Chapter 82 Stealing of Dreams & Economic Strangulation

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Painting is My Passion

When I went to STAGG I was 15 years old, I sat down with my guidance councilor and told him I wanted to do Art as my career. He worked out a plan for me that if I took my other classes and passed them then my senior year all I would have to do would be primarily art, and English and gym which were required classes. I took and passed about 23 art classes in High-school and by the time I graduated I had taken all that the school offered. I had a C average when I graduated but an A average in art. When i found the body in my apartment and D.G. had come to see me I had a big box of art college books that I had requested to be mailed to the house. I wanted to see what my options were and knew that there was plenty of Federal Funding available. I ended up getting into the American Academy of Art down town Chicago which was were the man who made Mortal Combat went. I had to take my paintings downtown on the L with A.E.V., write an essay and go though a meeting with an acceptance committee formal review board with my paintings.

They only accepted 250 persons per year into their school and I got in. I told D.B. that I was going to the school for the interview with the acceptance committee, he knew I was writing an essay. I was only 17 when I graduated and he refused to sign the loan papers as I was not old enough to sign into a binding contract on my own, and because he refused to sign I could not go. I have taken, drawing, painting, ceramics, jewelry making, photography, vector art and sign making,  and worked as a portrait photographer, I work in print and web design made invitations for weddings, baby showers, labels for favors etc. I have made makeup, and skin care products as well including the packaging. I built the powerhouse that D.B. told everyone that I was and used as a tool to get them to turn their backs on me and made false accusations that I was not living up to my full potential, was lazy, arrogant, did not give a damn about nothing or no body, selfish, self centered, and did not care about getting  a job or making money. When I try to sell something on EBAY I am destined to have someone purchase what I am selling and then report me for not sending the item even though I insure all items it still gums up my PayPal account and then I can’t sell anymore because I can not accept payments. D.B. alleged that he and others were the cause of this and behind it all.

All I do is work, I wake up and work all day long, I stop to eat and shower, and once and a while go to the store. I put in sometimes 36 hours straight to try and get caught up on my work because I am so poor and have so many jobs and there is only one of me. When you build a business you put all the time in during the beginning stages and then after you see some success you can back off a little. My intention was to get everything started while I was working on my suit so when my daughters returned I would be able to spend more time with them.

I build a site and it gets destroyed, I set up the server and the password is changed, I set it up again it happens again and again and again and again and again and again. I use off site servers meaning online servers and they get hacked, I built a site most recently that was all ready to go, the database connection is lost meaning someone destroyed the database again. This keeps happening it is not me, I go to sleep I wake up or within a few days the sites are gone. 


I chose Robert Morris after I was in my twenties had been married and two daughters and when I was getting ready to get divorced, I chose graphic design because it was still art and it was a shortened curriculum and saw it as a possible way to still do art, even though it was not hands on art or painting. Instead of seventeen weeks for each class it was ten weeks. It was no easier though as the class times were longer and there was just as much work to do in a shorter amount of time. I have a short attention span and get bored with things easy a ten week class was a lot easier for me to manage even though I went to school four days a week and had to also go to school on Saturday for internship which was time set aside by the school for you to work on your projects, I built Stella during this time, and reproductions of a masterpiece which was starry night, I also painted a picture called bored.

These paintings were all done in college and took me a great deal of time and I put everything I had inside me into them. D.B. said I had to get rid of them because of the subject matter which is ridiculous.

I worked on my artist sketchbook project which was a project for school and had paintings and drawings in it about the abuse from A.E.V. D.B. said it had been stolen and was being used to try and figure out why I could not remember and what was wrong with me. I told him that book was private, I have had people in my town come up to me and say lines from that book which embarrasses me.



When I left A.E.V.  in 2001, I had to sign out of school at Robert Morris for a little while with the intention of going back which I did after I met E.M.M. I graduated in 2002 at the top of my class and obtained a degree in Graphic Art’s with a Graphic Design Concentration. I graduated with a 3.75 and had obtained a scholarship to continue on and obtain my bachelors. The school was going to pay for an entire year for me to stay and continue on. I asked E.M.M. if I could and he very reluctantly said yes, he really did not want me to but then he said I could go. I got pregnant with M.R.M. and it was to hard for me to continue on with the business taking off, the pregnancy, and two small children.  D.B. did not want to come to my graduation at Mc. Cormik Place he said it was because C.P.S.B.S.B.  did not want to go because my mom flew in from Vegas to go. I spent two hours on the phone begging him to come to my graduation.



