My rightful place as President was stolen by Trump and his cronies and I want my rightful place. I have much work to do and no one on this earth can do what I need to do to ensure that humanity does not cease to exist. To restore order and balance, and rid this planet of the Visitors that have taken over. To not just instill and install peace among men but also intergalactic peace as many persons have arrived in an effort to help. Though I am on the fence about them too. Primarily because they don’t seem to know how to use the craters that were created for them to dump their excrement from their ships and are polluting us all and dumping their waste products on to us, contaminating our food, water, and the air we breath. If we are to exist together then there has to be rules and lines need to be drawn. There will be no sex trafficking, sex circles, mass spreading of male seed in an effort to repopulate, and the visitors primarily the lizards must be made to leave.

Their ships must be brought down, commandeered, and the victims must be released our resources all must be restored to their original places. Put everything back where you got it! 

The people brought back should be released with their memories and health and original souls restored.


The current government which I was told, and believe consists primarily if not all of Alien Visitor Lizards must be either brought down to it’s knees,  or shut down temporarily to get the lizards out of their positions and restore justice and freedom immediately if not sooner. Lives depend on it. Fight how ever you wish but do fight and do not delay do not be petrified to be petrified not to. 

The visitors must be replaced with Humans for now. This is mandatory and not a request, and it is stated with the statement included of “OF OR ELSE, AND DON’T MAKE ME GET NASTY”. You are looking at a complete and all out brawl of EPIC Proportions, you messed with the wrong people and need to leave now. This is a war like you could never imagine. This is our land and our planet, this is not your land or your planet, this is our house not your house you play by our rules not create your own. Look at the disastrous mess you have made. You have destroyed everything we love, and used fear, greed, hate, lust, and revenge to do so! You are pure EVIL and as such the world should do Tibetan Monk OHMS to rid us of your evil and lift us from your spell and hypnotism and also to lift our spirits which have dwindled down and are tired from the suppression. The evil is causing us much heartache and sickness as that is what evil does. You must denounce the evil and make it hold no control over you a good dose of world wide OHMS are in order as a start. 

To the VISITORS your visit is OVER. You raped us, devoured us, robbed us of our possessions and our lives, and of all that is good for far to long, in fact for long enough.

Get the hell off our planet and leave your not welcome here no one wants you and we will fight you to the death! You will cease to exist not us! World let bygones be bygones with your chosen enemy and turn your hate to a common enemy the Masons, Visitors, Nazi’s which are one in the same. There is no changing them, there is no hope, they are not our friends they are evil and once they leave our future exists and it is a beautiful and peaceful future in deed. 


Sometime in late 2015 there was a special election that was had due to the fact that the persons running for president both had life insurance polices as did past presidents. During that I was elected President then made to forget about it due to tyranny and treason. I was literally made not just told but made to forget. My kids tried to help me remember but I could not. I was also mutilated after that and additional false charges created to ruin my life and my chances of ever actually becoming President and taking my rightful place were created. By the two states that have waged war on the United States. 

It is my understanding that certain people attempted to put “conditions” on my acceptance that included my having to choose which children I could take and which family members including my fathers. This is unacceptable, and part of why I did not want to do it. Telling someone who they can have as family is dead wrong as are those who put that condition on me. Who my family is has nothing to do with how I do my job.  This goes for my family and my daughters. Some family members have overstepped and that will be found by surveillance. However, my children are not disposable nor are certain other family members such as my true mom and my fathers. People have gone out of their way to destroy our bond and our relationship forgetting about all the time they had given up to secure the safety of our country and our future. 

The harder you push me to choose the more I will refuse. I take things under advisement but will not submit to anyone at all. Additionally, when this was done it was said I had no husband and that he did not want me and did not want me to be president. I do not know if that is true or not as I have not seen or heard from him in awhile but do believe he is alive. That will have to be determined if and when he decides to come out of the darkness. 

The reality is the country needs me as do my daughters as does the world at this point we are in the middle of a war because we left ourselves open for one due to the Masons and the Trump Administration. There is no putting a stop to the war unless I take on the responsibility which i am not really thrilled about but do understand that I am the right person for the job and do not feel comfortable letting anyone else handle it due to the blatant dishonesty and corruption. I can not be bought were it seems to me that most people can and already have been bought not by my family but by the Masons and Trump. 

You will not like me much, I do not expect perfection but I do expect you to try and to work and try and do your best. I will not participate or put up with your circle or your games and lyeing. I can not stand liars, I hate corruption and I hate the way you went about this. In fact truth be told I hate most if not all of you. 

