of myself. I think for myself and act for myself. No one can control me but me. You should do this three times. You can do this every time you finish listening to music or even watch tv do it before bed and in the morning. YOU must retrain your brain to not be hypnotized, spelled or controlled by anyone else. You have a will and mind of your own you must evoke and use it. To evoke your will simply say out loud as many times you need I evoke thine own will. Repeat that as much as necessary pay attention to how the trunk of your body feels primarily your heart. You will feel it especially if you are nice and calm. 

I demand that all internet channels be opened up my accounts get frozen because you don’t like what i have to say this is communist NAZI censorship the internet is not to be controlled now is not the time to be controlling what people say and do it is the time to allow them to speak their minds freely without fear of repercussion. There is never a time for verbal or written censorship that is not the American way you are to lift all restraint on me and everyone else online not doing so is stimulating my just cause to stand and allow war to ensue. You act as though you do not want a war the vibe is fear yet you refuse to take the specific measures necessary to ensure that does not happen including comply with my very simple to follow demand which are in perfect alignment with the United States Constitution and you are out of line again for not staying in compliance with both the Constitution and federal guidelines which is why we are at war and I refuse to retreat and will not request a retreat until I am satisfied that you are in compliance and will stay in compliance. Its real simple follow the federal law that are legal laws and not subjective follow the constitution do the right thing and I will be out of your hair you do not then I will keep requesting that more shit get torn up and as I can see it is. It all boils down to quit stealing, lieing, raping, killing, maiming, mutilating, and start towing the line. Do the right things. Lift all restrains off everyone world wide this is a time for communication to flow it is not safe for it not to be flowing and it is also against the law. The companies participating will be prepared to fold by the time I am done do to my knowledge of what they are doing. Once I own them then everything will go back to the way it should be. If we get that far which is the actual problem I am becoming infuriated at the strangulating silencing of me especially online.