My ex-friend T.S.M. once said that the abuse inflicted and turmoil around me seemed to make me a better artist. She said that I should paint and that maybe I would if I was being abused again like when I was with A.E.V. I refuse to paint as everything I create is destroyed taking from me my main outlet. Painting is an outlet in that I put all my upset and frustration into the painting an outlet is what I call it and D.B. and family call it the main purpose is to keep my temper under control and to keep me from drinking and doing drugs.

I have used this as an outlet my entire life. Many family members are drug addicts and alcoholics and I am not because I have an outlet. It is used to let the things that bother you out similar to art therapy but without a therapist. Part of why I stopped painting also has to do with scrutinizing and over analyzation of my work. I do not feel comfortable expressing myself in any manner including writing poetry, painting or drawing as people get upset at what I write, make fun of me for what I draw, and have even pushed me to paint over things because they do not like the subject matter of the work that I do. Taking away my passion D.B. said many times that I am not supposed to be an artist I am supposed to be a lawyer disregarding my love of art and my god given talents and expecting me to trade my passion for his works.


Most recently my sketchbooks were stolen, art has been stolen from my house and the paintings that I put all my blood sweat and tears into are in jeopardy of being destroyed as they were left in my house because I could not take them with me. Keepsakes were stolen off me by a hospital that I was forced to stay at. Those keepsakes were extremely important to me. D.B. and his co-horts have taken and destroyed anything and everything that I care about because they don’t feel that I deserve anything. My dress shoes that I need for court were purposefully damaged and it is obvious when you look at them that someone took a sanding block to them to rip off all the velour on them to embarrass me and humiliate me when going to court. My suits have been purposefully altered and damaged, my shoes destroyed. All these things were things I was told were going to happen and then did happen which is why I am concerned about the big things D.B. alleged he was also going to do especially things that he said he was going to do to me and the girls, my house, and the country.


I had three very simplistic dreams.

  • One was to have a normal family with a mom and dad and siblings for my children to grow up with. That dream can never happen due to the criminals in my family.
  • The second was to be an artist.
  • The third was to own a business of my own, and be successful with that business I started on these dreams when I was a teenager, I started to investigate and teach myself  business my studying mail order and direct marketing, then got into computers, and learned how to build websites, run a server, and wholesaling, and all other aspects of online marketing. I was about 16 or 17 years old when I started to study by requesting information be sent to me by other people who were doing, watching infomercials, reading books, and studying online, attempting some of the things that I saw myself. I saw some of these things work, I did not get the chance to try very many, A.E.V. was always against it as was D.B. they both said they were never going to let it happen. 
  • I had an EBAY and was a power seller at one time with E.M.M. and  my own website and was starting to see success, selling templates I created for baby newspapers, candy-wrappers, and wedding invitations, party favors called and where I taught others how to use the templates and design and design them using yahoo messenger, my own chat room, and videos that I created and hosted Tuesday Night Pick my Brain Chat’s for members to ask me anything they wanted about running their own business using my designs. I have also owned a scrapbook cutter site named where I sold designs that I created for use with the Cricut die cut machine. 
  • D.B. alleged he and my family purposefully sabotaged and he also alleged every other attempt I have made since that time has also been sabotaged by hacking my servers as soon as the site goes up it gets destroyed. I keep building and they keep destroying. 

These dreams were decided on by ME when I was young. The family and artist dream started when I was very young, my love of art came from being alone and painting and drawing and creating in D.G.’s old bedroom with the big file cabinet of art supplies at C.B.B.G.G.’s house. I added on owning a viable business when I was seventeen and started to study direct mail and direct marketing. None of my dreams involved law, or politics or crime.


Economic Strangulation was used to force or push the opposing country or nationality to lose their houses, cars, bank accounts, and children. It was a form of genocide or economic genocide as is sometimes seen when people who have money buy up the houses in a poor neighborhood and push the poor people out of the neighborhood. I have seen this occur in Chicago and a good example is Cabrini green the primary difference was that the people were not being killed but relocated and forced into more expensive area’s making it harder for them to get ahead financially.

This technique was used by E.M.M.  under D.B.’s direction in the abduct ping of my children using the legal system, when E.M.M.  slowed and then stopped paying on his court ordered child support and caused me to go into financial collapse under the direction of D.B. and his co-horts. As a result of E.M.M. ’s evasion of paying child-support and refusal to pay child-support and report to the court that he had obtained custody of the children when he did, he is in arrears to me over thirty thousand dollars which is a federal offence under the Federal Child support guidelines.

