When Aliens OR the ELITE Attack the Worlds Most Valuable Natural Medical Resource where ALL Medication is Derived from.

I have reason to believe we have been invaded by Aliens called Visitors they have infiltrated our government. This is why things are the way they are. Donald Trump and Hollywood threatened to do burn the Amazon Forest if I refused to stand down and not fight for my kids and if I told my story about the life long abduction of me. He is an Alien. It was alleged that if this was done then world war was sure to ensue shortly thereafter by the end of the month. I am very psychic and saw it happen many times in my life. It was a life long project of my family and my own to prevent man from destroying itself because of the invasion. We must get the government in the us to step down you must read my site and listen to me. I am key, as are my daughters also abducted and kept separate by them. The Aliens are also known as Masons, and the elite, as well as Nazi’s who have invaded the world set up concentration camps and kill for life insurance money. They banded together to take over the world and we as people must decide to take a stand. These are your monsters in closets. There is a plan in place if you listen to me you will learn all you need to know on how to stop them and take our lives back from them. Including how to break their hold on you and their hypnotism how to unlock your own gifts and how to take a stand and fight against the common enemy who are those who intend to devour us into extinction and destroy the last planet in our solar system the way they have destroyed and devoured all the rest. Mars is where they came from and it had inhabitants which was them. There is still some water and gravity on mars as well as a large amount of radiation that radiation came from the planets destruction as a result of these aliens actions. When that destruction occurred they moved on to our planet and then sent a message back saying that our earth was suitable for life. They then invaded us and have been destroying all that we love and hold holy and have implemented their culture and sick ways of life and brought with them pure evil. I know how to fight evil, I know how to destroy them without destroying ourselves. I need you to listen up and pay attention because my life story is long and in many ways inconceivable to even me, but once you do listen you will understand and you will believe that god did not wage war against man, god loves you and since there is a such thing as god then it stands to reason that there is a such thing as evil. If there is a such thing as gods creatures there is a such thing as Satan creatures. These Masons, Nazi’s aliens are Satan Minions comprised of demons and pure evil. It lives inside of them feeds on itself breeds and it creates all things rotten and bad in the world. It is primarily greed based and god named the infliction brought down on man a greed virus which is really an analogy the real problem is there is pure evil in this world and it lurks within these people we know as the Visitors. I can help but I need you to pay attention to all that I say, believe in all that I saw, and my abilities. I need you to look at my eyes and my face and realize that I was made different my eyes are green not for envy but for the emerald aisle, my hair red for fire and brimstone, my smile was almost angelic as my face so you could differentiate me from all the rest. My age not to be shown upon my body nor my face as I am 43 years old do i look like I am 43 years old? The small amount of wrinkles I have were artificially put there by persons stabbing my face, damaging my skin look at the recent photos from 2015 that is what I looked like then. Look at this photo do you not see the angelic qualities this is without special lighting or make up this is me first thing in the morning when I woke up in natural sunlight. These are my natural eyes, i was born with these. My hair is not genuine but it is because i have a fire burning inside me like you would never understand. Let this fire burn inside you and find it inside yourself to not just believe but also to fight. 

Do you not see the difference between me and all the rest. I stand out in body and personality for a reason that reason is so I can not be used for sex trafficking but was created and sent here by god as his messenger. I possess all the knowledge that he has and was bestowed upon me to prevent this world from being devoured to set the record straight and prevent us all from self destruction.

