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I am stuck in a TRUMP/ Mason Nazi Killing Camp and can’t get out on my own. I have no money and every time I build a site it is destroyed. I am sharing my story with you so you can learn from it and it can save your life and other peoples lives. My daughters and I have been mutilated and our lives stolen and destroyed by these Nazi’s my win’s in court have been stolen, my CIA badge and Bank Book stolen by the Nazi Regime run by Donald Trump whose name is also on my CIA bank account. I can not access any money and every time I build a site to earn from it is destroyed in less than a day other than this site. I am asking you to please help me get out of this situation so I can help put a stop to the Sex Circles, Put an end to the Violence, Put a stop to the war, so I can get things that I need and support myself with your help.  Please help me put a stop to this by donating what ever you can using the button below. 

I thank you for your time and donation. Please read but do not steal my story and make movies or tv series off of it as I have already seen done and like has already been done to me with my entire life by Hollywood who also has Life Insurance Polices on me and deserved having their houses burned down and this is why. I live every day pushing a stroller of electronics to the library living off literally zero and they live in Mansions stealing my life and creating movies and whatever else without ever paying me and my family one red cent for any of it. I am so fed up with the NAZI’S and Hollywood and the Corruption and all of it I could just PUKE. They make me sick and I will not stand down and I will not stop nor give in. I am pieced together because of them and I need your help to keep fighting and take a stand for you.  

I have full working knowledge of the law, and of the circumstance, your gang is named after ME I am MS-13. I was thirteen years old when the Mason’s cut off my vaginal lips, raped me and shot me in the head because of their sick circles. My father David Boettcher declared war the day I became a CIA agent. Trump took my badge, my gun, my money, my kids because he was responsible and now he will pay not just for what he did to me but for what he has done to every other victim to this country and each and every one of you. 


Please donate what you can and help me get out of this situation.  Share the site, and my story and take a stand against Tyranny and the Mason Nazi regime and unsafe and sick twisted sex trafficking and rape practices. Help me put an end to it all.

Right here and now feel compelled to behave yourselves stand up for your rights, and  Donate!