That is the fakest Cheesiest Smile I have ever seen on my daughters face that is hiding the “omg are you serious?” look that she normally would give when she really does not like you, what your doing or what your saying. Its the Lesley Widmer fake smile.

The next thought would be “SERIOUSLY? AS IF!” 

A.J.V.M. & A.E.V. 

D.B. alleged that A.J.V.M. had been purposefully sent to live with or near A.E.V. and very recently I spoke to R.A.B. who told me that she had gone to live with him in Texas and that she had left his house to get her own place the way D.B. had said she was going to. I do not know where A.J.V.M. is but have reasons to be worried because A.E.V. is not safe for her to be around and because of what he has done to me and to her, and her sisters and possibly to C.G. is precisely why. A.J.V.M. said she was going to Texas to live with Bryson which is the name D.B. gave me of her son that was alleged the product of rape and abducted from her care. A.E.V. called me from Amrarillo Tx. 

The last time I had contact with A.J.V.M. online I may of been cat-fished. I do not know where A.J.V.M. but those doing surveillance in the sky should. I just hope she is safe and if she reads this she needs to know I love her and am trying to fix this, she is to keep her guard up, stay on her toes, and take her vitamins and be extremely careful until this is over. Use your gut instincts and do not ignore them if something does not feel right its not right, if it does not taste right its not right, if you feel nervous you may be picking up on other persons nervousness. Listen to your instincts and to your gut and please be careful and try to hang in there, because they are all going to hang for what they have done. Do not allow anyone to label you as anything especially paranoid, If they try to say you have a mental defect ask them where their PET SCAN is and remember you do not have to submit to one and no one can force you to submit if they try refuse get thier names and keep your paperwork and I will handle it from there. Its not your job to prove your sane its their jobs to prove you aren’t. You are sane and they really aren’t. 

Armadillo TEXAS

Armadillo Texas which is where the Caller ID for Anthony Victors had stated, and what is stated on her FaceBook but she might of relocated. she is not in WITSEC if she made it to WITSEC the girls and I would of been picked up already. I find it suspicious that she unblocked me when it was time for me to send her the monstersinclosets.com website link and then after obtaining the link I did not get a response and was blocked again. I think she is posting things and being made to post so that the public including the authorities will not think she is in danger. On her fb wall she has a video of Nick Manzone who is allegedly one of Ed’s, and a made mob man, and gets himself drunk and does drugs to make his speech slurred and practiced pretending to have Apraxia of speech like Alyssa. It was alleged that Nick was going to put her in the river and that she was going to relocate to Newyork or Maryland, if this occurred she was supposed to tell authorities and be taken to WITSEC. All other accusations that were made in regard to witness intimidation and witness tampering in my case have happened and I have big cause for alarm. Please stare at teh picture of ‘Lyssa and remember her face if she needs your help please help her and be kind and tell her she is wanted at home for WITSEC. 


Robert Butterfield last reported that Alyssa had been living with Tony Victors for a while and had left and obtained her own apartment. I was contacted on Youtube by her around the same time which could of been a spoof account. The person on the other end was angry and hateful and then disconnected communication that was while I was in Las Vegas and before I sent her the link to the site. It was alleged that lyssa left Anthony Victors and obtained her own apartment because he expected her to get a job and pay the entire rent for his family. ALyssa is not stupid nor a slave and allegedly became upset and left. 


Might I point out that my daughter Alyssa Malik may be in Austin Texas and is not safe, My other daughters were taken to the Mason town of Morris also another sleeper cell and my eldest and I both agree that Alyssa Malik should be removed immediately but really it should be a carefully timed and succinct action, this is due to the threats, number of polices fund, and due to her having a baby that was stolen and the risk involved with her being held hostage to Anthony Victors her biological father who is a criminal, drug addict, and who was allegedly holding her hostage to him and prostituting her out along with Nick Manzione.

Alyssa Malik may be in Austin Texas, Armadillo, Texas or in the State of Il, New York or Maryland I was told several things including an address however upon researching the address I was unable to find the location the apartment is allegedly listed under Nick Manzione’s name and not Anthony Victors it may be under Chrystal Gitchell or even Alyssa Malik’s.

I can not get a hold of my daughter and several threats and allegations were made an address was given to me that I can not locate. It was alleged she was being held captive in a locked room and being forcibly made to be Nick’s prostitute and that there were guards on the other side of the door.

Anthony Victors sold many polices to Stagg Highschool students and their families and is a serial killer and main perpetrator of abuse and facilitator of the sex trafficking of me along with my father David Boetther and Edward Malik all of which are looking at dyeing and or long prison terms and have nothing to lose are cornered alley cats and should not be trusted. 



D.B. gave me the address of 7230 W. 90th Ave Austin Tx. APT 126 or 136

The address given to me was 7230 West 90th Ave in Austin Tx. above the Heru Sushi Restaurant. A search for the last name Manzione on White pages brings up a couple address’es in Austin Texas that are part of his family as David Boettcher alleged they were. There is one on South Lamar that sounds familiar listed under Nicole Manzione. Nicole is the female name for Nicolas. https://www.whitepages.com/name/Manzione/Austin-TX?l=Austin+TX&q=Manzione. I do not have the money to pay to obtain the address information the link provides the listing information.