I am missing pages and posts from my site including a page entitled what are sleeper cells. Whoever is doing this is suppressing a witness’s testimony, participating in cyber crimes including cyber stalking & hacking, and witness intimidation, aiding and abetting, facilitating crime, and denying me my right to freedom of expression in the freedom to speak my mind and pose any question. This is also Corporate Espionage, racketeering, witness tampering, interfering with a victims right to be heard and the posing of the question and causing a great deal of additional problems that do not need to be created, prolonging the inevitable. These are all criminal offences most of which hold a ten year per offence prison term for violation of them for each count. The more counts you have the more time you spend in prison. This is AMERICA. Anyone allowing this to continue and go on can also be held liable both morally and criminally as by not stopping them especially if it is law enforcement is also aiding and abetting them in participating in criminal corruption. All computer use can and will be tracked and traced by subpoena of all local internet providers and can also be tracked and traced back to your hand held cellphones or internet use boxes. “learn the simple yet all powerfully simple power of the almighty subpoena”. Server logs are also available and will be posted for the honest and law abiding officials to review as there are some. Having to track down who is doing this is a pain in the ass and will be dully noted as you are costing me time with my children and keeping me from my family and putting other peoples lives in jeopardy. 

2004 – CURRENT




I studied and learned web design and server administration by running my business and learned marketing on my own. T.S.M. purchased a membership and my server was hacked by someone named SAL or represented themselves by the name of SAL he was a truck driver he was the last person to log into the site and access the download center that offered an upload feature on the website. When I checked the server log files SAL was the last one to access the site and upload something which was right when the server went down. It was windows 2000 Advanced Server and a problem with that operating system was that if you threw the hard drive in the garbage can it would delete the operating system which is just absurdly unintelligent.

I also had problems with the system in that I could be typing something into any type of form and sexual terms would appear in the boxes instead of what I was typing. I figured it was a virus but have seen some things since then involving hacking and cyber stalking that have blown my mind including when I attempt to log off my system, I am often told that if I do, I will be kicking other users off of it. This happens regardless of my virus protection and my closing of all ports other than port 80 which cannot be closed because that it how the system access’s the internet through both TCP and UDP. It is impossible to close port 80 and access the internet. This tie in to what has continued to happen and keeps on happening and will continue to happen until these persons are arrested and out of my way.

I was sitting at my desk at the server and I saw icons on my desktop start to disappear. I knew something was up and I shut down the server using the button. When I tried to start it back up the operating system was corrupt. I had to go buy another hard drive and piggy back the drives to access the old files. When I got it, all set up I got into the old drive and found that the entire hard drive had been turned into what I call spaghetti, files were all over the place some .jpgs were half missing. I fixed the site best I could and asked my members if they could help me recover the files some of them did help and I was able to save my business but business was not the same.

People became afraid that they would be hacked just from visiting my site traffic dwindled. People were saying bad things about me on competitor’s sites, some of that actually made me some money but it was the competitors that were buying in to see what was going on my site like what I was offering, and what was being said on my private members only forum. The women were catty and started fights during an online event that was had and called a Wrapper War, the women started fighting and ruined the event as I had to step in and stop them from fighting. A woman that I had made a moderator named Shantell who was from North Carolina and another woman named Tracy who was from Virginia or West Virginia and took my customers and started their own sites.  The site did not have any back-end residuals and I was told that was why part of why it was destroyed. Its success had also given me self-esteem that I lacked. I was earning nearly a thousand dollars a month from the site and from eBay and I was happy about it between the two I was bringing in around $1500.00 a month. Ed then took all of what I earned for the house gas, cigarettes, and whatever else was needed leaving me nothing to put back into the site and not able to buy things I wanted or needed. He even took his friends out from work and purchased them lunch while I sat home eating peanut butter and jelly or chips and salsa on a plate. 

I was a power seller on eBay and then there was the site. I made money from my designs and I proved that money can be made by selling my art. There was a woman named J. D’M. and she was from Montana, we talked on the phone a few times and she was allegedly a photographer and there was a man named Jason Smith that was involved in the sex-trafficking of me that was from Montana as well. Kevin James also part of the sex-trafficking of me had gone to Montana and was on his way home when I contacted him and said I needed to speak to him. K.J. is on TV and has a construction background I believe he can be linked to E.M.M.

The truck driver named SAL may have very well been my cousin L. Chor. He had contacted me and asked me if I would go to lunch with him. I did not think it was appropriate and judging from the man’s tone of voice on the telephone I refused to go at which time he became enraged. The server was hacked a second time and that time I got the site back up in about four hours and set up a second server in case it ever happened again. That time Sal contacted me through email and said “Boy, you are good”.



