Chapter 45 Request for Investigation – Notions, Gut Instinct, & Suspicion are Simply not Enough

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When going through the events that have occurred throughout my life and the allegations of D.B. and others it’s simply not enough to base any kind of final decision based on “notion” alone. The problem is, that D.B. has confessed as have other people in my ex-family at that point I then have more than simply notion I have a notion and a confession. I lack only then in hard evidence to support the confessions that were given to me which can cause a upsetting and uneasy feeling in making a final determination of if the things stated are true, false, or simply a malicious attempt to make me feel insecure and not to believed by authorities in the crimes that I myself have witnessed and lived through.

The reality is, that I was taught that if a man gives a confession to a judge and even if that judge does not believe the man, the judge must take the confession regardless of what he or she thinks because, he confessed. The things stated in this document are not “notions”, or “gut feelings” or “suspicions” they are events that have been depicted and that really did occur. There is allegedly some evidence at my residence that needs to be tested by a formal crime lab. I do not have the ability to do that on my own nor do I have any way to investigate to obtain hard evidence, the hard evidence I had secured has mostly been stolen, but it is my understanding that my house, and myself are evidence.

Additionally, I am literally the victim of crime and it is my job to report the crime and investigators jobs to investigate the allegations made to find out if they can be substantiated. I must share what I both lived though and was told because if I do not then that could be concealment of a crime, concealment of knowledge of a crime, conspiracy, and aiding and abetting all of which are crimes. If anyone else is harmed because I did not, then that not only resides on my conscious but I could be held responsible legally as well. The reality is while D.B. had alleged that silence is golden, silence comes with very real legal ramifications and really is not all that golden when your real family, freedom, and liberty are on the line.

D.B., E.M.M. always have multiple plans, a backup plan to their backup plan. I was nearly killed and D.B. told me to drink from the faucet in 2012 only. I later find that the water filtration canister is more than likely a primary source of my being poisoned, and that also includes the possible poisoning of my children, the valve is melted off that by-passes the container and next thing I know my children are taken in what I was told an attempt to push me to suicide for a payout. There are multiple families involved, and multiple people of those families and in my circle of old friends and family members that had worked for insurance, and I am now left with no alternative choice but to file a very politically based lawsuit even though I personally don’t care about politics and only justice. As far as I can see, and from what I have seen and lived through this is D.B.’s plan C.

Deductive reasoning can be applied to a certain extent to try and determine the rational and reasoning behind people’s silence, and their failure to report and failure to assist. The reality is that deductive reasoning is not always enough to obtain a clear understanding of people’s motivations.

In any case after all I have gone though alone, the abuse of me, the abuse of my daughters and using of me for causes and political pushing’s as far as I am concerned, I am done with all involved other than my daughters and possible grandchild. I need to move forward with my life and healing process, while obtaining justice leaving those who are users and abusers in the past and putting those who have participated in criminal activity in jail or prison so they can not harm me, my daughters or anyone else ever again. It is simply what is best for me, and for my children, and the public at large.

There is no justification for shunning anyone, setting them up, or punishing them for being the victim of crime. There is no justification for any of the actions nor the inaction taken against me by anyone including the authorities. As their failure to communicate, or come forward with what they know or knew has cost me years of my life, time with my children, and I cannot get that time returned to me. Also, I have always been and continue to be consistently robbed me of a real life of my own.

Every American citizen deserves to have freedom and liberty, all persons on the planet deserve to be free from hatefulness, derogatory comments, back handed or tongue in cheek comments, and indirect comments meant to intimidate silence them. Americans are supposed to be free from oppression, abuse, and inhumane treatment.

My ability to read facial expressions, subconsciousness, the catching of Freudian slips, and read or listen between the lines are enough for me to believe and accept what alleged family and friends have done and that it was malicious in nature add that to my life experiences and I don’t need a jury.

The availability and real option to genuine opportunity of my choosing, and that I decide upon not that others decide for me has been stripped from me. The right to make choices of my own, as in not being used as a sex slave, not be treated unequally, and to be free from the proverbial B.S. and games that my ex-family and friends have been playing in an effort to cover up and hide what they did or what they knew including other crimes or immoralities that they perpetrated in their pasts.  Additionally, those who did not report what they knew shall be held liable for being accessory after the facts, aiding and abetting and concealment of a crime in addition to other applicable charges.

The games and B.S. I am referring to are not really games, but more like brazen antagonizations and attempts being made at harming me or at causing me harm with a smile. There are long term effects to what they are doing, and I don’t take kindly to it nor do I think it is funny or acceptable behavior. I may be restrained at the moment but as soon as humanly possible my mouth is going to start running like a leaking toilet.

 I simply cannot make up, or try to believe in good reasons for criminal behavior. It is unacceptable what has been done to me and to my daughters and I do not want to hear nor will I ever accept any poor excuses for the breaking of the law, disregard for dignity, humanity, privacy, and human life that has gone on.

As far as I am concerned whether there are bodies in my house or not, the making of the statements themselves is malicious, and shows malicious intent, either way this behavior is inexcusable and all those involved in any way shape or form should be held accountable for their actions and silence.

I may not be valuable to those in my ex-family in any other way than financially or to push agenda’s but I am valuable to my daughters and I will be valuable to my future grandchildren. My life matters, it began to matter the minute I became responsible for a human life other than my own growing inside my body.