One policy was found for Nicole Diaz Manzione. Diaz is another name to look up when I looked up Diaz, a search of Alyssa Diaz brings up fourteen listings. There were policies found for Sarah, Madeline, Alyssa, Mackenzie, Makayla, listed on one of Makayla’s polices was a reference to the last name Sullivan, Kathleen who may be related to Judge Sullivan of Lake County Jail and Brian Sullivan who had raped me when I was divorcing Anthony Victors. 



The primary problem is that the reports that I was given are from the criminals that are facing death or life in prison and can not be trusted not even her grandfather David Boettcher or either of the two hateful sperm donors or any other family members as I found a slew of polices taken out against her name. The only persons who know where Alyssa is are members of alleged surveillance and the US. Government because they are the ones behind the surveillance. Please help me find Alyssa this is not funny I am worried about her safety especially with so many policies found and the rape of her and the witness tampering and intimidation that has gone on, both on the streets and from authorities.



Additonally, while in Vegas and via Youtube messenger I was asked if I was staying on the streets, which is another words for I have the sheets or shits. It may be an indicator that she is being poisoned as is the weightless I see in the photos as the last time I saw her she was a very unhealthy weight. I can not and will not divulge her weight on this site as that is simply rude, Alyssa would not look all that different if Skinner than she is shown in the above photo. She is 5 foot 2 and has dark brown eyes and often colors her hair a spectrum of colors She is easy going and kind to a certain extent but has also had enough of the bullshit and is very much like myself and knows that I am on a warpath and will sue anyone who breaks the law and harms her and she is bold enough to let you know that and should be listened to because if anyone harms Alyssa any more they will sit in jail for the rest of their lives or be put down by lethal injection for treason. Alyssa is 19 years old now and was born on 11/05/1999 and abducted from my Lake Station Officers involved in criminal corruption in an effort to collect on life insurance polices.  She was abducted February 24, 2016 when she was 16 years old, then allegedly raped by her adopted father Edward Malik, who impregnated and her child whose name is Bricen has been abducted from her as well,  robbing us both of the last 4 years of our time together. I want both returned unscathed and unharmed. 



D.B. had said that A.E.V. might of had her locked in a room and she was not able to get out but that could of been him trying to scare me, I do not know. The conversation had between him and I was in 6/2017 when he contacted me and told me what everyone’s plans were and most of those plans have played out like he alleged they were going to, D.B. told me to erect this website tell my life story and explain what everyone had done and his reasons for why, and what the officials did and did not do, and try and get this put to rest. 


What D.B. and all these other people have done including A.E.V. and E.M.M. is emotional torture, and what he and the others are doing is witness tampering and racketeering, and the way D.B. put it was divide and concur and how the mob conducts the business of taking lives. The girls were separated and placed where they were placed in an effort to scare me into silence and submission. 

All involved are sick minded, evil, sadistic, twisted, an can not be trusted at all, at this point all are lose cannon and at this point is totally cornered. It does not get any realer than this.

Alyssa Malik is Missing & a WITNESS and VICTIM Of Serious CRIME. 

Nick Manzione IS SHOWN on both her Facebook and on YouTube a policy was found under his name for xerox when I looked there is a life insurance program listed under xerox corp. D.B. alleged she was going to be going with NICK and taking him down for sex-trafficking and because he was allegedly a serial killer. The code posted on her wall posted above his you-tube video by Alyssa reads : get him to 3,166!!! already at 70 this dude deserves it. 


Alyssa can listen to subconscious’s to find out or figure out what people are up to, pays attention to Freudian slips, body language, facial expression and micro expression, she is a walking talking lie detector, she uses analytical thinking and logic and deductive reasoning and has been taught to not be trusting of anyone for the time being. She fully reads and listens to and can speak in code, and was taught the law, constitution, and Rico she does not usually beat around the bush unless she is scared, but usually speaks bluntly like I do. Apparently my father has spent time with my children since they were taken and has taught them most if not all of what I know including the truth about what people are up to, the size and scope of the issues at hand and the activities of MS13 and MOBS and gangs. She is also aware that I am fully on her side, she has done nothing wrong is not in any kind of trouble and that i will make everything all right if it is the last thing I do. She is aware that i would give my life for any one of my kids and has seen that and lived that with her own two eyes. She can not be fooled or made to believe she is not loved and that myself or her sisters do not love her, she comes from a loving and giving family. Saying these types of things only puts you on the immediate list of suspects and your name is then mentally recorded for research and prosecution, she also understands the power of subpoena and so should you.

Decoding Messages from Alyssa’s Facebook page the way D.B. alleged would be found on her page during our last call. 

get him to 3,166!!! already at 70 this dude deserves it was typed above the video of NICK the exact way that David Boettcher stated including the message which is why I am concerned that my daughters Facebook was hacked and that she is not safe and is being held hostage or captive. 

This code means, GET HIM there are two of him,  3 is witching hour I am the only witch besides her and the girls if they chose but thats not the point it means me,  1 meaning one life I’m in danger or being poisoned, 66 6 is the number of the devil and that means  he is really really evil.

already at 70 this dude deserves it

Al = MOB 
READY =  I’m Ready 
AT = Anthony Tony 
70 Lucky hero 
Dude = Game On
Deserves = Do it come on already. 
It = Dave Boettcher.