In 2014 my girls were taken unlawfully by Ed Malik and a man posing as D.B. while they were gone or I went missing due to being drugged i can not remember which I was taken to a woman’s residence where I was made to create paintings and other art. The woman’s name was Silvia Hartman. I came upon her website where I found my poems and my art that I created during this time. I then checked the USA.GOV website and found policies in her name and my own which she tried to use those policies to extort me saying that she was keeping and selling my art when really she had me hostage with D.B. and they were stealing my talents from me and earning a buck off of them. To top it off she put her name on my work, my original work and she put her name on it. This woman is going to jail for treason and for holding me hostage and kidnapping. I think this was being done in hopes that I would die and then she could sell the works of art for a large dollar amount as that is what usually happens when an artist dies.

I had shown the pieces to my daughters when I returned home. The woman had attempted to keep me drugged and brain wash me into believing I did not even have any children at all. As if I could ever forget when I asked her the very good question of why do I have this scar across my stomach she replied, “you had some kind of surgery”.  These people are insane and they tried to scare me away from my spirituality by all this “energy talk” as this was there way of trying to cripple me along and stop doing my art, by trying to get me to masturbate and I refused so they then tried touching me in my private area and making innuendo’s while I was working on art to create psychological baggage and blockages in my mind both in my conscious and subconscious as I was also very strongly drugged with an unknown substance at the time. She kept me awake for days creating and would not let me sleep. I refused to participate in “ritualistic sex” and a fight ensued and I was beaten about my head. I was also raped in my sleep. 

She was also trying to stop me from being spiritual linking my being kidnapped sexually assaulted and forced to create art for her to sell all created blockages and caused me to refuse to create anything much new since that time because of what she and the others involved did to me. 

and stealing my work and making me work for free for them like I am some kind of art creation machine and should just hand over all my time and talent and skill for free. They are real blood sucking morons to think they were never going to get caught and found out they were when I informed them that I was a walking bug and was under constant surveillance and they were busted for kidnapping. Almost if not all these pieces are works that I created while being held captive by this woman including a photo of my painted hand with my curved thumb.

The website say’s UK  but I think it was actually Texas. I want this woman arrested and all art that she has seized and held for my review I usually sign my name somewhere on the back of the painting and surveillance knows which pieces are mine. It appears she sold all my cupcake miniature paintings which proves she was using me and my talents to make a buck and had kidnapped me to do so. All this “energy talk” made me uneasy because of the sick Mason SEX Circles they think that participating in this kind of ritual creates or transfers energy. We are all energy and that is not a sexual thing it is just a fact their is something wrong with them that they want to condition anyone psychologically to forget their kids, think having a husband and being in a real relationship is wrong and that art and spirituality or being any of these things means you have to participate in a sex ritual of some kind. They do not understand the sanctity of marriage and have no morals and of course are MASON. The Peekachoo painting was done for my daughter Madalynn and not for the boy that is holding it. It took me a very long time and I put a lot of love into it for her and her only not for him. Madalynn “Peekachoo Mommy”,  Me:  “Gazoontight”.


I don’t remember the details but the woman did not want to let me leave and surveillance or the police got involved. They forced her to release me and they seized all my art I remember that there were stacks of paintings that I had done and it was a large amount. They said the art would be given back to me “at the end” all I had to do was tell what she did, I don’t know if there is an end to this never ending story, or when that will ever be but hopefully that’s now as I am really tired of the non-sense and being robbed by Masons and Kidnapped and Raped and Mutilated and not being allowed to have my own life with my girls and the money and art and life I deserve because of other people.  It is my art and belongs to me I created it and the poems that go with some of the pieces it should be returned to me as I have been victim of Masons stealing my art for free since I began creating it and its theft of creativity and creative works, and is ART THEFT I am a painter and fine artist and not some kind of painting mill for Masons. Even Musemes pay artists for art why should I not be paid for my work. All these other artists are paid for their works many while still alive this is another example of them stealing my work to detour me from wanting to make art as who wants to make art when it keeps getting stolen from you or it causes you to get kidnapped and raped the way D.B. said when  I was taken out of the hostage situation. 

They steal everything they have no respect they are trash and animals and should be imprisoned and put to death for their crimes against me and my family. I don’t think they are funny.   


The work can be seen on the website a site my daughters kept trying to take down because of what she had done in kidnapping and selling my art. They are not very happy and from what I remember they are CIA too. D.B. Brought them badges and guns and took them to the CIA headquarters to have them each signed up. I am no longer the youngest CIA agent my daughter Makayla is. 

BTW Finding this site and Remembering what was done will help to clear those blockages. You can’t destroy me no matter how hard you try but I can and will and am destroying you. Remember that because my face might just be the last face you see before your light goes out.