They used to call my father Revolving door Dave, because he worked at a gas station and people who worked for him did not want to do the job that they were given. They were given an opportunity to earn and they disrespected him and the opportunity. I am the same way you just got yourself revolving door Anna. I expect respect, and I expect those who work to respect yourselves, your co-workers, each other, the people, the job, the tile, and the opportunity that you have to lead.

I expect leaders and not followers, and up until this point all I have seen is a lot of following, and no leading, a lot of clowning around, irresponsibility and lack of respect. Alot of covering up censorship and lieing, silencing and witness tampering and intimidation of the people at large. In government all I see is it as if it is the last week of school and everyone is just doing their own thing. No one takes anything very seriously and that is not acceptable behavior of anyone who works in government there is a time and place for everything. Sex does not belong in the government arena it belongs in your bedroom with your spouse only this is very distasteful and very classy. 

There must be a shut down of government the current election can not go on. Both Trump and Biden have polices and I do not know if there is anyone else but I am betting that they have them as well. 

This situation in this country is deplorable. We live in lawlessness and Anarchy the most laws are legal and should be upheld and abided by the refusal to abide by them and uphold them is disgusting and will not be tolerated. The erected unlawful laws need to be taken down immediately including the one your using to try and steal my life and put me in prison with and make it impossible for me to reach out to government for assistance including the CIA for my badge with is disorderly conduct “False Reporting” it contains vague and subjective verbiage and is not a law in good standing. Leads to and is fostering corruption and these words have already been established as words not allowed in creating law. Same goes for competency, Trump created this mess now he can deal with the grief that goes along with it. By the time this is fixed what I correct will be considered expo-facto law. This is an example of be careful what you wish for you might just get it or the forbidden fruit. 

The constitution was supposed to mean something it is not an Umbrella it is not a grid work it is the Supreme Law of the land. In that constitution it clearly states that you may file a grievance if you are wronged by anyone. That means you can file and be heard and collect not just file and have your face blown off or be ignored. 

If the states do not wish to pay out on lawsuits they only have to abide by the Constitution its that simple you don’t then the person who was wronged have a right and the County has a obligation to ensure you are paid for the wrong doing. This is how you stop corruption and tyranny from happening in the first place. This is also how you stop the wars. 

We have many Crisis going on, Personally I have a family crisis with my fathers and other family members, I have a children crisis, a food crisis, a job crisis and luckily my health crisis is just about over yet there are still some issues that need attention. In the country there is a war on our hands a revolutionary war, and at this time I do not have much to say about that war as I am on the Peoples side at least until the Government persons who have polices step aside and step down. 

The revolutionary war has started.  a world war has also started, other countries have seen this situation as an opportunity to advance on us and are sending Nukes our way. 

I was told it had to do with the Trump regime and what was done to me in stealing my place as president, not paying for the lawsuit and taking the kids away. Brain washing me and ignoring the demands to step down. One of my dads went to the UN and the other countries and told them what was going on. 

My take on things from an Admirals standpoint is this. I reviewed video of solders at home and abroad. I have a very upset and uneasy feeling primarily because of the goose step that I see the other countries doing. There is a reason for this. Most people who are not “Mason” can not actually do a goose step march because of our knees. I was taught this growing up and this is probably why I was taught it. So that when I saw it I would be much more apt at realizing that I was looking at Masons getting ready to go to war with us and invade our country if need be, why else would you need so many soldiers. 

This is a big problem, I saw that China has the biggest Army on the planet for such a small country that is a scary thought. Russia also does the goose step as does Korea these are all scary thoughts. This adds credence to the Masons are trying to take over the world and the US is clowning around. 

I was taken to the UN and met with them. I signed papers there as well I think I was elected president of some department I do not recall exactly but they know and are ignoring it which leads me to believe they are up for world domination I am not. I believe countries should be kept separate I do not like or subscribe to a one world government I will not change my viewpoint it is simply not reasonable, or acceptable and not the path to peace. The path to peace is freedom from oppression and adherence to the laws an a constitution like we have where all persons have rights and opportunity, the freedom to choose their lives and how they are lead which is also freedom of tyranny. 

I attempted to contact the UN and obviously as per usual was ignored. Then and was unhappy again as this has happened before, which I also know, when I saw the statement made by them “Do not eat Meat”.  They are starving people to death. This is unacceptable, needs to be known and is par for the course, they talk a good talk but don’t walk a good walk. They have their own one world parliament, government as their agenda.  I will not tolerate this and I hope the people of this county will also set aside there fear and not allow or tolerate it. What has gone on these past few years with Trump are examples of what that can be like at a small scale. Given more time it would be like living hundreds and hundreds of years ago which lead to more war, starving persons, death and civil unrest. 

