A.J.V.M. & A.E.V. 

D.B. alleged that A.J.V.M. had been purposefully sent to live with or near A.E.V. and very recently I spoke to R.A.B. who told me that she had gone to live with him in Texas and that she had left his house to get her own place the way D.B. had said she was going to. I do not know where A.J.V.M. is but have reasons to be worried because A.E.V. is not safe for her to be around and because of what he has done to me and to her, and her sisters and possibly to C.G. is precisely why. A.J.V.M. said she was going to Texas to live with Bryson which is the name D.B. gave me of her son that was alleged the product of rape and abducted from her care. A.E.V. called me from Amrarillo Tx. 

The last time I had contact with A.J.V.M. online I may of been cat-fished. I do not know where A.J.V.M. but those doing surveillance in the sky should. I just hope she is safe and if she reads this she needs to know I love her and am trying to fix this, she is to keep her guard up, stay on her toes, and take her vitamins and be extremely careful until this is over. Use your gut instincts and do not ignore them if something does not feel right its not right, if it does not taste right its not right, if you feel nervous you may be picking up on other persons nervousness. Listen to your instincts and to your gut and please be careful and try to hang in there, because they are all going to hang for what they have done. Do not allow anyone to label you as anything especially paranoid, If they try to say you have a mental defect ask them where their PET SCAN is and remember you do not have to submit to one and no one can force you to submit if they try refuse get thier names and keep your paperwork and I will handle it from there. Its not your job to prove your sane its their jobs to prove you aren’t. You are sane and they really aren’t. 


D.B. had said that A.E.V. might of had her locked in a room and she was not able to get out but that could of been him trying to scare me, I do not know. The conversation had between him and I was in 6/2017 when he contacted me and told me what everyone’s plans were and most of those plans have played out like he alleged they were going to, D.B. told me to erect this website tell my life story and explain what everyone had done and his reasons for why, and what the officials did and did not do, and try and get this put to rest. 

Alyssa is a facebook addict and is always on facebook the last post was July 9th. David Boettcher alleged that she was going to be dating a man named Nick Manzione who I found one life insurance policy listed under xerox corporation the facebook notation to me is done in codea above the video she posted that David Boettcher told me she was going to post. She unlocked her post right before I sent her the link to Monstersinclosets.com she then blocked me again and did not respond. I am very scared for Alyssa because it was said she was going to be put into a river and that she was being held captive to this man and being allowed to make periodic posts so that no one would be aware that she was unsafe. 

The code above he video reads get him to 3,166!!! already at 70 this dude deserves it.

The code deciphered means 3 POLICE Or WITCH meaning ME & MASONS. 1 one life, there are two of him and he is evil. do it AL Are you ready, this dude deserves it, a dude is a hair on an elephants ass. REMEMBER!!!! 70 is the number for me meaning LUCKY. 

The Facebook Page States Bricen is my UNIVERSE. Bricen is the name of Alyssa’s baby that was taken and hidden from her. She was allegedly put in the river to scare her into silence as were the life insurance polices taken out against her life and his life. I am BEGGING Alyssa to not be scared Mommy is on this. 


What D.B. and all these other people have done including A.E.V. and E.M.M. is emotional torture, and what he and the others are doing is witness tampering and racketeering, and the way D.B. put it was divide and concur and how the mob conducts the business of taking lives. The girls were separated and placed where they were placed in an effort to scare me into silence and submission. 

All involved are sick minded, evil, sadistic, twisted, an can not be trusted at all, at this point all are lose cannon and at this point is totally cornered. It does not get any realer than this.