http://monstersinclosets.com has some details I have been writing for months, you should see how I live. This world has a real problem as these attacks including this attack on the worlds natural and chemical medical resources are not just attacks upon me but also attacks on all inhabitants of this planet. It is evidence of the invasion of our planet by pure evil as evil is the only one who would do this to us. The forests were shot at from above by alien ships that are owned by the Vistors up until now no one has stood up against them. I have and I will continue. You must band together against the common enemy and stand down against each other set your petty differences aside and fight for the right cause the cause of saving the world and preserving a future for man kind of all species, all nationalities and most of all against them. I will not stand down, I will not give up, I will continue to stand and I ask all persons of the world and every other galaxy there is to also stand and begin to fight against the one common enemy the Masons, The invaders, the Green Slimy Lizards that have inflicted nothing but heartache misery hate and divides into gods heart your heart and worst of all instilled hate into our hearts and in our minds. That hate will inhibit our growth it slows you down it disconnects you from yourself and your own personal power that resides inside each of us. You must make the conscious choice to realize that guilt should not be derived from protecting yourself, from standing up for yourself, for protecting the world. These things are not things you should feel guilty about the only thing to feel guilty about is doing nothing while everything falls apart in front of your eyes. While the world is destroyed. In order to avoid that kind of guilt you must fight, it is what god wants what I want and what this planet needs. To take your power back we must get those in the government to resign if we do not vote they simply must the government will then be shut down. If no one votes not even visitors as these attacks are also on you as you need the medication we need when your body gets sick as well those in power will no longer hold power. Once that happens a special election will be conducted and those who do not hold policies can then take their place. Those who have been screened and it is proven and known that they do not posses evil inside, are not visitors and who are much more suitable for the job. The life insurance policies that I recovered by way of the Untied States Government possess the names of those who have already been detected in most cases to be a real problem. If you did nothing wrong then you need to stand up for yourself and say so and not fight against me as I am helping you and it is already known who did what obviously. By mutilating me to silence me you have caused a world wide catastrophe all because your name is on a policy. Now look at the disaster that has been caused out of plain fear and loathing due to the fear. We are smack dab in the middle of a world war distracted from the real problems at hand which are the visitors invasion upon us and destruction and theft of our people, our planets resources and ultimately life on this planet. You must stop what you are doing and listen to what I am telling you. I am an elder and you must show me the respect that I more than earned and deserve. This is not just a physical fight but psychological as well and I understand this better than you may ever realize. I also have one hell of a evil sniffer and mason sniffer. One can walk into the room and I know what I am dealing with in less than a second all I have to do is look at them. Have you ever seen anyone who has my eyes… Where did they come from? I am human, they were given to me by god so you could see the obvious difference the minute you looked at me.

The photo below is what I looked like before I was mutilated by the Aliens the image was created by me and should help you evoke your will and awaken your own minds eye and awaken your spirit. It does it for me. This was my face.My children look exactly the same they are also angels, gifts from god sent here to help us fight and protect you from self destruction by greed and to defeat our common enemy those who invaded us and destroy all in their path including these gifts from god. If you don’t all will be destroyed, when god goes this far to send his angels down to help and assist and you mutilate them and harm them in every way imaginable he has no choice but to decide that his will means nothing and all is lost. And he will decide to allow you to destroy yourself and his most favorite planet that he ever created. Your anger must not be pointed at him it must be pointed at the Evil that had been brought down from Mars and fight and destroy that evil. You should not destroy each other in his name only the common enemy you are to lay down arms against each other and band together to destroy evil not kill each other over your belief of who he is to you but worship yourself, know yourself, and stand up and take up arms against the common enemy do not allow your discrimination against color, race, creed to stand in your way of fighting for and instead direct your attention to the real problem there is a such things as aliens, good evil, god Satan, and space and time travel there is a such thing as world destruction other planets are proof of that. And all those things can be destroyed if you block out the distractions face your fear and stand up and fight toward ending it all and putting a stop to it all and make the conscious decision to change. Evoke your own will and personal gifts and powers and listen to me instead of to evil because I have a private line with him 24 seven and between him and I we can lead you out of this mess and keep you alive and from self destruction and being devoured. My girls are also gifts from god not to be raped, ,shared or abused and mutilated as is Haim and others who have been targeted. we are to be listened to, and believed and protected by man not cloned,duplicated, impostered and originals taken by space aliens and stored inanimately on ships.

God blew up other planets and he will destroy this one to prevent evil from spreading to other Galaxy and planets. Think about that. He considers it collateral damage. You might want to consider changing and not ignoring and listening and following along I posess a great deal of knowledge in many areas and that is so I can help not scare or harm but so I can help solve the problem. Use the above picture or make one of your own similar. with the big eye in the center-point stare at that eye and it should evoke your will and awaken your spirit just like the other image I created this has been a life long project. It was called project life line sent to you from god.