Please do not listen to the UN. They are starving people,  We all need to eat from all four food group categories including primarily RED meat from REAL GRASS OR CORN FED COWS. Beans is not meat they are beans which are classified as fruit. The people in my city starving me has really infuriated me and put me in a war like mood. 

Furthermore, I do not agree with the UN being created it used to be presidents sat down and had talks about issues. There were summits and that sort of things to hash out issues and problems. It seems to me that a UN which is not really a government that is elected by the people of the world but more like an appointed government is Parliament and I am in disagreement with any kind of world Parliament type government. 

In a Parliament government the chance for opportunity and advancement is lost. If you are born a peasant you stay a peasant. If you are born a serf or noblemen you stay a serf or noblemen. Everything is dependent on social status and clout and little is dependent on education or your abilities. The nobles often steal off the peasants and take their ideas and call them their own. This has been seen in my own life with my paintings. If this is why that did not need to be shown will be found out about and those responsible will be prosecuted for screwing my viewpoint and abusing me and robbing me in the process. 

The reality is, I knew this already no one had to point it out to me.  The reality is someone does need to govern over the countries and make them do what they are supposed to do. I had initially thought the UN was created in order to establish peace between the countries and try to get the smaller countries primarily the communist ones to agree to a constitution of their own using ours to copy from. Creation of their own which is also similar and in aliment to ours for the most part. 

However, when I see a statement such as do not eat meat, I question if they have not been taken over by thine enemy. I also question their failure to act in accordance with the law, the failure to adhere to the law and their failure to do anything to rectify the situation as I am aware they are watching me as well. I am beyond infuriated. 

Because of Appointment and not Election I believe this is called Corruption. This is how the issue was started here where the Judges do not know the law because they are appointed by people they know which then leads to corruption practices. 

My question to you is this, what now? Where do you go for justice. 

You can not go to the Supreme Court, You Can not go to Congress or the House or to Senate, You can not go to the UN, You can not go to the Pope. Where do you go now if you are me and the people of the world did this to you and you lost your life, your jobs, your family, your dreams, and everything you cared about because of other peoples selfishness, indignant, lust, greed, envy. Where do you go. 

Where do I go from here? And who will uphold the law and do the right thing?  You tell me what would you say other than 

Light it up tear it down and start all over from scratch if that is what it takes I am fed up with the lies, the abuse, the tyranny and will not tolerate those who refuse to fight for abide by and live by the United States Constitution and Federal Law! 

My kids could of magically appeared by now, this could of been handled quietly but now since you are the way you are. 

It can’t be done that way. That is your fault there are mounds of dirt and the people already know and those who don’t will. 

Also America be aware I know you were paid to be silent and shun me and turn your backs you were also hypnotized and the key to that is to sit there and say over and over again I am not hypnotized by anyone my will is to strong for that. Summon your own will by simply pounding your foot on the ground and saying I summon thine own will. He He He you can’t hypnotize me, do this every day to be on the safe side. Also do the same about compelling. These masons are real pieces of work. They think your all stupid and brain dumb I don’t but they obviously do which is another reason why they need to be annihilated as against genocide as I am they just have to go so we can live in peace and live law abiding happy peaceful lives it exists it can but they are the reason why it does not. Just look at what they did to me and my life and use it as fuel and an example. Also look at the other victims its not just me. 

There are newcomers that need my help and these masons are keeping them hostage and not allowing me to help same goes for my fathers and family and my girls. Making me feel useless, helpless, stupid and dependent all in an effort to force me to submit and stand down. I will not submit I will not stand down this is war and not a time for either of those two things. 

The world is going insane and we must make some hard choices. I gave the order to net and bring down those ships they are making and dropping off duplicates it is part of how their army got so big so fast. 

Our Military must stop clowning around and putting on a show put their work face on and get to work protecting us this is not a drill this is real the fate of the world depends on you to be soldiers and hard fighters the way I know you can be. 

Honestly defeats lies, Good Triumphs over evil and Love Concurs all. 

Girls, Corey who I need clarification on some things about, and the Dave’s and real family hat loves me, grays and newcomers that are not foes but friends, surveillance will help us straighten everything out. Everyone, hang on with your dear lives please because I ain’t letting go. Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep me from you.

I love you all, Love and Light.